This Is a Methodical Plan Moving Ahead With Military Precision,[DS] Has Been Warned – Episode 2009


This Is a Methodical Plan Moving Ahead With Military Precision,[DS] Has Been Warned
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Trump and the patriots are hitting the [CB], this is all part of the plan, this will intensify as we move into 2020. Trump need the [CB] to lower rates to zero or in the negative range, this will happen. The China deal location is now being discussed because APEC was cancelled. Trump hits the Fed again letting the American people know who will be responsible when the economy comes down. The [DS] believes they have the upper hand, this is what the patriots want them to believe, the [DS] took the bait and now they are going to be exposed. The witnesses have no evidence and once again we are finding out that most of these so called witnessing have a connection to the [DS]. Trump and the patriots have united the Rep party, together we are stronger this was part of the plan. Barr/Durham moving along with their criminal investigation, this is not about a 4 year election, its about giving the power back to the people. The [DS] has been warned.

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Trump and the patriots are not letting up, the economic attacks continue and will increase as we move into 2020, This is all part of educating the public, the ultimate goal is to remove the [CB] system, we will be talking about this a little later, but first gold shoots up over 1500 and the stock market declines a bit.



On a Year-over-year basis, both incomes and spending growth accelerated…

  • The divergence between spending and income has sent the savings rate up to 6-month highs…



Trump says US working with China to find new location to strike trade deal after APEC summit cancelled

  •   Chilean officials said they were cancelling the November 16-17 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit to focus on restoring law and order in the country.
  • Trump had been planning to meet his Chinese counterpart, President Xi Jinping, at the summit, to discuss a possible trade deal.


Trump tweeted out the following

Trump and the patriots are not going to let up on the [CB] as we head into 2020 the attacks will continue and increase.


The [DS] believes they have the upper hand, they voted today to pass the Impeachment resolution, it passed and the [DS] is proceeding with their agenda,  but something interesting happened with the vote, something the patriots have been trying to do since Trump was elected and now they have it, the [DS] has stepped right into the trap, the are going down the path the patriots want them to go down, just like the Mueller investigation, this will not turn out well for them, why because the patriots hold all the cards, whats waiting in the wings the criminal investigation, declass, IG FISA report, the [DS] was setup,This Is a Methodical Plan Moving Ahead Step by Step with Military Precision, we will be talking about this a little later but first Bill Clinton is pushing the idea Hillary will run in 2020, 

Bill Clinton Fuels Rumors of a Hillary 2020 Run: ‘She May or May Not Run’ (VIDEO)

  • Former President Bill Clinton left the door open for a Hillary 2020 run.


The question is why are is HRC pushing this out to the public, because the plan is to have Trump impeached or to hurt him enough , so they have a fighting chance,  she is waiting for the right time to announce that she is running, she is not planning to go up against Trump now, she knows she can’t win. Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the big tech companies are board with this plan, Twitter and facebook announced that political ads will not be allowed on their platforms

Crooked Hillary Cheers as Twitter Bans Political Ads Worldwide

  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey  said “A political message earns reach when people decide to follow an account or retweet. Paying for reach removes that decision, forcing highly optimized and targeted political messages on people. We believe this decision should not be compromised by money,” Dorsey added.
  • “This isn’t about free expression. This is about paying for reach. And paying to increase the reach of political speech has significant ramifications that today’s democratic infrastructure may not be prepared to handle. It’s worth stepping back in order to address.,” Dorsey said in a final tweet about the announcement.
  •   Hillary cheered Dorsey’s decision and called on Facebook to do the same after Facebook’s Zuckerberg said his platform will not be policing or fact-checking political ads purchased by politicians.


Why would they do this, their plan is have Trump hurt or out of the way, HRC will announce she is running, the big tech firms will ban political ads from both parties, it will seem fair on the surface, but in reality they will use their algorithms to boost the candidates they want and hide the ones they don’t want

HRC knows that Biden’s reputation is now tarnished even with Trump gone and he doesn’t have a chance, and neither do any of the other candidates. The Biden’s problems are getting worse. 

Joe Biden Repeatedly Asked Federal Agencies To Do What His Son’s Lobbying Clients Wanted

  • While serving as senator of Delaware, Joe Biden reached out discreetly to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) to discuss matters his son Hunter Biden’s firm was then lobbying for, according to government records Goodman gathered.
  • The latest revelations further buttress accusations that Joe Biden’s work as senator and vice president frequently converged with and assisted Hunter Biden’s business interests. Whether it be getting the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son’s company fired or meeting one of his son’s business partners while on a diplomatic trip to China in 2013, Joe Biden’s political activities in relation to his son Hunter have continued to garner scrutiny.


Today the house voted for the impeachment resolution, this is not an impeachment hearing, this is approving the house fake rules for a fake impeachment hearing, they are trying to make it seem all official, but the house never voted for impeachment. 

BREAKING: House Votes Along Party Lines to Approve Sham Impeachment Resolution – Two Dems Vote Against Measure

  •   impeachment resolution was 232-196 vote  
  • Two Democrats voted against the resolution — Reps. Collin Peterson (MN) and Jefferson Van Drew (NJ), who represent districts that support Trump.


Phil Kerpen broke down the other 3 impeachment votes in a couple of tweets


The [DS] is falling right into the patriots trap, they are heading down the path they want them to head down, this is about exposing the corrupt, draining the swamp and letting the American people see who these people really are and what crimes they have committed, the witnesses they have been calling in to their secret hearings have no evidence, this is a propaganda show just like the Mueller investigation, just like the arrest of Flynn, Manafort, accusing a Russia company of meddling in the election, the raid on Roger stone, this is the show, this is propaganda. We are now finding out more about Vindman

Lying Schiff’s Star Witness Alexander Vindman Tied to Ukrainian Arms Dealers, Ukrainian Oil and Gas and the Atlantic Council

  • When Rep. Jim Jordan asked him who he shared the readouts with — Rep. Adam Schiff SHUT DOWN the questioning!
  • Vindman also admitted during testimony that he tampered with and tried but failed to alter the transcript of President Trump’s call to the Ukrainian President.
  • Vindman is also connected to Glenn Simpson. Vindman was in Eurasia, specializing in Russian affairs, at the same region as Glenn Simpson, who was also specializing in Russian affairs was there, as well as Christopher Steele, who was also specializing in Russian affairs at the time. Trey Gowdy uncovered this in Simpson’s testimony in front of Congress –


  • Yorktown Solutions is a lobbying firm that represents some questionable Ukrainian arms companies and the Ukrainian Oil and Gas industry, interested in undermining the Nordstream 2 Project. (Kiev Post)
  • Daniel Vajdich is listed as the registered agent for the lobbying firm Yorktown Solutions. He just so happens to be a member of the Atlantic Council. The same Atlantic Council Burisma donated heavily to and welcomed Volker, now a Senior Advisor, after he resigned. (Which opens a whole other can of worms regarding his meeting with Burisma board members at the Atlantic Council Event.)
  • Yorktown Solutions lists Alexander Vindman in its FARA filing –

  • On what appears to be their first day of U.S. operations, Vindman received his first email from Yorktown, he then met with them in March, and is listed as corresponding with Yorktown Solutions through email every few weeks since. Important to note, March of 2019 is also when Lutsenko began making allegations against Biden per WAPO’s timeline.


And now it seems that the Whistleblower is Eric Ciaramella (char-a-MEL-ah

Mystery Revealed – CIA Gossiper Eric Ciaramella: Democrat, Former NSC Staff, Worked with Joe Biden and John Brennan…

  • According to the researched outline, Ciaramella worked closely with Democrat operative, Alexandra Chalupa in 2016 to advance the anti-Trump effort; and this year Ciaramella worked closely with HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff’s staff to continue his efforts.

(RCPI) […] Federal documents reveal that the 33-year-old Ciaramella, a registered Democrat held over from the Obama White House, previously worked with former Vice President Joe Biden and former CIA Director John Brennan, a vocal critic of Trump who helped initiate the Russia “collusion” investigation of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

Further, Ciaramella (pronounced char-a-MEL-ah) left his National Security Council posting in the White House’s West Wing in mid-2017 amid concerns about negative leaks to the media. He has since returned to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

“He was accused of working against Trump and leaking against Trump,” 


Mark Meadows tweeted out the following

We will be talking about the patriots plan with impeachment in a moment. but first we are now getting word that the CIA paid forces were pushing their agenda in Middle east and in Afghanistan, 


  • Dozens of witnesses from across Afghanistan say CIA-trained units abducted individuals and attacked health workers
  • Afghan forces backed by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have been carrying out summary executions, abducting individuals and attacking healthcare facilities, 
  • The alleged abuses occurred while US and Taliban representatives were engaged in negotiations that could eventually lead to the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan 
  • CIA enabled Afghan forces to commit atrocities



The patriots have accomplished what they needed to accomplishment with the Pelosi/Schiff resolution vote, the [DS] is heading right into the trap

  1. Impeachment requires evidence, facts, not propaganda
  2. If the house actually votes for impeachment, the Senate has always been the key

Senior NatSec Official Who Was on Trump-Zelensky Phone Call DESTROYS Schiff – Testifies, ‘I Was Not Concerned That Anything Illegal Was Discussed’

  • Tim Morrison, the National Security Council’s Senior Director for European Affairs appeared on Capitol Hill   to testify in the fake  impeachment hearing.
  • Morrison, who was on the July 25 Trump-Zelensky call testified Thursday that nothing illegal was discussed.
  • This is why Schiff is conducting the hearings behind closed doors.
  • Schiff doesn’t want the American public to know that President Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was completely above board.
  • Morrison said. “I want to be clear, I was not concerned that anything illegal was discussed,” 
  • “Morrison also testified that the memorandum of the call released by the White House is accurate to his recollection
  • There was no quid pro quo and no threats, yet the Democrats are moving full steam ahead with their Soviet-style impeachment proceedings.


The [DS] players have trapped themselves in this impeachment push, they are not thinking about the American public, they are not thinking about optics or how the people will view what they are doing

Impeachment and the Importance of Transparency

  •  without a transparent process, our rules and institutions will suffer even further damage. More Americans will lose faith in the system and become further alienated from our institutions. 


Secrecy will be their downfall, those who voted for the impeachment resolution they have something to lose if it doesn’t go there way, many believe that the Senate is not the key because of Laurence Tribe and the loophole he is talking about. 

The Impeachment Loophole No One’s Talking About

  • Trump’s impeachment doesn’t require 20 Republicans, says Laurence Tribe. It could happen with zero.
  •  Two-thirds majority.” This is the share of votes required to convict President Trump in an impeachment trial in the United States Senate. That’s 67 senators, if you’re counting—or, in the glass-half-empty variation, the number of Republican senators required to jump ship is 20.
  •  Tribe is saying that the Constitution doesn’t indicate that removal from office requires two-thirds of the Senate. It requires two-thirds of senators present for the proceedings. Keep that in mind, we will get to this in a moment


Trump tweeted out the following

And as we all know there was a vote today on the resolution, which doesn’t mean there is an impeachment hearing, something very interesting happened with the vote, Kevin McCarthy tweeted out the following

Steve Scalise followed up with his tweet

So what just happened, The Republicans are all on the same page, they are standing together very interesting

RG lets the DS know that the Truth will emerge, and people will be shocked by the pattern of corruption dems are covering up

RUDY’S BACK! GIULIANI WARNS DEMOCRATS — “The Truth Will Emerge… You Will Be Surprised by the Pattern of Corruption Dems Are Covering Up”

  • Dems are covering up because it’s bigger than you think!


Patriots have done what they set out to do , they brought the Republican party together, this is important, WWG1WGA, 


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.237
The Senate is the key, 2/3 vote if everyone is present, together we are strong, together we win
Who recently walked ‘on stage’ to take command?
What ‘stage’ experience did this person have?
Think Bill Clinton impeachment.
Has the ‘stage’ been cleaned & cleared for the next performance?
If the ‘stage’ is clean, can the performance begin?
How might ‘transparency’ [DECLAS] fit into the dialogue?
Define ‘thesis’ statement.
What benefit(s) does this provide BARR?
“This is not simply another four-year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we, the people, reclaim control over our government.” – POTUS
Logical thinking.


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 5351e2 No.5628683

Impeachment requires FACTS.
Impeachment requires 2/3 vote of the SENATE.

Subject: Statement from the Press Secretary

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
October 31, 2019

Statement from the Press Secretary

The President has done nothing wrong, and the Democrats know it. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats’ unhinged obsession with this illegitimate impeachment proceeding does not hurt President Trump; it hurts the American people. Instead of focusing on pressing issues that impact real families, like reducing gun violence, passing the USMCA, improving healthcare, lowering prescription drug costs, securing our southern border, and modernizing our aging infrastructure, the Democrats are choosing every day to waste time on a sham impeachment—a blatantly partisan attempt to destroy the President.

With today’s vote, Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats have done nothing more than enshrine unacceptable violations of due process into House rules. Speaker Pelosi, Chairman Schiff and the Democrats conducted secret, behind-closed-door meetings, blocked the Administration from participating, and have now voted to authorize a second round of hearings that still fails to provide any due process whatsoever to the Administration. The Democrats want to render a verdict without giving the Administration a chance to mount a defense. That is unfair, unconstitutional, and fundamentally un-American.


This Is a Methodical Plan Moving Ahead Step by Step with Military Precision
  1. IG report dropping soon
  2. Declas coming
  3. Criminal Investigations coming
  4. Those who are corrupt are trying to stop this
  5. Crimes will be exposed
  6. Crimes against humanity will be exposed

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    Great Show again Dave. Thank you!

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    Shalom David,
    Thank you for your hard work in getting truth out so everyone can access truths in news that the legacy mainstream media either obfuscates, ignores, or distorts, and sometimes even fabricates! Watch Episode 2009 makes me wonder if you might generate a video tying the Dems frantic impeachment charade to try and thwart what’s coming down as the AG and the U.S. attys Huber and Durham begin criminal investigations. Believe all the most agitated Dems are those most guilty and likely to be indicted and sentenced. Barr is no dummy and very methodical and sure. He will not rush to indictment/prosecutions until the cases are solidified like a steel trap. The Perps should be panicking as the traps begin to close! Thanks again for all your efforts to promote truths in this very deceived world. Ha Satan, the master of the globalists, is the original deceiver and excels in the craft of deception! Pray for POTUS and the patriots to receive the wisdom, understanding and knowledge they need to effectively combat the evil ones. Sincerely,

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