Omnipresident – Part 2


There are particular moments in our history where rules for certain events are unwritten and have helped so many presidents expand their powers, leading some to wonder precisely how wide-ranging presidential powers can be or become.

When Donald Trump was campaigning for president in 2016, he guaranteed to be a rule-breaking, normie-busting leader. During the Republican National Convention, he announced, “I alone can fix it.” More than two years post his presidency, many on the other side of the political isle remain laser-focused on the ways he had sought to expand presidential powers relative to the other branches and historical precedent. But the big difference with Trump is that although his approach was decidedly unconventional, Trump was distinctly different in that his desire and efforts to exercise greater control was over events and not people.

Did you catch that? Control over events and not people. This is why President Trump can successfully make his impact felt long after he has left office.

But as is always the case, various formal and informal checks, developed over time that have curbed some presidential efforts.

There has always been the suggestion that the shifting strength of presidential power over time is a response to the times themselves, the person in office, and public perceptions. The three most recent presidents have consistently learned from their predecessors and have used lessons from the past as blueprints to expand their personal capacity. By the way, this is not a compliment to these men but in the same right none of them could have possibly contemplated what would transpire with Donald Trump. A man dead set on expanding influence over events without expanding his personal capacity.


In part 1 of this series, I ended it by saying ‘let’s not forget that we are talking about a guy that trademarked the phrase ‘Make America Great Again’ just a few days after Romney lost to Obama back in 2012. For all the talk of his bombastic and in-the-moment nature it can make us blinded to just how much Trump plays the long game. Historically, in a football game the teams that win championships perform best in the 4th quarter when the opponent is drained both mentally and physically. Getting to the 4th quarter can be one of the hardest achievements. But performing at the top of your game once you’re there is even harder.

Is this the 4th quarter? Not even close and you better be thanking your lucky stars. I’ll explain more later.

Long before presidents were using various levers to maximize their powers, the framers were creating the structures that would allow for but limit the options that were available to them. In addition to separating the government’s legislative, executive, and judicial branches, the framers imposed a range of other limitations as well. Some examples are, presidents had relatively short terms, had to get re-elected, and they could be impeached. But what the framers could not possibly have foreseen was the dramatic way that the world and the United States’ role in it would drastically change in the centuries to come. Those changes almost necessarily have led to presidents with more influence and control than the framers could have imagined.

It’s important to understand the difference in terms of impact between an Obama or Biden with a pen in their hand versus Donald Trump. It can be summarized in one word. Time. I have a 3-phrase combination I use often, as I believe it does a good job of summarizing the Trump framework of operation.

  1. 45 knows.
  2. 45 decides who knows.
  3. 45 decides who decides.

As the midterm elections approach all the chatter is about weather ‘they’re going steal this or that’. The various narrative battles rage over Durham and his role, mass arrests vs. plea bargains, varying views on COG (continuity of government), or whatever the case may be. But as I have said for the better part of a year the plan is in execution and has been for at least 6 full years now so this idea that Trump is ‘reacting’ to anything is a long distant thought. The collective enemy is the only one that has been reacting and continues to do so. Trump has done and continues to do his part. Our part is very simple, vote and do so with a smile because you should be.

Votes are important but not nearly as important as those that cast them. Pay close attention. This is a pretty amazing and largely untold end-to-end story.


The Department of Commerce v. New York from 2019 was a case decided by the Supreme Court dealing with the 2020 United States Census. The case revolved around the decision of the United States Census Bureau under the Trump administration to include a question asking whether respondents are United States citizens or not on the standard census questionnaire sent to all households. Such a question had been purposely omitted from the “short form” as officials and sociologists widely fear it would reduce participation in the census. It has been used on the “long form” American Community Survey sent to a subset of households and used for statistical estimation.

The Supreme Court case was a culmination of three separate cases decided between September 2018 and March 2019. Additionally, many state and city officials have raised concerns that inclusion of the question would significantly depress response rates, which in turn would affect the quality of Census data. Due to the urgency of printing the Census forms, the government expedited the case to the Supreme Court. On June 27, 2019, the Court decided that the Enumeration clause allows for a citizenship question to be added. Victory, right? However, it also stated that such additions can be reviewed by courts noting that the administration’s explanation for adding the question “appears to have been contrived”. Unable to meet certain legal deadlines when the case was remanded to the District Court, the Trump administration announced it would issue an Executive Order to collect existing data from the Department of Commerce instead to tally immigration numbers. A final court order was issued in July 2019 barring the administration from adding the question to the 2020 Census or delaying the Census any further.

What in the heck was that all about?

  • COURT: Yes, you can include the question…. kind of.
  • COURT: Your explanation for doing so was bogus so we’ll make you slow walk it through the courts.
  • TRUMP: Then I will write an executive order and we’ll figure this out one way or another.
  • COURT: We take that back. No, you can’t include the question.


In steps long time Trump ally and focus subject #1 – Wilbur Ross

What Trump and Ross did with the 2020 census is a picture-perfect representation of the above ’45 knows’ framework. But how much do you want to bet this flew right past 95% of the population? Without reading the EO in its entirety here is a key excerpt which is in response to the Supreme Court forcing his administration to exclude the citizenship question:

Executive Order 13880 – July 11th, 2019
Collecting Information About Citizenship Status in Connection with the Decennial Census

To hear President Trump speak to the EO click on the link below.


Therefore, we are pursuing a new option to ensure a complete and timely count of the non-citizen population.

Trump went on to say he would use the most comprehensive databases available (Dept. of Homeland Security, Social Security Administration, etc.) and “leave no stone unturned”. He also said that because of the executive order the longstanding obstacles to data sharing are now removed and will allow for far more accuracy than “asking the single question alone”.

So, Trump dispatches and empowers Wilbur Ross to work with both federal and private entities to collect and assemble accurate citizenship data.

Neither the president nor his Secretary of Commerce were going to be deterred in their quest to make sure they were empowered to collect census data as outlined and mandated by Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution. But more specifically the goal was to determine who is and is not in this country legally.

But I want us to stop and think about it for a second. Does anyone really think that Trump did not see this fight coming long ago? He knew that once the citizenship question was taken out, the enemy would fight tooth and nail to make sure he was not able to include it again. So, he had a plan whether he won or lost the court battle because he knew the long-term importance of the moment. But you know what? I have every reason to think he never really wanted the question in there to begin with. Think about the brilliance of that approach. Would you tell someone you were here illegally? Of course not. Trump knew that would be the worst possible means to get to truth about who is and is not here legally. The citizenship question was never the story. Nor was the story that Trump and Ross would figure it out somehow. The real story was about the actual counting itself and that story did not kick in until well after data collection had started.


The Trump administration can stop counting Americans for the 2020 Census almost a month earlier than originally planned, the Supreme Court decided Tuesday, seemingly ending a months-long counting process mired by coronavirus-driven delays and frequent accusations of political meddling by the administration.

  • The U.S. Census Bureau has repeatedly changed its deadline for residents to submit their Census forms and for workers to finish up their in-person counts.
  • After Covid-19 forced door-to-door outreach to pause in the spring, the Bureau extended the deadline for Census counting from late July to October 31, but officials later abruptly moved it up to September 30 before eventually settling on October 5.
  • Several advocacy groups sued the administration last month, arguing a September 30 stoppage would lead to a less accurate count, and a federal judge in California issued an injunction and ordered the Bureau to stick with its original October deadline.
  • The Trump administration asked the Supreme Court to overturn that injunction, insisting the Bureau needs to stop collecting raw data immediately so it can meet a legal requirement to finish processing data by the end of the year.
  • Tuesday’s ruling allows the administration to stop counting operations while the court case winds its way through the federal appeals process.
  • The Census Bureau plans to finish up counting by Thursday (October 15), the Bureau said in a statement issued shortly after the Supreme Court’s decision.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor was the only judge to dissent from the decision. Census Bureau officials are not sure they can meet their end-of-year data processing deadline even if counting is stopped early, she wrote, so stopping counting now might not help. She also argued: “meeting the deadline at the expense of the accuracy of the Census is not a cost worth paying.”

No other justice signed on to Sotomayor’s dissent.

Below is a video overview of the ruling.


Are we still tracking? Actually, this gets much more interesting.


So, we covered the citizenship question.

We covered the executive order.

We covered the early end to the census and counting.

What we have not covered is what you and I are about to see take center stage November 8th and its key to everything. You see when Wilbur and Donald decided to end the census early, they changed history, potentially for a long time to come.

First let’s take a quick look inside the numbers and we’ll first focus on population growth alone. We’ll use the U.S. overall and then a few keys states as regional examples.

  • The United States: The smallest population growth by percentage in 80 years.
  • California: The smallest population growth by percentage every recorded.
  • Illinois: The smallest population growth by percentage ever recorded.
  • Arizona: The smallest population growth by percentage ever recorded.

Again, the population growth statistics were just low across the board but especially in high density urban areas. But what does all this really mean functionally when the counts come in low? What it means is that when population growth in a state grows at a slow pace that state is not able to garner federal funding in all sorts of categories like housing subsidies or school lunches. These are the types of funds (in billions) that keep inner city populations dependent on government and in turn the government has all the control. But even more important than funding is that states may actually gain or lose seats in the House of Representatives through Reapportionment (or redistricting). So, stopping the count early was a genius move by Trump and Ross. As the only Supreme Court judge to dissent on the ruling to approve stopping the count, Sonia Sotomayor (although liberal) had quite the foresight when she said, “meeting the deadline at the expense of the accuracy of the Census is not a cost worth paying.” The states were sounding the alarm but there was nothing they could do.

Is it possible that Sotomayor knew something?


You seek folks, when Trump brought on Wilbur Ross, they both knew the fight ahead of them would be for all the marbles. You’re just a few simple web searches away from understanding the history between these two gentlemen and it will help you to perhaps better understand that winning can be ugly. It’s a history that spans over 25 years before Trump even took office. Were they always on the up and up? Hardly. But guess what? We have an enemy that if they get their way you and I will be servants if not victims of the ruling elite. There was simply no way in Hades these two were gonna let that happen and if it meant throwing a few fastballs to the chin to get the batter to back away from the plate then they were fully prepared to do it. Not only were they on a mission to make sure the counting stopped early which it did, they were also on a mission to make sure that citizenship question somehow made its way back into the discussion. Sometimes the best way to have your day in court is to make sure that day never comes….

You see this is what an Omnipresident does. They position the scenario so close to the deadline that they force SCOTUS to use the future as its excuse for not ruling in the present. Biden spun up an executive order to try and wipe all this out but by the time that happened the census was wrapped up and redistricting was largely handed over to the states. As bad as it pains me to use the blessed MSNBC (Haha) as our proof text for exactly what a well-organized and executed plan will produce, I just could not resist. Here is how the mere counting of human beings (or lack of counting) can impact the congressional landscape.



  • The number of gains in states that Biden won? +2
  • The number of gains in states that Trump won? +5


  • The number of loses in states where Biden won? -5
  • The number of loses in states that Trump won? -2

Biden -3, Trump +3   That is a +6 swing favoring republicans.

  • The number required to win back the house? 5


And for the first time in history the state of California lost a congressional seat.


So, years before anyone was even considering the 2022 midterms, a couple longtime associates were framing up a plan that most had no earthly idea was even happening not to mention the impact it would have for many years to come. Who knew that a couple white guys with a combined age of 160 could make something as mundane as counting people so much….well…fun?

They’ll take your 81,000,000 fake votes and raise you about 10,000,000 fewer people in this country. Only time will tell who was excluded from the count. But the proof is in the pudding, so I am pretty sure people on both sides know who was excluded.

And for everyone out there still sounding the ‘we need Trump back now‘ alarm, it’s well overdue to start rethinking that point of view. Understand there are much bigger fish to fry and the fish currently occupying the White House is frying himself so just let that continue to sizzle.

Plus, haven’t you heard the news? The 2030 Census is already in the planning phases, but it won’t begin the implementation phase until….well what do you know….the 2nd half of the term of the candidate that wins the presidential election in 2024.

Any guesses on the name of that candidate? That’s right. Donald John Trump.

The Omnipresident.

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    Watching Trump lead the media around by their noses during his 2016 campaign, I knew he was brilliant.

    This article takes my admiration of him and his team to a whole new dimension.

    I’ve heard people say “Trust the Plan” and others say that there isn’t one and no one is going to save us.

    I always doubted Trump would shake up the swamp so much, without a plan— even though he wanted it to appear that way.

    There’s always been a plan and “WE THE PEOPLE” are part of the plan. We are coming through the awakening part of now. And, NCSWIC! VOTE NOV 8, like your life depends on it—because it does!

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    That was very well written dave. been following you since way back in tube days. This is such a slow light beer process. I also get why this is occurring.
    That guy is one smart cookie. been trying to digest all of this as I see the center for disease control has pilfered it’s not so small tentacles in the populations. They are pushing for the JAB to be included in all schedules for children and maybe adults too. This, when we know the manufacturer ie: Pfizer
    Admitted to not knowing the effect without real science testing. I send all my love to the PATRIOTS who are trying to endure these crazy times. This is our country and we will get it back for future generations in the manner in which it was founded.
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    From what I have read, the count that did take place was erroneous and awarded some blue states extra representation. I was not aware (or didn’t remember) that the count ended early, otherwise this cheating that occurred in the blue states could have been more detrimental. It seems as if Trump may have been aware that these mis-counting “errors” were going to happen in certain blue states.

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