Out They Go,Clean House Is Very Important,[DS] Panicking Over Durham & AZ Forensic Audit – Ep. 2578


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Out They Go,Clean House Is Very Important,[DS] Panicking Over Durham & AZ Forensic Audit
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Evergrande is real trouble and it could rock the entire economy of China. Gold has been pushed down hard. The Rep say the debt ceiling will need to be raised by the D’s will we be running red in October. The Bitcoin seizure just took a turn, it seems federal agents are involved in the heist. The [DS] now know when the forensic audit is going to be released. Think about all of the distractions they put into place to clog the news cycles. They are building the narrative to make it seem like Trump is unhinged and that he would use nuclear weapons, think mirror. Psaki says that [JB]/puppet masters would never foment an insurrection, RED 4. The forensic audit is coming out at the end of this month and the [DS] is ready to push their agenda. buckle up it’s going to be a rough ride.



Evergrande Default Could Rock China’s Entire Economy 

  • China’s public debt already stands at 270 percent of GDP, and non-performing loans have hit $466.9 billion. In addition to existing economic challenges, real estate giant Evergrande Group has signaled that it may default on payments owed to creditors.
  • China’s second largest developer has been facing a liquidity crisis, as its onshore bond trading has been suspended. Without access to funding, Evergrande will find it impossible to pay suppliers, finish projects, or raise income, making default more likely—an eventuality which could send ripples through the entire Chinese economy.
  • Evergrande made $110 billion in sales last year and has $355 billion in assets. In June, it failed to pay some commercial paper and the government froze a $20 million bank account. The company now owes total liabilities of $305 billion, making it the most indebted real estate developer in the world. It is also the largest issuer of dollar junk bonds in Asia. Evergrande owes money to 128 banks and over 121 non-banking institutions. Consequently, the company’s stock price has dropped by 90 percent over the past 14 months, while its bonds were trading at 60 to 70 percent below par.
  • Evergrande accounts for 4 percent of total Chinese real estate high-yield debt. The company’s debt is of such significant size that it may pose systemic risk to China’s banking system. Late or defaulted payments by Evergrande could cause a chain reaction of defaults across institutions. An Evergrande sell-off could drive down prices, crashing over-leveraged developers. Authorities worry that this threatens to destabilize the entire real estate sector, which comprises about 30 percent of the Chinese economy.
  • Additionally, Evergrande has implications for the labor market. The company employs 200,000 people regularly and 3.8 million per year, on a project basis. After 18 months of sporadic COVID-19 lockdowns, China needs more, not fewer, jobs.

Source: theepochtimes.com

Gold Is Getting Monkeyhammered As Dollar & Bond Yields Spike 


Source: zerohedge.com

Feds’ $3 billion Bitcoin seizure tied to corrupt federal agents

  • The U.S. Justice Department sent ripples through the cryptocurrency world in November when it announced it had seized nearly 70,000 Bitcoins from a person the agency would identify only as “Individual X.”
  • According to a Justice Department complaint, the digital wallet holding the Bitcoins belonged to a hacker who stole them from the operator of the Silk Road, a notorious black market website that acted as a giant online bazaar for drugs and other criminal activity. The federal government took down the Silk Road and arrested its owner—who is now serving life in prison—in 2013.
  • Now, new clues point to who may have owned the stash, which today is worth more than $3 billion.
  • According to recent court filings in the forfeiture case, the proceedings are related to a criminal case involving two corrupt federal agents: Shaun Bridges, who worked for the Secret Service; and Carl Mark Force IV, formerly of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Both men were investigators in a case involving Silk Road, a notorious online drug bazaar, but both went to prison for conducting crime sprees of their own involving extortion and robbery.

Source: fortune.com


SHOCK VIDEO: 6,000 Unvaccinated Illegal Aliens Gather Under an International Bridge in Del Rio Waiting to Be Released — But Americans Must be Vaxxed 

  • It’s not about science. It’s about control.
  • Last month over 200,000 illegal aliens from all over the world were apprehended at the open US southern border.
    Those illegals were checked in and then released into communities all over the United States.
    They were not tested and not vaccinated for the coronavirus.
  • There are now 6,000 illegals waiting under an international bridge in Del Rio.

This is what open borders look like.
If the Biden regime was serious about COVID this would not be happening.



Source: thegatewaypundit.com



Geopolitical/Police State

  • Last week, Twitter Inc. and Jack Dorsey filed a Motion to transfer venue to the Northern District of California in the case pending in the Southern District of Florida, Judge Robert N. Scola presiding.
  • This move aligns with Big Tech’s predictable response strategy that President Trump’s legal team has been prepared for. Their response will make a unique set of legal arguments as to why this case should remain in the Southern District of Florida, and the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) believes they will be successful in this effort. It’s time to deny Twitter the unfair advantage of Silicon Valley judges who have time and time again protected the Section 230 immunity granted to these social media behemoths.
  • In support of the Florida Attorney General, AFPI also filed its first amicus brief, weighing in on the constitutionality of Florida’s Social Media law. Netchoice, LLC v. State of Florida was declared unconstitutional at the District Court level, and the case is now pending before the 11th Circuit for a review of the lower court’s decision.
  • The America First Policy Institute remains committed to fighting against Big Tech and ensuring all voices are heard and represented. Share your Big Tech censorship story or sign up for case updates on these historic efforts at TakeOnBigTech.com.

Source: americafirstpolicy.com

False Flags

Twitter denies Nicki Minaj was suspended, White House denies she was invited to discuss enlarged testicles

  • Minaj said she was suspended from Twitter on Wednesday, shortly after she posted a series of tweets regarding her claims about Covid-19 vaccination side-effects. In another tweets, Minaj said she had been invited to the White House to discuss her concerns.
Source: sott.net

FNC’s Dr. Makary: ‘Rosetta Stone’ of Wuhan COVID Data Was Removed from NIH-Run Archive, Removals Are ‘Very Unusual

  •   Medical Contributor and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Professor Dr. Marty Makary said the removal of genetic data on COVID-19 from Wuhan from an archive run by the National Institutes of Health at the request of a Chinese researcher was the deletion of “essentially the Rosetta Stone” that enables the tracing of the drift and manipulation of genetic code and stated it is “very unusual” for genetic information data in the database to be deleted.
  • Makary said, “Those sequences are essentially the Rosetta Stone that enable virologists to trace the drift or manipulation of a genetic code.”
  • He also stated, “It’s very unusual for any data of genetic information in that database to be deleted.”

Source: breitbart.com

  • When Joe Biden’s Health and Human Services made the announcement earlier this month (LINK) that they were taking full control over Monoclonal Antibody drugs (mAb) in order to begin rationing the highly effective treatment for COVID-19 infection, several people sounded alarm bells as there was the potential for rationing of COVID treatment based on political ideology.   Representative Chip Roy of Texas was one of the first to raise concerns (link).
  • The change in HHS approach followed republican governor Ron DeSantis of Florida promoting the use of mAb and opening up dozens of treatment centers throughout his state.   Other governors quickly took notice of the effective action plan of DeSantis in Florida and started to follow that path.
  • As soon as HHS noticed the red state governors were working on a effective treatment alternative to the vaccine approach, HHS appears to have moved in to block it – thereby restricting the treatment pathway in order to enhance the vaccine approach. [HHS Announcement]  Note the alarm word “equitable“:

  • The Joe Biden FDA is blocking Ivermectin. (link)
  • The Joe Biden regulatory agency A.M.A is threatening doctors with their licenses if they speak against vaccination. (link)
  • The Joe Biden administration is threatening the economic security of the U.S. workforce who are not comfortable taking the vaccine. (link)
  • The Joe Biden HHS is taking control of monoclonal antibody treatment supplies. (link)
  • The Biden administration is now determining the “equity” in medical treatment. (link)
  • The Biden administration is putting walls around the Capitol. (link)
  • Yes, there appears to be a very dark agenda unfolding before our eyes.  These are not conspiracy theory data-points, they are facts.

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com



Hydroxychloriquine – RESTRICTED
Ivermectin – RESTRICTED
Monoclonal Antibodies- RESTRICTED
Vaccine – FORCED

NEVER FORGET: Dr. Tony Fauci Killed MILLIONS when He Pushed Bogus Study that Downplayed Hydroxychloriquine Use While His Emails Prove He Knew of its Effectiveness 

  • Dr. Fauci knew that Hydroxychloroquine worked against the China virus back in early 2020.
    His own emails prove it.

  • And Fauci pushed at least one debunked study to condemn the use of hydroxychloroquine in treating the coronavirus in 2020.
    The study was debunked but Dr. Fauci never apologized for his lies.


Source: thegatewaypundit.com

The NIH, FDA, CDC are trapped, think about, using their own stats, we have millions of deaths around the world and they withheld multiple treatments, treatments the know work, they have studied them,

Think about this, during the pandemic we have doctors treating patients with HCQ and Ivermectin,so over time they are building the case, it is being piered reviewed by other doctors, in the end it show that these are effective treatments. 

Big Pharma in the end will lose, the [DS] will lose and they will be exposed.

Lawyer Wins Mask Mandate Lawsuit in Two Illinois School Districts 

  •  , the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois, Thomas Devore had successfully argued in two separate County courts for two separate school districts that mask mandates constitute a form of quarantine under Illinois law and that mask mandates can only be issued by the local health department.
  • Devore is methodically taking cases to court to break down the power the schools have taken regarding quarantine rules. The state defines all of these things as a form of quarantine, which by law requires a court order: quarantine (keeping kids out of school for a time), masks, testing for disease, and vaccines. 

The Chief Judge of the Fourth Circuit, Judge Douglas L. Jarman, issued a Temporary Restraining Order, for 30 days, this morning against the Teutopolis Unit 50 School District as it pertains to mask mandates.

It was argued successfully by Tom DeVore that a mask is a device intended, allegedly, to limit disease transmission. That being the case, the authority to place such a device on a person is limited to the power give within the laws established for quarantine through the local health departments.



  • Devore previously won cases on quarantine, moves on to masks, now is eyeing up testing and vaccines. He’s one of the only people in the state pushing back against Pritzker and winning.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

The Covid vaccine and boosters are the only product in the world whose failure is blamed on the people who haven’t taken it.


North Korea Launches Two Ballistic Missiles at Japan 

  • North Korea launched two short-range ballistic missiles into the East Sea on Thursday in violation of UN Security Council resolutions, Yonhap News Agency reported.
  • The US State Department condemned the missile launch and encouraged North Korea to “engage in dialogue.”
  • North Korea launched its missiles from its eastern coast, sending them about 500 miles at a cruising altitude of 37 miles before splashdown inside Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com


Anonymous 11/01/2017 02:13:10  ID: grTMpzrL

4chan Thread/Post: 147433975 / 147452214
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Some things must remain classified to the very end. NK is not being run by Kim, he’s an actor in the play. Who is the director? The truth would sound so outrageous most Americans would riot, revolt, reject, etc.
The pedo networks are being dismantled.
The child abductions for satanic rituals (ie Haiti and other 3rd world countries) are paused (not terminated until players in custody).
We pray every single day for God’s guidance and direction as we are truly up against pure evil.


Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/21/2018 14:06:20  ID:

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[The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America]HRC [8] WWIII [death & weapons real/WAR FAKE & CONTROLLED][population growth control/pocket billions]


BREAKING: Top GA Officials Will Explain Why They Bought Unverifiable Voting System That Violates Georgia Law 

  • As petitioners from Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia (VoterGA) go back to court next Monday, September 20th seeking a Fulton County ballot inspection, another VoterGA election petition will require a legal response at the end of that week from the top Georgia officials. Governor Brian Kemp, Secretary of State (SOS) Brad Raffensperger and Attorney General Chris Carr will be required to explain why the state bought an unverifiable voting system that a federal court found in violation of Georgia laws.
  • In late August, VoterGA and State Rep. Philip Singleton filed a legal petition against the State of Georgia to immediatelyand permanently ban the Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 Ballot Marking Device (BMD) system from the state. Georgia’s Democracy Suite 5.5A (GA) system accumulates votes hidden in QR (Quick Response) codes that cannot be read by the voters and are thus unverifiable to them. Kemp, Raffensperger and Carr have now been served as shown on the docket and are required to respond to the petition by the end of next week.
  • Georgia law requires a voting system to “…print an elector verifiable paper ballot” and to “…produce paper ballots which are marked with the elector’s choices in a format readable by the elector. A federal court has already found that Georgia electors instead “…vote on a system that does none of those things. Thus, any use of the system violates two Georgia statutes. [O.C.G.A. § 21-2-2(7.1); O.C.G.A. § 21-2-300(a)(2)]
  • That conclusion did not originate with VoterGA or Rep. Singleton. It came directly from the U.S. District Court of Northern Georgia in an October 11, 2020 Order for the case known as Curling v. Raffensperger. In making that notable conclusion, Judge Amy Totenberg reviewed what may be the most extensive compilation of evidence ever presented in a Georgia election case.  
  • That conclusion came after the SOS office erased election data on the central election server in the Center for Election Systems at Kennesaw State University in 2017. After being informed their server was breeched, the office under former SOS Brian Kemp did not investigate the breech and mitigate the risk but instead, erased the server data and then claimed that was standard procedure in a superficial two-page summary. A VoterGA audit report exposes the cover-up involving that incident and on Page 70 of her 2019 order Judge Totenberg reaches a  conclusion similar to the VoterGA report:
  • “Given the entire course of events described here, the Defendants’ contention that the servers were simply repurposed and not intentionally destroyed or wiped is flatly not credible.
  • The credibility of the SOS office is now being severely challenged again especially since the petition identifies a variety of forewarnings the office had about unverifiable voting systems:
  • Raffensperger did not heed the warnings and purchased the Dominion system for over $100 million in 2019.

Source: cdmedia.com

 The narrative
Lieu: Milley ‘Did the Right Thing’ Circumventing Potential Illegal Order of ‘Rogue Nuclear Launch’
  • Lieu said, “I previously served in active duty as a JAG. What General Milley was referring to was a rogue nuclear launch.  That would be an illegal order. Military members do not carry out legal orders. General Milley absolutely did the right thing by trying to prevent anybody from carrying out illegal orders.”

Source: breitbart.com

Trump was just the latest American president whose sanity the military questioned

  • The scary truth about the U.S.’ nuclear command system: It’s designed for rational presidents.
  •  It’s comforting, in the sense that the two military chiefs can back-channel during moments of uncertainty. But it’s scary as hell because it assumes the elected officials making decisions are not cognitively capable. Milley clearly thought Trump was unhinged.

Source: msnbc.com

The question is why did the story break now, they timed it on purpose, they know what is coming

The Big Lie is (unfortunately) winning

  • It is 100% true that Joe Biden won the 2020 election. And that Donald Trump lost it.
  • Unfortunately, in recent months, the Big Lie — that Trump somehow was defrauded out of the election — has gained increasing amounts of traction, according to a new CNN poll.
  • In January, 59% said they have confidence that elections in this country reflect the will of the people, while 40% said they lacked that confidence.
  • Today? A majority of Americans — 52% — say they do not have confidence that elections reflect the will of the people, while 48% say they do.
  • That’s a significant swing in less than a year, in the exact wrong direction. And it’s primarily fueled by Republicans, 76%(!) of whom say they had just a little or no confidence in elections reflecting the will of the people.  
Source: cnn.com
Jen Psaki said something very interesting
Jen Psaki Sinks to a New Low in Defense of Mark Milley 
  • Now, the White House is getting involved. Jen Psaki was asked about the situation today, and her answer truly represents a new low, though, I doubt this is the bottom.

Here’s what she said.


  • There’s so much wrong here that it’s hard to know where to begin, but let’s start with the idea that Milley was secretly talking to the Chinese, without the president’s knowledge, in order to stop an unlawful action. What unlawful action would that be? It’s very convenient that no one has provided an ounce of evidence that Trump gave such an order or that any such order was even possible.
  • Further, how does calling up a Chinese general stop an unlawful action from occurring back in the United States? Again, there’s no explanation given that makes any real sense. If the goal was to “stop Trump,” then you stop him by actually confronting him and refusing to carry out the illegal order. You don’t go behind the president’s back to tell the Chinese that when the order comes, you’ll warn them about it. If the goal is to stop the order, you do something that will actually stop the order.
  • Psaki also pushed the idea that none of this is an issue because Biden would never foment insurrection.

Source: redstate.com

The Insurrection Act of 1807 is a United States federal law[1] that empowers the President of the United States to deploy U.S. military and federalized National Guard troops within the United States in particular circumstances, such as to suppress civil disorderinsurrection, or rebellion.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 06/04/2020 19:49:59  ID: 866b8a

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RED1: POTUS twitter removal
RED2: Central communications blackout [continental US]
RED4: Movement of MIL assets [10th Mountain_1st Marine_CPSD_Marine_QVIR] to central locations under guise of citizen riot control.
RED6: SEC OF DEF _instruct1



Q !ITPb.qbhqo 11/11/2017 23:33:51  ID: gO/UntOB

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What if China, Russia, and others are coordinating w/ POTUS to eliminate the NWO?Q


Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: f4282c No.982457


Who is standing next to Pence & POTUS?
Bolton cleaning house.
Out they go!
A clean House is very important.

Donald Trump flexed his military muscle Tuesday by tweeting an Oval Office image of 19 of his most senior military commanders. The group is pictured above left to right, Army General Curtis Scaparrotti (1), Army General Mark Milley (2), Marine Corps General Robert Neller (3), U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Paul Zukunft (4), Navy Admiral Kurt W. Tidd (5), Army General Raymond A Thomas (6), Marine Corps General Thomas D. Waldhauser (7), Air Force General Paul Selva (8), Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford (9), Defense Secretary James Mattis (10), President Donald Trump (11), Vice President Mike Pence (12), Navy Admiral Michael Rodgers (13), Navy Admiral John Richardson (14), Army General Joseph Votel (15), Air Force General David Goldfein (16), Air Force General John E Hyten (17), Air Force General Joseph L. Lengyel (18), Air Force General Lori Robinson (19), Patrick M. Shanahan (20), Navy Admiral Harry Harris (21), Air Force General Darren W McDew (22), U.S. Coast Guard Vice Admiral Karl Schultz (23)

  Army General Curtis Scaparrotti (1), Army General Mark Milley (2), Marine Corps General Robert Neller (3), U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Paul Zukunft (4), Navy Admiral Kurt W. Tidd (5), Army General Raymond A Thomas (6), Marine Corps General Thomas D. Waldhauser (7), Air Force General Paul Selva (8), Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford (9), Defense Secretary James Mattis (10), President Donald Trump (11), Vice President Mike Pence (12), Navy Admiral Michael Rodgers (13), Navy Admiral John Richardson (14), Army General Joseph Votel (15), Air Force General David Goldfein (16), Air Force General John E Hyten (17), Air Force General Joseph L. Lengyel (18), Air Force General Lori Robinson (19), Patrick M. Shanahan (20), Navy Admiral Harry Harris (21), Air Force General Darren W McDew (22), U.S. Coast Guard Vice Admiral Karl Schultz (23)


Anonymous 10/31/2017 23:00:15  ID: grTMpzrL

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Image Name: Patriots.jpg
Filename: 1509505215390.jpg


What is the one organization left that isn’t corrupt?
Why does the military play such a vital role?
Why is POTUS surrounded by highly respected generals?

  • The New York Times needed to put four of their top Trump-Russia narrative engineers on a defensive story about John Durham possibly indicting Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann over his involvement in pushing the Trump-Russia fraud to the FBI on behalf of Hillary Clinton.
  • Michael Sussmann was one of the primary story-tellers used by The New York Times as a source to write articles about the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory.  Durham might indict Sussmann for lying to the FBI because Sussmann said he wasn’t working for Hillary Clinton, yet Sussmann billed Hillary Clinton for the hours he spent pushing the Trump-Russia story.
  • TechnoFog has a great summary article of how Michael Sussmann is legally exposed.  READ IT HERE

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com



 Michael Sussmann, who represented the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign

Brian cates  explains

 Durham indicting Sussmann means Durham is also directly pointed AT THE HILLARY CLINTON CAMPAIGN.




Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/13/2018 22:18:18  ID:

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We are at WAR [@].
Do you TRUST the US Military?
Do you TRUST the Chain Of Command?

8 thoughts on “Out They Go,Clean House Is Very Important,[DS] Panicking Over Durham & AZ Forensic Audit – Ep. 2578

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  • September 16, 2021 at 9:28 pm

    I’d rather see the indictment on Clinton, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, AOC, Etc., Etc., Etc.!!! I think Trump better take a step back and stop making it all about revenge or feeling pain!!!! The more he lets that happen, the more he hurts the general everyday people – just look what’s going on now!!!! Which is WHY NOT EVERYONE WILL WANT TO WAKE UP!!!! Unfortunately, people are fighting for their freedom – but they are still controlling the people – it doesn’t seem like the people are winning – so WHAT IS THE POINT OF FIGHTING – IF IT ISN’T WORKING – Okay – so how do you fight that – if you don’t have an external force come out front with the information (ALL THE INFORMATION) and arrests??????? This is what I’m saying – THE MORE WE WAIT – THE MORE THEY LET THE DS DESTROY THEMSELVES – HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL HAVE DIED BECAUSE OF THIS VACCINE AND BOOSTERS!!!! How Many People will lose their jobs – How Many????? That’s why SOMETHING HAS TO COME OUT AND/OR BE DONE VERY SOON – To Counter all this stuff!!!!!

  • September 16, 2021 at 9:28 pm

    I don’t watch any news station that does not report on the 2020 election fraud!! That only leaves One American News!!

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  • September 16, 2021 at 10:30 pm

    I’m not getting vaccinated because I’m afraid that once I am vaccinated, some
    unvaccinated person will get close to me- say on an elevator – and be the
    cause of my death. LOL
    In other words, the conventional fear tactics being used against the unvaccinated,
    should cause people to logically come to the above conclusion.
    So, the conventional fear tactic is actually an argument not to get vaccinated.

  • September 16, 2021 at 11:48 pm

    Just and FYI……Phew!! This was tough… never got to hear the whole broadcast. Norton 360 has suddenly put you on the do not watch or listen list. I tried the pod bean but it didn’t work either. I jumped through hoops to hear part of it… then I couldn’t print… I had to print pdf version and it took forever and was inconvenient.. it would let me print a pdf but it was 32-33 pages with ads and all… just too much paper and ink . finally I found Liz Harrington on telegram… because the computer wouldn’t let me click to get to telegram…. or view the SAVE AMERICA blocks. Also the SAVE AMERICA blocks by Liz Harrington didn’t print on the PDF… it just left huge blank spaces. It took two hours … but I have it in print… Now I have to edit out the extra stuff bringing it to about 18 pages, and then I will print.

  • September 17, 2021 at 11:01 am

    Most Excellent!

  • September 19, 2021 at 12:25 am

    dave your the best. everything you talk about is one million percent fact. i needed to tell you about ex district attorney spota on long island in suffolk county. durham had something to do with his indictment. they opened a closed case from 2010 . it was a case about ex county executive steve levy. spota and his buddies did a coup to get him out out of not running for county executive. durham had judge joan azarack to talk about this coup in court. they expose the first corrupted ex district attorney. he did alot of crimes over the years. he covered up our case in 2002 when we uncovered a huge gun running operation. they raided our home and took our hand guns away and threatened us to leave new york many times. internal revenue service tried to get us to leave new york. they told us a secret. i sent package to trump when he was in office about this what we found in 18 plus years. it have alot of facts about suffolk county. many still needs to be removed. we never had a chance in our court hearing. our own lawyer conspired with police and court. we never got any justice we suffer for years with nothing

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