[JC] Slam Dunk, VA In The [DS] Sites, Patriot Countermoves Ready – Episode 2073


[JC] Slam Dunk, VA In The [DS] Sites, Patriots Countermoves Ready
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Trump’s policies working, he is bringing back the main street jobs, the people that were out of work during the BO administration have now found jobs. The US is now energy independent, the US is now less dependent on the middle east, this is in preparation to move away from the petrodollar. Judy it’s time, the stage has been sent and you are now called upon to push the economic plan. The [DS] are ready to throw everything they have at the fake impeachment, the MSM already has the script and the players are set, there is only problem the patriots have already countered their playbook. The NYT is trying to get ahead of Comey and what is coming. VA is now putting all the pieces together to have an event to push their agenda of taking the weapons from the people, they need a crisis to push their legislation.

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Current News – 01.17.2020

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Donald Trump’s ‘Hire American’ Policy Gets More Jobs for Americans
  • The foreign-born share of the U.S. workforce is slightly declining as President Donald Trump’s “Hire American” economy pulls millions of sidelined Americans into jobs.
  • This gain for all American employees was revealed in the January 10 jobs report that showed the number of employed Americans rose in the last twelve months, while the number of foreign-born people in jobs declined during the same period.
  • The number of Americans earning wages rose by 1.23 million, up to 135.9 million, during the last twelve months, said the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

There does seem to be some evidence that Americans are making significant gains [even] as the level of immigration … has not accelerated.

  • Under Obama, five Americans got jobs for every two jobs gained by legal or illegal migrants.
  • Under Trump, seven Americans got jobs for every two jobs gained by legal or illegal migrants. 


Source: breitbart.com

How The U.S. Has Reduced Its Dependence On Middle East Oil

  • The Middle East presently produces about a third of the world’s oil. The most important producers  are
  • Saudi Arabia – 12.3 million barrels per day (BPD)
  • Iran – 4.7 million BPD
  • Iraq – 4.6 million BPD
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) – 3.9 million BPD
  • Kuwait – 3.0 million BPD
  • Qater – 1.9 million BPD
  • For reference, U.S. oil production in 2018 (per the BP Statistical Review) was 15.3 million BPD (barrel Per Day), which was more than the total from Iran, Iraq, and the UAE. (That number includes natural gas liquids, as do the numbers above).
  • In 2018, the impact of U.S. shale oil production was readily apparent. Crude oil imports to the U.S. had fallen to 9.9 million BPD, and the share from the Persian Gulf had fallen to less than 1.6 million BPD (15.9 percent).
  •  The net import number has fallen from a high of 12.5 million BPD in 2005 to 2.3 million BPD in 2018. In fact, for the last two months reported by the EIA — September and October 2019 — the monthly net import number had become a net export number for the first time in at least 70 years.
  • So U.S. dependence on Middle East oil has fallen, but production of Middle Eastern oil has risen by about 5 million BPD in the past decade. So the rest of the world uses more oil from the region than they did a decade ago.

Source: oilprice.com

Trump Formally Announces Intent to Nominate Judy Shelton, Christopher Waller to Federal Reserve

  • President Donald Trump intends to nominate economists Judy Shelton and Christopher Waller to the Federal Reserve Board’s influential Board of Governors, 
  • Shelton served as an economic adviser to Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and most recently served as the U.S executive director for the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, a position confirmed by the Senate in 2018.
  • Waller is the director of research at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Missouri, where he works closely with bank president James Bullard. Bullard is one of the U.S. central bank’s supporters of lower interest rates. Prior to joining the Fed in 2009, Waller was an economics professor at the University of Notre Dame.

Source: theepochtimes.com


The [DS] are getting ready to push as much as they can out to the public as they can, everything that is about to happen, the senate trial,  the headlines on the MSM, this has been planned and scripted by the [DS] players, Patriots already know what they have planned, counter measures are in place, we will be talking about this a little later in this report but first.   

FBI, ICE and Dept of Education IG Investigating Ilhan Omar For Possible Student Loan Fraud, Immigration Fraud 

  • The FBI, ICE and the Department of Education’s Inspector General are all looking into Democrat Muslima Rep. Ilhan Omar,
  • Follow this new thread by David Steinberg:

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Now  the Senate trial begins on Tuesday Jan 21, 2020

Impeachment Trial Next Steps – Senate Leader McConnell Establishes Briefing Schedule…

  • Senators will not be allowed to bring their cell phones or any electronic device into the Senate chamber while the trial is underway.
  • Following Thursday’s senate swearing-in and administration of oath, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said he will try to force votes on witnesses on Tuesday.  Democrats have called for subpoenaing four witnesses including former National Security Advisor John Bolton and acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney.
  • However, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is keeping the construction of the senate impeachment resolution, laying out the rules, quiet.  As of this moment no-one knows the details of the resolution being assembled by the Senate majority.
  • The [DS] has already planned this out, the MSM headlines are already pre-scripted, the MSM has already been given advanced notification. 
  •    All of the players within the headlines are working in unison; this includes the resistance operative inside government offices such as the DOJ.   All media stories are pre-engineered, sequenced, and scripted with a template provided by political operatives.

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com

Impeachment requires FACTS.
Impeachment requires 2/3 vote of the SENATE.
[HUNTER]s become the hunted.
Senate was the target.
Trump has added other individuals to his team, some who have joined are there for  optics. 

GOOD NEWS! Ken Starr, Robert Ray and Democrat Alan Dershowitz Selected to Defense Team to Defend Trump at Sham Impeachment Trial

  • BREAKING THIS FRIDAY MORNING– Ken Starr, Robert Ray and Democrat law professor Alan Dershowitz were selected to defend President Trump at the Senate impeachment trial starting next week.
  • Ken Starr is best known for leading the investigation and impeachment of President Bill Clinton.
  • Alan Dershowitz is a life-long Democrat attorney, author and Harvard Law Professor.
  • After several weeks of threats and testimony the Democrats accused President Trump of two non-crimes:
    1.) Abuse of power
    2.) Obstructing Congress

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Yesterday we talked about the GAO coming out that Trump broke the law by not handing over the aid to Ukraine was a stunt by the DS players to control the narrative. 

Another Nothing-Burger: OMB Director Blasts GAO Following Outrageous Opinion on President Trump’s Aid to Ukraine

  • The Government Accountability Office issued their opinion  which just happened to be the same day that Democrats would slow walk their sham articles of impeachment over to the US Senate.
    What a coincidence!

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Trump responded to this

The [DS] players are also using Lev Parnas, they pushed out his fake notes, Lev Parnas has already warned Trump that everytime he mentions that he doesn’t know me I will release a picture. Well here we go

Donald Trump: Lev Parnas ‘Trying to Probably Make a Deal for Himself’
  • President Donald Trump denied any knowledge  of businessman Lev Parnas, who accused the president of using him to pressure Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter.
  • “I don’t know Parnas other than I guess I had pictures taken – which I do with thousands of people, including people today,”
  • “Doesn’t matter what he says,” Trump said. “He’s trying to probably to make a deal for himself. I don’t even know who this man is.”
  • “I don’t know him at all, don’t know what he’s about, don’t know where he comes from, know nothing about him,” he said.

Source: breitbart.com

Remember knowing someone and having a photo taken with them is very different

Release the pictures Parnas, lets see what you got

The [DS] players are also trying to protect the Bidens and others by having the NYtime report that the Bursima was hacked, and we know the company that looked at the hack was the co-founder of crowdstrike, then we have leo goldstein who noticed something very interesting.


Since the IG report was released there have been many questions about the FISA court, that they were warned in the past, they were part of the coverup and now 

 Reps Jordan, Meadows Sent a Letter to Judge Boasberg Demanding Answers About David Kris’s Appointment to Oversee FISA Reforms

  • Republican Reps. Jim Jordan (OH) and Mark Meadows (NC) on Thursday wrote a 5-page letter to presiding FISA judge James Boasberg demanding answers about David Kris’s appointment to oversee FISA reforms.
  • This appointment is “unacceptable” Meadows recently said and now he is demanding answers.
  • The letter pointed out that Mr. Kris, an Obama-era DOJ official, frequently defended the FBI’s existing electronic surveillance practices and boasted that he had “high confidence that the [FBI] provided the court with enough information to meaningfully assess Steele’s credibility and the provenance of the other information on which they relied.”
  • Secondly, the congressmen pointed out that Mr. Kris opined that the FISA applications “already substantially undermine the President’s narrative and that of this proxies…”
  • The DOJ IG report of course revealed Carter Page was illegally spied on, once again proving David Kris to be wrong in his assessment.
  • Thirdly, David Kris minimized the FBI’s actions after the DOJ IG report documented serious FBI misconduct, Meadows and Jordan wrote.
  • Meadows and Jordan gave Judge Boasberg until January 30th to provide the following information:
  • 1. Please identify with specificity all the candidates you considered to serve as amicus curiae to assess the government’s response to Judge Collyer’s order dated December 17, 2019.
  • 2. Please explain whether the FISC reviewed and considered Mr. Kris’s writings and statements about Carter Page and the FBI’s electronic surveillance of Mr. Page prior to appointing Mr. Kris as amicus curiae. If not, please explain why not.
  • 3. Please explain whether the FISC reviewed and considered Mr. Kris’s writings and statements about the memorandum issued by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence dated January 18, 2018, prior to appointing Mr. Kris as amicus curiae. If not, please explain why not.
  • 4. Please explain what specific steps the FISC will take to better protect the civil liberties of American citizens who are not represented in ex parte proceedings for electronic surveillance.
  • 5. Please explain whether the FISC intends to review FBI filings in other matters to determine whether, as Judge Collyer wrote, “the government … provide[s] complete and accurate information in every filing with the Court.”20 If not, please explain why not.
  • 6. Please explain whether you believe that the FISC bears any responsibility for the FBI’s illegal surveillance of Carter Page.
  • 7. Please explain with detail when the FISC first received any indication that information contained in the FBI’s surveillance applications for Carter Page was misleading or false. Please explain what actions, if any, the FISC took at that time to address the FBI’s misconduct.
  • 8. Please explain whether the FISC conducted any internal review to examine the accuracy or validity of information contained in the FBI’s surveillance applications for Carter Page prior to the release of the Justice Department OIG’s report. If so, please explain the scope and process of the FISC review and any findings or information it generated.
  • 9. Please explain with specificity what disciplinary action, if any, the FISC intends to pursue for attorneys who knowingly filed false or misleading information with the FISC with respect to applications to surveil Carter Page.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

then we have comey, the NY Times is now getting ahead of the story, it seems JC is being investigated, but not just for leaks. 

BREAKING: Feds Probing James Comey for Previously Unreported Leaks Involving Wasserman-Schultz and Soros’s Open Societies Foundations

  • James Comey – Serial Leake
  • Fired FBI Chief James Comey admitted in June 2017 during Congressional testimony that he leaked memos to his close friend Daniel Richman, a law professor at Columbia University, in order to push a special counsel against President Trump.

Federal prosecutors in Washington, D.C., are probing whether former FBI Director James Comey leaked classified information about a Russian intelligence document to reporters,

Specifically, the Times reported, investigators are looking into at least two news articles about the document, which played a central role in Comey’s unusual 2016 decision to announce that Hillary Clinton would not face criminal charges for using a private email server as secretary of state.

The document has been described in various reports as a Russian intelligence analysis of a purported email sent from Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL), who was then the chair of the Democratic National Committee, to an official at George Soros’ organization, Open Societies Foundations. Some officials have suggested the document is purposeful Russian misinformation, the Times said.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Bigger [slam-dunk] charges coming?
Public understanding of events just around the corner.

Geopolitical/Police State

O’Keefe: Bernie Sanders’ Iowa Field Director Bailed Kyle Jurek Out of Jail After Recent Arrest – Were Campaign Funds Used to Bail Him Out? 

  • Project Veritas this week released part 1 and 2 of their “Expose 2020” series showing a Bernie Sanders field organizer praising Joseph Stalin and saying he had a legitimate reason to use gulags.
  • The Bernie field organizer called for the mass murder of opposition if President Trump wins reelection.
  • “F*cking cities will burn” if Trump gets reelected Bernie Sanders organizer Kyle Jurek told an undercover Project Veritas journalist.
  • In the video you see Bernie’s Field Organizer Kyle Jurek suggesting that Trump supporters need re-education camps.
  • Bernie’s Field Organizer has a long arrest record.
  • Kyle Jurek was arrested on drug charges back in 2016 and he was arrested again in 2009 on drug charges.
  • Mr. Jurek was arrested again in 2016 on drug charges and operating while intoxicated.



  • James O’Keefe reported on Thursday that Kyle Jurek was just released on bail earlier this week after his arrest on January 7, 2020.
  • Mr. Jurek is still on the Sanders campaign.
  • O’Keefe reported that Bernie Sanders’ Iowa Regional Field Director Luke bailed Kyle Jurek out of jail.
  • “He’s like ‘don’t say another word,’ we (Sanders campaign?) already processed your bail… sit tight.”
  • Were campaign funds used? O’Keefe asked.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Antifa Group to March With Pro-Gun Protesters at Virginia Rally

  •  the Richmond-based Antifa Seven Hills is joining 2nd Amendment supporters in support of gun rights.

Source: nationalreview.com

The Governor and [DS] players need a crisis, they need to show why guns are bad, with a crisis they can push legislation, this is nothing new, all the pieces have been strategically manipulated to cause a crisis. 

timing is very interesting, Jan 20 and the Senate trial begins on Tues Jan 21