Messages Are Being Sent,It’s Almost Time,[T -2] And Counting,Time To Bring The Heat – Episode 2116


Messages Are Being Sent, It’s Almost Time, [T -2] And Counting, Bring The Heat
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 The [CB] is now pushing the idea that no matter what the Fed does it will not help the economy. Lowering the rates, pushing stimulus will not help, we heard this before the last time around when the MSM was pushing a recession. The opposite happened and it will happen this time. The economy is getting ready to heat up, everything is now in place, it’s going to be a hot spring/summer. The [DS] is getting ready to push their event even harder, after that the [DS] will be low on ammunition, this is when the spring/summer bring the heat. [JS] did not get his case dismissed.  KH endorses JB. Articles now appear to show MO might enter the race. Crowdstrike distances themselves from the Russian hack of the DNC server. Messages are being sent, the heat is coming, [T -2] and counting.

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Current News – 03.08.2020

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Boston Fed President: Quantitative easing may not work as well next time

  • “[T]here would be little room for the Federal Reserve to lower rates through large purchases of long-term Treasury securities, like it did to make conditions more accommodative in and after the Great Recession, if a recession occurred in this rate environment,” Rosengren said at a conference in New York


  • As questions swirl about the Fed’s independence Fed Chair Powell has been busy trying to explain his reason for the  “emergency” 50bps rate cut.
  •   central banks across the globe can now lower their rates or do additional stimulus without damaging the delicate balance in the relationship in the value of one major currency to another. This is a delicate balance they have long held in check to stabilize the financial system and add credence to the myth no major currency can fail.



  • Smollett’s lawyers had filed an emergency petition claiming that Cook County Circuit Judge Michael Toomin overstepped his authority and erred when appointed Webb to investigate the case
  •  the Illinois Supreme Court rejected the former “Empire” star’s request to throw out charges accusing him of staging a racist hate crime hoax in Chicago, after Cook County special prosecutor Dan Webb slapped him with a six-count indictment last month.


  • Sen. Kamala Harris onthrew her support behind former Vice President Joe Biden,  
  • KH said she would do everything in her power to help elect Biden.


American politics is a Ponzi scheme and that’s how Michelle Obama could become the next US president

  •  a February poll by Stanford’s Hoover Institution asked over 1,500 California residents who they would like to see as Vice President on the Democratic ticket. Michelle Obama attracted 31 percent support, far ahead of Kamala Harris (19 percent) and Amy Klobuchar (18 percent).
  • It should be mentioned that Michele Obama has commented in the past that there is “zero chance” she would ever run for president but, then again, Donald Trump also denied presidential ambitions before deciding to run. 


Hunter Biden’s papers missing, suit says

  • Alexis Lunden Roberts is again asking a state judge to find him in contempt of court, arguing that HB continues to defy court orders in a paternity and child support case.
  • Filing calls listing of finances tardy
  • Alexis Lunden Roberts of Independence County alleges that Biden has not supplied her with a copy of his 2017 and 2018 personal tax returns, nor with the rest of a long list of other items.



BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Crowdstrike and Their PR Firm Now Distance Themselves from Russia’s Link to Wikileaks

  • For more than three years of the mainstream media (MSM) promoted the biggest fraud in US history – that the Russians hacked the DNC’s emails and gave the emails they hacked to WikiLeaks who then leaked the emails before the 2016 election.
  • Now, suddenly the firm at the center of this fraud, Crowdstrike, is taking a step back from their previous actions related to the entire sham.


BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: We Caught the Mueller Team in Massive Lie – Roger Stone Was Right! 

  • So  the entire Russia collusion lie, Crowdstrike, is now backpedaling.

DC appeals court judge to retire, handing Trump key vacancy

  • Judge Thomas Griffith announced plans to retire from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, handing President Trump his third vacancy on the influential bench.
  • Griffith is set to retire in September, just two months ahead of the 2020 election,  

Geopolitical/Police State

Saudi Authorities Widen Security Crackdown After Detaining Two Rivals to Crown Prince

  • Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has embarked on a broad security crackdown by rounding up royal rivals, government officials and military officers in an effort to quash potential challenges to his power, Saudi royals and advisers familiar with the matter said Saturday.Members of the Saudi royal court have told allies that they detained two princes and their supporters because they were plotting a palace coup largely aimed at arresting the rise of Prince Mohammed,  


False Flags


NY Governor Cuomo Complains: Only Getting $35 Million From Coronovirus Emergency Funds – Breakdown of Spending…

  • Earlier today New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo complains to the media about only getting $35 million in initial emergency funding for Coronavirus impacts.  


  • Summary (Rough Math):
  • ♦♦ Approx. $5 billion appropriated on U.S. programs (federal and state).  Around $2.5 billion of that amount the administration requested for federal response (CDC and NIH) and state grants (CDC).  However, around $3 billion more was added by congress to fund private health sector response groups.
  • ♦♦ Approx. $3 billion was appropriated in foreign aid (non Americans).  None of this was requested by the administration.  All of the foreign aid funds were appropriated solely by congress for various State Department “global initiatives.”  (sketchy funds)
  • ♦ Approx. $500 Million General Administrative expenses. (All pork)


Drugmaker Moderna Delivers First Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine for Human Testing

  • Clinical trial is expected to start in April,
  • Drugmaker Moderna Inc. has shipped the first batch of its rapidly developed coronavirus vaccine to U.S. government researchers, who will launch the first human tests  
  • Moderna on Monday sent vaccine vials from its Norwood, Mass., manufacturing plant to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda, Md., the company said. The institute expects by the end of April to start a clinical trial of about 20 to 25


It’s going to be a very hot [spring/summer].


BREAKING: President Trump Announces Loyalist Rep. Mark Meadows Will Be His New White House Chief of Staff

  • President Trump announced that Rep. Mark Meadows, the founder of the House Freedom Caucus, will be his new White House Chief of Staff.
  • President Trump thanked Acting Chief of Staff for serving as the current WH Chief of Staff.



‘A TOTAL LEGEND’: How Dan Scavino Became One Of Trump’s Most Important Advisers

  • Scavino, 44, has been a critical component of President Donald Trump’s success dating back to the launch of Trump’s presidential campaign in 2015 all the way through to today, where he serves in a top post in the administration, and has an office just outside the Oval Office.
  • Scavino, who avoids the spotlight and avoids talking to the media, has been described by multiple senior White House officials as Trump’s most trusted adviser, not including Trump’s own family. The officials indicated that Scavino’s sense of justice, loyalty to the president, and selfless nature were all key factors in his becoming a member of Trump’s inner and most trusted circle.


They fear an awake public. Each Q Proof proves our strength too. Thank you, Q and Q+!
You have come far, Anons (Patriots).
You are ready.📁
Prepare for the storm.


2 thoughts on “Messages Are Being Sent,It’s Almost Time,[T -2] And Counting,Time To Bring The Heat – Episode 2116

  • March 8, 2020 at 4:54 pm

    Will MO move in for VP then to President? What about HRC and Obama? when will indictments be made? The Americans are ready for the elites of HW and the rest to go to their rightful places. Gitmo anyone?
    Please hurry we want justice

  • March 9, 2020 at 11:20 am

    To those who say there have not been any arrests made… Explain why those who have been fired or demoted within the respective alphabet agencies are working with Durham and Barr. When you are agreeing to work with law enforcement in their cases, evidence has been brought up against you and you’ve been found a suspect, you sign an admission of guilt, therefore arrests HAVE ALREADY BEEN MADE.

    Patience is a virtue folks, our nation did not get taken over by the [DS] overnight, it took decades, possibly a century or even longer. Therefore, to bring justice to those who are traitors to our nation, there cannot be any circumstance or chance for them to escape or we will never free this nation from the [DS]’s grip, EVER… However long it takes, at least while Trump remains in office to NAIL EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE TRAITORS. We have one final, best chance ever to liberate our nation from The Swamp without wholesale nationwide bloodshed of a civil war or worse, we should take every chance we can (and be PATIENT for said justice) before that Pandora’s box is ever opened.

    Until then, pray for our President, Patriots in our government, for our nation. Prepare for the worst case scenario and pray that too never comes to pass.

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