March Madness, Full-Scale Attack, Nothing Is What It Seems – Ep. 2715


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March Madness, Full-Scale Attack, Nothing Is What It Seems
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The [CB] is now trying to use this event to push the Great Reset/Green New Deal, this will be a dead end for them just like the pandemic. The pieces are being put into place to bring the people into and people run economic system. The [DS] is now in full panic, the war propaganda is failing, the pics are turning out to be fake and Putin is not destroying cities and killing people. This is a strategic operation to remove the bio weapons labs, shutdown the money laundering operation and remove the [DS] players. Wisconsin just called to have the elections decertified. Trump wants the people to do the right thing and decertify the elections, if this doesn’t work this is not the end of the plan, the next phase is then operational, if all else fails the military is the only way.



Jen Psaki Trips Over Her Tongue When Asked Why the US Is Importing Russian Gas Today (VIDEO)

  •  Jen Psaki was asked about US oil imports from Russia.
    She tripped over her tongue on this one.


  • There will be alternatives to Russian natural gas supply in the five-year horizon, World Bank President David Malpass told CBS in an interview aired on Sunday.

“Markets look forward so they can look at the five-year time horizon and realize that there’s a lot of energy available if it’s mobilized, there are alternatives to the Russian dominance of the gas market, for example,” Malpass said on the on ‘Face the Nation’ program.


MasterCard and Visa to limit Russia operations

  • Some cards issued in the country will not be accepted abroad and on foreign websites
  • International card companies Mastercard and Visa have disconnected a number of Russian banks from their payment systems following “sanction orders” related to Russia’s ongoing military operation in Ukraine.
  • As a result of the sanctions orders, we have blocked several financial institutions in the Mastercard payment network. We will continue to work with regulators in the coming days to fully comply with our obligations,” Mastercard CEO Michael Mibach said in a statement on Tuesday.
  • The card company did not specify which institutions will be cut off, but Washington last week announced a list of Russian banks which fall under the sanction orders. These include VTB, Otkritie, Sovcombank, Promsvyazbank and Novikombank. Their assets and dollar accounts were blocked, and Apple Pay and Google Pay for the cards of these banks stopped working.



Michelle Obama would put Republicans ‘in a very difficult position’ if she ran for president because she is ‘popular AND immune to criticism’, former Trump aide warns

  • Monica Crowley, a Trump Treasury Dept official, said at Orlando’s Conservative Political Action Conference Michelle Obama is a ‘completely plausible’ choice 
  • The former first lady has previously dismissed the idea of running herself 
  • Multiple polls also indicate Michelle Obama’s sky-high popularity  
  • A former Trump administration official this weekend floated the possibility of Michelle Obama succeeding President Joe Biden as the 2024 Democratic nominee, warning that the former first lady would be a formidable opponent to the GOP. 
  • ‘If [Democrats] were to run Michelle Obama, that would put us in a very difficult position,’ former Trump aide Monica Crowley said at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando on Saturday.


“You New World Order Traitor Piece of Sh*t, Bastard!’ — WOW! Dirty Nevada Governor Confronted in Vegas Restaurant by Bitter Constituent (VIDEO)

  • Dirty Nevada Governor was confronted by a bitter constituent at a Las Vegas restaurant on Sunday.
  • Sisolak is one of the dozens of Democrat politicians who was a staunch supporter of on mask mandates but was then caught out partying without one. He threatened families at Easter. He was caught hoarding a COVID treatment drug.


BREAKING: Hunter Biden’s Business Partner, Devon Archer, Sentenced to One Year in Prison for Defrauding an Indian Tribe

  • Hunter Biden’s Business partner, Devon Archer, was sentenced to a year in prison for his actions related to defrauding a Native Indian tribe. 

Hunter Biden had close ties with a company that ran a fraudulent $60million scheme – for which his best friend has now been sentenced – emails obtained by reveal.

Devon Archer, who has been close to the Bidens for decades, was sentenced to one year behind bars on Monday for his role in a complex scheme to defraud a Native American tribe.

Archer, 47, appeared for his sentencing hearing at the Thurgood Marshall US Courthouse in Lower Manhattan, where Judge Ronnie


Geopolitical/Police State


Clandestine Bio weapons

1) MASSIVE news coming from the Russian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Russian Embassy claims “US filled Ukraine with biolabs”, and are accusing the US of producing bioweapons! #USBiolabs

My hypothesis was correct!

2) Before anyone questions the source, this is from Twitter verified, CNN Southeastern European Affiliate, @N1info .

This is from an official European news outlet, reporting the Russian displeasure with US biolabs in Ukraine.

Credentials seen here.

3) So what does this mean big picture? It means my hypothesis was correct: The Russian air strikes in Ukraine had nothing to do with Ukraine, but rather AMERICAN ASSETS in Ukraine!

It means this “war” is MUCH bigger than Ukraine. Its a skirmish with the United States of America. 

4) This means the Russians just went to war with an American proxy and disabled US/NATO assets. These attacks are a direct accusation of the US of creating bioweapons near the Russian border.

Putin has been publicly vocal about this for years.

5) Now, think even bigger picture. Think about the one thing that controlled the world for the last 2 years. How does C19 play a role?

Here is Moderna CEO on Fox, admitting the virus came from a lab, after we found THEIR PATENTED GENE SEQUENCE in C19… 

6) Are you able to make the connection?

-C19 came from a lab
-The lab and research was funded by the US NIH
-Putin accuses US of creating bioweapons at his border
-Putin bombs US biolabs near his border

Putin is trying to prevent the US from “releasing” ANOTHER bioweapon. 

7) You can argue it was accidental or intentional. Regardless, the Russians don’t want the US having biolabs at their border, as US have proven themselves either:

-incompetent/careless for letting out a bioweapon


-evil/malicious and intentionally released a bioweapon 

8) Either way, Putin doesn’t want the US near their border with biological research, and neutralized a legitimate threat to his people.

Now, think even bigger picture; why has the media spun this reality as “Russian disinformation”?


9) At the very least, a world superpower is accusing us of creating and releasing a bioweapon, and has reason to believe we might do it again.

Think about the ramifications of that. Think about why the media and Biden continue to paint Putin as a viscous dictator. 

10) Think about why the fact checkers are claiming there are no US biolabs in Ukraine. Think about why the US Embassy yanked all their docs on our biolabs in Ukraine.

They can try all they like, but all the evidence leads to the US creating C19, and Russia is not happy about it.ImageImage

11) Once that cat is out of the bag, the rest of the dominoes fall. The entire C19 narrative is decimated. The reality is, the US government released a bioweapon known as C19.

Folks, this isn’t the beginning of WW3, the US initiated it 2 years ago… at a biolab in Wuhan, China. 


ADDENDUM: If you’re gonna quote the tweet, use #USBiolabs and keep it trending.

The hashtag is how we get the attention of the normies USE IT!!! 

12) I am seeing more I need to add to the thread. CHECK OUT WHO STARTED THE BIO REDUCTION PROGRAM IN UKRAINE BACK IN 2005.


• • •



Ukraine wants its foreign debt written off

  • Country owes international financial organizations over $57 billion
  • Ukraine has called on international financial organizations to cancel the country’s foreign debts claiming massive destruction in the country caused by the Russian military offensive that began last Thursday.
  • The scale of destruction in Ukraine … is colossal! In view of this, our external creditors must be required to write off Ukraine’s debts. To date, the external debt is 1.6 trillion hryvnia, or more than $57 billion.
  • International financial organizations should revise the debt policy and zero out the debts of Ukraine!” the head of the Accounts Chamber of Ukraine, Valeriy Patskan, wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday.


Standing ovation as Zelensky tells European Parliament: ‘Prove you are with Ukraine’ 

  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, addressing a European Parliament emergency session via videolink on Tuesday, called on the EU to support his country as Russian  

Terrifying Covid LAB LEAK feared to have infected dozens in Taiwan in ‘chilling echo of Wuhan’

  • A FEMALE lab worker in Taiwan is feared to have infected dozens of people with Covid in a terrifying leak, officials said.
  • The researcher in capital Taipei who tested positive for the coronavirus may have caught it during experiments in the laboratory, local media reports.
  • Authorities have begun tracing more than 85 people listed as contacts of the woman and who are feared to be carrying the deadly virus.
  • During a press conference today, an official the infected person was aged in her 20s and had been working at the Academia Sinica’s Genomics Research Centre.


Pompeo is on his way to Taiwan.


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These people are stupid.
Wait for Russia/China reports.
Strike 99999999.Q

False Flags


EXPLOSIVE: Justice Gableman Reveals MASSIVE Voter Fraud in Wisconsin Nursing Homes — 100% Turnout in Zuckerberg-Funded Wisconsin Cities! – SHOCKING VIDEO

  • This morning the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections held an informational hearing on the Gableman 2020 Election Report featuring invited speakers Special Councsel and Former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman and Attorney Eric Kaardal.
  • ** The live video feed is here.
  • Justice Gableman played video of several victims of voter theft. Several brave Wisconsin families reached out to Gableman and his committee after they discovered someone had voted for their loved one who is in a nursing home. This happened all over Wisconsin.
  • Justice Gableman disclosed during the hearing that the nursing homes in the Zuckerberg-funded cities had 100% turn out. This is clear voter fraud they discovered. The video played during today was heartbreaking.


Facebook’s Zuckerberg’s Election Money Violated Bribery Laws – Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Shares from His Investigation of 2020 Election

  • Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman in his presentation to the Wisconsin Senate finds that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s election money violated state bribery laws. 
  • Margot Cleveland at the Federalist reports:
  • Nearly $9 million in Zuckerberg grant funds directed solely to five Democratic strongholds in Wisconsin violated the state’s election code’s prohibition on bribery. That conclusion represents but one of the many troubling findings detailed in the report submitted today by a state-appointed special counsel to the Wisconsin Assembly.According to the report, Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg providing financing that allowed the Center for Tech and Civic Life to offer nearly $9 million in “Zuck Bucks” to Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha and Green Bay counties. In exchange, the “Zuckerberg 5,” as the report called the counties, in effect, operated Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts. Those grant funds then paid for illegal drop boxes to be placed in Democratic voting strongholds.The illegal use of drop boxes represented a second area of concern to the special counsel’s office. The report notes state election code limits the manner in which ballots may be cast, providing that an elector must personally mail or deliver his or her ballot to the municipal clerk, except where the law authorizes an agent to act on the behalf of the voter.



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  • March 2, 2022 at 7:22 am

    I agree with everything you’re saying but my family is in Ukraine and Putin is bombing peoples houses Appartment buildings and there’s many casualties including civilians and children. This is men slaughter. This is not the way to expose the deep state not by attacking the civilians. This is not fake news what Putin is doing in Ukraine.

  • March 2, 2022 at 9:25 am

    Good morning Dave,
    Just wanted to say your show is nothing but awesome and has saved me through this time of craziness. I am sure you already know this but many of the shows that are series on TV are so partisan and blatant with the message they are trying to put out. Shows like New Amsterdam, Grey’s Anatomy, just to name a few just unreal I have to leave the room and my wife who does not get it yet cant understand why it bugs me so much, cannot wait for the truth to make it to the rest of the people…..
    Thanks again Dave for all that you do you really make a difference for so many of us.

  • March 2, 2022 at 2:27 pm

    So by Russia accusing the US [DS] government of releasing C19 on the world population and proof is confirmed and other countries follow suit, the US [DS] government could be charged with Crimes Against Humanity which means a Domestic/ Foreign Investigation into said Crimes which could cover Child Sex Trafficking/Human Trafficking. All of this would BlackBall the [DS] on a world scale. This would mean NO Time Limit on Charges which means The Future Proves Past! No Where To Run! No Where To Hide! Soon! They will not be able to walk down the street!

  • March 2, 2022 at 3:38 pm

    some of us noticed that all Russian youtube channels where cancelled this morning. Guess what? Huge discoveries were made on territories of Ukraine already taken by Russian army. What did they find? Biden’s involvement. How deep it goes?
    We will know soon.

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