• A Colorado woman was arrested in Montana after allegedly plotting a raid with fellow believers of the QAnon conspiracy theory to kidnap her daughter, who does not live with her.
  • The Denver Post reported that 50-year-old Cynthia Abcug was arrested and accused of conspiring with at least one other believer of the QAnon conspiracy theory to conduct an armed raid of a house in which her daughter, of whom Abcug does not have custody, currently lives.
  • Abcug’s daughter told police ahead of the planned raid, however, reportedly out of concern that Abcug or others would hurt people or be injured themselves during the attack.

Source: thehill.com

Paul Krugman Denies Responsibility for Child Pornography Located on His Computer…

  • In a rather bizarre tweet without any background context New York Times columnist Paul Krugman denies responsibility for child pornography found on his computer:

  • In a follow-up tweet Krugman states: “The Times is now on the case”.   Apparently calling the police for a forensic review was out of the question, or something.  Very odd. 

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com

Message sent, translation: we are screwed, blacksite and DS operatives taken out in Iran, Iran flipped, mop up operation now in progress, pictures of Bill with Epstein, declass, criminal investigations in full force, blocks are gone, we are in a full emergency now