The [DS] Crimes Will Be Publicly Answered Soon, Sheep No More – Episode 2040


The [DS] Crimes Will Be Publicly Answered Soon, Sheep No More
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Kudlow confirms the economy is being restructured, preparing for the transition. Trump wants the USMCA passed, this is the key to take down the [CB] system. China is borrowing funds from the world bank, why would the [CB] do this? DS and Dems panicking over Trump pressuring the Fed, their system is in the crosshairs. The [DS] is now losing it, they are pushing everything they have but none of it has facts or evidence supporting the impeachment. They are doomed. The IG FISA report is coming out and the this will pave the way for the next wave. The American people will begin to learn about treason, crimes and crimes against humanity, this is the beginning, this is the awakening.

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Current News – 12.08.2019

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NEC Director Larry Kudlow: “President Trump Has Restructured The U.S. Economy” – Main Street USA is Back On Top…

  • National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow highlights the primary point that President Trump has reestablished Main Street USA as the primary focus of policy.  U.S. companies invested in the U.S. economy are doing exceptionally well and receiving the majority benefit.  U.S. multinational companies who are invested overseas are not benefiting as much.  Wall St -vs- Main Street.
  • In essence Titan Trump is winning the economic battle by: (a) repatriating wealth (trade policy); (b) blocking exfiltration (main street policy); (c) creating new and modern economic alliances based on reciprocity (bilateral deals); and (d) dismantling the post WWII Marshal plan of global trade and one-way tariffs (de-globalization).
  • President Trump Has Restructured The U.S. Economy”



Biden says Trump’s pressure on the Federal Reserve is an abuse of power

  • President Trump’s attacks on the Federal Reserve and Chairman Jerome Powell are an abuse of power,  Joe Biden.
  • “The president should not be trying to pressure the Fed,” . “That’s supposed to be an independent entity out here.” 


DOJ Catches DEMOCRAT PARTY in Multi-Million Dollar Illegal Foreign Campaign Donations Scheme… Guess What Fake News NY Times Uses as Their Featured Photo? 

  •  Now we know that George Nader was indicted for his involvement in illegal campaign contributions from foreign entities to the Hillary campaign in 2016
  • Nader was one of Mueller’s top witnesses and he is a top Democrat donor and convicted child molester.
  • But there is more to the story.

The list of the Dem organizations taking this illegal money is astounding – almost every Dem state organization and many super PAC’s including the big one Priorities USA.

  • This is being covered up by the MSM!
  • In fact if you look at the featured image in The New York Times on this scandal look at what they posted…


The MSM is doing everything they can to coverup what is really going on, they are continually putting out fake news, Trump continues to counter the fake news, the latest is that he uses his personal cell phone, but he doesn’t, why are they projecting this fake news story, because who used their personal phones, the DS players. 

The [DS]/Dems are trying to convince the people of America that they have a case to impeach Trump, but they know they have nothing but they are trying to find something that will resonate with the american people, this has been a big fail, Trump tweeted out the following

Then Nadler finally admits what the impeachment is all about 

Nadler: Trump Will ‘Rig’ 2020 Election If He Isn’t Impeached And Removed

  • President Trump will try to “rig” the 2020 election if he isn’t impeached and removed from office, according to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY).  


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Places Administrative Stay on Congressional Subpoena For President Trump’s Financial Records…


  • President Trump went to the Supreme Court after the House Financial Services and Intelligence Committees issued subpoenas to Deutsche Bank and Capital One seeking President Trump’s tax records. In his request to the court [Read Here] Trump asked SCOTUS to block the subpoenas on the ground they go beyond the committees’ powers.
  • Justice Ginsburg’s order  gives the justices time to rule on Trump’s request for a longer stay of the lower court’s decision while he files a petition for review. Ginsburg ordered the House of Representatives to file a response to Trump’s request by 11 a.m. on Wednesday, December 11.
  • At their private SCOTUS conference next week, the justices are scheduled to consider President Trump’s original petition for review of a lower-court ruling that would require him to turn over tax records to the SDNY who are seeking them as part of a grand-jury investigation. The SCOTUS decision today, placing a hold on a similar House effort, essentially allows the court to receive arguments relating to the second request for tax records and contemplate the merit of both.




Devin Nunes: My Phone Records Don’t Match Records in Schiff’s Impeachment Report (VIDEO)

Devin Nunes: So finally yesterday I had a chance to go through all my phone records and I can tell you my phone records do not match what Schiff and the Democrats put in that report… I can tell you it doesn’t match. I have one call with Rudy Giuliani in April, one in May. The rest of the calls are either when somebody didn’t connect or it was voicemail. So, one in April, one in May. I have a call from someone who I assume is Parnes’s wife, it’s registered to a lady… I can tell you there’s no way about me being in Vienna.

Via FOX and Friends:


BREAKING: Rep. Devin Nunes Says He Will Pursue Legal Action on Adam Schiff’s Unlawful Release of His Phone Records (VIDEO) 


UPDATE: Bill Barr Indicts 8 Including Mueller Top Witness for Funneling Millions in Foreign Donations to Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton and Top Senate Democrats

  • Bill Barr  indicted eight individuals for illegally funneling foreign money to Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton and several Democratic senators.

According to News Thud:

The list of the Dem organizations taking this illegal money is astounding – almost every Dem state organization and many super PAC’s including the big one Priorities USA.

All of the leading names in the Democratic party took in this money including Adam Schiff and Ted Lieu, Jon Tester, Cory Booker, Hillary Clinton, etc.

The DOJ reported:

  • Khawaja donated OVER ONE MILLION DOLLARS to Democrat PAC Priorities USA!


  • The astonishing image, obtained exclusively by The Sun on Sunday, shows how the trio were invited into the seat of royal power by Prince Andrew.

 The evil trio are seen smiling in an astonishing image taken at Windsor Castle



Lets head down to the border, the MSM has been trying to show why the wall doesn’t work, they say its easy to cut through, you can climb over it, but we need to remember these things take time, since they take time the border patrol has the time to reach that area of where the breach is, how do they know about the breaches, it because they have senors, drones and other methods monitoring the wall. 

Geopolitical/Police State

The DS are trying everything to figure out a way to win the 2020 election, Trump has been shutting them down on every front, illegals, shutdown, border patrol the building of the wall, DACA and more. So The DS/DEms pushed a bill through to fight voter id across the US 

House passes bill to fight voter ID laws across the United States

  • The House of Representatives passed a bill to undermine state voter ID laws on Friday by a mostly party-line vote of 228-187.
  • H.R. 4 — also called the Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2019
  • “Action is urgently needed to combat the brazen voter suppression campaign that is spreading across America,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said  
  • But what kind of “voter suppression” does the bill go after? House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., put it plainly when he called the legislation “a good step to right the wrongs that’ve dismantled the fundamental right to vote through Voter ID laws, purging voter rolls & closing majority-minority polling places.”
  •  .
  • This bill would essentially, federalize state and local election laws when there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that those states or localities engaged in any discriminatory behavior when it comes to voting,” said top House Judiciary Committee Republican Rep. Doug Collins, Ga., in a statement sent out ahead of the vote.
  • “Full protections are afforded under current federal law for all those with valid claims of discrimination in voting,” Collins explained. “Unfortunately, the bill before us today would turn those federal shields that protect voters into political weapons.”
  • “Supporters of the legislation simply want to reverse state voter identification laws,”  
  • The bill is expected to die in the Republican-controlled Senate.






Six Saudis are arrested over Pensacola naval base shooting including three who FILMED the attack by countryman who killed three and wounded eight before being shot dead – as FBI probes terror link

  • Shooting took place on base early Friday morning, sparking a lockdown  
  • Sources identified the suspected gunman as Saudi Air Force aviation student Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani 
  • As of Friday evening, six Saudi nationals have been detained for questioning 
  • It’s reported that three of them filmed the shooting as it happened 
  • Rep Matt Gaetz, a Republican representing Pensacola, called the shooting ‘an act of terrorism’  
  • President Trump tweeted that King Salman told him ‘the Saudi people are greatly angered by the barbaric actions of the shooter…’ 
  • Three other people were shot and killed during incident inside classroom building on base 



Relevant to today re: F assets.
Deconstruction of foreign controlled [intel] US media [+alt] critical.
Untouchable re: State backed?
Epstein thought so.
Puppets & Puppet Masters.

The MSM, Politicians and some alternative media are controlled by intelligence orgs like C_A and Mossad, Epstein believed his was protected by these orgs and he couldn’t be touched, this did not turn out to be the true. 

Protests showing a police office shoot people for no reason
What happens when people don’t conform to their rule?
What happens when people cannot defend themselves?
Why do [D]‘s want to abolish the 2nd amendment?
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
What did the Framers of the Constitution fear the most?📁
“–That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.
But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–”
We, the People.



Where is George Soros?
Who else recently traveled to Ukraine?
PANIC is real.
morally reprehensible SINFULWICKED
We now that RG has been investigating Ukraine, which includes, Bidens, OBama, HRC and others, he discovered that aid has been sent to Ukraine and then funneled back to their bank accounts. RG exposure of Ukraine is making certain DS players panic, George Soros is one of them, and we know RG just released visited Ukraine. 

Trump on Giuliani Trip To Ukraine: I Hear He’s Found Plenty of Good Information, Wants to Report to Congress and Attorney General 

  •  . Trump said he believes Giuliani wants to present a report to the Attorney General William Barr and to Congress. Trump added Giuliani has not told him what he found.




Naval Air Station shooter wrote anti-American and anti-Israeli tweets before rampage: report

Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, who was said to be a second lieutenant in a flight training program for foreign military personnel at Naval Air Station Pensacola, posted a short manifesto to Twitter, AFP reported, citing the SITE Intelligence Group, a group that monitors jihadist media.
Posted on Twitter prior to shooting?
Calls to ban/remove Twitter?
Calls to ban/remove 8ch for same reason?
Congressional hearing?
Why was there a coordinated effort to ban/remove 8ch?
What was the reason?
What was the REAL reason?
Logical thinking.


Who Really Controls The Drudge Report?



Relevant to today re: F assets.
Deconstruction of foreign controlled [intel] US media [+alt] critical.
Untouchable re: State backed?
Epstein thought so.
Puppets & Puppet Masters.
Drudge is also controlled opposition.


Ask yourself a very simple question, why?
The ‘why’ will be (publicly) answered soon.
Dark > Light
Knowledge is power.
Think for yourself.
Trust yourself.
Do due diligence.
You awake, and thinking for yourself, is their greatest fear.
Sheep no more.
When we research what the MSM is saying we can then think logically, we then discover the truth 
A stunning admission from Warren: “I shouldn’t have done it. I am not a person of color, I am not a citizen of a tribe. And I have apologized for confusion I have caused”
Think Harvard.
Think tax break.
Think political career.
GREAT VIDEO! It never gets old, but often gets deleted by Twitter, so enjoy it while it lasts.
Fight, Fight!
You’ve heard about QAnon. But what is really going on with this conspiracy theory? A Political Science Professor explains, tonight. 8PM ET.
While a biased POV shelters/protects the host, the overall discussion [eyes on] generates awareness.
 the professor pushed the conspiracy angel, but more and more people will hear of Q   



Son is wearing a mossad shirt, the question is, Is Adam Schiff controlled by Mossad?

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