Message Received, Scare Necessary Event, You Are Safe, Good Guys Are Winning – Ep. 2782


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Message Received, Scare Necessary Event, You Are Safe, Good Guys Are Winning
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The UK is facing another energy shock, people are becoming energy poor and soon the country will do what they did back in the 70s. Diesel prices are rising rapidly, will this effect supply chains. The economy is imploding, the people can see the playbook, the [CB] plan has failed.  The [DS] is now left with one option, some type of scare event, this is necessary so the people can see the truth. The truth is coming out and the [DS] can not do anything to stop it. The midterms are approaching and the people are turning out and voting against the [DS] players. The good guys are winning, defcon 1, prepare countermeasures.



Britain Faces Another Energy Shock as Bills Set to Surge 42%

  • Ofgem CEO gives stark warning to UK lawmakers on energy crisis
  • 12 million households could be plunged into fuel poverty
  • British consumers will face another sharp jump in their power and gas bills just before winter, adding to surging costs of almost everything from food to petrol.
  • The energy price cap is likely to soar to a record £2,800 ($3,499) in October,


When the lights DID go out: Meals by candlelight and lamp-lit shopping… how miners strikes and sky-high inflation saw 1970s Britain plunged into darkness with a three-day working week

  • From 1972, Prime Minister Edward Heath was locked in political battle with National Union of Mineworkers 
  • A six-week strike that year led to mass blackouts around the country and thousands of lay-offs
  • Heath then imposed a three-day week in 1973 as continued coal shortages threatened electricity supply
  • TV companies including the BBC and ITV had to stop broadcasting at 10.30pm each night
  • Ordinary Britons were ordered to limit heating to one room and to keep non-essential lights switched off 
  • Do YOU remember the crisis? Send recollections and pictures to [email protected]


  • Nothing in D.C. even remotely resembles representative government. A government representing it’s constituents does not send $40,000,000,000 to a foreign country free of charge and stick it’s constituents with the responsibility to pay for it. All while the People are paying the highest prices in U.S. history for literally everything because of other purposefully [knowingly] destructive actions by the same.
  • Not sure why the words of The Declaration of Independence are coming to mind.


state farm only dropped this grooming program after they got caught. imagine what the rest of corporate america is doing behind closed doors. never let up. pedal to the metal.

Hunter Biden’s laptop is 100% authentic, forensic examination concludes  

  •   A copy of Hunter Biden’s hard drive obtained by the Washington Examiner is indisputably authentic, and there is no evidence of any hacking or file manipulation, according to an examination conducted by a former Secret Service agent who has testified as a cyberforensics expert in over 100 classified, criminal, and civil matters at the state, federal, and international levels.
  •   “Gus” Dimitrelos to conduct a full forensic examination to determine the drive’s authenticity and whether there were any signs of tampering. Using a technique he developed called “digital sandwiching,” Dimitrelos cross-referenced thousands of emails, documents, business records, text messages, Apple Notes, photos, geolocation data, travel records, and other information on the drive to conclude that Biden is the only person capable of producing the data.
  • “My analysis revealed there is a 100% certainty that Robert Hunter Biden was the only person responsible for the activity on this hard drive and all of its stored data,” Dimitrelos said, noting that his forensic techniques are reproducible and are the same that he frequently uses as an expert when working on criminal and civil cases.
  • “Hunter Biden’s MacBook Pro was not hacked, and the data contained on the hard drive is authentic,” Dimitrelos added. “Based on the data I examined, there was no manipulation of any photographs, emails, documents, or other user activities.” 

Records on the drive show Hunter Biden’s iCloud account was syncing his personal data with his MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad when the computer was last used in March 2019. Other records show Hunter Biden’s Apple ID account, which is used to sign in to all Apple services, has been associated with 46 different devices since 2011, including over 20 iPhones, eight Mac computers, nine iPads, and three Apple TVs, Dimitrelos said.

Credit Card 2.jpg

“While in the U.S. Secret Service, one of my core investigative responsibilities was to examine signatures in fraud investigations,” he said. “I examined the signatures of Robert Hunter Biden located on the MacBook Pro Hard Drive and determined them to be authentic.”

Hunter Signatures.jpg


  •  special counsel John Durham’s prosecutors revealed that investigators had received an electronic communication citing a referral from the DOJ “on or about” Sept. 19, 2016, the same day Sussmann met with James Baker, then the FBI’s top lawyer.


The Same FBI Agents that Knew Hillary Was Behind Trump-Russia Lie Were Members of Mueller Team that Ignored This Fact

  • The FBI agents who knew Hillary was behind the Trump – Russia lie were the same agents on the Mueller team who neglected to include this important information in Mueller’s report. 
  • The Conservative Treehouse shares:

Robert Mueller was appointed to look into the Trump-Russia collusion accusations.  How could the fact that Team Clinton created the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, not be part of the investigative purview?   This question is specifically underlined by the fact, the same FBI officials who knew the Alfa-Bank material came from Clinton, were the same FBI officials on Robert Mueller’s team…

…Peter Strzok would know because he had been investigating the Trump-Russia collusion hoax since early 2016.  The Crossfire Hurricane investigation was triggered July 31, 2016, and by the time Michael Sussmann was selling the Alfa-Bank hoax the FBI was aware all of the material was coming from political opposition research and Fusion GPS.

When Peter Strzok transferred into the Mueller investigation in May 2017, why didn’t Strzok tell Mr. Mueller and Andrew Weissmann there was “no there there,” and the material came from the Clinton campaign operatives?

When you realize the same FBI investigators flowed through 2016 into the Mueller team in 2017, the questions are obvious.  How could the origin of Trump-Russia hoax not be in the purview of the Special Counsel?

  • They all knew Hillary was behind the Trump – Russia lie.   


  • #DurhamWatch new week, new level of corruption. witnesses continue to stack the bodies against Clinton Crime Syndicate and dirty cops at FBI-
  • FBI agents testified:
    Tech Exec Joffee was a FBI source, just like Steele, and got fired.
    FBI lied to by higher ups about origins of afla bank server disinfo.
    FBI could’ve shut down bogus investigation had the agents been informed sussman was cutout for intel via their own source- Joffe (just like bruce ohr n Steele)

Geopolitical/Police State

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates Poured Millions into Dark Money Fund Attacking Elon Musk 
  •   the newly-formed Foundation for Freedom Online (FFO), analyzed public filings to trace hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions from the letter signatories back to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • In total, 11 of the 26 anti-Musk organizations received funding from a Gates-backed entity.
  • The New Venture Fund, which in 2020 received the largest one-year commitment the Gates Foundation had made in more than half a decade, funds four of the signatories: Two other signatories are tied to Gates Foundation money:
  • Empowering Pacific Islanders Community (funded by Gates-backed Community Partners)
  • Reproaction (a project of Gates-backed NEO Philanthropy)
  • The open letter’s connection to the billionaire Microsoft founder is significant, as Gates is in the middle of a public feud with free speech advocate Musk. Last month, Gates revealed his $500 million short position against Musk-owned Tesla, prompting Musk to call Gates a “b*ner” killer alongside a meme of Gates as a pregnant man emoji.
  • What is known about New Venture Fund’s dark money funding is this: it is backed by hundreds of millions of dollars from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Per FFO’s analysis, disclosure files for the Gates Foundation grantee list show a whopping 102 separate cash grants to or through New Venture Fund, totaling an incredible $457 million since 2008.


  • That means Gates’s biggest one-year act of “charity” in more than half a decade – while running the world’s largest “philanthropy” network – was functionally a pass-through payoff to surrogates of the Joe Biden 2020 presidential election campaign.
  • So much for ending AIDS, world hunger, and disease — by the numbers, the Gates Foundation’s top priority seems to be electing Democrats.
  • Musk recently announced he’ll be voting Republican for the first time in 2022. On top of his stated intention to reverse a half-decade of creeping censorship on Twitter, that puts him square in the path of Gates’s philanthropic freight train of paid political proxies. Bill Gates is funding a veritable NGO army — and it is zeroing in on Elon Musk.


Australian eSafety Commissioner Tells Word Economic Forum Audience It is Time to Recalibrate Free Speech

  • Australia has an eSafety Commissioner named Julie Inman-Grant.  While delivering remarks to the World Economic Forum summit in Davos, Switzerland, she outlined a new on-line era where free speech would need to be “recalibrated,” and the ability to be free from something called “on-line violence.”  WATCH:


  •  “violence” now includes their perception of something happening on a metaphysical level. An emotional impact.  They have a spiritual avatar that they feel the drive to defend from the viewpoints of the Others.


Cyber Attacks

False Flags

WHO Says Monkeypox ‘Can Be Contained’ As US Distributes Vaccines

  • The World Health Organization says the current monkeypox outbreak is unusual but can still be stopped, according to Bloomberg.
  • Monkeypox is less contagious than smallpox, and has milder symptoms. Both viruses belong to the same genus, Orthopoxvirus, which includes the vaccina virus, and the cowpox virus.
  • Bloomberg also reports that “a large proportion of cases have been among homosexual men, and may have been transmitted along sexual networks.
  • To address the situation, dozens of Jynneos vaccine are being released in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

As the Epoch Times notes:

  • There are more than 1,000 doses of the Jynneos vaccine that were approved in the United States in 2019 and are in the strategic national stockpile, Jennifer McQuiston, deputy director of the Division of High Consequence Pathogens and Pathology at the CDC, told reporters at a media briefing on Monday.



  • FOR ALL GEORGIA VOTERS, THIS JUST OUT: 102 Georgia Counties CAN’T PRODUCE DROP BOX VIDEOS FOR THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. Thus, video monitoring is missing for 181,507 cast ballots, approximately 18 times more than I need to have won the election in Georgia. A total of 1.7 million images were destroyed – not allowed! This is the Fault of Governor Brian Kemp & Secretary of State Brad R. VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE ON TUESDAY!
  • Interesting tidbit of information.
  • For over a year, we were told no video existed from certain drop boxes in Gwinnett County, GA from the 2020 election.
  • Once the video was finally secured, we realized that some of this video was both relevant and very clear.
  • What we did not know until recently is there is camera footage from multiple cameras INSIDE of the Gwinnett Elections building. Our director of research learned this only after extraction of the video from its native format.
  • Hmmmm…
  • ·@realDonaldTrump on Monkeypox: “Here we go again. Here we go again. Back to mail-in ballots. The fake mail-in ballots, all the things that took place. What a disgrace.” @danball
  • When Trump says that something good will eventually happen he means that a Biblical storm is coming once we cross the precipice threshold. Do not be discouraged. Everything we are experiencing is an essential part of the transition.
    To truly make America great we must exit [their] system.
    We cannot stay where we are now.
    We must move out of Babylon.
    This is the plan.
    We will not go backwards.
    No matter how dark the storm clouds look: Keep your head up.
    You were born for this hour.
  • The last question from the assembled press pool in Tokyo, Japan, brought about the most serious foreign policy response from the installed occupant of the White House.  Joe Biden said he is willing to use military force against China if Beijing decides to take over Taiwan.
  • [Transcript] – Q    Very quickly: You didn’t want to get involved in the Ukraine conflict militarily for obvious reasons.  Are you willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan, if it comes to that?
  • Q    You are?
  • PRESIDENT BIDEN:  That’s the commitment we made.  That’s the commitment we made.  We are not — Look, here’s the situation: We agree with the One China policy; we’ve signed on to it and all the attendant agreements made from there.  But the idea that — that it can be taken by force — just taken by force — is just not a — is just not appropriate.  It will dislocate the entire region and be another action similar to what happened in — in Ukraine.  And so, it’s a burden that is even stronger.


  • I never thought, in my wildest imagination, that the United States would be involved in a Nuclear War. Now, however, because of our leaders rhetoric and very poor choice of words, it is perhaps more likely to happen than not. Russia/Ukraine would NEVER have happened under a TRUMP Administration. Now there are fewer cards to play, but still very playable. China up next?

“Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Could Lead to Next World War – Civilization May Not Survive” – George Soros Spouts Off at World Economic Forum (VIDEO)

  • Billionaire leftist George Soros told the World Economic Forum that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has “shaken Europe to its core” and could lead to the next world war.” “That’s why I say our civilization may not survive.”
  • Comfy AF.

  • For about a year I’ve been saying.
  • At some point we will have a “Nuke Scare”
  • This will be the Precipice
  • When we play the Trump Card?
  • Q prepared us for this:
  • 1. Trump Card
    2. Scare Necessary Event
    3. DEFCON
    4. China & Russia working with DJT to take down the New World order
  • Have all those items in mind
  • And read @realDonaldTrump post

9 thoughts on “Message Received, Scare Necessary Event, You Are Safe, Good Guys Are Winning – Ep. 2782

  • May 24, 2022 at 8:29 pm

    Oh right; it is coming… just around the corner… yada-yada-yada. Heard all that before. Nothing will change until we get to party like it is 1793 (a la French Revolution and the wonderful guillotine).
    Biblical you say; I’ve actually read that book, several times in fact… now. there does seem to be some similarity between the USA and the ‘whore of Babylon.’ And, in the Book, the whore gets destroyed (as does Israel as soon as they rebuild the Temple and install the anti-Christ – false savior). Also, major depopulation occurs. Nothing about restoring America; something to look forward to, hey?

  • May 24, 2022 at 10:38 pm

    They may not have the leverage as you say – but they have paper and ink!!!! If it goes to paper and ink, then We The People are forced to take it to the corrupt courts – only to be struck down, depending on where you are – THEN WHAT???? Really, and what is the scare plan???? If it is a very big scare – unfortunately, We The People will believe it to be a real event – WHO WILL COME OUT AND SAY IT’S NOT REAL – HOW WILL TRUMP AND THE PATRIOTS BE ABLE TO CALM THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA????? Can anyone tell me that – did anyone think about that???? Because Dems Scare Events are very,very real and very, very impactful – so you tell me???? Again – I did not hear about Hunter’s laptop until I just listened to your podcast – so if I haven’t heard about until now – what about all those hundreds of thousands of millions of people who also did not hear the latest with Hunter’s laptop – THEY DON’T KNOW – HOW DOES THE INFO GET TO EVERYONE???? Well, Trump’s comments on Kemp are no longer workable – Because Guess What – They called the Republican Nominee for Kemp – not Purdue – Any Other countermeasures???? Because it looks like Georgia is going to be screwed YET AGAIN!!!!!! Abrams v. Kemp (What a choice)???? That’s what troubles me – It may be a false flag – but if the US Corrupt people have nuclear weapons within the US and decide to shoot them on their own people – IT IS A VERY, VERY REAL NUCLEAR WAR – AND MANY MORE PEOPLE WILL DIE- IS THIS WHAT TRUMP AND THE PATRIOTS REALLY WANT – REALLY – That’s an awful BIG PROMISE?????? How strong is the one single TRUMP CARD????? If we win – I thought it was a sure shot – that good will win – NO IT’s IF WE WIN OR IF WE LOSE (When did the lose option come into place – just recently) NOT VERY REASSURING – I STILL QUESTION TRUMP AND THE PATRIOTS MOTIVES AND HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE THEY WILLING TO SACRIFICE AND WHAT IF WE LOSE???? NOT GOOD NEWS!!!!!

  • May 25, 2022 at 12:05 am

    Dear Dave,
    The shooting in Texas and the killing of 20 children is beyond anything any parent would believe to happen to their precious child. My heart breaks for everyone of these parents.
    I would like to give you my take on these shootings. First, ever shooter has been determined to be mentally incompetent. Second, the left has been unsuccessful in getting rid of the second amendment…third, what’s to say that Soros and his minions are going out and looking for these mentally disturbed men and teaching them everything about guns and telling them they are a patriot saving America promising them the glory of saving everyone.Telling them they need to go out and kill.
    Maybe this is a far reach but Soros will do ANYTHING to destroy this country.
    Thank you, Dave, for ALL that you do. God Bless and God Bless America. A Fan ❤️

  • May 25, 2022 at 5:19 am

    Great rundown today.

  • May 25, 2022 at 7:28 am

    Does anyone know where the nuclear football is?

  • May 25, 2022 at 1:34 pm

    Why don’t you tell us your name you lying pos ? Dave, that’s all we get? You say the same bullshit over and over and not one thing you say has ever happened. The x22 crap report is one of the least likely places to get the truth which stands to reason given you won’t even tell us your name . Do you live in your mommy’s basement? Your probably a liberal faggot supporter. Bye Dave

  • May 25, 2022 at 2:01 pm

    who are these so called elected officials making life altering decisions on our behalf, who are they, more importantly is who elected them, I did not elect anyone who wanted to open our border, teach crt, fund nazis in ukraine, destroy my G-D given rights of freedom and speech or infringe on any of our constitutional rights……I would say I am not being represented properly by anyone who is supporting any anti American policies….hmm taxation without fair representation…it worked before…

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