The [DS] Plans Are Falling Apart, Corrupt Politicians Begin To Exit, Panic In DC – Ep. 2960


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The [DS] Plans Are Falling Apart, Corrupt Politicians Begin To Exit, Panic In DC
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When Trump was in the WH we had a V recovery, the jobs that were lost was artificial and the jobs that were gained were the same jobs. Now since Biden is the WH we are seeing jobs lost. The people are rejected the corrupt installed politicians. The [DS] plan is falling apart, every step they make is failing. Trump has setup mini traps along the way to expose everything the [CB]/[DS] want to do. The corrupt politicians are already planning their exit plan. There is panic in DC. Trump asks a question what are the consequences for treason, censorship, overthrowing the US government. There will be consequences for their crimes.



Continuing Jobless Claims Near 11-Month Highs 

  • The number of Americans filing for jobless claims for the first rose last week from 216k to 225k (in line with exp), with the non-seaonally-adjusted pace of initial claims trending notably higher…
  • 1.710 million Americans are filing for jobless claims on a continuing basis – the most since early February…

  • This is the largest rise in continuing claims since the peak of the COVID lockdowns in June 2020.
  • The 11 straight weeks of increasing continuing claims suggests that Americans who are losing their job are having more trouble finding a new one.


Thomas Massie: $100B for Ukraine Could Have Given an Extra $200M to Every Congressional District in U.S. 
  • Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) is blasting Republicans, Democrats, and President Joe Biden for their approving more than $100 billion in American taxpayer money for Ukraine this year.
  • “$100 billion to Ukraine. Let’s put that in perspective. That’s more than $200 million this year from each Congressional district,” Massie wrote. “What could your congressman have done for your district with $200 million? How long will the kids in your district be paying interest on this debt?”


  • Something is going on with Mitch McConnell and all of the terrible and virtually automatic “surrenders” he makes to the Marxist Democrats, like on the $1.7 Trillion “Ominous” Bill. Could have killed it using the Debt Ceiling, or made it MUCH better in the Republican House. Nobody can be this stupid. Perhaps it has to do with his wife, Coco Chow, and their BIG relationships with China – A HISTORIC conflict of interest like no other!


  • Worse than a Democrat!


Feb 26, 2019 6:49:44 PM EST
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 1e2b4e No. 5402061 
Feb 26, 2019 6:41:14 PM EST

Anonymous ID: 67117c No. 5401939 

Feeling like Anons in US will be up late tonight following POTUS/Q in Vietnam.
It’s going to be HISTORIC!
Planned long ago.


Watch: Pete Buttigieg Told James Corden Airline Travel Would Be ‘Better By the Holidays’

  • Transportation Secretary told late-night comedian James Corden three months ago that airline travel would improve by the holiday season, a claim that does not appear to have been kept amid massive flight cancellations during the holiday.
  • According to a recent report from The Lever, federal officials share equal blame for the massive airline cancellations over the holiday season, a trend that began in the summer of 2022 and never seemed to improve.


Biden Keeps Phillip Washington as His Choice for FAA Commissioner Despite His Pending Criminal Corruption Case

  • While airlines in the US were grounded and thousands of flights were canceled and delayed over the holiday weekend, Biden’s pick to run the FAA continues to be grounded in corruption. 
  •  “


On September 14th, as the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department descended upon multiple locations serving criminal warrants including LA Metro Headquarters, mainstream media has led us to believe the corruption at LA Metro under Washington was merely a “dispute” between former LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva and disgraced former supervisor Sheila Kuehl.

However, when we remove the false political narrative crafted by the White House under the President and in collaboration with current leaders in LA Politics including Barack Obama’s former labor secretary and current LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis, and California Attorney General Rob Bonta, a bigger story of gender discrimination, anti-semitism and attacks against the LGBTQ and AAPI communities emerges.

The Current Report broke the story of the raids and the LA County Sheriff’s Department served criminal warrants on LA Metro Headquarters shortly after 7 AM.


  • Biden has not changed his choice for FAA Commissioner despite  Phillip Washington being embattled in corruption cases in LA. 
  • The US Senate and Biden want to go ahead with Washington’s nomination.  The law doesn’t matter to the Biden gang. 


Joe Biden’s Top 15 Biggest Lies 

  • 1) Biden’s Law School Grades
  • Biden claimed in 1987 he graduated in the top half of his class at Syracuse College of Law. He was 76th in a class of 85.
  • 2) Arrested In South Africa 
  • Biden falsely claimed in 2022 he was arrested for trying to see Nelson Mandela in South Africa. The Washington Post marks this claim as false.
  • 3) First Job
  • In 2021, Biden claimed in Idaho his “first job offer” was from a local lumber and wood products business, Boise Cascade. The company said there is “no record” of Biden’s claim.
  • 4) Visiting A Synagogue 
  • Biden claimed in 2021 he visited Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue, where 11 people were murdered in 2018. Biden did speak to the Tree of Life rabbi; however, he never visited the synagogue, as he claimed.
  • 5) Unemployment Numbers
  • Biden claimed in 2022 unemployment was the lowest in 50 years, down from 6.5 percent to 3.5 percent. Biden’s claim was false. The unemployment rate was 3.5 percent under his predecessor.
  • 6) Visited Afghanistan 
  • Biden claimed in 2022 he visited Afghanistan and Iraq twice as president. The New York Post marked Biden’s claim as false.
  • 7) Naval Academy Appointment 
  • Biden claimed in 2022 claimed he was appointed to the Naval Academy in 1965 by the late Sen. J. Caleb Boggs (R-DE). A search of Boggs’ records fails to produce evidence to support Biden’s claim.
  • 8) Beau Died In Iraq
  • Biden has falsely claimed twice in 2022 that his late son Beau died in Iraq. Beau died at a Maryland hospital.
  • 9) Never Spoken to Hunter About Family Business
  • Joe Biden falsely claimed in 2019 that he never discussed business deals with Hunter. But Joe Biden left Hunter a voicemail in 2018 about a business deal with Chinese energy giant CEFC, directly contradicting Joe Biden’s statement in 2019.
  • “Hey pal, it’s Dad. It’s 8:15 on Wednesday night. If you get a chance just give me a call. Nothing urgent. I just wanted to talk to you,” Joe Biden said. “I thought the article released online, it’s going to be printed tomorrow in the Times, was good. I think you’re clear. And anyway if you get a chance give me a call, I love you.”
  • 10) Visited 54 States
  • Biden falsely claimed in 2022 he campaigned in all 54 states. There are only 50 states in the union.
  • 11) Passing Student Loan Legislation 
  • Biden falsely claimed in 2022 he passed “student loan forgiveness.” But no student loan legislation has been passed through Congress.
  • 12) Raised By Puerto Ricans
  • Biden claimed in 2022 he was “sort of raised in the Puerto Rican community at home, politically.” But Biden told the BBC he is Irish. Media reports suggest Biden is five-eighths Irish, stemming from two Irish families.
  • 13) Gas Prices
  • Biden falsely claimed the price of gas is “down from over $5 when I took office.” The day before former President Donald Trump left office, the national average price of gas was $2.38.
  • 14) Biden Traveling 17,000 Miles With Chinese President
  • Biden claimed in 2021 he ‘traveled 17,000 miles with’ Chinese President Xi Jinping. The Washington Post marked Biden’s claims with three Pinocchios.
  • 15) Inflation Is Only Temporary 
  • Biden claimed in 2022 that inflation was only temporary. Before his statement, inflation had raged for months. About six months later, inflation is still soaring at 7.1%.
  • 16) My first wife was killed by a drunk driver. Biden has been dragging this lie out for a half a century to garner sympathy & support for his political career. The truck driver who struck & killed Biden’s wife and their two children was not drunk. Joe’s wife turned in front of him at the very last second, making the accident unavoidable.
  • 17) Once I’m president, I’ll end the virus in six months. Textbook Big Guy: saying whatever his campaign thinks the voters most want to hear, then completely failing to follow through and deliver after the actual election.
  • 18) My policies have created more than 4 million high paying job’s in the last 18 months since I took office. People returning to work at the jobs they previously had before the the government closed down their employers during the scamdemic; or, people taking three lower paying jobs to compensate for losing a better, high paying paying one is not job “creation.
  • 19) The US economy is now experiencing record breaking growth unlike at any other time in history. Are you really more prosperous now than you were four years ago, America?
  • 20) We’re going to only buy American. Another lie he gave in a speech promoting one of the many congressional looter spending bills. The following week, he signed off on a $1 billion government purchase of masks and covid test kits from China.✪



  • Another 12 months we would have been down to almost nothing! datavisualizations.heritage.o
  • Data Visualization | Major Spike in Convicted-Criminal-Alien Encounters by U.S. Border Patrol | The Heritage Foundation
  • Convicted-criminal-alien encounters have spiked during President Biden’s first two years in office. From @HeritageDataViz
  • The Biden Administration has reversed many of the Trump-era policies that stemmed the tide of illegal immigration into the United States. As a result, convicted‐criminal‐alien encounters—including assaults, rapes, and homicides—have spiked during President Biden’s first two years in office.


Pray for the children.



BIDEN DID THIS: Undermanned US Military Now Accepting ADHD And Other Behaviorally Challenged Individuals

  •  the Defense Department will allow 700 individuals with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) to serve without a waiver.  The paper also notes this might provide a pathway for those who have confronted “mental health or other developmental conditions.”
  • Here are how the new rules will work:
  • “Under the new rules, a potential recruit who has completed high school or college or successfully held a job without counseling or medication for three years for ADHD would be able to enlist. That symptom-free period “is reassuring that they would make it through their initial entry training and hopefully have a successful military career,” said Army Lt. Col. Kim Helgemoe, a member of Pentagon’s Accession Policy, an office that sets medical admissions standards across the force.”
  • “A potential recruit who has in the past been treated for depression or other mental-health ailments, or has taken any medication for such conditions, can join the military only with a waiver. Those waivers can be difficult to obtain as they factor in the recruit’s health, the potential job, and the requirements of the service. A recruit also may not be taking medication upon entering basic training, according to military guidelines.”
  • The last time the Pentagon relaxed regulations this significant, the results proved devastating. During the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, the military allowed drug offenders and high school dropouts to enlist with waivers. This experiment resulted in a rise in mental health problems and suicides among the armed forces.


  • The Chairman of the BlackRock Investment Institute, the guy who tells the $8.7 trillion investment firm BlackRock where to put their money, is Tom Donilon; President Obama’s former National Security Advisor (before Susan Rice), and a key advisor to Joe Biden throughout his career in politics; who was also recently put in charge of U.S-China policy by the State Dept. {link}
  • Tom Donilon’s brother, Mike Donilon is a Senior Advisor to Joe Biden {link} providing guidance on what policies should be implemented within the administration.  Mike Donilon guides the focus of spending, budgets, regulation and white house policy from his position of Senior Advisor to the President. Tom Donilon’s wife, Catherine Russell, was the Biden White House Personnel Director {link}.  In that position Donilon’s wife controlled every hire in the Office of the Presidency. Tom Donilon’s daughter, Sarah Donilon, who graduated college in 2019, now works on the White House National Security Council {link}
  • Yes, Blackrock, the world’s largest investment firm, is essentially in a private-public partnership with the Biden White House fraught with massive financial conflicts of interest. Tom Donilon is the bagman.  The Donilon family coordinates the Biden foreign policy toward Ukraine, and the Donilon family positions Blackrock financially to benefit as a specific outcome of the relationship with the Biden family and the White House.  Now this….
  • WASHINGTON DC – Zelensky and BlackRock CEO Larry Fink met virtually on Wednesday, the president’s website revealed, and discussed plans for the financial behemoth to play a prominent role in the postwar reconstruction of Ukraine, which has been subjected to massive Russian depredations for most of this year.  Plans for BlackRock leaders to visit Ukraine in the new year were finalized at the meeting.
  • Zelensky also announced that Ukraine would participate in next year’s WEF summit in Switzerland from Jan. 16-20 but didn’t specify if he would be attending in-person or virtually.
  •   So, the Biden administration positioning U.S. taxpayer funds going into Ukraine.  That DC money will now blend with Blackrock rebuilding money and come out of the laundry operation to provide financial benefits to Blackrock, Zelenskyy and the Biden family syndicate.




  • The veil has been lifted – America is not funding the Ukraine War for our own national interests
  • We are sending tens of billions to advance **WEF interests**
  • The next GOP President needs to make it a top priority to destroy the WEF

  • BREAKING: Zelensky announces he is planning to join World Economic Forum in Davos, to sign new postwar loans with BlackRock
  • “Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Larry Fink agreed to focus in the near term on coordinating the efforts of all potential investors and participants in the reconstruction of our country, channelling investment…

False Flags

Actor Sean Penn Says Being Unvaccinated Is A Criminal Offense

  • If it was up to Hollywood actor Sean Penn, anyone who is unvaccinated would be behind bars.
  • In a recent interview with Extra, Penn who is an Academy Award winner stated that being unvaccinated is “cowardice” and “criminal”.
  • Penn would follow up his statement by saying “I really feel that if someone chooses not to be vaccinated, that they should choose to stay home. Not go to work. Not have a job.”


Biden Admin To Mandate COVID Tests For Travelers From China

  • Starting Jan. 5, all travelers from China above the age of 2 will have to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 48 hours of departure, The Associated Press reported. U.S. health officials say the move is aimed at stemming a rebound of COVID-19 cases after China eased its lockdown policies over the past weeks, with cases surging across the country.



CDC Pushes Teachers to Measure Commitment to ‘LGBTQ Inclusivity’ Instruction 
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued an “assessment tool” for teachers and school administrators to measure their commitment to “LGBTQ inclusivity” in their classrooms.
  • The tool asks leading questions about school personnel and their faithfulness to queer theory, including encouraging sexual education teachers to have gender neutral anatomy, referring to boys as “body with a penis” and girls as “body with a vagina.”
  • It pushes advocacy, membership in a school’s “Gay/Straight Alliance,” the social transitioning of children including use of facilities of the opposite sex, and decorating classrooms with LGBT propaganda.
  • It also appears the CDC wants administrators to allow a student to change his or her “paperwork to present their chosen name and pronouns, rather than their legal name.” [Emphasis added].



  • So proud of my Dhillon Law Group colleagues for staring down the J6 Committee for its illegitimate subpoena of President Trump. Tonight, the committee cried uncle and withdrew the subpoena rather than let our lawsuit play out in federal court, where we were confident of success. This entire committee investigation was an abuse of power & process not to mention separation of powers. Congratulations to all who made this victory possible and to President Trump.

  • Was just advised that the Unselect Committee of political Thugs has withdrawn the Subpoena of me concerning the January 6th Protest of the CROOKED 2020 Presidential Election. They probably did so because they knew I did nothing wrong, or they were about to lose in Court. Perhaps the FBI’s involvement in RIGGING the Election played into their decision. In any event, the Subpoena is DEAD!

  • Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) has revealed that he has been diagnosed with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma, which he described as “a serious but treatable form of cancer.”
  • In a statement released on Wednesday, Raskin revealed that he is about to undergo chemotherapy to treat the disease, which he said was was detected in its “early” stages.
  • Raskin said that he expects he’ll be able to continue his work while undergoing treatment, though he might make fewer public appearances after doctors recommended that he “reduce unnecessary exposure to avoid COVID-19, the flu, and other viruses” that could severely harm him while his immune system is in a weakened state.

Judge to Order New Election in Screven County After ‘Systemic Irregularities’

  • On November 18, 2022, Screven County Commissioners Allison Willis and Mike Dixon, candidate for county commissioner in District 1 Tyler Thompson, Vicki T. Reddick, and Michael Lloyd Waters, filed a lawsuit against Elections Superintendent Debbie Brown, Elections Supervisor Hannah Derriso, and Commissioner Edwin Lovett. The five contended that the wrong ballots had been issued to at least two dozen voters in District 1, and that the incorrect ballots may have had an impact on the county commission race in that district that had a margin of just seven votes.
  • A highly anticipated hearing in Screven County lasted more than three hours last week and yielded a decision by a judge to order a new election after testimony revealed ‘irregularities’ in the 2022 election.



  • @realDonaldTrump you won 2020 now what will we do about it? We have to rally the people in America to stand up against the tyranny we face and peacefully and professionally protest against every single act of the current WH and Congress, to include every sitting member of congress. None of them (NOT ONE) can be trusted and don’t count on any of them them. If they had your back, they’d be speaking up about it at every opportunity. And none of them do, nor any sitting US Governor ever says a word.

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

  • It has just been learned that the FBI Office that is “investigating” Hunter Biden sent many censorship requests to keep all of his bad news confidential just prior to the 2020 Election. In other words, the exact same people that were “investigating him” were making sure that he doesn’t get any bad publicity—“Only good publicity, please.” This is an outrageous disgrace, & the same group that is after me on the Boxes Hoax, the January 6th Unselect Committee Hoax, & the many past Hoaxes and Scams.
  • So, if the FBI illegally suppressed all of the really bad information on the Biden family (laptop!) at a level never seen before, (“it was Russian disinformation,” they said), while at the same time not letting the many positive things accomplished by “Trump” get out to the public, but would instead put out “bad stuff,” that would be the very definition of the Government’s RIGGING of an Election. Pollsters projected this Scam made a difference of Millions of votes. What are the CONSEQUENCES?


Aug 28, 2018 1:34:00 PM EDT
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 1775fc No. 2767588 


Dec 22, 2019 6:09:09 PM EST
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 05fbcd No. 7592211 Something BIG is coming. Do people really think this can happen with no CONSEQUENCES? FISA = START NOBODY is above the law [not anymore]. Q

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