Trap Has Been Set, Biden In The Spotlight, Think Mirror, Year Of The Boomerang – Ep. 2969


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Trap Has Been Set, Biden In The Spotlight, Think Mirror, Year Of The Boomerang
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The [CB]/[WEF] are pushing their GND agenda, now they want to ban gas powered stoves. What they are trying to do, centralize everything to electricity, which they would control, the people are not buying what they are selling. The World Bank is projected that the economy is going to implode. Trump warns not to let the tax cuts expire, they must be renewed. The [DS] / [Fake News] are caught in another trap. Trump baited them to raid Mar-a-Lago. If Trump knew that Biden had classified docs and he wanted to control the narrative would you not bait the [DS] into the raid. The [fake news] and the corrupt politicians are trapped in their own narrative. The President has the ability to declassify which Trump did, the VP does not have this ability. Trump also pointed out that they held this information back and only released it after the midterms, election manipulation once again. The pattern is set, year of the boomerang.



Feds Consider Ban on Gas-Powered Stoves to Address Pollution Problem

  • A federal ‘safety agency’ is considering a ban on gas-powered stoves amid fears of ‘harmful pollutants.’
  • The US Consumer Product Safety Commission said gas-powered stoves are a ‘hidden health hazard.’
  • “Natural gas stoves, which are used in about 40% of homes in the US, emit air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and fine particulate matter at levels the EPA and World Health Organization have said are unsafe and linked to respiratory illness, cardiovascular problems, cancer, and other health conditions, according to reports by groups such as the Institute for Policy Integrity and the American Chemical Society.” Bloomberg reported. 

 Last September the California Air Resources Board voted to end the sale of natural gas heaters by 2030.


  • The timing here is genuinely ridiculous.  It’s as if the federal government, specifically the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, led by… Richard Trumka Jr (yes, that guy’s son)… doesn’t think or care that we can see the real issue is to change energy uses.
  • Suddenly, after generations of natural gas appliances existing in almost half of the kitchens, suddenly the appliances are toxic, dangerous and likely to require a ban against use.
  • New peer-reviewed research published last month in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that more than 12% of current childhood asthma cases in the US can be attributed to gas stove use. (read more)
  • Its peer reviewed they say. Carved in stone tablets it must be… Just like the vaccine and other health papers and studies… Swear.


Biden Admin Unveils Plan To Slash Student Loan Monthly Payments

  • The United States Department of Education (DOE) proposed a regulation Tuesday morning to revise student loan repayment plans to reflect borrowers’ income.
  • The plan intends to reduce student loan repayments for the middle and lower class by amending the Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE) plan, which “is a repayment plan with monthly payments that are generally equal to 10% of your discretionary income, divided by 12,” according to its website. The proposal would permit individual borrowers who earn less than $30,600 per year and any borrower in a family of four who makes less than $62,400 to choose a $0 monthly plan, Tuesday’s announcement read.  
  • The proposal would cut in half the monthly payments for undergraduate borrowers who would not qualify for the $0 monthly plan and would stop borrowers’ balances from increasing due to unpaid interest.
  • The proposal comes on the heels of the Biden administration’s attempt to cancel up to $20,000 in student loan debt last August. The plan, which will be heard before the Supreme Court this term, would have canceled $20,000 in debt for borrowers who received Pell Grants and $10,000 for those who did not.
  • The plan applied to borrowers who earned less than $125,000 per year and was expected to impact 40 million borrowers. A Texas federal judge blocked the plan in November, and the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a nationwide halt to the plan soon after in response to a lawsuit filed by several states against it.

World Bank Cuts 2023 Forecasts and Warns of Global Recession

  • Inflation, interest-rate hikes and war among main challenges
  • Urgent global action needed to mitigate contraction, debt risk
  • The World Bank slashed its growth forecasts for most countries and regions, and warned that new adverse shocks could tip the global economy into a recession.


World Bank President Warns We Could Be Headed For A Global Recession

  • President of the World Bank David Malpass issued a warning Tuesday that a global recession is looming on the horizon sometime in the next decade.
  • Citing the war in Ukraine, continuing inflation, rising global interest rates, and the “devastating” legacy of COVID lockdowns, he projected the world economy to grow just 1.7% this year, down from the 3% predicted in June, according to the BBC.
  •   stated that the coming economic downturn would be “broad based,” stifling the growth of individual incomes to a rate slower “than it was during the decade before Covid-19,” the outlet reported.


Poll: 71% of Americans Feel Either ‘Scared’ or ‘Angry’ About the Direction of the Nation 
  • Americans are extremely concerned about the direction of the nation under President Joe Biden in 2023, according to a Sunday CBS News/YouGov poll.
  • Seventy-one percent of Americans stated they feel either “scared” or “angry” about the direction of the country in 2023. Forty-nine percent said they feel “scared,” while 22 percent said they are “angry.” Only 11 percent said they were “excited” about it in 2023.
  • Among the topics Americans specifically feel most pessimistic are about the cost of goods (70 percent), United States politics (70 percent), prospects for peace and stability in the world (63 percent), and the stock market (59 percent).
  • Fifty-six percent of respondents said Biden’s economy is getting worse. Only 21 percent said it’s getting better.


  • Extend the Trump Tax Cuts!

  • The 2017 tax cuts were a huge success
  • On the fifth anniversary of the Republican tax cuts, the evidence is clear that working people and small businesses have benefited enormously.
The 2017 tax cuts were a huge success 
  • Rather than only helping the top 1%, as Biden repeatedly claims, the data show that most households saw a significant tax cut, with middle-income taxpayers receiving the biggest tax cuts. Real wages grew nearly 5% in the two years after the tax cuts, the fastest growth rate in 20 years. Real median income increased in 2019 by the largest amount in U.S. history. The unemployment rate fell to 3.5%, the lowest level in 50 years, and 300,000 more people were employed in 2020 before the pandemic than are employed today.
  • The tax cuts provided significant relief to small businesses and their employees. More than 23 million small businesses were helped by the bill’s lower individual and corporate tax rates, and they used their tax savings to boost investment, hire more workers, and raise employee wages. Finally, reducing the corporate tax rate from the highest in the world to a more competitive rate put U.S. businesses on a more level playing field globally.
  • Five years after the enactment of the tax cuts, there is no doubt that they have provided lower taxes and higher wages for everyday people. Democrats are wrong to criticize them.



  • Really bad news for Republicans and frankly, ALL Americans. Our beautiful Diamond, of Diamond and Silk, has just passed away at her home in the State she loved so much, North Carolina. Silk was with her all the way, and at her passing. There was no better TEAM anywhere, or at any time! Diamond’s death was totally unexpected, probably her big and precious HEART just plain gave out. Rest In Peace our Magnificent Diamond, you will be greatly missed!

RINO Senator Sasse Officially Resigns — Here’s The Favorite To Replace Him

  • RINO Senator Ben Sasse is becoming the next president of the University of Florida.
  • Due to this, he is resigning from the Senate – his replacement will be named by Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen.

UPI reported:

Nebraska Republican Ben Sasse formally resigned from the U.S. Senate over the weekend to take a job as the next president of the University of Florida.


  • One of the favorites to replace Sasse is former Republican Governor Pete Ricketts.


  •    The only two GOP congressmen who did not support the reformed rules package were both from Texas.  Representative Tony Gonzales voted against it, and Rep. Dan Crenshaw, did not vote.


  • Some wins from the rules package:
  • Restores the Motion to Vacate rule that can remove a failing House Speaker.
  • Restores the Holman Rule that holds members of the deep state accountable by stripping their salary.
  • Ensures that bills coming to the Floor are single-subject.
  • Requires bill text to be made available at least 72 hours prior to a vote in the House.
  • Halts proxy voting in the House and remote proceedings in committees.
  • Eliminates woke, gender-specific language.


Geopolitical/Police State

Musk Fired Brazil Twitter’s Election Misinfo Moderation Team: Report

  • Musk seemed to take particular interest in the workings of Brazil Twitter’s content moderation strategies after taking over the platform. Twitter was compelled in 2020 by Brazilian Supreme Court Judge Alexandre de Moraes to block 16 accounts Bolsonaro-linked accounts that had been accused of disseminating false information. In 2021, Bolsonaro attempted to ban social media companies from removing accounts that violated platform rules, including false claims about elections.



Pentagon to train Ukraine on Patriot missile system at Fort Sill

  • The Pentagon is planning to bring Ukrainian troops to the United States for training on the Patriot missile defense system, a U.S. official with direct knowledge of the development said Tuesday.
  • The training will occur at Fort Sill, which spans about 145 square miles southwest of Oklahoma City, and could begin as soon as this month, the official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss the plan ahead of a formal announcement. The base is home to both basic Patriot missile defense training and field artillery training for U.S. troops.


False Flags

  • New research in pre-print publication at the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation shows a link between free spike antigens produced by the mRNA Covid shots and a form of heart inflammation known as myocarditis.
  • Harvard Medical School researchers examined 16 adolescents and young adults hospitalized at Massachusetts General Hospital or Boston Children’s with post-vaccination myocarditis from January 2021-February 2022. The subjects had “markedly elevated levels of full-length spike protein” in their blood, “unbounded by antibodies.”
  • The medical study’s findings isolated the free spike antigens in the young subjects who developed post-shot heart inflammation.
  • The study establishes further linkage between the mRNA shots and an increased risk of myocarditis in young people by providing a potential biomedical causal mechanism.



  • God bless Ashli!@Speedy13

Kara • Leigh@karaleigh729

  • Compare and contrast.
  • And it should be noted, the death that did occur on Jan 6th, Ashli Babbitt, was not due to a Trump supporter…

INCREDIBLE! Republican Legislators Turn Backs On Katie Hobbs, Walk Out On Radical State Of The State Address – Arizona Freedom Caucus Releases Statement Condemning “New Breed Of Democratic Fascism”

  • Members of the Arizona Legislature and the Arizona Freedom Caucus turned their backs on Katie Hobbs, walked out of her yearly State of the State address Monday, and slammed her in a new statement for the “election riddled with violations of Arizona law” and her embrace of “the left’s extreme, woke agenda.”
  • They also criticized her “preference to illegally legislate via executive order” and her “willingness to exploit the levers of power in our state.” State Senator Jake Hoffman said that Katie Hobbs’ far-left, woke agenda “elevates her actions to tyrannical.”
  • Hobbs was nowhere to be found after her speech, likely hiding from the media.
  • Hobbs was also nowhere to be found after she gave her inaugural address on Thursday.

Members of the Arizona Freedom Caucus released the statement below.



Son of George Soros has made repeated trips to Biden White House, scored invite to state dinner

  • A son  George Soros has made repeated visits to President Joe Biden’s White House as he boosts Democrats with campaign donations and has promoted his frequent meetings with Democratic politicians, records show.
  • George Soros, founder of the major liberal grant-making Open Society Foundations network, has often kept a low profile while influencing Democratic politics through the bankrolling of myriad causes. Alexander Soros, his 37-year-old son who has been more public on social media about his cozy relationships with lawmakers, has made six separate trips to the White House since Biden assumed office and gained influence with Democrats in the last several years. 
  • The younger Soros’s visits to the White House have been between October 2021 and December 2022, according to a Washington Examiner review of White House visitor logs. Two of these meetings were with White House chief of staff Ron Klain. Alexander visited with Hazel Castillo, a staff assistant for the National Security Council, and Madeline Strasser, a former White House adviser, visitor logs show.
  •  d


U.S. Attorney Reviewing Classified Documents from Biden’s Vice Presidency Found at Think Tank

  • “Classified” documents from Joe Biden’s vice presidency have been discovered at a think tank affiliated with the current resident. 
  • “The classified material was identified by personal attorneys for Mr. Biden on Nov. 2, just before the midterm elections, Richard Sauber, special counsel to the president confirmed,” the report added.
  • The documents were discovered when Biden’s personal attorneys “were packing files housed in a locked closet to prepare to vacate office space at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C.,” Sauber said in a statement to CBS News.


So Biden,FBI etc knew that Hunter’s laptop was real and they lied about it before the 2020 Presidential election

Now we have Biden, who knew he classified documents before the midterms wait until after the midterms to reveal this

Election interference pattern

  • Why didn’t the “Justice” Department announce the Highly Classified documents found in the Biden Office before the Election?

Karli Bonne’ @KarliBonne

  • Biden documents include very Tippy Tippy Top – let’s see what happens

  • cNN and NBC News are running nearly identical graphics downplaying the Biden classified documents scandal while trying to make Trump’s situation look way worse.
  • These aren’t news organizations. They are propaganda arms of the Democrat machine.


Trump is the President, he legally declassified the docs

Biden was the VP, he doesn’t have the authority to declassify, his act was illegal

  • Here’s the difference between Trump and Biden taking Classified documents
  • A President has authority to declassify anything and there is a presumption of declassification if documents are taken out of secure environment
  • VP has none of that
  • TL,DR: What Joe Biden did is illegal
  • Biden stole classified documents and stored them at his think tank while he was VP.
  • The VP does not have any authority to declassify classified documents.
  • And this “think tank” received $54 million in funding from the CCP.
  • The Biden family highly concerns me.
  • Joe, Hunter, and even “Dr.” Jill.
  • They are compromised and must be investigated.

  • Wow! The Biden Think Tank is funded by CHINA!!! Also, a V.P. cannot Declassify documents, which are covered by the Federal Records Act, which is Criminal and MUCH TOUGHER than the Presidential Records Act, which is NOT Criminal. A President, me, can Declassify. How much more information has China been given?
  • A government watchdog is demanding the US attorney probing Hunter Biden in Delaware investigate tens of millions in anonymous donations from China to the University of Pennsylvania, where an academic center is named for his father, President Biden.
  • The Ivy League college raked in a total of $54.6 million from 2014 through June 2019 in donations from China, including $23.1 million in anonymous gifts starting in 2016, according to public records.
  • The Ivy League university received $15.8 million in anonymous Chinese gifts that year, including one eye-popping $14.5 million donation in May 2018, records show.


  • Hey DOJ/FBI im sure you have agents delivering subpeonas to every single Biden campaign staffer and white house employee to investigate his possession of classified docs??? Oh no wait, two tier system of justice led by #GovernmentGangsters wray n garland- everyone sees you fraudsters #FWK

  • Biden knew for YEARS that he’s been storing HIGHLY CLASSIFIED documents in his personal office. He KNEW it when FBI agents were raiding Mar-a-Lago, and he KNEW it when he appointed a partisan special counsel. HE KNEW THE WHOLE TIME BUT STILL HAD HIS DOJ GOONS PERSECUTE TRUMP!!
  • Did Biden try to conceal these documents before the midterms? How long did the federal government KNOW these documents were hidden? WHY are we just hearing about this now? These questions need to be answered!!
  • It has now become clear why Joe Biden took ‘classified’ documents from his time as vice president and stashed them at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington.
  • The ‘classified’ documents contain information on highly sensitive subjects, including his ties to Ukraine, Iran, and the United Kingdom,
  • “A total of 10 documents with classification markings were found last year in Biden’s private academic office and they were dated between 2013 and 2016,” the report added.
  • Donald Trump, however, was President of the United States with ultimate declassification authority over the documents, while Joe Biden took the documents when he was vice president.
  • The Ukraine documents, in particular, hold particular intrigue due to his son Hunter Biden’s relations with the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings.
  • Burisma had paid his son over $80,000 a month to be a “consultant” for the firm, despite Hunter Biden having no relevant experience in the industry. Hunter’s salary would be cut two months after his father Joe Biden left the office of the vice president.
  • Joe Biden in 2016 had pressured the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor that was investigating Burisma’s leadership for corruption.
  • A series of documents from the Obama-Biden administration showed that representatives for Burisma Holdings sought a meeting with the State Department in February 2016 to discuss the corruption allegations.
  • The classified documents found at the Biden-affiliated center will only fuel more demands in Congress for an accounting of where exactly all of the Ukrainian aid has gone.


So Biden took the Ukraine docs when he left office, and they were about Ukraine, Iran etc.. Was he hiding these from Trump, was he covering up his crimes. Trump docs that he has are declassified and they are most likely about Ukraine, Iran, its about all their crimes.


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 467fd2 No.4707080


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 202ace No.7163961
There are Puppets.
There are Puppet Masters.
Which is [MUELLER]?
Attempt to replace [JC] as FBI Dir FAILED [attempt to regain FBI control].
Plot & Plan [backup] to initiate SC to safeguard against criminal prosecution re: illegal and criminal actions?
[SC = loss of FBI command/control safeguard]
DOJ depends on what agency for investigating criminal actions?
[MUELLER] [Epstein bury & cover-up].
[MUELLER] [plot to remove duly elected POTUS].

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