Spotlight Turned On Big Pharma, Truth Belongs To The People, They Were Warned – Ep. 2968


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Spotlight Turned On Big Pharma, Truth Belongs To The People, They Were Warned
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Watch CA, every move CA makes is a disaster this is why the people are leaving, its getting worse, now Newsom wants more money. SoCal is warning customers gas bills are going to be very high. Trump send economic message, it all can be reversed. The [DS] is being exposed, first it was censorship by big tech, government, now big pharma, the truth belongs to the people. The [DS] has lost control of the narrative using the fake news propaganda machine, the investigations, big tech platform and now the people are going to see how the big pharma, Fauci the CDC and FDA deceived the people. The damage they caused by pushing this agenda will not be forgotten. The truth is going to bring it all down.



Newsom Asks for Federal Relief Aid — After Record Surplus with Federal Money 
  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has asked the Biden administration to make federal aid available to California for flood relief, just months after billions of dollars in federal spending compounded the state’s budget surplus.
  •   Newsom said that he had requested a federal emergency declaration, which would make federal funds available, in the ongoing deluge that has dropped heavy rains across his drought-stricken state.
  • Governors routinely ask for federal aid in emergencies. Yet California’s budget surplus was hardly routine: as Breitbart News reported, it reached nearly $100 billion, boosted in part by $26 billion from the federal government that was supposedly necessary to keep the state afloat during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Heading into 2022-23, however, the Golden State expects to plunge into a $25 billion deficit, thanks to lavish spending and to reduced revenues due to a slowdown in the economy.


SoCal Gas Warns Consumers: Massive Gas Bill Increases Coming
  • SoCal Gas, which supplies natural gas throughout Southern California, warned consumers this weekend that their next bills will be unusually large, blaming what it calls unusually cold winter weather across the nation.
  • In an email to consumers, the company wrote:

There’s no easy way to put this: January bills are likely to be higher than usual. An unprecedented cold snap across the nation in part has caused natural gas market prices in the West to more than double between December and January – much higher than expected. As a result, SoCalGas residential customers can expect the typical January bill likely to be more than double the typical bill last January, assuming the same amount of natural gas is used.

  • The state has set a goal of producing 100% of its energy from renewable sources by 2045 — a goal that the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office says the state will struggle to meet because of a lack of clear plans.


  • Remember when the lightweight and perennially wrong Failing New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman predicted that the Stock Markets and U.S. Economy would CRASH while I was in office. Well, he was 100% wrong, again. But it did later crash, as Inflation lifted it’s ugly head, after I was out – Self inflicted wounds all! If you sold the day I left, you would have made a “fortune!” Next time, when I leave, SELL…And don’t listen to dopey Paul Krugman.

Ron Paul: Here’s The Truth About The “Strong US Dollar” 

  • Before we get started this week, I want to show you a chart:

  • Now, if this chart showed the stock price of a company, would you want to invest in it?
  • If it’s the price of a commodity, would you be a buyer?
  • What if you were already heavily invested in this enterprise? Would you hold on and hope for better days ahead? Or would you look at that long downward slide and cut your losses, just walk away?
  • Now, when I say “long downward slide,” I do mean long. Here’s a bit more information…
  • The chart above includes data for over a century – from January 1913 to October 2022.


  • Well, this isn’t a stock chart. It’s not a commodity price.
  • This chart shows the weakening purchasing power of the U.S. dollar.


  •   the U.S. dollar is only “strong” in comparison to other currencies.
  • Take the euro for example. Adjusted for inflation, the euro has lost about 35% of its purchasing power since its introduction in 1999.
  • The yen? It’s down 23% against the dollar this year alone.
  • Take a look at the three other major global currencies compared to the U.S. dollar and it’s plain as day, they’re not doing well…

As we’ve seen, the U.S. dollar has lost the vast majority of its purchasing power since the Federal Reserve was established in 1913.

  • So the U.S. dollar is strong in comparison to other currencies… but only because their purchasing power is falling faster than the U.S. dollar’s.
  • What’s really happening
  • The central banks of the world are engaged in a race to the bottom. They’re all printing money at an unprecedented rate, and the effects are being felt everywhere. It’s no coincidence that the worldwide inflation rate is “near double digits,” as Bloomberg recently reported (8.8% globally, according to the IMF – ranging from 2% – 210%).
  • The only way to restore the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar is to stop the money printing. The only way to do that is to end the Federal Reserve and return to a monetary system based on sound money.





  •  Wow, those TRUMP Hating Late Night Network “Shows” are doing really badly…The worst ratings that those time slots have had (in Television History!). Why are the untalented fools who “host” paid so much? Does the DNC make a $contribution as a wing of the Democrat Party? They are all a total joke – Not Talent, No Laughs!

Andrew Tate Fires Off Cryptic Tweet After Reports He Was Taken to Hospital From Romanian Jail

  • Social media influencer Andrew Tate was reportedly taken to a hospital for a health incident on Sunday.
  • Tate was taken to the hospital from a Romanian prison where he has been detained for the last couple weeks.
  • “The Matrix has attacked me. But they misunderstand, you cannot kill an idea. Hard to kill,” Tate said in a cryptic tweet.


Daily Beast “Journalist” Who Smeared Matt Gaetz and Herschel Walker Used to Work For a SANCTIONED CHINESE MILITARY COMPANY

  •  The Daily Beast’s Roger Sollenberger, who has become known for his smears of prominent conservatives, used to work for a sanctioned military company closely linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
  • Before entering the corporate “journalism” world, Sollenberger worked as an employee for the CCP-linked drone company DJI. This company has ties to the China’s military and has been sanctioned by the U.S. Government since 2017 for “selectively targeting government and privately owned entities within these sectors to expand its ability to collect and exploit sensitive U.S. data.”
  • So this so-called journalist happily cashed checks from a company that wants to steal U.S. Government and corporate data for the Chinese government’s benefit. No reason we should believe he is loyal to America or trust him as a “journalist.”
  • “Since 2017, China-based DJI has been flagged by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as “selectively targeting government and privately owned entities within these sectors to expand its ability to collect and exploit sensitive U.S. data.”
  • “These fears have prompted the U.S. Department of Interior to ground its entire DJI drone fleet, “citing increasing concerns about the national security risk from Chinese manufacturers.


  • McCarthy also said he will remove Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
  • “Ilhan Omar should not be serving on Foreign Affairs,” McCarthy said. “This is a new level of what the Democrats have done.”
  • In addition, McCarthy said he would also prevent Adam Schiff (D-CA) from serving on the Intelligence Committee.
  • “You look at Adam Schiff—he should not be serving on Intel when he has openly, knowingly now used a fake dossier, lied to the American public in the process and doesn’t have any ill will [and] says he wants to continue to do it,” McCarthy said.



  • BREAKING: House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Mark Green has won the race to be chair of the Homeland Security Committee defeating Rep. Dan Crenshaw
  • Also, Rep. Mike Rogers, who lunged at Rep. Matt Gaetz, has announced he’s stepping down from the House Steering Cmte
  • Big, big wins!

McCarthy Faces First Test With House Rules Package, Including Vote To Cut IRS Funding 

  •   Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) tweeted “This is what we’ve been fighting for,” in relation to seven bills that the holdouts were able to include in the rules package, which is expected to be put to a vote on Monday.

1) A bill to cut some of the additional funding that was made available to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

2) A bill to authorize the secretary of Homeland Security to turn away people crossing the border illegally.

3) A bill that includes prohibiting the secretary of energy from sending petroleum products from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China.

4) A tough-on-crime bill that includes amending the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act to direct the district attorney and prosecutor’s office to report to the attorney general.

5) A bill to require a national instant crime background check system to notify U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and other law enforcement agencies when information surfaces that a person present in the United States illegally may be trying to obtain a firearm.

6) A bill to prohibit taxpayer funded abortions.

7) A bill to amend Title 18, United States Code, to prohibit a health care practitioner from failing to exercise the proper degree of care in case of a child who survives an abortion or attempted abortion. –Epoch Times

  • Another bill Scalise put in the schedule is the Strategic Production Response Act (pdf), which would prohibit non-emergency drawdowns of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve without a parallel plan to boost energy production on federal lands.
  • Scalise has scheduled another related bill, called Protecting America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve from China Act (pdf), which would restrict the energy secretary from selling oil from the strategic reserve to China.
  • Another bill is the Prosecutors Need to Prosecute Act (pdf), which would allow the public to see how many cases prosecutors are declining to prosecute, along with the number of criminals released onto the streets and the number of offenses committed by career criminals.
  • On border security, Scalise put forward a bill called the Border Safety and Security Act (pdf), which would give the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) the power to turn away people crossing the border illegally in order to gain “operational control” of the border.
  • Another bill, called the Illegal Alien NICS Alert Act (pdf) would require the National Instant Criminal Background Check system (NICS) to notify U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and relevant local law enforcement if someone trying to buy a firearm is an illegal immigrant.


HUGE: Conservative Hero Jim Jordan Will Chair “Weaponization of Government” Select Committee

  •   this “weaponization of government” committee will chiefly focus on four areas: the collusion between the Regime and Big Tech, the politicization of the FBI, the Department of Injustice’s targeting of parents at school board meetings, and Anthony Fauci.  These are the things conservatives have been demanding from Republicans for the past two years.
  • Here’s the story from the Post Millennial:
  •  This investigative panel will demand emails and correspondence between the Biden administration and big tech companies,
  •  . The GOP is committed to digging into “the politicization of the FBI,” which not only includes the work done to discredit accurate reporting from the New York Post in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election, but the allegations of Russian election interference in the lead-up to the 2016 election.”
  • “The use of Biden’s Department of Justice to go after parents who spoke out angrily at school board meetings will be investigated as well. 
  • “Biden’s Covid czar Dr. Anthony Fauci will also be a focus of this new GOP investigation. The Twitter Files revealed that social media companies were pressured to toe the Democratic Party line on Covid and Covid treatments.”


“IMPEACH 46” – HUNDREDS OF PROTESTERS Greet Joe Biden in El Paso In His First Visit to Open Border (VIDEO)

  • Protesters greeted Joe Biden in El Paso today during his first visit to the open US Border.
  • Since Joe Biden took over the White House the southern border has been wide open to illegal aliens. Over 5 million illegals have already crossed into the US during Joe Biden’s watch.
  • Democrats are done with America.
    This is the purposeful suicide of the country they despise.
  • Via Midnight Rider.



  • There can be NO EXCUSES for what is happening on our Southern Border. We are like a Third World Nation, but worse. Our Country is falling apart (in so many other ways, also). Anybody check out our Airports lately?
Florida Set to Take Biden Administration to Trial over Immigration Parole Program  
  • Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is set to take President Joe Biden’s administration to trial in federal court over its planned expansion of the immigration parole system.
  • Florida’s lawsuit comes as the Biden administration expanded the federal parole system as part of its plan to expand “safe, orderly, and humane processing” for illegal aliens. This expansion would allow an additional 30,000 migrants from Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba, and Nicaragua to remain in the United States.
  • Moody’s office claimed the state has “uncovered evidence of Biden ignoring public-safety immigration laws allowing more than 1 million unvetted, inadmissible immigrants into the interior.”
  • The upcoming trial “will once again show that the Biden administration is threatening Americans’ safety by intentionally weakening our nation’s border security,” Moody’s office continued.


Geopolitical/Police State

Schiff is a sleazebag and traitor, and should be prosecuted for the damage he has done to our Country!
  • How Democrat Adam Schiff abused his power to demand I be kicked off Twitter simply due to a personal vendetta
  • Why would a congressional leader sworn to protect the Constitution and First Amendment want to muzzle a veteran journalist?


Q !UW.yye1fxo No.1
TRUTH belongs with the PEOPLE.
Illinois Democrats Outraged over Amendment Removing Registration for ‘Assault Weapons’

  • Illinois Democrats were pushing an “assault weapons” ban that included registration of such firearms that are currently owned in the state.
  • Illinois Democrats in the state House are crying foul in response to state senate president Don Harmon’s (D) amendment removing a requirement that owners of “assault weapons” provide serial numbers to the government.
  • A grandfather clause was included to allow current owners to keep their guns as long as they registered them with the government.  ABC 7 pointed out that Harmon filed an amendment Sunday to remove the requirement of registering the grandfathered firearms.
  • Harmon’s amendment came two days after the Illinois House passed the “assault weapons” ban with registration intact.


False Flags


  • Anyone who’s spent time looking through COVID discussions on Twitter has inevitably come across influencer “doctors.”
  • These supposed “experts” always share some of the same characteristics.
  • They’re terrified of getting COVID, always advocating for the return of restrictions, and they support Ukraine.
  • Turns out a few of these influential COVID activists were entirely made up.
  • A new report from the San Francisco Standard uncovered how some of these viral influencers were clearly fake accounts.
  • One such example was an account called “Dr. Robert Honeyman.”
  • Honeyman used “they/them” pronouns, and claimed to have lost a sister to COVID in November 2022. That tweet racked up over 43,000 likes and 4,000 retweets.
  • Sure enough, just a month later, the account claimed that its husband was in a coma with COVID.
  • “Sad to announce that my husband has entered a coma after being in hospital with Covid. The doctor is unsure if he will come out,” it tweeted. “This year has been the toughest of my life losing my sister to this virus. This is the first time in my life I don’t see light at the end of the tunnel.”
  • Except the profile photo associated with “Honeyman’s” account was a stock photo.
  • The supposed husband, Patrick Honeyman, was a photo of an insurance professional who lives in Wayne, Indiana, according to the Standard.
COVID doctor
Screenshot of an insurance professional from Indiana whose image was used to portray the husband of a fake COVID influencer.
  • Fake COVID Influencers
  • The Standard reported that they gained influence by checking every single box on the Twitter liberal wishlist.
  • Another one of the fake accounts, Dr. Gerold Fischer, “displayed rainbow, trans and Ukrainian flags next to his name and described himself as ‘an ally for all in the #LGBQT+ Community. #WearAMask.’”



From the Twitter Files: Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb secretly pressed Twitter to hide posts challenging his company’s massively profitable Covid jabs


  • Gottlieb is not just a Pfizer board member.
  • He is one of seven members of the board’s executive committee and the head of its regulatory and compliance committee, which oversees “compliance with laws, regulations, and internal procedures applicable to pharmaceutical sales and marketing activities.”
  • Pfizer has a long history of violating drug industry laws and ethics rules. In 2009, it agreed to pay $2.3 billion, the largest health care fraud settlement in American history, for fraudulently marketing several drugs. In 1996, it conducted a clinical trial of an antibiotic in Nigeria in which 11 children died and which became the inspiration for John le Carre’s novel The Constant Gardner.
  • So how will Pfizer react to the black-and-white proof from Twitter’s records that one of its most powerful board members secretly tried to suppress debate on the mRNA jabs that have has been by far its best-selling product since 2020?
  • And will CNBC continue to let Gottlieb use it to mislead the public?


  • OK, OK. Situation is in flux – Judiciary has suspended Brasilia Governor’s mandate. Crooked Justice Moraes gave 24 hours for Military to disband the protesters camps in front of the barracks, BUT, when the police showed up in Brasília to dismantle said camp, the military mobilized troops and did NOT authorize police entry.
  • Apparently I can’t sleep anymore ever again

Brasilia governor suspended in aftermath of capital riot

  • Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes removed the governor of the Federal District of Brasilia, Ibaneis Rocha, from his post for 90 days on Sunday after right-wing supporters of former president Jair Bolsonaro stormed government buildings in the capital.


  • Watching a movie

BREAKING: Brunson Brothers Case Denied by Supreme Court

  • The Brunson Brothers election integrity lawsuit was dismissed by the US Supreme Court on Monday.
  • Raland Brunson released this statement moments ago.


Raland Brunson says the brothers are planning their next move 

Stacy Beanz posted a link to the SCOTUS response.




  • A Georgia grand jury has completed their investigation of whether Trump unlawfully sought to interfere in the state’s 2020 election.
  • It’s unclear if charges will be brought, but if I had to guess, they definitely got him this time


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