Pientka On Deck, Bidens Are The Pre-Show, [HRC] Emails Shows How They Cashed In – Episode 2312


Pientka On Deck, Bidens Are The Pre-Show, [HRC] Emails Shows How They Cashed In
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The [CB] establishment are pushing their agenda. They have told us for a long time that the world will be much different after the reset. The World Economic Forum gave us this message back in 2016. Trump countered the message at the UN. The [CB]/Globalist have no future. The [CB] cannot pull off the reset without the US. They are trapped. The [DS]/MSM are fighting for their lives. The people see the truth and they see how corrupt the Bidens are. But this is just the beginning, its the pre-show, get ready the next act is coming. Flynn’s case is front and center, get ready Pientka is about to make an entrance, remember the original 302, let’s see what happens. The people are no longer believe the MSM.

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  • Despite the surprise surge to multi-year highs in existing home sales, new home sales were expected to rise only a modest 1.4% MoM in September (vs +4.8% MoM in August) but things were notably worse with new home sales tumbling 3.5% in September


  • The median price ticked up from $322.4K to $326.8K…

Source: zerohedge.com

World Economic Forum-You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy. (Serious)

This was put out in Nov 2016



Source: investmentwatchblog.com


Covid-19 has made a basic income system an economic imperative

  • Post-Covid, we must build a new income distribution system that will provide society, and every individual, with much greater resilience
  • Covid-19 was the trigger for an economic collapse waiting to happen. There will be other triggers. The challenge is to build a new income distribution system that will provide society, and every individual, with much greater resilience.

Source: wired.com

Donald Trump to the United Nations: ‘The Future Does Not Belong to Globalists’



‘R.I.P., G.O.P.’: New York Times Declares Republican Party Will Die with Trump’s Defeat 
  • Under the headline “R.I.P., G.O.P.: The Party of Lincoln had a good run. Then came Mr. Trump,” the Times editorial board argues:

Of all the things President Trump has destroyed, the Republican Party is among the most dismaying.


Source: breitbart.com

Remember the EO Trump signed, why did he do it before the election, he wants people to resign and it has begun


BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Text Messages Show VP Biden and His Wife Colluded to Suppress HUNTER’S ACTIONS WITH A CERTAIN MINOR

  • Hunter Biden sent the following text to a family friend where he shares that someone is accusing him of being sexually inappropriate around her daughter.  This is why Hunter claims he is not allowed to be alone with that person:

In another text message from Hunter to a family friend, Hunter shares that his mother, Jill Biden, propagates the claims that Hunter is sexually inappropriate around the children and VP Joe Biden is aware as well:

In a text message sent to Hunter Biden from his Uncle Jim Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden’s brother, Uncle Jim shares that both he and former VP Joe Biden are upset with accusations of impropriety but they don’t believe them.  Jim and Joe Biden want to discuss with Hunter so they can all get their stories straight:

In an email to colleague and fellow board member on Burisma, the now felon Devon Archer, Hunter explains how he is not allowed to be around a certain person without his father, Joe Biden, being there:

And a fifth text message shows Hunter explaining to a certain person that her mom told former VP Joe Biden that she would call the police if Hunter tried to see that person:

  • These texts paint a horrible picture of what is going on behind the scenes in the Biden family.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Vlad Putin: Hunter Biden Made Very Good Money in Ukraine


  • Even Vladimir Putin is aware of the Biden family’s pay-for-play scandals.
  •   Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters Hunter Biden made “very good money” in Ukraine and it had nothing to do with Russia. 

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

So we have seen the [DS] censor channels, accounts etc.. Has this worked, no we are now seeing the streissand effect



nothing can stop this, nothing

BREAKING: Twitter finally cracking down on pedophiles, changes Terms of Service

  • Twitter is finally making a change to its controversial Terms of Service — one which previously allowed for the discussion and promotion of “minor-attraction.”

The new Terms of Service clearly outline that “promoting or normalising sexual attraction to minors as a form of identity or sexual orientation” is now prohibited.

Source: rebelnews.com

Original Draft of Flynn Interview Report Destroyed Based on Policy, DOJ Says 

  • The original draft report from an FBI interview of former Trump adviser Lt. Gen.  was deleted, according to a letter the Department of Justice (DOJ) filed with court on Oct. 22.
  • The letter defended the deletion as a matter of FBI document retention policy. Flynn’s lead lawyer, former federal prosecutor  Sidney Powell , wasn’t satisfied with the explanation 
  •  Powell has long sought the original draft, arguing it would prove the FBI edited the document to support a charge that Flynn lied during the interview. She  said she had a witness  who saw the original draft. 
  •  The DOJ letter acknowledges the original draft of the interview report FD-302 existed, saying one of the interviewing agents started writing it on the evening after the Jan. 24, 2017, interview. It identifies the agent as “SSA1,” indicating it was Supervisory Special Agent Joe Pientka

Source: theepochtimes.com

Pientka has flipped long ago, the senate committee already interviewed him.  

Why bring this out now, it forces people to see the truth, who wrote the 302, Pientka. Who rewrote it Strzok and Page, so where is Pientka? Wait for it, Pientka surfaces in 3 2 1.

We now come to learn the following

  •   recently declassified government document suggests the FBI opened its most recent investigation of Paul Manafort in January 2016, two months before President Trump hired the lobbyist as a senior official in his campaign. The revelation is prompting new questions about why the bureau did not provide the GOP candidate with a defensive briefing.
  • The information about the start of the Manafort probe was contained in footnote 332 of a spreadsheet that FBI analysts constructed analyzing the lack of corroboration for Christopher Steele’s now infamous dossier alleging Trump and Russia colluded to hijack the 2016 election, an allegation that has since been disproven.
  • The information in the footnote and spreadsheet states an “opening EC” or electronic communication was generated in the Manafort probe on Jan. 13, 2016, and by August 2016 “Manafort is an active subject of a money laundering and tax evasion criminal case out of Washington Field Office.”
  • The timing suggested in the spreadsheet is consistent with an account from Ukrainian prosecutors, who revealed last year they were summoned on short notice to Washington by the Obama White House for a series of meetings in January 2016 during which Justice Department officials pressed them to find evidence against Manafort and his work for the Ukrainian Party of Regions. The prosecutors also stated the Obama DOJ officials asked the Ukrainians to drop their investigation of the Hunter Biden-related Burisma Holdings gas company and let the FBI take it over.
  • “What steps, if any, did the FBI take to alert the Trump campaign about its investigation into Manafort when he joined the Trump campaign in March 2016?”   Wray has yet to respond.

Source: justthenews.com

So whats coming more Biden/Obama/Clinton/Kerry corruption in Ukraine and China and Russia  

1. More laptop emails and pictures.

2.  More Maxwell/Epstein disclosures

3. FCC/DOJ Action on Big Tech censorship

4. Clinton emails  will be so devasting,  Big Tech/MSM   will try to censor it even harder. The patriots know this, these . Why do you think HRC bleached bit her emails, they are going to put everything together, they will tell the story on how all the [DS] players were cashing in, Romney, Pelosi, Schiff, Obama, Biden, Clintons etc…

Twitter Goes Full Orwell, Censors All Topics “Likely To Be Subject To Election Misinformation”



  • Putin reportedly said that he has thanked President Trump for supplying Russia with information that has aided in avoiding terror attacks.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has credited U.S.-supplied intelligence with helping his country avert terror attacks.

Source: justthenews.com

Cyber Attacks

False Flags

Hillary Clinton Says A Woman Would Have Better Handled Coronavirus: ‘Especially If It Were Me’ 

  • Hillary Clinton said Monday that a female president would have better managed the coronavirus pandemic in the United States — “especially if it were me.”
  • “I have no doubt, especially if it were me. No, I mean I was born for that. I mean that’s why I knew I’d be a good president,” the 2016
Source: dailycaller.com
  • Researchers once feared that school reopenings might spread the virus through communities. But so far there is little evidence that it’s happening.


Has Covid killed off the flu? Experts pose the intriguing question as influenza cases nosedive by 98% across the globe

Source: dailymail.co.uk


13 thoughts on “Pientka On Deck, Bidens Are The Pre-Show, [HRC] Emails Shows How They Cashed In – Episode 2312

  • October 26, 2020 at 9:23 pm

    My big concern is fake ballots, produced by China. Tom Fittons comments. Are the Patriots on top of the millions of fake ballots that are being pushed into the system?

  • October 26, 2020 at 9:44 pm

    Thank you Dave for all that you do. So glad to have found your site. Without it myself and many would be in the dark. God bless

  • October 26, 2020 at 10:22 pm

    Video halting badly in playback.

    Also, is it possible to change speed of video playback like we could in YT?

  • October 26, 2020 at 11:35 pm

    X22report thank you sweetheart the info is much appreciated. Sure do want to know whose child he was messing with. These grown men missing with children it’s sickening and they all need to be in prison. God bless you, you are the news. Keep bringing it. Trump 20/20 I’ve already gone to the polls and voted for our president. I don’t think anyone stands a chance in double hockey sticks against him. Too many people know now.

  • October 27, 2020 at 12:52 am

    Another great report! I would normally follow the x22 report on YouTube but as we know the channel has been silenced, so here I am!
    The DS is running scared and they know that their days are numbered as the President is poised to win a LANDSLIDE victory at the polls. 2016 was the first Presidential election that I’d ever participated in because for the first time in my adult life there was a candidate running that I thought would really make a difference. I was RIGHT!!! The 2016 election saved our Republic and now here in 2020 we will seal the deal with the re-election of President Donald Trump as “Deep State Killer In-Chief”.
    I’ve never been so proud to be an AMERICAN!

  • October 27, 2020 at 1:30 am

    I’m sure you already have this info but just in case. Hunter Biden’s videos are up on the “Cnews” site for anyone to see. I saw them earlier today and now I’m having issues accessing the site.

  • October 27, 2020 at 3:00 am

    Congratulations on filing the class-action law suit against YouTube! I pray that you will be able to accomplish a great deal!!!

  • October 27, 2020 at 3:11 am

    If it wasn’t for the X22 Report that I listened too twice a day I don’t know what I would have done? Just hearing the truth being reconfirmed and a lot of times hearing the truth from your broadcast for the first time and fact checking, has given me hope, it puts a smile on my face and gives me a reason to continue waking people up!! Thank You for all you do!!

  • October 27, 2020 at 4:02 am

    Azerbaijan is part of a Turkic alliance who want to annihilate the Armenians who are Christian. It is an old program of genocide that will continue. The cease fire was violated and attacks resumed just about an hour after the cease fire was in effect. There is no cease fire. Trump will have to look for other avenues without falling for the false parity of “ethnic dispute.” This is a clear case of attempted genocide that has gone on since 1915.

  • October 27, 2020 at 4:32 am

    AMAZING!!! I live in CA (91340). 2 men approached my front door and asked if I was a TRUMP supporter. I was shown a list with my address on it. “ your on a hit list “. Now for the good part… the warning / threat included a comparison w/BLM (pallet of bricks) “think AK47 / AR15” is what I heard. Wait for it… NO police support when I tried to report it! THANK YOU 😊 for communicating the plan years ago & watching this play out in front of me. Including food shortages, Dollar collapse to gold & silver strategies.


  • October 27, 2020 at 8:02 am

    Destroy all the communist heathens restore conservative values law and order and Christian family values

  • October 27, 2020 at 10:53 am

    Thank you very much for your service…
    580th Co
    54th Bn
    6th Signal

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