It’s Time To Unleash Trump’s Plan To Destroy The [DS], The Narrative Shift Trap – Ep. 2970


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 It’s Time To Unleash Trump’s Plan To Destroy The [DS], The Narrative Shift
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The GND is falling apart. The study to ban gas stoves is going to be proven wrong, this study was driven by the WEF. The House is now creating a committee to bring back jobs and industry to the US. This is the beginning stages, you need to lay the foundation first and prepare everything. The [DS] is now trapped in their narrative. Everything they tried to do to Trump is now coming back around at them. They projected their crimes onto Trump but it was all propaganda and now the truth and facts are going to show they were all in on these crimes. Every step of the way the [DS] is feeling pain and Trump is exposing their crimes. Biden is now trapped in the classified document narrative. Trump put out a video explaining how we need to destroy the [DS].



Electric Appliance Advocates Backed Study Driving Push To Ban Gas Stoves

  • A study that linked gas stoves to childhood asthma cases was backed by two groups that are pushing for Americans to adopt electric stoves.
  • The study was partly funded by RMI, a group that seeks to “accelerate the clean energy transition,” and co-authored by RMI’s Carbon-Free Buildings team that aims to retrofit buildings with electric appliances in 20 states.
  • The study was also co-authored by Rewiring America (RA) Research Associate Talor Gruenwald, a research associate at Rewiring America (RA), a nonprofit that is committed to “electrifying everything” in communities across America, according to its website.
  • The study, which states that the stoves account for about 12.7% of childhood asthma cases in the U.S., was partly funded by RMI, a group that seeks to “accelerate the clean energy transition,” and co-authored by Brady Seals, the manager of RMI’s Carbon-Free Buildings arm that aims to retrofit buildings with electric appliances. The study was also co-authored by Rewiring America (RA) Research Associate Talor Gruenwald, who previously worked on RMI’s Carbon-Free Buildings team; RA is a nonprofit that is “focused on electrifying everything” in communities across America, according to its website 
  • The authors of the study declared that there were no conflicts of interest associated with their research.
  • The study was produced using a meta-analysis, in which researchers gathered independent studies that documented the effects of gas cooking on children and used statistical methods to combine the results of previous research. The authors indicate that there were 357 indoor air quality studies that could have been included in their analysis but only referenced 27 and did not identify all the studies they selected.



McCarthy to Senate: ‘Do Not Send an Omnibus’ We’ll Pass Budget Bills and C.R. with Cuts

  •  House Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) stated that he told Senate Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) that the House will not pass another omnibus spending bill and the House will pass its appropriations bills and then, as a backup, send over a continuing resolution that contains some spending cuts.
  • McCarthy stated, “I want to empower the Republicans in the Senate, utilize us. Schumer runs the Senate, but it’s a close majority, but — why don’t they work with us? So, I’m setting up every committee chair here to work with the ranking Republican over there. Let’s talk with our bills together. Let’s take their amendments, put them into ours, and move them over there to empower them to be stronger. If I said — right now, I’ve told Schumer, do not send an omnibus over here. If you don’t pass appropriation bills, we’re not taking it up. So, we’ll pass our appropriation bills and then send a continuing resolution. We’re not shutting down the government. We’re doing our work. And we’re setting it up where the American public is protected, but we’re also putting a little cut on there…like the penny plan.”


This committee created by the House is related to China.

The other  committee on the “strategic competition between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party,” is aimed at increasing the United States’ competitiveness with China.

“The new select committee on China will focus on bringing jobs back to America, securing our intellectual property, protecting our farmland and more,” McCarthy said.

The committee will be composed of 16 members who will investigate the economic, technological and security progress of the Chinese Community Party.

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher has been tapped to lead the committee as chairman. The former Marine and intelligence officer has had a history of bipartisanship, working with Democrats on legislation focused on American competition with China.


What’s Going On? FAA Temporarily Grounds All US Flight Departures Amid Nationwide System Failure

  • The FAA grounded flights across the US amid a nationwide system failure.
    Flights were reportedly grounded until 9 AM. 

Biden White House on FAA: No Evidence of Cyber Attack …But the Cause Is Not Clear 

  • The FAA is the US government agency that oversees many aspects of America’s aviation, including air traffic management.
  • The FAA posted these updates  




Flights are still down and delayed in several parts of the country.


  • All flights have been canceled throughout the Good Ol’ USA due to incompetence and the fact that we are now living in the equivalent of a Third World Nation. I talk about our obsolete airports all the time at our big America First Rallies. We have no Borders, no Energy Independence (anymore!), no airports, no Nothing. We do have Massive Inflation, a Rotten Economy, and RIGGED ELECTIONS. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

House Passes Resolution Creating Committee to Investigate China

  • Republicans are keeping their campaign promises after winning the House majority, voting Tuesday to establish two new investigative panels – one targeting the Biden administration and the Justice Department  and the other on China. 
    • The first is a select subcommittee on “the weaponization of the federal government” that will investigate actions of the executive branch. Republicans say the subcommittee will also focus on the Department of Justice’s search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in August.
    • The second is a select committee aimed at increasing the United States’ competitiveness with China.
  • JiJordan will lead the committee on the weaponization of the federal government.  He gave a great speech identifying that he will look into the federal government’s attacks on American’s first Amendment rights.


BREAKING: House Republican Files Articles of Impeachment Against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas – After 5 Million Illegals Cross Open Southern Border

Texas Republican Rep. Pat Fallon has filed impeachment articles against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, delivering on a promise he made last week before the 118th Congress was officially sworn in.

The articles of impeachment against Mayorkas for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” known as House Resolution 8, were introduced by Fallon in the House on Monday and have been referred to the House Judiciary Committee.



Marjorie Taylor Greene Seeks to ‘Defund’ Special Counsel

  • New York Democrat Rep. Ritchie Torres took to the House floor to complain that Republicans are resurrecting a rule to include language in appropriations bills that “can rearrange an agency or slash specific positions or salaries.”
  • “But the rule could also be used to target an individual over ideological differences, or say a special counsel, like the one overseeing the Justice Department’s investigation into the presence of classified documents at former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate. Of course, the Democratic-led Senate would have to go along for any such rescissions to take effect, which is highly unlikely,
  • Greene called on the GOP to “refuse to appropriate any funding to Merrick Garland’s Special Counsel and defund any part of the DOJ acting on behalf of the Democrat party as a taxpayer-funded campaign arm for the Democrat’s 2024 presidential nominee.”
  • In a tweet detailing the plan, Greene said that current House Minority Leader and likely next House Speaker Kevin McCarthy would deny funding to the Department of Justice special counsel investigating Trump. Greene said McCarthy would invoke the Holman rule, a procedural measure by which the House may adjust appropriations legislation to reduce the salary of or fire specific government employees. They may also use it to cut specific programs.
  • “Holman Rule. Look it up! [McCarthy] is going to put it in place,” Greene wrote. “That means no money for Garland’s politically weaponized Special Counsel. Don’t promise too many jobs! Whoops defunded.”



Geopolitical/Police State

  • Note about the political prisoners in Brasilia: leftists always overreach. They arrested 1200 people, but they didn’t quite have a place to put them. So they put them in a gymnasium, and the conditions are far from perfect – but WAY better than a real jail or prison. Also, oddly, they all have their phones and are broadcasting their plight, the families are together, children with their parents. Illegal, immoral, unjust. In the image, prisoners pray and sing. 


US to bulk up Pacific military presence as China eyes Taiwan

  • The U.S. and Japan are set to agree on restructuring the U.S. Marine force stationed in Okinawa, Japan, to give them more firepower and the ability to quickly respond if China attacks Taiwan, according to media reports.
  • A new strategy will arm the roughly 18,000 Marines deployed to Okinawa with missiles that can reach the Chinese mainland and increase their maneuverability if they are called upon to defend Taiwan from a Chinese invasion, The Washington Post reported, citing two officials familiar with the matter. Japan and the U.S. agreed to the restructuring as China readies for a potential offensive, officials said.


False Flags

URGENT: 17 percent of teenagers had heart symptoms after their second Pfizer mRNA jab, a new peer-reviewed paper shows

  • 1 percent had abnormal ECGs; 1 in 1000 had myocarditis or significant arrhythmias.
  • Researchers in Taiwan have added to the increasingly negative picture of the impact the mRNA Covid vaccines have on the hearts of young men.
  • The researchers conducted electrocardiograms (ECGs), which measure the heart rhythm, on 4,928 high schoolers in Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan, before and after their second Pfizer shot. Over 90 percent of the students were male.
  • They found 51 students had significant changes in their ECGs after the second Pfizer jab. One of those was diagnosed with myocarditis, and four more had “significant” heart rhythm disturbances. Those included a student with premature ventricular contractions, which can raise the risk of sudden cardiac death.



Air Force Academy Offensive Lineman and Cadet Hunter Brown Dies Suddenly While Walking to Class

  • Offensive lineman for the Air Force Academy football team Hunter Brown died suddenly this week when he left his dormitory to go to class.
  • The Air Force Academy is an NCAA Division 1 school.


  • The Department of Defense (DOD) officially scrapped the requirement that all members of the armed forces be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 on Tuesday.
  • Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin introduced the mandate in August 2021 as Food and Drug Administration-approved vaccines were expected to become available, citing the impact of rising case numbers on the military’s readiness. However, after more than a year of legal challenges to the mandate and at least 8,400 discharges for refusing the vaccine, Congress instructed Austin to reverse course in the fiscal year 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).


Rep. Anna Paulina Luna’s plan to reinstate service members discharged for refusing to vaccinate

  • Florida Representative, Anna Paulina Luna, talks about her plan to reinstate service members who were discharged for refusing the COVID vaccine as well as the House’s new priorities.


Booted! School-board members who hid kids’ gender transitions get voted out

  • Residents of Paris, Maine, recalled two school-board members on Tuesday who pushed a gender identity policy that would hide student gender transitions from parents, according to WGME News.
  • In a 333-243 vote, community members voted out Oxford Hills School Board Director Sarah Otterson and School Board Member Julia Lester after they supported the implementation of a gender policy that would keep a students’ transgender status a secret from their parents and allow students to use bathrooms and locker rooms on the basis of gender identity, according to WGME News. The vote comes after roughly 700 residents signed a petition against the board members in November, forcing a recall vote of the two board members.




  • Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz is pledging to release the 14,000 hours of January 6 footage that have been hidden from the American public.


  • As the federal capital, the Constitution grants the United States Congress exclusive jurisdiction over the District in “all cases whatsoever”.
  • James Comer and Kevin McCarthy should release any prisoner held for a duration of time inconsistent with standard criminal guidelines
  • In the case of the J6 self-guided tour attendees, that is every last one of them.
  • The Oversight Committee can take charge of the DC jails and release the #J6 #PoliticalPrisoners IMMEDIATELY.

JUST IN: Questionably Elected AZ Attorney General Kris Mayes Hires Marc Elias Ally Daniel Barr As Chief Deputy AG – Former Assistant AG Says He Violated State Law By Counseling Mayes In Election Lawsuit

  • Daniel Barr, who works for DNC law firm Perkins Coie will reportedly become Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes’ new Chief Deputy AG to enforce her woke, radical agenda.
  • Barr is also facing questions over his time working with Kris Mayes and representing her in the lawsuit.
  • AZ Law reported,

Although there has not yet been an official announcement, Arizona’s Law can confirm that experienced litigator Dan Barr will become the Chief Deputy AG in new Attorney General Kris Mayes’s office. 

Barr has been practicing at Perkins Coie,


  • Ruby, her daughter, and the others who ran back into the counting room, grabbing the cases from under the “skirted” table, and then back to their counting machines where they came from prior to hearing “water main break” (which never happened) have got a lot of explaining to do…
  • …I predict that this medal, at a minimum, will someday be withdrawn. We need Honest Elections and Strong Borders for our Country to again be Great!
  • Joe Biden Awards Infamous 2020 Election Workers With Presidential Citizens Medals › American Greatness

    Ruby Freeman, the notorious election worker who was caught on surveillance video engaging in highly suspicious activity during the 2020 election in Atlanta, Georgia, was awarded the Presidential…

    American Greatness
Joe Biden Claims He Was ‘Surprised’ by Discovery of ‘Boxes’ of Classified Documents in Old Private Office
  • President Joe Biden said Tuesday he was surprised by the news that “boxes” of classified documents were discovered in an office he used after leaving the vice presidency, claiming ignorance of the existence of the materials.
  • “I was briefed about this discovery, and surprised to learn that there are any government records that were taken there to that office,” Biden said, reacting for the first time to the news during a press event in Mexico City on Tuesday.
  • But Biden suggested that Americans should not doubt his respect for classified documents.


Biden aides have been sifting through documents stored at locations beyond his former Washington office to determine if there are any other classified documents that need to be turned over to the National Archives and reviewed by the Justice Department, the person familiar with the matter said.

The search was described as exhaustive, with the goal of getting a full accounting of all classified documents that may have inadvertently been packed in boxes when Biden cleared out of the vice president’s office space in January 2017.

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

  • Biden’s documents are HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL, many pertain to UKRAINE, where Hunter was “raking in the dough,” and FUNDED BY CHINA, which gave $55 Million to Biden, through Penn, and probably had easy access. Was the Old Crow’s boss, China loving Coco Chow, involved? Just asking?

Not Only Was “Russian Collusion” Debunked, Washington Post Admits Russia Had “Little Influence on 2016 Voters”. The Obama Lie Unraveling. 

  • It is now well-known in even the Mockingbird Media circles that “Russian collusion” has been almost entirely debunked and based on a lie of a document funded by democrat operatives. 
  • The Washington Post, who won a Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of “Russian collusion,” is under heavy scrutiny as they quietly released a study out of New York University that claims the Russia “meddling” in the 2016 election impacted “relatively few users”.  And most were highly partisan Republicans.  The article states:

Russian influence operations on Twitter in the 2016 presidential election reached relatively few users, most of whom were highly partisan Republicans, and the Russian accounts had no measurable impact in changing minds or influencing voter behavior, according to a study out this morning.

“My personal sense coming out of this is that this got way overhyped,” Josh Tucker, one of the report’s authors who is also the co-director of the New York University center, told me about the meaningfulness of the Russian tweets. 

“Now we’re looking back at data and we can see how concentrated this was in one small portion of the population, and how the fact that people who were being exposed to these were really, really likely to vote for Trump,” Tucker said. “And then we have this data to show we can’t find any relationship between being exposed to these tweets and people’s change in attitudes.”

  • But here is the biggest problem: the theory of “Russian collusion”, supported and promulgated by the FBI and many other establishment leaders, as well as “Russian meddling” was used to justify a crucial lame duck decision from the Obama administration in January of 2017, right before Trump was sworn in.
  • They made election infrastructure part of “critical infrastructure”, which gave oversight to the Dept. of Homeland Security.
  • The very same DHS that has colluded with non-profits to “secure” our elections at the local level on the federal governments dime through the CIS/EI-ISAC.


  • 1) Important Thread
  • Here’s another iteration of Trump’s pre-recorded statements to the American People. He brilliantly addresses the FBI coordination with Big Tech, and the importance of the Twitter Files.
  • But what interests me, is this recording was done at the same time as the recording released on 12/15/22, and they held onto it until now.
  • Suggesting they have a premeditated timeline, that coincides with the Twitter Files.
  • Meaning Trump has a plan, and Elon is likely in on it.

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    So now we not only recognize Taiwan as a separate nation, we also have a defense treaty with them? Was all this done secretly? Or is it neo-con fantasy game time? Taiwan IS and always has been part of China – what isn’t China is Tibet (same for all that western territory north of Tibet occupied by nomadic Muslims) – but I don’t suppose the Buddhist monks there are all that keen on accepting US weapons (no MIC profits, no kick-backs to the politicians).
    Sad, but I suspect no one will question the vaxx’s amazing ability to cause blood clots until a number of football players (especially if they happen to be black) drop dead “mysteriously” from strokes and heart attacks while still in their teens or early twenties.
    MSM claimed Biden had only ‘a few documents.’ So how come the FBI now has to ‘sift through the collection’? Sounds more like a few hundred or more.

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