Stage Set, We Are Going To See Things In This Country That We Have Never Seen Before – Ep. 2593


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Stage Set, We Are Going To See Things In This Country That We Have Never Seen Before
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The economy is imploding all over the world, the people are feeling inflation and the fuel costs are going through the roof, the people will want someone accountable for all of this. Trump puts out as statement letting everyone know that manufacture is back because of the USMCA. If the world or people losing faith in the currency and the credibility implodes the monetary system is destroyed, think inflation. The [DS] are now preparing the communication blackout and censoring. [FB] went down and it is being blamed on a configuration change that went bad. The setup is completed at the same time they have a whistleblower explaining to congress that we need more censoring and regulation to stop pics of children, hate speech etc. This is about increasing censoring. Trump was asked about Durham, his response was that we are going to see things in this country that we have never seen before.



Gas Prices In Europe Are Now The Equivalent Of $230 Oil 

  • The benchmark European gas prices continue their rally this week, surging to new record highs   to an equivalent of $230 a barrel oil,
  • “All energy prices – coal, oil, gas, power – are up. There doesn’t seem to be any let up to the rallying,” a gas trader told Reuters.


Three More Companies Join Evergrande – Unable to Meet Debt Obligations – So Far Debt of Nearly Half a Trillion USD Facing Solvency Issues in China

  • The China financial crisis is here.  More companies are coming out of the woodwork that are unable to pay debt obligations.
  •  hlights China’s financial woes, the Chinese economy is in a crisis.
  •  Evergrande situation is spreading.
  • A company by the name of Jumbo Fortune had a $260 million note coming due on October 3, 2021, that it says was backed by Evergrande.   However, Evergrande apparently didn’t record this liability on its books.  We have no word that this has yet been settled.
  • Earlier this morning two other companies in the China real estate business were identified in situations just like Evergrande.  CNBC reports on Fantasia Holdings:
  • Ratings agencies have downgraded Chinese developers Fantasia Holdings and Sinic Holdings over risks from their strained cash flow situations.Fantasia did not repay the principal amount of $206 million of a bond that matured on Monday, it said in a filing to the Hong Kong exchange……The fallout from Fantasia, however, would be smaller compared with Evergrande.
  • Sinic is also facing solvency issues per CNBC:
  • The ratings agency [S&P] said that the Chinese developer is likely to default on its $246 million offshore dollar-denominated bond due Oct. 18. Sinic‘s local subsidiaries have already failed to make $38.7 million in interest payments on two onshore yuan-denominated bonds that were due Sept. 18, S&P said.Sinic has total liabilities of $14.2 billion, its first-half financial statement showed. Shares of the Chinese real estate developer have been halted since Sept. 20.
  • The total debt of the companies above amounts to more than $400 billion or nearly half a trillion USD and this is just the beginning.


‘The Biden Administration Would Like A Look At Your Checking Account’: WSJ Editorial Board Goes After The IRS

  • President Joe Biden’s American Families Plan includes a provision requiring banks and other financial institutions to report on account holders’ withdrawals and deposits.  .
  • Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told the House Ways and Means Committee in September that a bank account reporting rule would also address tax evasion by revealing “opaque income streams that disproportionately accrue to the top,” according to Politico.
  • Under the proposed measure, outlined in a Treasury Department report, financial institutions would be responsible for reporting data on gross inflows and outflows for all accounts, business or personal, as long as those transactions total more than $600. It not only includes bank accounts, but also loan and investment accounts. 
  • But the proposal is already facing pushback. A coalition of 41 bank industry groups sent a letter to House leaders on Sept. 17 warning that the plan “is not remotely targeted” to detect major tax evasion, according to Reuters.
  • A group of 23 state treasurers and auditors sent a letter to Biden and Yellen on Sept. 20 in opposition to the plan, calling it “one of the largest infringements of data privacy in our nation’s history.”


Sounds like this is the beginning of the CBDC monitoring all transactions. 


  • US Bank, the fifth-largest retail bank in the US, is launching its own cryptocurrency custody service for fund managers amid growing pressure for traditional financial services to keep up with the rapidly growing digital asset space.
  • A cryptocurrency custody service is usually offered by a third party and typically used by large investors. US Bank said it’s providing the service now as institutional clients ramp up plans to offer cryptocurrencies.
  • US Bank joins other major banks in expanding cryptocurrency-related services. In July, JPMorgan Chase allowed all its wealth management clients access to crypto funds. A month after, Citigroup said announced it is considering trading bitcoin futures, following Goldman Sachs’s lead in May.


Trump on crypto: ‘I’m a big fan’ of the US dollar, warns about loss of global financial status 

  • In fact, Trump believes that China’s recent move to ban crypto is a warning shot to the U.S. to protect its currency, he told Yahoo Finance in a wide-raging interview about the economy, and his potential aspirations for the next general election.
  • He added that Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to create its own cryptocurrency to dominate global markets, in a bid to overtake the U.S. dollar as the world’s leading currency. The former president warned that the U.S. needs to be “very careful” going forward.
  • “I’m a big fan of our currency and I don’t want to have other currencies coming out and hurting or demeaning the dollar in any way,” Trump said.
  • “If you look at a monetary system based on the dollar, if you start losing credibility, all of a sudden you’re going to lose that strong monetary system,” he said. “We have to be very careful about that.”
  • Trump: Crypto hurts the U.S. dollar




Psaki Argues with Newsmax Reporter Emerald Robinson, Refuses to Say if Hunter Biden has Divested From Chinese Government-Linked Firm (VIDEO)

  • White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki got very testy with Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson over a question about Hunter Biden’s Chinese business dealings.
  • Robinson asked Psaki if Hunter Biden has divested from a Chinese government-linked firm as he previously promised he would.
  • As of last week it was reported that Hunter Biden is still involved in the foreign investment.
  • It is now October 2021 and Hunter has not divested from the Chinese government-linked firm.
  • Psaki snapped at Emerald Robinson and referred her to Hunter’s representatives.
  • “I’d point you to his representatives on that. He doesn’t work in the administration,” Psaki said.
  • VIDEO:

Texas Officials Bracing for What May Be the Largest Group of Illegal Migrants EVER to Swarm Border

  • Texas state officials are preparing for a group of 60,000 Haitian migrants attempting to enter the US illegally.
  • The group, if it remains this large, could potentially be the largest to ever attempt to cross the southern border.



Biden Loses As Supreme Court Orders Lower Court To Reconsider Funding The Border Wall


Geopolitical/Police State

Cybersecurity Expert Brian Krebs Explains What Is Known About Catastrophic Facebook Outage 
  • Cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs says Facebook, as well as its Instagram and WhatsApp platforms, are all suffering from ongoing global outages due to someone from inside Facebook updating the company’s Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) records, which took away the map telling the world’s computers how to find its online properties.
  • While it remains unclear why this happened, Krebs says how it happened is clear: On Monday morning, something inside Facebook caused the company to rescind key digital records that tell computers and other devices how to find the destinations online.
  •  someone at Facebook caused an update to be made to the company’s BGP records, which resulted in the company’s system taking away the map telling the world’s computers how to find its various online properties.
  • Moreover, company employees are also stranded outside of the building, according to New York Times reporter Sheera Frenkel, who said employees’ badges, which allow them access to their offices, are not working.
  • The mass Facebook outage comes shortly after CBS’ 60 Minutes aired an interview with Frances Haugen, a Facebook whistleblower who recently provided many of the documents that made up the publication’s Facebook Files series.


Update, 11:32 p.m. ET: Facebook published a blog post saying the outage was the result of a faulty configuration change:

“Our engineering teams have learned that configuration changes on the backbone routers that coordinate network traffic between our data centers caused issues that interrupted this communication,” Facebook’s Santosh Janardhan wrote. “This disruption to network traffic had a cascading effect on the way our data centers communicate, bringing our services to a halt.”

“We want to make clear at this time we believe the root cause of this outage was a faulty configuration change,” Janardhan continued. “We also have no evidence that user data was compromised as a result of this downtime.”

Several different domain registration companies today listed the domain as up for sale. This happened thanks to automated systems that look for registered domains which appear to be expired, abandoned or recently vacated. There was never any reason to believe would actually be sold as a result, but it’s fun to consider how many billions of dollars it could fetch on the open market.

 Mark Zuckerberg loses $6 Billion from FB crash

Facebook ‘Whistleblower’ Calling for More Big Tech Censorship


She went on to say that she believes, “Facebook’s consistent understaffing of the counterespionage information operations and counter terrorism teams is a national security issue, and I’m speaking to other parts of Congress about that … I have strong national security concerns about how Facebook operates today.”  

The reality is that we’ve seen from repeated documents within my disclosures, is that Facebook’s AI systems only catch a very tiny minority of offending content. And best case scenario, and the case of something like hate speech, at most they will ever get 10 to 20%. In the case of children, that means drug paraphernalia ads like that, it’s likely if they rely on computers and not humans, they will also likely never get more than 10 to 20% of those ads,” Haugen explained.

Top Democratic Operative Bill Burton Advising Facebook Whistleblower

  •  The Facebook whistleblower who revealed herself in a 60 Minutes interview is getting strategic communications guidance from a top Democratic operative, according to a source with direct knowledge of the relationship, which was confirmed by another half-dozen sources with indirect knowledge of the partnership.


So lets see if we have this right, in less than 24 hours after the facebook whistle blower appeared on 60 minutes, Facebook went down.

Did the [DS] need a crisis to bring attention to the whistle blower, yes, why?

Employees were locked out of the offices, the offices most likely had a limited amount of people there because of covid

someone from inside Facebook updating the company’s Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) records, or removing records, rogue employee, setup complete

Then the whistle blower appears in front of congress explaining how facebook is not doing enough to tackle problems that have to do with hate speech and children etc.  This allows for censorship moving forward. will there be information coming out about pedophilia, think ghilaine maxwell, epstein, what will happen if this information is published, will facebook censor this information especially if it has to do with high ranking politicians, movie stars, sports players and royals.

What about the national security issues and counterterrorism

Did they get the green light to censor, how do you make it look like your are doing it for the good of the people at the same time protecting the [DS] players. 

I wonder if something like this is going to happen to twitter and yt etc… 

When they can’t control the amount of information and censoring does not work , down she goes, 


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are we going to have more freedom of speech on “private” public speech services or not?

please answer this question

Some platforms will collapse under own weight of illegal activities.



Anonymous ID: pGukiFmX No.147586045
Four carriers & escorts in the pacific?
Why is that relevant?
To prevent other state actors from attempting to harm us during this transition? Russia / China?
Or conversely all for NK? Or all three.
Think logically about the timing of everything happening.
Note increased military movement.
Note NG deployments starting tomorrow.
Note false flags.
Follow Huma.
Prepare messages of reassurance based on what was dropped here to spread on different platforms.The calm before the storm.

False Flags

BREAKING: China PCR Test Orders Soared Before First Reported COVID Case, Government Contracts Show Surges in Wuhan-Area Purchases Starting May 2019

  • According to a new report, there was a dramatic increase in PCR test orders in China during the second half of 2019, prior to the first reported case of COVID-19.
  • The study, conducted by Internet 2.0, concludes that based on the data analyzed, the virus was likely to be spreading in Wuhan, China as early as the summer of 2019 and most definitely by early fall of 2019.
  • The study also identified significant and abnormal purchases of PCR equipment in Wuhan by the People’s Liberation Army Airborne Army Hospital in May of 2019, the Wuhan Institute of Virology in November of 2019, the Wuhan University of Science and Technology in October of 2019 and the Hubei Province Districts Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from May until December of 2019.
  • In all, the total PCR procurement purchase price increased from 2015 to 2018, until a dramatic increase was identified in 2019: 10.1 million Yuan in 2015, 19.1 million Yuan in 2016, 29.1 million Yuan in 2017, 36.7 million Yuan in 2018 and a whopping 67.4 million Yuan in 2019.



  • On August 23, 2021, the FDA announced that Pfizer was granted Biologic License Application approval for their COVID-19 vaccine. [Press release Here] you can find the Approval Letter at the following LINK HERE.  The approved Pfizer vaccine is not the same as the original COVID-19 vaccine from the same company.  Pfizer named the new blend “Comirnaty”, and it was approved for individuals 16 years of age and older.
  • However, Senator Ron Johnson continues to point out that Pfizer’s FDA Approved “Comirnaty” vaccine is not available in the United States. The only nation currently known to be using Comirnaty is Israel who contracted exclusively with Pfizer to use their population as test subjects for the pharmaceutical company.  There are no FDA approved vaccines available in the U.S. despite the media claims and despite vaccines being forcibly injected into the arms of unwilling U.S. test subjects.


  •   Project Veritas confronts Pfizer scientist Nick Karl with the recorded undercover video of his statements.   WATCH WHAT HAPPENS:





Dr. Francis Collins Stepping Down as Head of NIH

  • The head of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) is stepping down amid lingering questions regarding his agency’s funding of research in China.
  • Dr. Francis Collins has served as NIH director for over 12 years in a tenure that has spanned three administrations.


And less than 24 hours after James O’Keefe blows the lid off Pfizer and natural immunity, Francis Collins, head of NIH, resigns.


Wow. FBI Admits They Don’t Track Violence Of Radical Left Antifa (VIDEO)


The FBI is standing by at the border, these are people who are illegally entering our country, are they not afraid of violence at the border

First they went after the people during Jan 6th, these are domestic terrorrist which they are not, the evidence is once again pointing to antifa, FBI informants and the corrupt  politicians who set the entire thing up, 

  Now, the Feds are ramping up to go after parents who dare to speak out against mask mandates for children or question teaching kids CTR.

Did they say CTR doesn’t exist, now the people are waking up and this is something that cannot have. 


  • Counterintelligence officials said in a top secret cable to all stations and bases around the world that too many of the people it recruits from other countries to spy for the U.S. are being l

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  • October 5, 2021 at 9:17 pm

    How can you say it is not happening. People are dying from the injections – they are keeping the pandemic alive – there are shortages on the shelves!!!! It is Happening – But Nothing Seems to be – being done. Everything seems to be backfiring on Biden, but the vaccine mandates – other than people protesting – but nothing real is happening – people are still being forced and losing their jobs over this. We all know about the Ivermectin – but no – it’s not just with themselves – people don’t know about Ivermectin – if they did – they wouldn’t be continuing to get vaccinated. Yes – it is CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY-WHEN DO THEY GET HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!!! It’s Time – people keep dying because people keep getting the jab!!!! This is Why Someone Needs To Stop This Now – It is getting completely out of hand – and very dangerously serious – These people will just get more and more violent and forceful – IT HAS TO STOP ALREADY – What Good is Calling Them Out – If There Are NO REPERCUSSIONS to the EVIL DEMS!!!!! That Doesn’t Mean Anything Until We Start Seeing Justice Being Served on SATAN and the D’s!!!! TIME IS WHAT NO ONE HAS – INCLUDING WE THE PEOPLE!!!! GLAD TRUMP IS RELAXED WHILE WE THE PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING AND THEY (THE D’s) ARE GETTING AWAY WITH IT STILL!!!!!

  • October 5, 2021 at 9:23 pm

    No, no, no Dave, the Federal Police force is NOT the SS, it is the German GEheim STAts POlizei (GESTAPO).

    Do you understand?

    Please correct that with your audience!!

    By the way the SS was a political military force (yes, bad guys too, but not Federal Police force).

  • October 6, 2021 at 12:45 pm

    SO, your saying Trump planned all of this? He planned all of Biden’s mandates. He planned for all the inflation. He planned all the Boarder trouble. He planned all the vaccine mandates. So he could come back into power and all the dirty work would have been done for him???
    And you are just here to paint A pretty picture of all the destruction, and act like there is still A light at the end of the tunnel. And if there is A light, it’s not A freight train coming at us.
    I have been listening to your messages for nearly A year and none of them have come true. YET.
    We are still waiting for the first sign of anything good coming out of any of this mess. there is no condemnation coming from anyone. even the audits turned out to be nothing burgers. Toothless tigers.
    I’m sure the deep state is telling all their puppets to just hang in there we have already won.

  • October 6, 2021 at 3:23 pm


    “The common law is the real law, the Supreme Law of the land, the code, rules, regulations, policy and statutes are “not the law”, — Self v. Rhay, 61 Wn (2d) 261 Legislated statutes enforced upon the people in the name of law is a fraud. It has no authority and is without mercy. Justice without mercy is Godless and therefore repugnant to our United States Constitution. Lawmakers were given authority by the people to legislate codes, rules, regulations, and statutes which are policies, procedures, and “law” to control the behavior of bureaucrats, elected and appointed officials, municipalities and agencies but were never given authority to control the behavior of the people as we read in a US Supreme court decision “All codes, rules, and regulations are for government authorities only, not human/Creators in accordance with God’s laws. All codes, rules, and regulations are unconstitutional and lacking due process…” — Rodriques v. Ray Donavan (U.S. Department of Labor) 769 F. 2d 1344, 1348 (1985). and again “All laws, rules and practices which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void” [Marbury -v Madison, 5th US (2 Cranch) 137, 174, 176,(1803).

    Legislators simply don’t have the authority to rule make “Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them” — Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436, 491] God breaks down the law as follows: “And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these”. — Mark 12:29-31 Although it is a sin, punishable only by the Judge of the Universe, to break the commandment to love in your mind, words, and deeds. It does not become a crime, punishable by man, until your words and deeds are expressed in “actions” injure that another.

  • October 6, 2021 at 3:25 pm

    You have my permission to use this and my name. Spread the truth!!

  • October 6, 2021 at 5:12 pm



    the deep state panic in DC:
    all assets deployed, Foreign, Domestic and Demonic.

    the fall of the cabal:
    R1,R2,R3,R4 Castle,Rock

    the fall of Satan and the demonic,
    the final battle which will be as swift as a flash: BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!

    SUMMARY: Armageddon unlike the time travel project Looking Glass, Armageddon a universal spiritual weapon capable of collapsing hell itself and instantly deleting any demon from existence anywhere anytime. There is no escape for Satan at all, Nothing can stop what is coming.





  • October 7, 2021 at 3:33 am

    If people could not as a whole be convinced of the obvious impossible physics of the government explanation of building collapse at the 9/11 event, people will close their eyes to the horrific vaccine poisoning event now being reported by doctors and professional analysts of pharma drugs. The major media and government are complicit in murder via so called “vaccination” by their lack of reporting the danger. We can’t let the DS playout this depop slaughter card lest patriots become complicit also in the death and disabling of many millions.

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