Patriots Must Play Every Card In The Deck, When Do You Play The Trump Card? – Ep. 2587


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Patriots Must Play Every Card In The Deck, When Do You Play The Trump Card?
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The Biden administration is in trouble, they are now issuing memo to show the people that people support the Biden administration infrastructure plan. The Fed Presidents are now resigning, structure change is coming. The [CB] is moving their plan forward, but what happens when the playbook is known. The [DS] is preparing for zero day, they know the pattern of fraud is going to be revealed and they will everything in the power to stop it. The [DS] lied about the OSHA rules, there are none, business do not have to follow what the administration is saying. The pandemic is crumbling apart right in front of them and they know they will need to push fear to get the people to do what they want. Gov shutdown is coming and they say it will effect covid care. Trump puts out a statement letting the patriots know they have to play all the cards in the deck, before the Trump card can be played.



  • The White House on Monday circulated a memo ahead of a critical week on Capitol Hill for President Biden’s legislative agenda that highlighted public support in polling for Biden’s economic package.
  • “As we enter the final phase of legislative negotiations over the President’s economic package – the evidence is overwhelming that the wind is at our backs and the public is eager for both of these packages to become law,” the memo states.
Nancy Pelosi Breaks Promise, Pushes $1.2 Trillion ‘Bipartisan’ Infrastructure Vote to Thursday 

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) broke her signed promise to moderate Democrats and pushed the $1.2 trillion “bipartisan” infrastructure vote to Thursday.
  • Pelosi had a signed deal with moderate Democrats last month to bring the $1.2 trillion bill to the floor, but far-left “lawmakers have vowed not to support the infrastructure bill until Congress acts on the $3.5 trillion” package, increasing taxes and Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare funding
  • With the $3.5 trillion package not yet ready for a vote due to party infighting, moderate House Democrats are attempting to pass the $1.2 trillion bill without the $3.5 trillion package. The Senate passed the $1.2 trillion bill last month.



Boston Fed President Under Fire For Financial Trades Will Retire Early 
  • Eric Rosengren, the president and chief executive of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, announced on Monday that he would retire nearly a year earlier than planned.
  • Rosengren was one of two Fed presidents whose financial activity in 2020 has come under fire in recent weeks. Rosengren held stakes in and traded shares of real estate investment trust at a time when the Fed was intervening in markets, including the market for mortgage securities, to stave off the effects of the pandemic. In addition, Rosengren disclosed he had traded individual stocks, including shares of Pfizer and AT&T.
  • Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan also disclosed that he had traded millions of dollars of stocks.



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Federal Reserve ending?

Gas prices in the UK could trigger food shortages within weeks

  • Nearly one-third of British Petroleum’s (BP) stations in the United Kingdom are almost out of fuel, as the oil company is seeing an increase in demand.
  • BP told The Hill in a statement that supply chain delays, triggered by a shortage of qualified drivers, are causing the company to experience “supply issues” at some of its facilities in the UK.



Forestry student-turned-shaman, 30, faces nine years in jail for ‘starting California’s Fawn Fire’ that has burned 8,500 acres and destroyed 41 homes: DA suspects she could be ‘serial arsonist’

  • Alexandra Souverneva, 30, of Palo Alto, has been charged with felony arson to wildland and is suspected of starting the Fawn fire – she was seen to be carrying CO2 canisters and a cigarette lighter
  • Workers saw her acting strangely and trespassing in Shasta County where the Fawn Fire sparked Wednesday
  • Souverneva was seen walking out of brush, telling firefighters she was dehydrated
  • The 30-year-old was arrested Friday and booked into jail after being taken for evaluation and treatment
  • Evacuations have been ordered as the Fawn Fire continues to rage, threatening about 2,000 structures
  • It has so far scorched more than 13 square miles (34 square kilometers) of heavy timber in rugged terrain  



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Looks like this BANKS dude has his truck filled to set fires too


  •  Secretary Mayorkas admits at least 12,000 illegal aliens from Haiti have been disbursed into the U.S. mainland.  T


Geopolitical/Police State



House Passes Bill Requiring Nation’s Daughters to Register for Military Draft

  • The House  passed a measure that would require young women to register for Selective Service — the agency that handles military drafts — for the first time.
  • According to reports, if the provision makes it through the Senate and becomes part of the FY 2022 National Defense Authorization Act, it will become mandatory for young women between the ages of 18 and 26 to sign up for the draft, just like men between those ages have been required to do for decades.
  • Only 38 Democrats and 75 Republicans voted against the legislation.


False Flags


Total BS: “The View” Co-Hosts Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin Claim They Had “False Positive” Covid-19 Tests Before Kamala Harris Interview (VIDEO)

  • This is total BS.
  • We’re just gonna file this in ‘things that never happened.’
  • Kamala Harris  was set to make an appearance on “The View” to discuss abortion and immigration.
  • Two the hosts from “The View” tested positive for Covid so Harris’ interview was cut short.
  • Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin – both fully vaccinated for Covid – apparently got ‘breakthrough’ cases of the China virus and were told to leave the studio.
  • Now Joy Behar is claiming Hostin and Navarro got ‘false positive’ Covid-19 tests 


Another Hip-Hop Superstar Claps Back Against Mindless Compliance: Rihanna Follows Nicki Minaj in Standing Up for Free Thinking; Wears Anti-Censorship Slogan T-Shirt in NYC

  • When the establishment chose to slam Nicki Minaj for being ‘anti-vax’ after she did not attend the Met Gala earlier this month they were expecting her to roll over and shut up – they did not expect her to stand up to their bullying, and definitely weren’t expecting the monumental ramifications that have ensued.
  • Now, another hip-hop/pop music icon has also made a statement against the establishment’s overwhelming suppression of information.
  • On Friday, Rihanna was photographed on her way to the recording studio in NYC and she was wearing a very important warning.
  • The billionaire singer was seen sporting a white t-shirt with the ominous slogan “Think, while it’s still legal,” a


  •     A New York state healthcare provider operating a week ago without issue is now forced to stop offering healthcare services today. Why? Simply because the government has mandated a vaccine requirement that many workers within the industry are uncomfortable with.
  • The issue is not just a shortage of doctors and nurses.  Everyone including: janitors, cafeteria staff, administrators, phone operators, clerical staff, coders, IT staff, receptionists and customer service staff within the healthcare industry are impacted.  If they didn’t take the jab, they’re fired.
  • Yet, somewhere in the twisted logic and ideological worldview seemingly devoid of commonsense, the proponents claim it’s for the benefit of public health to enact policies that shut-down services providing for the public health.  Take this example:



Biden to get booster COVID-19 shot on camera to lobby support for rollout

  • President Joe Biden  received his third coronavirus vaccine on camera  


Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla: ‘Most Likely Scenario Is Annual Revaccination’ for COVID 
  • Pfizer CEO Dr. Albert Bourla said  that he believed “the most likely scenario is annual revaccination” against the coronavirus.


Over 200 Business Owners File Federal Class Action Lawsuit Againt NYC Mayor: ‘This Will Be The First Domino’ To #EndCovidTyranny Nationwide

  • Business owners in New York City are banding together to end COVID tyranny and fight back the government-sanctioned segregation ushered in by unconstitutional vaccine mandates and in a class-action federal lawsuit that will likely be litigated in the Supreme Court.
  • Members of the Independent Restaurant Owners Association Rescue,  a group comprised of over 200 business owners that formed at the start of the “pandemic” in March 2020, are suing New York City Mayor De Blasio and the city over the decree, in a lawsuit their attorney contends will be the first domino towards ending covid tyranny nationwide.



Over 3,000 Doctors and Scientists Sign Declaration Accusing COVID Policy-Makers of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

  • A“Physicians’ Declaration” produced by an international alliance of physicians and medical scientists strongly condemns the global strategy to treat COVID, accusing policy-makers of potential “crimes against humanity” for preventing physicians from providing life-saving treatments for their patients and suppressing open scientific discussion.
  • The document states that “one size fits all” treatment recommendations have resulted in needless illness and death.

Dr. Robert Malone, architect of the mRNA vaccine platform, read the Rome Declaration at the summit.




 Exclusive: Pattern Identified in Arizona Audit Mirrors Michigan Scandal on Fraudulent Votes and Provisional Ballots 

  • According to the initial Cyber Ninja Report released to the media y,  the day before the Arizona Senate report was made public, there was real concern about provisional ballots.
  • On page 2 of the early Cyber Ninja report:
  • There were substantial statistically significant anomalies identified in the ratio of hand-folded ballots, on- demand printed ballots, as well as a statistically significant increase in provisional ballot rejections for a mail-in ballot already being cast, suggestive of mail-in ballots being cast for voters without their knowledge.
  • Then on Friday the Cyber Ninja Report revealed that 58,550 voters appeared on election day to vote who had reportedly already received a mail-in ballot , page 59:

5.7.1 Real-Time Provisional Ballots

The Arizona Secretary of State Elections Procedures Manual identifies circumstances that require the issuance of a Provisional Ballot. If a voter appears in the e-pollbook or signature roster as having received an early ballot by mail, but the voter wants to vote in person on Election Day, that voter must be issued a Provisional Ballot. However, Maricopa County reported 58,550 voters who had received mail ballots but were issued standard ballots on Election Day. The County identifies these as “real-time Provisional Ballots.” There is no mention of real-time provisional in the AZ Elections Procedures Manual. In fact, the EPM specifically addresses this circumstance and is clear that such voters must be issued a Provisional ballot.

  • These 58,550 voters turned up on election day and were told they already voted by mail-in ballot without their knowledge. The language was watered down in the final report.
  • Arizona was not the only state in 2020 that illicit acts with provisional ballots.
  • In Michigan, leftist operatives taught poll workers how to cheat with provisional ballots.


I support this petition and sign it now that I’ve had a chance to review it. I don’t sign petitions at rallies where people ambush me. Doesn’t matter who or what it is. I will always thoughtfully read it over first.


White House warns government shutdown could hurt fight against COVID

  • The White House warned   that the looming government shutdown could hamper efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Congress has only a few days to pass a fiscal-year spending deal, and with Republicans and Democrats at loggerheads, some public health measures could be affected, said White House press secretary Jen Psaki. 
  • “It is never a good thing for the government to shut down, and that is why we are doing everything we can to prevent that from happening,” Psaki opened in response to a question from CNN’s Kaitlan Collins on the subject.
  • Psaki acknowledged that many public health operations would continue even in the event of a shutdown, but said that “having services shut down [and] staffing cut in some agencies is not in the interests of addressing any crisis we face, including the pandemic.”


Millions Of Chinese Residents Lose Power After Widespread, “Unexpected” Blackouts; Power Company Warns This Is “New Normal”

  • Local media in China – which is highly dependent on coal for power – said the cause was a surge in coal prices leading to short supply. As shown in the chart below, Chinese thermal coal futures have more than doubled in price in the past year.
  • There are several reasons for the surge in thermal coal, among them already extremely tight energy supply globally (that’s already seen chaos engulf markets in Europe); the sharp economic rebound from COVID lockdowns that has boosted demand from households and businesses; a warm summer which led to extreme air condition consumption across China; the escalating trade spat with Australia which had depressed the coal trade and Chinese power companies ramping up power purchases to ensure winter coal supply. Then there is Beijing’s pursuit of curbing carbon emissions – Xi Jinping wants to ensure blue skies at the Winter Olympics in Beijing next February, showing the international community that he’s serious about de-carbonizing the economy – that has led to artificial bottlenecks in the coal supply chain.
  • Whatever the reason, it’s just getting started: as BBC reported, one power company said it expected the power cuts to last until spring next year, and that unexpected outages would become “the new normal.” Its post, however, was later deleted.



“They must play every card in the deck!” 


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At what stage in the game do you play the TRUMP card?

10 thoughts on “Patriots Must Play Every Card In The Deck, When Do You Play The Trump Card? – Ep. 2587

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  • September 27, 2021 at 8:49 pm

    the ccp must be way more powerful than america …if it can release a bio weapon all over the world and kill as many people as if a bomb went off…and not one country is retaliating….that scary!

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  • September 27, 2021 at 10:37 pm

    I think that the covid coming across the boarder is designed to effect people in certain Areas.

  • September 27, 2021 at 10:44 pm

    If they are going to get much more forceful – how are the people supposed to defend themselves if they make it absolutely impossible!!!! How does everyone see the audit results if not one media station is reporting on it??? I hope you’re right about no one believing the spins anymore – how many counters???? before they just end it!!!!

  • September 28, 2021 at 1:19 am

    I sure hope all the cards in the deck get played soon or our country will fall over the edge of the precipice. We need a completed wall, a return to original immigration laws and procedures,
    honest, fair and fraud free elections and all illegal non citizens who illegally crossed our border and
    misrepresent their reason for crossing to be returned and banned from ever coming into our great and sovereign republic. No mandates and the truth about the CDC’s stats on covid deaths from those taking the jab of the poison death shot. The so called vaccines are a medical criminal joke and the anti vaxers are right to be concerned as no completed clinical trials have been conducted on these vaccines.Why the rush when no age group , even those over 70, are truly at risk with a 96.4% survival rate. 99.995% for the 1-19age group. Lies, debt, communism, racism, polarization, anti constitutional and anti American behaviour , dirty tricks, criminal behaviour against our nations citizens, equals
    communism, suppression of thought, assembly, speech, compelled speech, burning of school book classics, monopolyism, violating the oath of office , calling riots that have encouraged extreme loss of life, defunding the police, black mail , extortion, corruption of all beaurocracies to name but a few
    of the crimes deserving indightments and tribunals for treason and sedition. Cliff Bentz, so called republican is a rhino in disguise as so many of the fraudulently elected have misrepresented themselves and their political proclivities. He/they have lied to us to get into office and then , as representative Bentz, of southern Oregon voted to impeach trump after Jan 6th rather than investigate completely first and for national red flag laws to weaken our 2nd lAmendment along with the communist democrats and in general their wish to destroy the Constitution and the United States of America.
    It is time, the moment has arrived to right all these horrendous wrongs and protect the safety of the sovereign citizens of the United States of America. It is time to take back our nation and show the global cabal, the banking cabal and any other cabal that we will not be enslaved and have our precious
    freedoms taken from us. We will stand United and Free and remove the tyrants from our midst once and for all. As for climate , unless you can turn the heat up on the sun, and put an end to the
    evil called Geoenginereing we will be facing natural and man made problems that could end us.
    We have bigger natural problems and fossil fuels will indeed help us survive them. We are heading into an ice age called the Grand Solar Minimum followed by a terrible sun Nova of our own sun.
    And right now we are in a Pole shift of our earth poles which will also be quite catostropic.
    Go to suspicious and watch the catastrophe series to find out all of this.
    We all have a right to be and help each other survive whatever comes our way. So lets clean house in the good ol USA and the globe and then create a kind of monetary and capitalist system that really works for the good of all and finally get rid of this terrible crony capitalism based on criminaly
    corrupt fiat money.

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  • September 28, 2021 at 3:23 am

    Mayve “Working over America”

  • September 28, 2021 at 7:28 am

    I’ll be dead of old age before this gets passes. Count the damn ballots in every state!!!after all we don’t have a fbi or cia or cdc or who etc etc etc. wtf people. They all get WELFARE checks!!!

  • September 28, 2021 at 1:30 pm

    I have a question. Nancy Pelosi said the other day that since the democrats have control of the senate and house the cannot be stopped. What mechanisms exist to prevent her from doing exactly what she wants to do, insofar as vaccine mandates, gun control etc., particularly if the Supreme Court does not uphold 2nd amendment due to the intimidation of the left

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