• Fiona Hill, former  foreign adviser in the U.S. National Security Council, indicated that she’s concerned what might happen to her if he’s reelected in 2024.
  •  Trump would consider her a “dissident,” a term generally reserved for dictators who go after those who oppose them.


DHS issues fresh warning of terrorism, citing ‘diverse and challenging threat environment’

  • Federal authorities extended a national terror warning, citing a “challenging threat environment” in part related to the chaotic U.S. exit from Afghanistan where there are increasing concerns for the reconstitution of terror groups, including al Qaeda and ISIS.
  •  . “These threats include those posed by individuals and small groups engaged in violence, including domestic violent extremists and those inspired or motivated by foreign terrorists and other malign foreign influences.”
  • Authorities, however, noted that intelligence gathered so far has not identified a “imminent and credible threat to a specific location in the United States.”
  • Source: usatoday.com