Message Sent,The Real Insurrection Happened Nov 3rd,The Presidential Election,Not Jan 6th – Ep. 2594


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Message Sent, The Real Insurrection Happened Nov 3rd, The Presidential Election, Not Jan 6th
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The [CB]/WEF are moving forward with their great reset plan, Spain is now granting 400 euros to everyone who reaches the age  of 18. [BJ] just said the quiet part out loud, they will be changing the economic system, the current one is not working. [CB] supply chain issues is about to hit the world, buckle up.   The are walking down the path the patriots setup and they are destroying themselves. The [DS] is preparing for [zero-day], they have now weaponized social media with the fake whistleblower, this is to push censorship across the internet. Twitch data was breached, timing is very interesting. AG Garland daughter and son in law profit from CRT book contracts. Trump has now sent the message, you saw the fake insurrection on Jan 6th, now you will see the real insurrection, it was on No 3rd and the [DS] is not yet finished with the insurrection. Other Presidents have used the insurrection act and Trump is about to use it to stop the [DS].



Democrats Are Pushing To Make The Child Tax Credit Permanent, But Just A Minority Of Americans Support It 

  • Democrats are pushing to permanently expand monthly child tax credits in their spending package, but a new poll shows that just 35% of Americans support extending the payments beyond July 2022.


UK’s Johnson says Britain embarking on new economic direction as nation hit by rising fuel prices and labour shortages

  • The British prime minister has vowed to take the UK economy in a new direction, defined by a movement towards “high wages and high skills” and away from cheap imported labour, amid fuel challenges and a shortage of workers.
  • On Wednesday, speaking to the Conservative faithful, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said his government would press on with tackling “long term structural weaknesses” in the economy.
  • “We’re not going back to the same old broken model, with low wages, low growth, low skills and low productivity – all of it enabled, and assisted by uncontrolled immigration,” Johnson stated, referencing the Britain’s exit from the EU and its freedom of movement.
  • The prime minister contended it was a “long overdue” change of direction and the economy had to shift away from its reliance on cheap imported labour.




Geopolitical/Police State

Report: Amazon-Owned Twitch Suffers Massive Data Leak

  • The Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch has reportedly suffered a massive data leak, which has disclosed confidential company information, as well as streamers’ earnings, with more than 100GB of data posted to the internet on Wednesday.
  • The documents appear to show Twitch’s top streamers have each made millions of dollars from the company in the past two years, according to a report by BBC News.
  • In addition to streamers’ salary details, the documents reportedly do appear to contain Twitch’s source code, as well as technical details for yet-to-be-released products and platforms.


The Facebook Whistleblower is not a whistleblower, listen to what she has said, does she have documents, is she showing us anything, Think about Zach Vorhies and the documents that he produced

So lets ask some questions about this fake whistleblower, reminds of impeachment hoax number, remember the fake whistleblower, that heard the call but got it completely wrong because trump countered it with releasing the call.

Why are Obama-era operatives consulting her?

All of sudden we heard about the whistleblower, she appeared on 60 minutes, in less than 24 hrs Facebook went down, crisis, bring attention to whistleblower, then 36 hrs later she is front of congress.

Facebook agrees with the whistleblower, calling for standard rules for the entire internet 

Facebook ‘Whistleblower’ Has Ties to Group Behind Trump’s First Impeachment, Jen Psaki’s Former PR Firm 

  • She also has connections to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s former PR firm Bryson Gillette, where Psaki worked as a senior adviser until September 2020. The Center for Humane Technology, a group pushing for Facebook to more tightly regulate political content, was one of Psaki’s clients, according to ethics filings obtained by The Daily Wire.

“Despite having money for political donations, in January 2020, Haugen had a $44,000 federal tax lien placed against her for unpaid taxes, according to public records reviewed by The Daily Wire. The lien was released on May 17, 2021.”

Her lawyers are now seeking to raise $50,000 on GoFundMe, money they say will go to covering legal expenses for the attorneys, who are otherwise working pro-bono.

Those lawyers are Whistleblower Aid, a group founded by Mark Zaid, who previously represented the national security official who alleged that Donald Trump inappropriately pressed the Ukraine president on a phone call to, in turn, investigate whether Joe Biden inappropriately pressed the country to drop an investigation into his son’s firm, Burisma.

  • The plot thickens. The Facebook “whistleblower” who is not actually a “whistleblower” is tied through an advocacy group to the Trump impeachment “whistleblower” who was not actually a “whistleblower.” The latter individual’s identity, according to a recent book, is self-admittedly Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.
  • Haugen is also currently coordinating with Democratic operative Bill Burton and his consulting firm Bryson Gillette.



False Flags

  • Yesterday, Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, announced that her cabinet decided to abandon their years long goal of COVID-zero.   They would no longer attempt to have zero cases, instead… almost two years later… they have decided to try and manage the virus. 
  • As a result of their change in direction, Prime Minister Arden has decreed that some people will be allowed to leave their lock down houses to see another family member; but strict rules must be followed or the citizen will be arrested.  New Zealanders will be permitted to visit one household of a family member at a time.  They must remain outside at all times, they must remain wearing masks and being socially distant, but they are permitted to see and talk to them.   



Lets go back in time, wasn’t the fake news reporting on how many people  Trump personally murdered  while he was President
But Biden the don’t report on this. 

Large New York Health Care System Fires 1,400 Unvaccinated Workers

  • A large New York health care system on Monday said it fired 1,400 workers because they declined to get a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Northwell Health terminated approximately 2 percent of its workforce, which spans across New York City, Westchester, and Long Island.
  •  .


think of the people they are laying off, police, health care workers, its like they are trying to make the pay for not doing what they say, you will now suffer with more crime, less people to heal you etc…

NOW THIS… Fauci’s Henchman Daszak Applied to Develop Novel Corona Virus with DARPA Dollars in Wuhan in 2018

  • The proposal was filed to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) by Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance, the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), the University of North Carolina and Duke NUS in Singapore, the Telegraph reports.
  • The proposal was rejected, but similar research at WIV could explain why no natural ancestor of the Coronavirus has been found.


Brave Parents Fire Back at DOJ and National School Board Association After Categorizing them “Domestic Terrorists” (VIDEO) 

  • The Parents Defending Education Organization that has 427,000 members from several parents organizations, has responded and released an epic joint letter to NSBA. The letter, written on behalf of its members, made clear that the NSBA’s claims of “hate” and “terrorism” were shameful and it is a “thinly veiled threat, intended to intimidate into silence and submission the very constituents that your members ostensibly represent.”
  • Here’s an excerpt from the letter:

Citizens are angry that school boards and school officials around the country are restricting access to public meetings, limiting public comment, and in some cases conducting business via text messages in violation of state open meetings laws. They are angry that schools are charging them thousands of dollars in public records requests to view curriculum and training materials that impact their children and that should be open to the public by default. They are angry that pandemic-related learning losses have compounded the already-low reading, writing, and math proficiency rates in America’s schools. They are angry that rather than focusing on declining student achievement, large numbers of districts have chosen to fund, often with hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money, “social justice” and “diversity, equity, and inclusion” programs with finite resources.

Your members refuse to listen to these concerns – and your association has chosen to smear their constituents rather than engage with them in good faith. It is appalling that you would choose to threaten your fellow Americans for having the courage to hold you accountable for your failures.

We will not be bullied. We will not have our speech chilled. We have a constitutional right to petition our elected officials, and we will continue to do so.



Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Goes After Corrupt AG Garland – Says “Florida Will Defend the Free Speech Rights of Its Citizens”

  • Florida’s governor DeSantis won’t put up with a corrupt Biden Attorney General.  He politely told AG Garland that Florida will stand up for the free speech rights of its people.
  • Attorney General Merrick Garland’s daughter is Rebecca Garland.  In 2018 Rebecca Garland married Xan Tanner [LINK].  Mr. Xan Tanner is the current co-founder of a controversial education service company called Panorama Education. [LINK and LINK]  Panorama Education is the “social learning” resource material provider to school districts and teachers that teach Critical Race Theory.

  • Conflict of interest much?
  • Yes, the Attorney General is instructing the FBI to investigate parents who might pose a financial threat to the business of his daughter’s husband.
  • Screen-grabs and citations below:


(New York Times LINK)

(Panorama Education Services Link)

(Panorama, Social Learning Link)

  • September 2021 – Panorama Education, which has built out a K-12 education software platform, has raised $60 million in a Series C round of funding led by General Atlantic.
  • Existing backers Owl Ventures, Emerson Collective, Uncork Capital, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and Tao Capital Partners also participated in the financing, which brings the Boston-based company’s total raised since its 2012 inception to $105 million.
  • Over 50 of the largest 100 school districts and state agencies in the country use its platform. In total, more than 1,500 school districts are among its customers. Clients include the New York City Department of Education, Clark County School District in Nevada, Dallas ISD in Texas and the Hawaii Department of Education, among others.


Trump slams DOJ plan to monitor parents fighting ‘radical left school boards’ over CRT in classrooms

  • Former President Donald Trump  denounced the Justice Department for asking the FBI to investigate parents who are pressuring school boards to stop teaching critical race theory, saying it was part of a larger leftist agenda to sideline moms and dads from having a say over their children’s future.

    “It’s very tough because the parents are very wounded by what’s taken place by, in many cases, radical left school boards,” Trump said during an interview with Just the News on the John Solomon Reports podcast. “And you would certainly think they have a voice — and they have a voice — as to how their children are going to be educated, brought up and educated.”



US Records Highest Increase in Nation’s Homicide Rate in LAST 100 YEARS Following Year of BLM Riots

  • In April 2020 Democrats, Black Lives Matter, Hollywood, NBA, the tech giants, and Major US Corporations launched their official War on Police across the United States.
  • The consequences of their actions were devastating, resulting in 1,990 more homicides in urban centers this past year.
  • The Democrat War on Civil Society resulted in a 33% increase in homicides across the major urban centers across the United States.
  • The latest numbers show last year was worse than we thought. The US recorded its highest increase in the nation’s homicide rate in the last 100 years!


Now they are laying off doctors, nurses, police, judges etc… 



  •  The former Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and other top aides subpoenaed by the House select committee investigating the Capitol attack are expected to defy orders for documents and testimony related to 6 January, according to a source familiar with the matter.
  • The move to defy the subpoenas would mark the first major investigative hurdle faced by the select committee and threatens to touch off an extended legal battle as the former president pushes some of his most senior aides to undercut the inquiry.
  • All four Trump aides targeted by the select committee – Meadows, deputy chief of staff Dan Scavino, strategist Steve Bannon and defense department aide Kash Patel – are expected to resist the orders


Pence warns of Biden policies’ consequences: ‘Weakness arouses evil’

  • “January 6 was a tragic day in history of our country. But thanks to the efforts of the Capitol Hill police, federal officials, the Capitol was secured and we finished our work. The president and I sat down a few days later and talked through all of it. I can tell you that we parted amicably at the end of the administration and we have talked a number of times since we both left office.”
  • Pence said he and Trump are united in a focus toward the 2022 midterms, as well as races like Glenn Youngkin’s gubernatorial bid in Virginia.
  • He said the media is trying to use his and Trump’s relationship as a speculative wedge to distract from Biden’s failures as well as to “demean the character and intentions of 74 million Americans who believed we could be strong again and prosperous again and supported our administration in 2016 and 2020.”



Translation: we had antifa, and the FBI informatants and other agent procatuers and we tried to make it look like they were going to kill you, we tested the plan with Whitmere but both did not work, PANIC IN DC.





Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 03/26/2020 13:07:19  ID: 030019

Archive Bread/Post Links: 8572434 / 8572837
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Image Name: 90.jpg

Filename: 1ffd0a96aaaf1a24cebbf0be49d6fae53fd8581d20d9b335616a8ec0f9ad55bf.jpg
2382.Misprision of treason.
2383.Rebellion or insurrection.
2384.Seditious conspiracy.
2385.Advocating overthrow of Government.
2386.Registration of certain organizations.
2387.Activities affecting armed forces generally.
2388.Activities affecting armed forces during war.
2389.Recruiting for service against United States.
2390.Enlistment to serve against United States.


§2383. Rebellion or insurrection

Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 05/30/2020 18:11:47  ID: 63d310

Archive Bread/Post Links: 9382873 / 9383164
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Insurrection Act of 1807.
[Determination that the various state and local authorities are not up to the task of responding to the growing unrest]
Call the ball.


Call the Ball – Commit to a course of action; make a final decision about a course of action. Derived from U.S. Navy terminology for a naval aviator confirming he has the optical landing aids in sight prior to landing on an aircraft carrier.


Anonymous 10/29/2017 23:20:11  ID: Eka5Om1K

4chan Thread/Post: 147146601 / 147175452
Direct Link: 147175452


Military Intelligence v FBI CIA NSA
No approval or congressional oversight
State Secrets upheld under SC
Who is the Commander and Chief of the military?
Under what article can the President impose MI take over investigations for the 3 letter agencies? What conditions must present itself? Why is this so VERY important? Who surrounds POTUS? They lost this very important power _ the one area of the govt not corrupt and directly serves POTUS.


Anonymous 11/01/2017 00:57:15  ID: grTMpzrL

4chan Thread/Post: 147433975 / 147445681
Direct Link: 147445681

Who controls the NG?

Why was the NG recently activated in select cities within the US?
Can the NG work in coordination w/ the marines?
Do conditions need to be satisfied to authorize?
What former President used the military to save the republic and what occurred exactly?
Biggest drop to ever be provided on Pol. Study and prepare. The masses tend to panic in such situations. No war. No civil unrest. Clean and swift.
The details of Burr’s plot were never clear, but it involved mustering an army to invade Mexico under the pretense of a war with Spain, and then keeping the conquered land for himself. Burr thought he had an ally in General James Wilkenson, commander of the U.S. Army and first governor of the Louisiana Territory, but when rumors of Burr’s plot leaked into the newspapers, Wilkenson turned on his co-conspirator.
In a letter sent on October 21, 1806, Wilkenson spilled the details of the plot to Jefferson without mentioning Burr by name. But Jefferson had already grown concerned enough about Burr’s strange activities that Jefferson had sent his own letter to Secretary of State James Madison asking if the Constitution granted him authority to deploy the army to stop a rebellion. In his reply, Madison said no. “It does not appear that regular Troops can be employed, under any legal provision agst. insurrections,” So while the Insurrection Act was written expressly to foil Burr’s plot, it wasn’t used to capture him.
The Insurrection Act of 1807 - Statutes and Stories
The very first time the Insurrection Act was actually invoked was a year later in 1808, when American merchant ships in the Great Lakes flouted Jefferson’s trade embargo with the British. In response, Jefferson accused the rogue traders of “forming insurrections against the authority of the laws of the United States” and authorized the military to take action.

Since 1807, the Insurrection Act has been amended several times to meet different political challenges.

In 1861, Abraham Lincoln expanded the law to form the legal basis for waging the Civil War. Without it, he wouldn’t have had the authority to send federal troops into a state without the governor’s permission.


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  • October 6, 2021 at 9:58 pm

    Why interfere with the enemy when they are destroying themselves – quite simply because they are also destroying We The People!!!! Unfortunately there are still many many people out there saying I know someone who has covid, I believe in the vaccine, I got the vaccine, you should too. There are also many many people out there still getting the vaccine because they are fearful of losing their jobs, everyone is being threatened. If it’s never going to go away – then how does it go away!!!!! Who stops it – this is a very big troublesome issue!!!! Not in New York – I’ve tried and always seem to get into some argument with someone telling me I have to wear a mask, but disregard it – surprised they’ve never called the cops on me – that’s what’s wrong with New York – I’m stuck and not sure what to do – all this troubles me and I just need this to END!!!! It’s time. That’s if the reports are truthful – right now – that is definitely not the case. Follow the Money – Exactly – THAT’S ABSOLUTELY WHY THEY ALL NEED TO GET TOSSED OUT ON THEIR ASSES (BETTER YET – ARRESTED – NEVER TO RETURN)!!!!! As long as these people still exist – this country will never get back to being a free country!!!! MY POINT EXACTLY – WHEN THE HELL DOES THIS ALL END!!!!!! What are they going to be insurrecting??? Nothing is coming out – because no one is reporting???

  • October 7, 2021 at 4:01 am

    I Sometimes Wonder How You Have All This Knowledge About How Trump Thinks And What His Plan Is ! I Have Been Listening To You For Many Months And You Keep Moving The Goal Posts ! It Looks Like If The Patriots Are Really There, I Don’t Know How They Could Let Things Get Any Worse ! All These Peoples Careers, Businesses, Churches Being Destroyed ! All The People That Have Come Across Our Border With Drugs, Human Traffic, Criminals And Different Sicknesses ! All The Deaths ! It Looks Like ” If ” Ever Really Happens It Will Beyond Wat Too Late !
    I Remember Trump Going On 60 Minutes After He Won The Election, And Him Saying He Didn’t Want To Lock Her Up, That He Didn’t Want To Hurt Anybody, That The Clintons Are Good People ! WHAT !!!!!!

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  • October 7, 2021 at 8:55 am

    Everything you are saying is showing their plan worldwide is succeeding. They are following a blueprint and they are SUCCEEDING. Our military must be completed corrupted to let this continue. Our country is FALLING>

  • October 7, 2021 at 11:20 am

    When do we get to the point of no return??? How far do we go before there is no recovery? We are listening, we are looking high and low. BUT, we see and hear no Buggles announcing the coming of the Calvery. Only this program is painting this picture of this is all the plan of Trump.
    How far down the drain do we go before we get past the stopper? And we find ourselves in the septic tank. The deep state seems to have complete control. One little Facebook outage had little effect. how many people are they going to let starve to death before Trump steps back in?
    All those people crashing our borders, how do you undo that?

  • October 7, 2021 at 12:17 pm

    Please add me to your email mailing list. Keep me updated.

  • October 7, 2021 at 12:35 pm

    Why isn’t Garland told to recuse himself from ALL things education? what a disgrace.

  • October 7, 2021 at 6:32 pm

    Dave thinking all those required to get the shot by their jobs etc. can ask to see the bottle before they commit to any shot. As you and I know it says EUA. Emergency Use Only not approved. Therefore people can not comply getting the approved shot as one does not exist. Ask the pharmacist and take pics of vials. Through no fault of your own you could find no approved vials and could not get the approved shot…. If this goes widespread, this will kill this now…

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