The [DS] Has Run Out Time, Expose, Drain The Swamp, Fire At Will – Episode 2008


The [DS] Has Run Out Time, Expose, Drain The Swamp, Fire At Will
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BJ just trapped the [CB]/elite in their own game, and they didn’t even see it coming. He has now setup the UK to exit, either by a deal or a no-deal BREXIT. The patriots are in control. Once this happens the other countries in the EU will most likely start to make their move. In the US the economy statistically has been taken to the next level, the Fed cut the rates once again. The [DS] is running out of time, they are trying to impeach before the indictments are unsealed. Barr and Durham are further along than previously thought. The resolution that Pelosi is pushing is going to be voted on. AS and NP have no evidence and the witnesses they have been calling have no evidence to give, the entire sham is falling apart. Flynn’s case falling apart, SP has pushed the Mueller team to the edge and they are about to fold. This entire process has been exposed to the public, enjoy the show.

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Current News – 10.30.2019

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  • Leaving the EU under the terms of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s deal would cost the UK economy about $90 billion, the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) warned. One of the UK’s leading economic think tanks, the think tank  has suggested that by the end of the 2020s, Johnson’s agreement, if accepted, would axe the size of the country’s economy up to 4%, or about $1,400 per capita a year.


Meaninglessness of Brexit Extension Confirmed by Dec 12 Election

  • Boris Johnson accepted a Brexit extension offer to January 31 but the extension is now officially meaningless.
  • The January 31 extension is moot if there are elections in December as now seems likely 
  • MPs voted in favour of a December 12 date by a margin of 438 to 20, a majority of 418.
  • What Difference Does 3 Days Make?
  • The Liberal Democrats wanted a December 9 election. So did Labour (not that Labour really wanted an election at all, because it didn’t).
  • The significance of December 12 is that college students who are likely registered to vote near in districts close to their schools may not vote at all since they will be on recess.
  • That was a win for Johnson.
  • The amendment to allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote was struck down when Johnson threatened not offer December elections at all was also a major win for Johnson.   
  • Those who suggested Johnson “caved in” by agreeing to an extension to January 31 seriously missed what he was doing
  • Johnson got exactly what he wanted: An early election when he is way ahead in the polls.
  •  Johnson even phoned Macron telling him to OK an extension.
  • Johnson was adamantly opposed to an extension (or at least he said).
  • And he was, if there was no election attached to it.
  • Johnson colluded with French President Emmanuel Macron, who demanded a “way forward”.
  • The way forward meant either elections or passage of the Withdrawal Agreement (WA). The WA had the Liberal Democrats scared to death.
  1. Johnson is so far ahead in the polls that he would rather gamble on elections before the Withdrawal Agreement is settled. 
  • Nearly everyone underestimated Johnson.
  • Guess what? The impossible happened.
  • All that remains is an election to prove it.


Economic Growth Slowed to 1.9% in the Third Quarter
  • The U.S. economy slowed in the third quarter but growth continued thanks to strong consumer spending offsetting the drag of flagging business investment, uneven trade policy, and low levels of demand for U.S. exports from sluggish economies around the globe.
  • Gross domestic product, a broad measure of goods and services produced across the economy, rose at a 1.9 annual rate in the third quarter 
  • Economists had expected growth to slow by even more, to an annualized rate of 1.6 percent.
  • Inflation-adjusted consumer spending rose 2.9 percent, above the forecast for 2.6 percent.


Fed Cuts Its Interest Rate Target for Third Time This Year

  • The Federal Reserve cut its interest rate target by a quarter-percentage point for the third time this year.
  • Eight of 10 Fed officials voted in favor of lowering the federal-funds target rate to a range between 1.50% and 1.75%, with two reserve bank presidents preferring to hold rates steady. 



The [DS] have now trapped themselves with the fake impeachment inquiry, the patriots wanted them to pursue this, this entire push to impeach the president with no evidence has just exposed the entire DS and those who go along with it will be in trouble come election time, the goal was to drain the swamp, the swamp is deep and wide and one of the best ways to accomplish this is allow these people to expose themselves, the patriots plan all along was to capture both the house and the senate, the house has been doing nothing, the American people have been watching this, this part of the swamp will be drained by those in the house not running again or being voted out, the patriots are now moving in for the kill, we will be talking about this a little bit later, but first it seems that Kamala Harris needs to cut staff, she is running out of funds, many of these candidates will be dropping out the race very soon. 

Polls: Impeachment, Removal of President Unpopular in Battleground States
  • Two recent polls show that the effort by Democrats to impeach and remove President Trump from office is unpopular with a majority of voters in several key battleground states.
  • Those results may loom large in the minds of Democrat members of the House of Representatives from those states as they consider how they will cast their ballots when a vote on impeachment proceedings comes to the floor of the House on Thursday.
  • One poll, conducted by Marquette Law, measured voter sentiment on impeachment in Wisconsin, while a second poll, conducted by The New York Times Upshot/Siena College, aggregated voter responses in six key battleground states–Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Arizona, and Florida.
  • “When asked if Trump should be impeached and removed from office, 44 percent say that Trump should be removed, 51 percent say he should not be impeached and removed and four percent say they don’t know,” 
  • The numbers were slightly higher when it came to whether or not the House should hold hearings on the issue of impeachment:46 percent think that there is enough cause now for Congress to hold hearings on impeachment of President Donald Trump, while 49 percent say there is not enough cause and 5 percent say they do not know.


Trump tweeted out the following

Mark Meadows tweeted out the following

The American people waking up to the fact that the House is doing everything in secret, this is not open and transparent, the whistleblower has disappeared, the DS are now calling people in that have nothing to do with the call, they have no evidence, just saying they heard something is not evidence, because there are others who listened to the call who will say the opposite, plus Trump released the transcript and the person who he spoke to President Zelensky is backing him up.

Now the house is voting on a defense bill and the Dems are threatening to block it, it does include 250M for Ukraine Assistance Intiative, McConnell explains in a tweet

Trump tweeted out the following

Now as we know the DS is parading in witnesses trying to make it look like they have something, it looks like the Russian Collusion investigation that completely fell apart, yesterday Alexander Vindman testified, Devin Nunes explains whats going on.


  • “It was unprecedented,” “I mean, they’ve been bad at most of these depositions, but to interrupt us continually to coach the witness, to decide… what we’re going to be able to ask the witness.”
  • And, to see someone coach a witness, this isn’t the first time that Schiff — Schiff is very good at coaching witnesses.”
  • Nunes called the entire impeachment inquiry process under Schiff and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., “unprecedented.”
  • Rep. Jim Jordan also supported Nunes statement, and provided more detailed of what went through inside the hearing.
  • “When we asked [Vindman] who he spoke to after important events in July — Adam Schiff says, ‘no, no, no, we’re not going to let him answer that question,” Jordan said. 
  • Take a Listen To what Jim Jordan said
The [DS] then tried to make it seem like the phone transcript is not valid, it was missing important information, they need to do this because they never expected Trump to release the transcript, 
  • Vindman who allegly was listening in on President Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukraine President Volodomyr Zelensky says he tried to correct portions of the reconstructed transcript which note-takers and voice recognition software missed,
  • Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman said that the two world leaders explicitly mentioned Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian energy company that employed Hunter Biden at the same time his father Joe Biden used his position as Vice President to have the country’s lead prosecutor – who was investigating Burisma – fired.


So lets get this straight

  1. the note takers
  2. voice recognition software
  3. all the others on the call
  4. Trump
  5. Zelensky 
  6. The people on Zelensky’s side who listen in

All missed this except this one person

The NYT tweeted the following

Sean Davis responds to the tweet

he continues

 Vindman and the MSM are saying that Trump’s transcript is not the complete transcript, key words were removed, so does Vindmen have proof, does he have the recording because there were alot of other people on the call and the President of Ukraine is not agreeing with Vindman. So the witness needs to show proof of what he is saying, please produce the evidence.

Evidence would be the original call, not something he wrote down

All Vindman could come up with, all Adam Schiff’s star impeachment witness could do, was complain about petty and meaningless things the transcript might have missed, and because that was the best Vindman could come up with — a guy who hates Trump and who heard the original call — we now know the transcript of the call released by the White House correctly informed the public of what was said…

Which means Trump did nothing impeachable.

Which means Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment jihad continues to get dumber by the day.

CONFIRMED: Schiff Witness Vindman Shared President’s Call with SEVERAL PEOPLE — Likely VIOLATION OF LEAKING STATUTE US Code 798 (VIDEO)

  • Colonel Vindman may have violated the law by leaking the president’s call to several others.

Catherine Herridge said the following: One thing that caught my attention is that Vindman said he shared it with people who were relevant and who had sort of a need to know and proper security clearance. And, it you could just bare with me, the reason that matters is that presidential phone calls are highly classified and if they’re shared with people who don’t have a need to know that would be a potential violation of the leaking statute that is 18 USC 798. And if you watched closely this afternoon Rep. Jim Jordan said that Chairman Schiff repeatedly shut down lines of questioning including who Vindman talked to after the July 25th phone call.


The text of the Democrat impeachment resolution was released

Details of House “Impeachment Inquiry” Resolution – Rules for Open HPSCI Hearing(s), Lawfare Staff Questioning, and Transfer to Nadler…

  •  the contracted legal staff within House Intelligence Committee have produced a House “Impeachment Inquiry” resolution to be voted on tomorrow.  The resolution (full pdf below) contains the rules constructed by Shiff’s Lawfare staff, for public HPSCI hearings.

  • The House impeachment resolution blocks President Trump’s lawyers from participating in the House process until the hand-off to the Judiciary Committee for article assembly.
  • Within the House resolution is a process to transfer the evidence from the three investigative committee chairs: Schiff, Engel and Maloney, to Jerry Nadler at Judiciary. [The process within Judicary will be assembling the ‘articles of impeachment’.]
  • What Pelosi/Schiff et al have assembled is a format for a highly controlled public spectacle prior to a predetermined transfer of evidence to Jerry Nadler (Judicary).  With the intent to construct a pantomime for public absorption in mind, the rules are written for maximum narrative construction. [ex. Lawfare lawyers will question witnesses]
  • The rules within the resolution outline the guidance for at least one public hearing from the HPSCI prior to transfer to Judiciary.  The Oversight Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee and Intelligence Committee are assembling publicly under the House Intelligence Committee (HPSCI) for that/those public hearing(s).
  • Key points from rules:
  • The Executive Branch will not be permitted to participate in the open HPSCI hearing.
  • President Trump lawyers will not be permitted to question witnesses in the open HPSCI hearing.
  • Ranking member of HPSCI (Nunes) may have subpoena power subject to pre-approval by Chairman Adam Schiff.  Requests must be made in writing.  Chair is not mandated to approve.
  • Ranking member of HPSCI (Nunes) may have ability to request witnesses subject to pre-approval by Chairman Adam Schiff. Requests must be made in writing. Chair is not mandated to approve.
  • Schiff (Chairman) and Nunes (Ranking member) will each have 90 minutes (aggregate) to question any witness brought before the committee.  All other committee members will have 5 minutes each, per witness. [Remember this is a member assembly of 3 committees]
  • The Chair is authorized, though not required, to make depositions public.
  • Upon completion of the hearing(s), the HPSCI chairman shall write a **report to the Judiciary (Nadler) with instructions of findings.  
  • The next part of the resolution is the House approving of the transfer process, and setting up rules for the Judiciary Committee phase.  The Judiciary Committee (HJC) then shifts to official Impeachment Hearings, prior to articles of impeachment being assembled.
  • The HJC Ranking member (Doug Collins) shall have subpoena power subject to approval by the HJC Chair, Jerry Nadler.
  • The HJC ranking member shall have the ability to request witness testimony, subject to approval by the HJC Chair, Jerry Nadler.
  • The HJC will allow participation by President Trump’s counsel.


Still there has been no house vote on impeachment, this entire process is a fake impeachment hearing, they can call it what ever they want, they changed the rules to push their personal agenda. 

Yesterday we talked about how the DOJ was going to stop the grand jury information getting into the hands of the DS, wait for ruling from the judge or emergency appeal

DC Court of Appeals Issues Emergency Stay Blocking Release of Grand Jury Material to HJC…

  • It’s a good thing the DOJ did not wait for a ruling from Judge Howell.  Instead, a three-judge panel of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals has issued an emergency administrative stay; blocking the release of the Mueller grand jury materials to the House Judiciary Committee pending the court review of the appeal from the DOJ.

The ‘stay’ suspends implementation of Judge Howell’s ruling last week until the court has the opportunity for review, and further formal motions are filed to appeal the decision.

  •  Howell was going to wait to rule on the stay motion until after the House voted on their resolution creating the framework for their ‘impeachment inquiry. With that vote, Howell would likely have ruled against the ‘stay’ motion.   The direct move to the appeals court impedes Howell’s judicial agenda.
  • The appellate court ruling avoids Howell’s outcome.

Judge Denies Emergency Stay Blocking Release of Secret Grand Jury Material in Mueller’s Report to House Dems

  • Lets go back to Last week, Judge Howell wrote a 75-page memorandum opinion granting the House Democrats access to the secret grand jury material because the “Speaker of the House has announced an official impeachment inquiry.” but there is no impeachment inquiry, there was no vote in the house, this is something Pelosi made up
  • We also need to remember that All three appellate judges on the panel, Patricia Millett, Cornelia Pillard and Robert Wilkins, were appointed by Barack Obama.
  • judge Howell blocked their emergency stay.
  • So the  ‘Stay was  denied. But DC Circuit has a temporary hold in place.’


The patriots no exactly how this is going to proceed, every move the DS make the patriots are 5 steps ahead, this is about exposing the corruption, exposing how these people do not follow the rule of law, watch how this plays out, watch how it all starts to all unravel just like the russian collusion witch hunt

Reminder re: impeachment.
2/3rd Senate vote required to impeach POTUS.
Logical thinking.
You are watching D’s ‘con’ liberal base using ‘hope’ tactics while maintaining ‘POTUS obstruction of Justice’ FAKE NEWS narrative.
Think 2020.

The DS plans are falling apart all around them, Look at the Flynn the MSM and other believed Flynn was guilty he was going to jail, he pleaded guilty, and now look, everything the DS did is not being exposed.  

Flynn Update – Judge Grants Complaining DOJ Lawyers an Opportunity to File a Reply…

  •   Judge Emmet Sullivan canceled the November 7th hearing in the Flynn case to resolve defense issues outlining how the DOJ was willfully not producing Brady evidence that would show Flynn’s innocence.
  •  the evidence Sidney Powell provided might result in Judge Sullivan dismissing the case, the DOJ filed a notice today requesting an opportunity to reply before Judge Sullivan deliberates on the Brady motion.  The DOJ notice (see here) is essentially the DOJ complaining about the new and overwhelming submission of evidence.
  • To avoid the appearance of judicial impropriety, Judge Sullivan has instructed the DOJ to file a surreply by November 1st outlining their complaints; and then gives the Flynn defense the opportunity to refute with a sur-surreply by November 4th. (video below)


Targets may be closer than they appear.
Hunters become the HUNTED.
>>7260840 (/pb)
[Placeholder – [DECLAS] Exculpatory Evidence [Illegal Hold-Non_Report] FISA_T_SURV]
T = Target(s)(ed)?
Watch the news this week.

While the DS push their fake impeachment and the Flynn case disintergrates in front of their eyes, Barr and Durham maybe further along than everyone thinks 

EXCLUSIVE: Three Recent Events that Indicate AG Barr and His US Attorney John Durham May Be Further Along than Previously Suspected!

  •  Here are the recent events that indicate this is the case.
  • 1. US Attorney Durham is overseeing a criminal probe –
  • Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper reacted last week to the news that the Durham investigation is now a criminal probe –
  •  It’s not normal for a US attorney to work a case jointly with the Attorney General personally. It’s also out of the ordinary for both to interview witnesses and suspects together. This has been a criminal probe for several weeks.
  • Clapper was caught off guard.  He wasn’t ready for this.  He showed his guilt and concern with the news.
  • 2. Attorney General Barr’s recent comments on FOX News –
  • Attorney General Barr was on FOX News two days ago and gave his first remarks in some time in regards to the Durham probe.
  • In the interview, Barr said that Durham is “making great progress” and noted that the FBI has been cooperating with the scrutiny.“One of the reasons Mr. Durham is able to make the kind of progress he’s making is because Director Wray and his team at the FBI have just been outstanding in the support and responsiveness they’ve given,” Barr said.
  • Wray is no doubt complying with Durham’s investigation for a couple of reasons.  One reason is because President Trump unredacted all documents that AG Barr and his US Attorney Durham request.  This was done in an Executive Order.
  • Also, Wray is no doubt complying with Durham, because if he doesn’t, then he will be obstructing justice.  This is a crime that even Wray does not want this on his record.
Wray is a sleeper
Future marker.
  • 3. Former FBI Official James Baker Has Allegedly Flipped –
  •  this is really bad news for the Deep State.  Baker was at the top of the FBI when Comey and gang were creating and implementing their coup of the Trump Administration.  He no doubt knows a lot and can lead Durham to the heart of the Deep State actions under Obama and Comey.
  • The Durham investigation is now a criminal probe.  This likely has been going on for some time.  The FBI is cooperating with the probe and former FBI Official James Baker is assisting Durham in his probe.  This all leads to bad news for the Obama Deep State.  No wonder James Clapper looks like he’s seen a ghost!


Famed Pathologist Dr. Baden: Evidence Shows Jeffrey Epstein’s Death was a Homicide (VIDEO)



Lets head down to the border


GOOGLE LEFTISTS STRIKE AGAIN: YouTube Removes Channel on Trump Border Wall Constrution — Says It is “Hate Speech” and “Promotes Violence”

  • Roger Ogden from Patriot Fire is an expert on the US-Mexico border wall.
  • Robert reported in September on the latest funding for 509 miles of new border wall.
  • This was a brand new status paper from the US Customs Border Protection on their plans at this time to build 509 miles of border fence, wall, barrier, whatever you want to call it, with $9.8 billion in federal funding.
  • This week YouTube shut down Roger’s YouTube account Patriot Fire.
  • Google-YouTube said the videos on the US border wall construction was “hate speech” and they “promoted violence.”
  • Roger wrote The Gateway Pundit 

Recently, I have been posting videos about the status of the existing border fence and construction of new fence on YouTube. They suspended my channel that I created about 10 years ago, saying that the reason was hate speech and promoting violence.

I think, though, that it may have had something to do with the coming election and that my videos about the border were becoming too popular.


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    I hope the Republicans can stop acting like that wimpy kid getting bullied at school and FINALLY realize the power they DO have and stop letting the Dems push them around!

  • October 31, 2019 at 3:32 am

    I’m hoping that there is something the Republicans and POTUS can do to end this tomorrow! If it were up to me, I’d have all those Dems charged with High Treason in their attempt to affect a Coup d’État to usurp the Presidency and the votes of 65 million American citizens. I’d then have the mall cuffed and frog marched out of Congress and the Senate, and thrown in prison. Enough of those games. Even if the Dems have the majority in The House, I’d say their very legitimacy, much less any Majority, is annulled and they would effectively be fired, unemployed, pensions and retirements forfeit.

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