Indictment Shows that John Durham Is Going After More People than Michael Sussmann 

  • Durham’s indictment of Sussmann lays out the foundation of a conspiracy. Michael Sussman was indicted for lying to the FBI about the source of information he gave the Bureau. He claimed he got it independently. He did not. It was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and her campaign. The indictment essentially charges Sussmann with sending the FBI on a wild goose chase:

The FBI had, in fact, initiated an investigation of these allegations in response to a meeting that MICHAEL A. SUSSMANN, the defendant herein– a lawyer at a major international law firm (“ Law Firm -1”, i.e. Perkins Coie) – requested and held with the FBI General Counsel on or about September 19, 2016 at FBI Headquarters in the District of Columbia. SUSSMANN provided to the FBI General Counsel three “ white papers” along with data files allegedly containing evidence supporting the existence of this purported secret communications channel.

During the meeting, SUSSMANN lied about the capacity in which he was
providing the allega to the FBI Specifically, SUSSMANN stated falsely that he was not doing his work on the aforementioned allegations “ any client,” which led the FBI General Counsel to understand that SUSSMANN was acting as a good citizen merely passing along information , not as a paid advocate or political operative . In fact, and as alleged in further detail below, this statement was intentionally false and misleading because, in assembling and conveying
these allegations, SUSSMANN acted on behalf of specific clients, namely, ( i ) a U.S. technology industry executive (“ Tech Executive- 1”) at a U.S. Internet company “Internet Company”) , and ( ii) the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign (the “Clinton Campaign”).

  •   Hillary Clinton Campaign are now possible targets. The critical question is whether or not Sussmann was acting on his own. The indictment states he was acting at the behest of the Tech Executive and Hillary. It would be prosecutorial incompetence if they had not already be interviewed and evidence collected against them.
  • Paragraph 6 of the indictment gives a strong indication of how Durham and this team view Sussmann’s lie:

Had the FBI uncovered the origins of the relevant data and analysis, and as alleged below, it might have learned, among other things , that ( i ) in compiling and analyzing the Russian Bank- 1 allegations, Tech Executive- 1 had exploited his access to non-public data at multiple Internet companies to conduct opposition research concerning Trump; ( ii) in furtherance of these efforts, Tech Executive- 1 had enlisted, and was continuing to enlist, the assistance of researchers at a U.S.-based university who were receiving and analyzing Internet data in connection with a pending federal government cybersecurity research contract ; and ( ) SUSSMANN , Tech Executive, and Law Firm- 1 had coordinated, and were continuing to coordinate, with representatives and agents of the Clinton Campaign with regard to the data and written materials
that SUSSMANN gave to the FBI and the media.

  • First, pay close attention to the indictment’s claim that “non public data” from a “federal government research contract” was being used to bait the FBI. I believe that is a criminal act. Second, the indictment makes it very clear that Sussmann, the Tech Executive and Perkins Coie did not just commit one act of conspiracy. Nope. They were “continuing to co-ordinate with representatives and agents of the Clinton Campaign.” This means it was not just one person working on the Clinton Campaign. It was many people.
  • The Tech Executive is in big trouble. He was using “non-public” data that was obtained from a Federal government research contract. This may refer to the searches flagged by NSA Director at the time, Mike Rogers, who acted to shutdown the access once he learned that “contractors” were conducting illegal searches.
  • Paragraph 20g of the indictment states that the Tech Executive was communicating with Fusion GPS in August 2016 regarding the Alfa Bank scam. The next paragraph in the indictment also implicates Perkins Coie’s Marc Elias in the plot:


In connection with this tasking, Tech Executive- 1 emailed to Internet Company-3 personnel a five-page document (the “ Trump Associates List listing six associates of Trump and a purported U.S.-based lobbyist for Russian Bank- 1 who was also discussed in written materials prepared by the U.S. Investigative Firm that SUSSMANN would later provide to the FBI General
Counsel The Trump Associates List contained detailed personal information for these individuals, including, for example, their names, home addresses, personal email addresses, business names , business websites and email domains , suspected IP addresses for those domains, and information pertaining to the spouse of one of these associates. Tech Executive- 1 directed
that these individuals should be a focus of Internet Company- 3’s data queries and analysis.

  • This paragraph strongly implicates the illegal use of the NSA databases. I do not think that Durham is just mentioning this for color. It is far more serious. He is laying the predicate for further charges. 

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

I hope they keep a close eye on Sussman, you know what happens to people that go against the Clintons. Suicide watch, remember epstein didn’t kill himself.


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First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening.

First arrest will verify action and confirm future direction.
They will fight but you are ready.
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