Message Received, The Storm Is Here, It’s Happening, Time To Harvest – Episode 1990

Message Received, The Storm Is Here, It’ Happening
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The EU thought they had BJ cornered it turns out that it is the other way around. The economic landscape is now changing, the trade deals are being made and congress needs to vote on the USMCA. Trump has made new trade deals to help the American farmers and to prepare the economy for the transition. Team Trump tweeted out and it included the word Gold Standard. Is this a message to the people. Right on schedule the Fed announces QE4. The [DS] is pushing their agenda hard, they know impeachment is a dead end but they cannot stop. The entire whistleblower case is falling apart, the attempts to change the rules is coming back to haunt them and the people are seeing through all this. Trump and the patriots signal that the storm has arrived and the harvest can begin.

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Current News – 10.08.2019

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The Trump and the patriots are changing the economic landscape, they still need the do nothing congress to vote on the USMCA, which they have not done, meanwhile Trump and the patriots are making trade deals around the globe to prepare for the economic transition, while the trump administration was tweeting about the trade deals with Japan something very interesting was in the message, we will be talking about that in a little later in this report but first, The EU is getting frustrated with Boris Johnson, Donald Tusk the President of the European council tweeted out the following 


  • Merkel reportedly insisted that the EU27 would never agree to a Brexit deal that didn’t include a backstop arrangement that would keep Northern Ireland in the customs union.

  • Johnson told German Chancellor Angela Merkel a Brexit deal is essentially impossible if the EU demands Northern Ireland should stay in the bloc’s customs union. An irritated Johnson reportedly replied that if this was non-negotiable, then a deal would be “effectively impossible.”

What appears to be a chaotic strategy has the sole purpose to demonstrate that he is doing his best to deliver Brexit.

  •  The EU has seriously misjudged UK politics.
  • And that’s another irony in this mess. It was the UK who for the longest time misjudged the EU.
  • The final irony is that by attempting to take “No Deal” off the table, Remainers just may have sealed the fate.
  1. So this is now our most likely scenario – from today’s vantage point: the EU does not agree to a deal; Johnson is dragged kicking and screaming into an extension; he wins the ensuing elections; a no-deal Brexit follows.


Now here in the US Trump signed a trade deals with Japan, South Korea, Mexico and Canada, the problem is that congress needs to pass the USMCA. Team Trump tweeted out the following

So congress once again is doing nothing, the reason Trump needs this completed is because the trade deals are needed for the Transition once we leave the [CB] system, will no longer be dependent on the petro dollar and countries around the world will no longer need to keep the fed note in their reserves which means they will not by goods by trading in the their fed notes, we will need equal trade.  

When trump was signing the trade deal with Japan , Team Trump tweeted out something every interesting, 


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 089200 No.4281049
Anonymous ID: 376ff2 No.4280876
Q: Do we have the gold?
Gold shall destroy FED.

Following Fed Chair Powell’s surprising announcement today that the Fed was resuming Permanent Open Market Operations after a 5 year hiatus,

adding reserves to the system on a permanent basis via permanent open market operations, i.e., bond purchases, is Quantitative Easing. the US has facing an avalanche of debt issuance and with China and Japan barely able to keep up, someone has to buy this debt. That someone: the Fed.



Time is ticking down for the [DS], Trump has gathered the people together and sent a message out to the people, the message is that the storm is here, Devin Nunes lets us know that it is time to harvest, but the MSM is calling Barr and Durham investigation a conspiracy theory, the DS/MSM are panicking, impeachment is not going to work, the case is falling apart, and the more they push the worse its getting, the MSM wants us to believe that people are on board with impeachment, but the people see through all of there lies,  the storm is hitting and it will cause destruction in its path, we will be talking about this a little later in this report, but first Elizabeth Warren is getting caught in her lies.  

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has been using a fabricated tale of injustice a cornerstone of her 2020 campaign pitch – telling people that she was told not to return to teaching after a single year because she was “visibly pregnant,” and the principal “did what principals did in those days … wish me luck and hire someone else for the job.”

Warren’s claim about her dismissal from the Riverdale Elementary School came under scrutiny last week when the journalist Meagan Day of Jacobin magazine noted that Warren’s story appeared to have changed over the years. Day pointed to a 2007 interview Warren gave at the University of California-Berkeley in which she suggested that she left her teaching job after realizing the graduate school classes required for her to obtain a teaching certificate weren’t going to “work out for [her].” –Free Beacon

  • Warren then claimed:
  • “I was married at nineteen and then graduated from college [at the University of Houston] after I’d married,” adding “My first year post-graduation, I worked — it was in a public school system but I worked with the children with disabilities. I did that for a year, and then that summer I actually didn’t have the education courses, so I was on an ’emergency certificate,’ it was called.”
  • “I went back to graduate school and took a couple of courses in education and said, ‘I don’t think this is going to work out for me,'” Warren continued. “I was pregnant with my first baby, so I had a baby and stayed home for a couple of years, and I was really casting about, thinking, ‘What am I going to do?'”

  • It is not just the recording of her, there are now  minutes from a Riverdale Board of Education meeting from April 21, 1971 which reveal the board voted unanimously on a motion to extend Warren’s contract for a “2nd year” of teaching. 

Minutes of an April 21, 1971, Riverdale Board of Education meeting  show that the board voted unanimously on a motion to extend Warren a “2nd year” contract for a two-days-per-week teaching job. That job is similar to the one she held the previous year, her first year of teaching. Minutes from a board meeting held two months later, on June 16, 1971, indicate that Warren’s resignation was “accepted with regret.


Trump chimes in with a tweet

HRC responded to Trump

Since we are on the subject of HRC, we come to find out that

EXCLUSIVE: Newly Released FBI Document Dump Shows Hillary Had Two IPads But Only Turned Over One to FBI! 

  • Hillary Clinton did not hand over one of her iPads requested by the FBI in their investigation related to her email abuse in 2015.  This was uncovered from documents released by the FBI late last week. 

FOX News reported late last month –

  document dump released late last week, we now know that one of Hillary’s iPad’s was not provided to the FBI.  One document shows notes from an FBI agent during an apparent interview with former Hillary aid Monica Hanley.  In the notes Monica Hanley was the recipient of Clinton’s old iPad. She used it for a year. She ‘thinks’ she wiped the iPad before she got it, but the iPad was still showing up as being Clinton’s iPad –

  • According to the notes, the iPad was requested and returned to Hillary in October 2015, the same time that Hillary was appearing before Congress regarding her (non) actions in Benghazi which resulted in the deaths of four Americans in 2012.  But according to prior reports Hillary only handed over one iPad to the FBI.  Where is the other and which iPad was turned over?


Remember when Hillary Clinton said no President would seek help from foreign gov’t in election,

RG tweeted out the following

Bill Clinton asked UK’s Tony Blair to ‘take a look at’ fixing problem during 2000 ‘political season’: document

  • Back in 2000, President Bill Clinton had a conversation with Tony Blair of the U.K. and asked him to intercede in a dispute between British Airways and two carriers. The president, at the time, was much more direct than President Trump was in his conversation.
A screenshot of the conversation was shown during "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Monday


We are now seeing the [DS] players start to point fingers at each other. 

BOOM! Rush Limbaugh Plays James Clapper Audio Admitting Obama Made Them Spy on Trump! (AUDIO)

  •   former DNI James Clapper admitting on CNN that Barack Obama made them all spy on President Trump and his campaign.
  • This was a huge admission by James Clapper. Obama was behind it all. Obama was making the calls to have the FBI and CIA spy on Trump advisers all over Europe.
  • This is what we all suspected all along.


Take a listen to clapper


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 588bf0 No.5504293
Hussein gave the order to start the spy campaign.
It was logged officially 2x.
1x – Domestic.
1x – Foreign.
FISC judge WH meeting?
WH visitor logs are important.
Hussein library CLAS doc move?
Attempt to shelter/protect?
Who has AUTH to obtain?
The More You Know.
It is all starting to fall apart and the DS players will start to turn on each other as the patriots intensify the investigations. The Bidens have their own trouble to deal with, actually the majority of Americans
  •  think that Joe and Hunter Biden’s Ukraine and China dealings should be investigated, according to an Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP poll.
  • 57% of those surveyed said yes, while 37% said no to an investigation.

Political Polls@Politics_Polls

Should DOJ investigate Joe Biden and his son regarding Ukraine and China?
Yes 57%
No 37%

IBD/TIPP 9/26-10/3 

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The DS is pushing the impeachment process hard, they can’t stop the lie, they are continually moving forward without a vote and sending fake subpoenas, the DS just orders EU Ambassador to testify and the State Department said no.

Breaking… State Department Orders EU Ambassador NOT to Testify Before House Judiciary Committee

  • The State Department directed European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland NOT to testify before the House Joint Committee today on impeachment.
  • Sondland’s attorney released a statement earlier this morning.
  • Ambassador Sondland is the current US Ambassador to the European Union.



Trump tweeted out the following

Now we find out that Pelosi and Schiff updated  

 House “Impeachment Process” on August 12, 2019 – The Same Day as Whistleblower Complaint Received!

The CIA operative “whistle-blower” letter to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, and Senate Intel Chair Richard Burr, was on August 12th (link).  Now here’s Speaker Pelosi’s modified House rules for impeachment [116th Congress]:

  • As noted, the process document was updated on August 12, 2019 –

  • We don’t know yet what exactly was changed from the previous version but can point out some observations from the document. 
  • The first observation is that throughout the document it states that the Judiciary Committee holds the investigation, hearings and markup of articles of impeachmentbut the current impeachment sham is being held by the most dishonest Representative in US history – Democrat Adam Schiff – also from Pelosi’s state of California, who oversees the Democrat’s Intelligence Committee, not Judiciary –

  • Next it’s appears that the impeachment memo now allows for receipt of information from and outside source to initiate an impeachment.  It’s not defined who that outside source can be or if that source has to recommend impeachment.  With the process memo updated August 12, 2019, a whistleblower complaint, proven false by the subsequent release of a transcript from the President, can be enough to start and impeachment.  Outrageous! 
  • At this point the document does not define between impeaching President’s or judges, which also is misleading –

In footnotes on page 6 of the memo, it clearly states the actions taken by Congress allowing the President’s counsel to respond to impeachment the presentation of information in the impeachment.  This was the case with Nixon and Clinton, but not now, not for President Trump –


This was a pre planned coup,

  1. Adam Schiff received whistleblower complaint, back in Aug, starts to tweet out the information
  2. AS staffer speaks to WB
  3. AS leaks info to the MSM
  4. ICIG changed the forms then backdated them, added second hand information check box
  5. House sending out fake subpoenas
  6. Pelosi Schiff change house rules on impeachment on Aug 12, same day as WB complaint
  7. House is hiding the accuser, does want GOP minority to participate in questioning
  8. the House has never held a vote to impeach, 

Now we know the whistelblower forms were changed, they were back dated to fit the plan that the DS created and now It seems that the ICIG is being called out on backdating the whistleblower form

Sean Davis tweeted out the following

Intel Community IG Stonewalling Congress On Backdated Whistleblower Rule Changes

  • “[T]he timing of the removal of the first-hand information requirement raises questions about potential connections to this whistleblower’s complaint,” three House Republican lawmakers wrote in a letter to Atkinson on September 30. “This timing, along with numerous apparent leaks of classified information about the contents of this complaint, also raise questions about potential criminality in the handling of these matters.”


Now the DS is getting desperate with the fake impeachment, remember it is not an impeachment proceeding there has no vote, they held hearings in SCIFS, the sent out fake subpoenas, and now

REPORT: Dems Consider Hiding Identity of Whistleblower From GOP Lawmakers by Holding Testimony in Remote Location – Changing His Appearance, Voice

  • that Democrats are going to go to great lengths to conceal the ‘whistleblower’s’ identity by holding his testimony in a remote location and even changing his physical appearance and voice.
  • The Democrats also want to bar GOP lawmakers from questioning the whistleblower and only allow staffers to question him outside of the Capitol.


Now we know the DS has brought out additional whistle blowers, and they are saying the second whistleblower is the source for the first whistleblower, so if this is the case we don’t need the first whistleblower we need the source of all of this, so in reality the original whistleblower is meaningless

 it seems they are using the same strategy that they use in the wrap smear tactic

1 whistelblower number one hears second hand information

2. whistleblower two is the source and confirms the first whistleblower information

These people are stupid.

DC INSIDER: Second Trump Whistleblower Is the Source for First Whistleblower – It’s a CIA “Feedback Loop” (VIDEO)


Now we find out that the

The Transcript Has Already Been Released, Second ‘Whistleblower’ Has Nothing

  • President Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow says the transcript has already been released for the public to see and there is nothing there.
Now Bill Barr and his team they are traveling in Stealth, they do not want anyone to know where they are headed and they do not want the Embassy staff to know they are coming

EXCLUSIVE: President Trump’s AG Barr Did Not Inform US Embassy in Rome of His Trip to Italy Last Week

  •  Bill Barr are wising up to the Deep State crooks in the US and around the world.  AG Barr was in Italy last week and he declined to notify the Rome Embassy of his visit.  Clearly the Deep State can’t be trusted.
  • According to a summary of a report coming from Italy provided exclusively to us, Renzi, the former PM of Italy is very upset with what Barr is looking into, indicating to some, a guilty conscious.

 the New York Times wrote on Sunday, citing two sources according to which they were “surprised” to discover that the Attorney General had circumvented the protocols in the organization of his mission, during which he met with political officials and Italian services.

These sources are actually highlighting how little the president’s men trust their officials. 

  • President Trump and AG Barr know that they can trust no one in the Deep State.  The Deep State actors in the US and around the world are becoming very nervous about finally getting caught!


So what are Durham and Barr doing, they are  traveling around the world talking to sources themselves. Some of the Intel agencies have been compromised and they want to make sure they get the information directly from the source

Then LG gets the ok to  move everything forward with the Ukraine investigation,  he tweeted out the following

Lets turn to JE , Prince Andrew and Brunel

Prince Andrew is getting caught up in his lies, first he denied everything, saying this wasn’t him in the photo and now he is 

  •   claiming that his star-studded 2010 trip to stay with Jeffrey Epstein in New York was to end their decades-long friendship,

Prince Andrew pictured with Virginia Giuffre Roberts, who says she was forced to have sex with him

  • During the visit, Epstein threw the Queen’s second son a party in the mansion’s second-floor dining room. In attendance were “TV anchor Katie Couric, once the highest-paid female presenter in the US, sat alongside comedian Chelsea Handler, a close friend of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston. Also there was George Stephanopoulos,


  • ABC News chief anchor and political correspondent George Stephanopoulos had no problem hanging out at a convicted pedophile’s house, after everyone knew Epstein was a registered sex offender. Stephanopoulos has denied being friends with Epstein, however that didn’t stop him from breaking bread with the notorious child abuser.

  • Also seen at Epstein’s pad on multiple occasions during Andrew’s visit were accused pedophile Woody Allen and his wife, 


We know that Brunel was on the run but he was located by the police, he is now

Jeffrey Epstein associate Jean-Luc Brunel is cooperating with prosecutors in Paris on their investigation into the pedophile, claims his lawyer

  •  cooperating with prosecutors in Paris who are investigating Jeffrey Epstein
  • Brunel is also the subject of a police probe himself after three women came forward with allegations of sexual assault and harassment  
  • A former Dutch model told authorities in August that she was raped by Brunel when she was a teenager after he spiked her drink in 1991
  • His former modelling agency, Karin Models, was raided last week by authorities while Brunel has fled to Brazil 


Who knows where the bodies are buried


Iran Urges Turkey Not To Attack Kurdish Forces. Syria Asks Kurds To Rejoin Government.

Trump tweeted out the following



Corn ready for to be cut!
Farms produce ………

Was the corn ripe for harvesting?
It is now.
[ 93 dk]
Then nunes posted a pic of a tractor, we are ready to harvest

then we need to go to post 3557


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 87be02 No.726084
Hunting for chupacabras (circa 2001)

Targets may be closer than they appear.
Hunters become the HUNTED.
Nunes tweeted out the following

President Trump Warns of ‘the Calm Before the Storm’ During Military Meeting – OCTOBER 6, 2017

  • President Donald Trump warned of “the calm before the storm” while posing with a group of military leaders at the White House Thursday.
  • “You guys know what this represents?” Trump said to a group of reporters while photos were being taken, according a pool report. “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.”
  • When asked what he meant, Trump replied, “You’ll find out.”

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