• Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee are calling for the panel to expand its list of witnesses ahead of the Dec. 4 hearing it will hold in the House’s impeachment investigation into President Trump.
  • Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.), the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, sent a letter to Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) demanding that he expand the panel beyond the four constitutional law scholars from whom the committee plans to hear.
  • “To ensure fairness and restore integrity to the ongoing impeachment process, I request an expanded panel and a balanced composition of academic witnesses to opine on the subject matter at issue during the hearing,” he wrote. “On December 4, the Committee will hear from only four academic witnesses during its consideration of the question of impeachment. This is less than a quarter of those called to testify during the Clinton impeachment,” he continued. “In light of this, I request that you expand the number of witnesses called upon to testify on December 4 to give the American people a wider array of perspectives regarding impeachment.

Source: thehill.com

Democrats are Cornered – Their Only Way Out of the Schiff Sham is to Censure or Something Similar – If Move Forward on Impeachment They are Toast

  •   the only way the Dems can save face  without totally destroying their party and their chances for 2020, is to do some sort of censure on the President.
  • Here are four reasons the Democrats’ Schiff Sham impeachment may be the end of the Democrat Party –
  • 1. The first reason is simple. The Democrats have no case. President Trump did nothing wrong. Their efforts to tie him to a crime didn’t work. President Trump is innocent and they know it. 
  • 2. The Democrats have no idea what will be uncovered or what will be presented in a Senate hearing and they have no control over the Republicans who are in charge of the Senate.  The Senate Hearings are a huge wild card.
  •  Trump   wants a hearing. He said he is innocent. They have no case and he would like the Senate to bring in Adam Schiff himself among others. The President would like to see the whistleblower testify.
  • 3. The IG’s FISA report is coming out in a week
  • This is  the beginning of the parade of material on the greatest political scandal in US history. Former Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese believes that the FISA scandal is Obama’s Watergate – 
  • 4. US Attorney Durham has a criminal investigation ongoing now  
  • John Durham is acting on behalf of AG Barr who wants to get to the bottom of the Russia collusion scandal. Why was candidate and President Trump spied on? Was it legit? If not, were crimes committed? If so, by whom?

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Adam Schiff Gives Democrats Only 24 Hours to Sign Impeachment Report

  • House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is giving members of his committee just 24 hours to read and sign off on his report recommending articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.
  •   House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler has previewed the report, and suggested it will include claims of “collusion” with Russia — as well as Ukraine, Russia’s enemy.
  •   Schiff will provide the full report to committee members on Monday, who must sign off on Tuesday in time for the first hearing in Nadler’s committee on Wednesday,

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Rep. Ratcliffe Reveals Why Schiff is Withholding Transcripts of ICIG Michael Atkinson’s Closed-Door Testimony

  • Now, Adam Schiff (D-CA) still won’t release transcript of Intel Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson’s October 4 closed-door testimony even though he has released 15 other witness transcripts.
  • Atkinson testified for over 8 hours, so why won’t Schiff released the transcripts?
  • Congressman John Ratcliffe (R-TX) a member of the House Intelligence committee, revealed why Schiff is hiding the transcripts.
  • Investigative reporter Paul Sperry this week asked,

  • Congressman Ratcliffe responded to Paul Sperry,