Knock, Knock, The [DS] Has You, Time To Wake Up, Flynn Exonerated, Pain – Episode 2168


Knock, Knock, The [DS] Has You, Time To Wake Up, Drip, Drip, Declas
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Business are starting to come back online, Farms are now coming back, the meat shortage will be taken care of in about 10 days. The WH is looking to move tax day from July to Dec now, to help the struggling economy. Trump knows, he always knew that once the economy opens up, it was going to do better than ever. The [DS]/MSM and those elected Gov’s are showing their true colors, the people are waking up, they are realizing that the people they elected are trying to take away their rights, we are watching the great awakening. The DOJ dropped the case on Flynn, Van Grack withdraws from the case, the Mueller investigation never had evidence, it was all a lie. Pain is coming and the [DS] players are panicking.

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Current News – 05.07.2020

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  • Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds said farmers’ plants should be back to 100% capacity ‘in a week to 10 days’
  • We’ve turned a corner,” said Agriculture Secretary Sonny Purdue said during the meeting. 
  • Purdue and Reynolds said Wednesday at the White House that plants should be back to 100% capacity in a week to 10 days. Reynolds said that only one Iowa meatpacking plant is shut, in Waterloo.
  • Perdue said meat shortages should end within 10 days as meat plants come back on line.


  • One week after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that dead people aren’t eligible for stimulus check after it emerged that an unknown number of recently deceased Americans had received a $1200 tax credit as part of the coronavirus helicopter money package, 


  • The White House is currently examining different ways to boost the economy without Congress,
  •  President Trump delayed the tax filing day from April 15 to July 15. Now it could be pushed to December 15. 


  •  What can the Fed actually do? Just print money, right? That’s all they can do. They can artificially suppress interest rates so that we can take on more debt, and they can create money. But does that help the economy? No. The Fed has no tools to support the economy. You don’t support the economy by printing money. Now, the Fed could try to support the bubble. It can try to prevent the bubble from deflating or have it deflate more slowly. But that’s actually hurting the real economy.



Obama Sends Private Letter to National Archives Claiming ‘Confidentiality’ To Not Release Biden-Ukraine Docs

  • Former President Barack Obama has inserted himself into the Russia, Ukraine scandal  .  a letter was sent from the office of former President Barack Obama to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), which manages presidential records.
  • Why would Obama, four years after leaving office, suddenly get involved? The letter to the National Archives was privately sent in March 
  • Obama’s letter to the NARA is a response to Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson having requested the Obama administration records on Ukraine-related meetings, placed on November 21, 2019. Obama’s letter claims the senators’ inquiry is an effort “to shift the blame for Russian interference in the 2016 election to Ukraine.”
  • What exactly is Obama concerned with in regard to the “confidentiality interests that all presidents have sought to protect?”




 Senator Lindsey Graham: “There Was NO Legal Justification for Mueller’s Appointment…The Entire Mueller Investigation Was Illegitimate


Declassifications by Barr and Grenell lead senator to lift two-year hold on counterintelligence nominee

  • William Evanina, a former FBI special agent, has led the National Counterintelligence and Security Center since 2014 and in February 2018 was nominated by President Trump to be the first Senate-confirmed director of the center. But since June of that year, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley has blocked the nomination as a form of protest against Department of Justice leadership and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence for not providing Congress documents related to the government’s investigation into Russian election interference and Trump’s presidential campaign.
  • That impasse ended on Monday with Grassley withdrawing his objection, citing “recent actions” by Attorney General William Barr and acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell to “finally respond to my very longstanding oversight requests.”



Maduro Regime Releases Video of Captured US Mercenary Luke Denman – US Hopes to Repatriate the Two US Citizens Captured by Regime (VIDEO)

  • The Venezuelan military captured two U.S. citizens who took part in a failed attempt over the weekend to entered the country by sea and Socialist Tyrant President Nicolas Maduro.
  • Secretary of the State Mike Pompeo denied on Wednesday that the United State was involved in the so-called “Gedeon Operations.”  Pompeo added, “If we had been involved, the result would have been different.”
  • Former U.S. special forces soldiers Luke Denman, 34, and Airan Berry, 41, were arrested Monday as part of the foiled attack
  • The tyrant Maduro says  José Alberto Socorro Hérnandez, called “Pepero,” admitted he works with the US Druge Enforcement Agency (DEA).


False Flags

CBS Denies Awareness of Staged COVID-19 Testing Line 

  • CBS News said it was removing video footage showing a long line of cars waiting in a COVID-19 testing line after undercover video footage showed nurses saying the line was staged.


Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick to Pay Fines For Salon Owner Who Defied Stay-At-Home Orders, Offers to Go Under House Arrest in Her Place

  • Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has vowed to pay the fines for a salon owner who was sentenced to seven days in jail for violating the state’s stay-at-home order by opening up her business.

Patrick also offered to go on house arrest in exchange for her release.

Dan Patrick


7 days in jail, no bail and a $7K fine is outrageous. No surprise Texans are responding. I’m covering the $7K fine she had to pay and I volunteer to be placed under House Arrest so she can go to work and feed her kids. 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Calls For ‘Immediate Release’ Of Jailed Dallas Salon Owner…

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has called for the “immediate release” of a Dallas salon owner who was arrested and sent to jail for opening her business in defiance of Gov. Greg Abbott’s stay-at…


  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website advises election officials to ‘encourage mail-in methods of voting if allowed in the jurisdiction.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  recommends “mail-in methods of voting” due to coronavirus, despite President Trump’s concerns about voter fraud being associated with mail-in ballots.


No Thanks: Trump White House Shelves CDC Guidelines for Reopening Economy and Public Places

  • The Trump White House shelved the latest CDC guidelines on how to restart public places and the economy.  
  • It was the CDC along with Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and the White House COVID-19 Task Force who urged President Trump to shut down the record US economy in March.
  • Now we know that the model they used to scare the administration was a complete fraud and cannot be scientifically replicated. 

A set of detailed documents created by the nation’s top disease investigators meant to give step-by-step advice to local leaders deciding when and how to reopen public places such as mass transit, day care centers and restaurants during the still-raging pandemic has been shelved by the Trump administration. 


Trump Tests Negative For COVID-19 After ‘Valet’ Infected

Former CDC Official: Trump Should Quarantine For 14 Days, Could Have Coronavirus

  • Former CDC official Dr. Cyrus Shahpar recommended that President Donald Trump should quarantine for 14 days following his possible exposure to a coronavirus-positive person Thursday, saying that one negative test does not put him in the clear.
Kevin McCarthy, House GOP Launch ‘China Task Force’ as Pelosi Investigates Trump 
  • House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) announced the creation of a Republican “China Task Force” to coordinate legislative strategy on all aspects of China while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) continues to investigate President Donald Trump.
  • McCarthy announced the task force, which will consist of 15 Republicans from 14 separate committees. The House GOP will use the group to mainstream ideas concerning China policy.



71. Free speech on social media contradicting the [D] Party con is: “Extremely dangerous to our democracy.”
Worth remembering.
[note: they all read from a teleprompter – who controls the message?]
Michelle [BM] Obama’s “All this for a damn flag” comment at the Nation’s 9/11 Ceremony. “Hope you can believe in”
Worth remembering.
[note: rare ‘truth’ caught on camera]


Ready to stand?


RR Scope memo was released 

40M of taxpayer money spent on conspiracy theories…

Rosenstein Scope Memo For Mueller Peddled Steele Dossier, Logan Act Conspiracy Theories

A newly declassified memorandum from Rod Rosenstein shows that the former deputy attorney general used bogus claims from discredited Clinton campaign operative Christopher Steele to justify Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump campaign.

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s memo authorizing Robert Mueller’s anti-Trump investigation was riddled with conspiracy theories lifted straight from the bogus dossier of Christopher Steele, a newly released, less redacted version of the memo shows. The memo, portions of which were declassified on April 30, 2020, specifically targeted former Trump campaign affiliates Carter Page, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, and one individual whose identity is redacted.

The Aug. 2, 2017 scope memo, which was provided by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to the Senate Judiciary Committee following requests from Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., cited Steele dossier collusion conspiracy theories about Manafort and Page.

Rosenstein ordered Mueller to investigate allegations that Page “committed a crime or crimes by colluding with Russian government officials with respect to the Russian government’s efforts to interfere with the 2016 election[.]” The same language was used to justify the targeting of Manafort. 

Advocating overthrow of Government?


The “scope memo” authorized Mueller to investigate Trump campaign affiliates Carter Page, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn & George Papadopoulos based on fake information in the Steele dossier.
There is a reason why Congress did not return to work this week [DC][non_COVID related].
Think [BOOM] drops this week and next [2019, 2020][+1].
[C]oats before [D]eclas [ongoing_now].
Q said Congress is out of session, not due to Covid-19, but because they know bombshells are going to be dropping this week and next week. Dan Coats had to be removed as DNI before Declass could commence. Declass is now underway.
Same video that Q posted, but the other video that was posted had a website on the video, if you type it in the url it brings you to a porn site, so Q reposted it.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: eab5f8 No.9065447📁
WHAT WOULD YOU DO if your six year old son or daughter tested positive for COVID19 and was taken from your home to a quarantine center by Ventura Health Authorities? This SHOCKING VIDEO demands that you plan ahead
It’s time to wake up.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: eab5f8 No.9065630📁


I’m curious why Facebook and IG are only removing “conspiracy” pages? Why not remove Bigfoot pages? UFO pages? If it’s all just silly nonsense why is QANON more silly or harmful than the others?
When do you expend ammunition?
For what purpose?
Prevent public exposure of truth [slow limit reach]?
Coordinated media roll-out designed to instill ‘fear’ into users re: discussing ‘Q’ re: risk of account termination?
Coordinated media roll-out designed to silence a ‘conspiracy’ they deem to have significant potential [anti-[D]] ramifications re: 2020 P_election?
You have more power and influence than you realize.
Welcome to the Revolution.
Big Tech and MSM Trying to Silence Q Discussion Ahead of 2020 Election to Protect the D’s

Claims of “Russian interference w/2016 election” PALE in comparison to what [they] are doing and should be illegal! Coordinated 2020 election interference!


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: eab5f8 No.9065749📁

Russia Approves Unproven Malaria Drug to Treat Coronavirus

  • The Russian government has authorized hospitals to treat coronavirus patients with the untested malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, which studies have linked to potentially deadly side effects.
  • Thursday’s decree instructs Russia’s national medical cardiology research center to distribute 68,600 packs of hydroxychloroquine donated by a Shanghai pharmaceutical company to hospitals across Russia for free. 
  • Moscow’s health department issued a tender in early April to buy 2.6 million rubles ($33,200) worth of hydroxychloroquine.

Russia using HCQ to treat COVID-19?
Source of HCQ: China
China using HCQ to treat COVID-19?
The more you know…


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: edb599 No.9066083 📁
More of that “larping” the shills must be talking about… ~1 minute [DELTA] Q inb4 Only the gazillionth time
Calculating ‘lag’ near impossible.
Watch the news today, tomorrow, next week.
Only the Gazillionth Time We’ve Seen a Q Drop Seconds Before a POTUS Tweet
I feel that he should have been given the medal of freedom for this…
Video of clinton and comey
Facts v Fiction
Bridging [posting of Patriot TWIT accounts] serves to expand reach, prevent collapse, and maintain strength through UNITY.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: ca2cad No.9066831📁


BREAKING: Justice Department is dropping criminal case against ex-Trump adviser Michael Flynn, according to court filing obtained by AP. The prosecution has been a rallying cry for the president in attacking FBI Russia investigation.


Van Grack, who had been involved in the Flynn investigation from the beginning, did not state a reason for his withdrawal.


I feel a lawsuit coming, he will sue the media, the fbi, doj for blackmail, hiding exculpatory evidence and for makeing the entire case up  


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: db95eb No.9069125 📁


Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI about his illicit Russian contacts. His lies do not now become truths. This dismissal does not exonerate him. But it does incriminate Bill Barr. In the worst politicization of the Justice Department in its history.
Keep watching the news.

Pain is coming