The Hunt Is On, It’s Time, Senate Was The Target – Episode 2197


The Hunt Is On, It’s Time, Senate Was The Target
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Trump and the patriots are busy building the main street economy. The [CB]/[DS] destroyed main street which allowed them to decimate the economy. Trump is now building a parallel economy, which includes building a parallel banking system. The breaking up the to big to fail is now happening. Optics are important, the Fed came out with their numbers and right on schedule Trump is reporting the economy will do better than what the [CB] has reported. The [DS]/MSM has now deployed all assets, the clock is ticking down and the people of this country will see the true enemy. The [DS] will continue to push their events as the Senate brings in each treason’s person one by one. The patriots are in control, the hunt is on.

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Current News – 06.11.2020

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U.S. Main Street Economic Indicators Remain Strong – Mortgage Demand Up 13% From Prior Year…

  • Inside the foundation of the Trump Main Street economy, the cement that binds the America-First policy, are a series of pre-established economic policies that specifically targets middle-class workers. The foundation is made strong by net wage gains and earnings amid mid-tier workers; those wage gains are made more important by policies that keep inflation in check.
  • Blue-collar workers, on average, were fortunately positioned to ride-out the COVID shutdown. With the shutdown over; Main Street now quickly fires back into action.
  • The demand for mortgage applications rose five percent last week, resulting in year-over-year growth over 13 percent. A
  • A thriving Main Street means an expanding U.S. middle-class.
  • The ruling elites deny this fundamental truth, but the rust-belt did not create itself.
  • The erosion of the U.S. manufacturing base -and Main Street- was an outcome of policy. Both Republicans and Democrats participated in this process.  Democrats claim, falsely, to be champions of the middle-class; but their narrative is refuted by the actual results of their policy.   
  • America-First is a program focused on Main Street and it expands the middle class.  That is why during President Trump’s first term the wealth gap actually started to narrow for the first time in decades.  
  •  Trump and Mnuchin viewed the entire U.S. banking system as too monolithic and generally positioned to the benefit of Wall Street and not Main Street.  As such their approach toward regulation was to split the regulatory financial system into two segments according to the size of the bank (or financial entity).
  • Big institutional banks (more than $10 billion) retained comprehensive regulation over their practices; however, smaller banks do not have the same level of regulatory and compliance mandates. This approach is the modern era financial outlook that, like MAGAnomics, is entirely new and bold.

“we do not support a separation of banks from investment banks, we think that would have a very significant problem on the financial markets, on the economy, on liquidity; and we think that there is proper things that potentially we could look at around regulation, but we do not support a separation of banks and investment banks.”

~ Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin testifying to the Senate Banking Committee, May 18th 2017

  • Back in July 2010 when Dodd-Frank banking regulation was passed into law, there were approximately 12 to 17 banks who fell under the definition of “too big to fail”.
  • Meaning 12 to 17 financial institutions could individually negatively impact the economy, and were going to force another TARP-type bailout if they failed in the future.  Dodd-Frank regulations were supposed to ensure financial security, and the elimination of risk via taxpayer bailouts, by placing mandatory minimums on how much secure capital was required to be held in order to operate “a bank”.
  • One large downside to Dodd-Frank was that in order to hold the required capital, all banks decreased lending to shore-up their liquid holdings and meet the regulatory minimums.
  • Without the ability to borrow funds, small businesses had a hard time raising money to modernize or create new business.  In the big picture, growth in the larger economy is hampered by the absence of capital.
  • In 2010 there were approximately twelve “too big to fail banks”, and that was seen as a risk within the economy, and more broad-based banking competition was needed to be more secure.
  • Unfortunately, because of Dodd-Frank, by 2016 those twelve banks had merged into only four even bigger banks that were now even bigger risks; albeit supposedly more financially secure in their liquid holdings.   This ‘less banks’ reality was opposite of the desired effect.
  • 2010’s “Too few, too big to fail” became 2016’s “EVEN FEWER, EVEN BIGGER to fail”.
  • That’s the underlying problem for a Glass-Steagall type of regulation now.  The Democrats created Dodd-Frank which:
  • •#1 generated constraints on the economy (less lending),
  • •#2 made fewer banking options available (banks merged),
  • •#3 made top banks even bigger.
  • This problem is why President Trump and Secretary Mnuchin created a parallel banking system of smaller community and credit union banks that are external to Dodd Frank regulations and can act as the primary commercial banks for small to mid-sized businesses, ie. “Main Street”.
  • This intended banking design of smaller, more connected to Main Street lending, is why President Trump and Secretary Mnuchin did not support the CFPB banking rule that allowed lawsuits against all financial entities.






Undercover Huber responded

Another Lawyer for Obama’s Former Deputy AG Sally Yates Is Assisting Corrupt Judge Sullivan in General Flynn Case

  • The circus will not end.  The attorney for Obama’s corrupt former Deputy Attorney General, Sally Yates, is now representing the group that is working with corrupt Judge Sullivan in keeping innocent General Michael Flynn in court.
  •  !
  • This is unheard of!
  • Also Sullivan asked the retired judge to look at whether Flynn could be held in criminal contempt for perjury.
  • **** This is exactly what Obama said in a weekend ‘leaked’ phone call — even though Flynn DID NOT commit perjury!
  • O

Techno Fog@Techno_Fog

Whoa. 🤔

Did David O’Neil – the attorney for Sally Yates – assist Flynn amicus John Sullivan?

O’Neil’s name is on the brief.

Don’t forget –

Yates is a material witness in the FBI/DOJ misconduct as to Flynn (and the Carter Page FISA renewals).

What a circus 🤡

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Geopolitical/Police State

AG Bill Barr: “Clearly” the Social Media Giants are “Engaged in Censorship” (VIDEO)

  • Attorney General   believes the social media giants are “engaged in censorship” and are acting like “publishers.

FOX News reported:


“I think there are — clearly these, these entities are now engaged in censorship,” Barr responded. “And they originally held themselves out as open forums where people, where the third parties could come and express their views and they built up a tremendous network of eyeballs.



False Flags

Pence: ‘No Significant Uptick’ in Coronavirus Cases from Protests, Memorial Day Weekend

  •    Vice President Mike Pence said that so far, there has not been “an increase in new cases” of coronavirus in the wake of widespread protests and there was “no significant uptick in new coronavirus cases” as a result of people gathering over Memorial Day weekend.
  • Pence said, “Our team has been following the potential health implications of these protests very closely, and what I can tell you is that, at this point, we don’t see an increase in new cases now, nearly two weeks on from when the first protests took effect. We’re also encouraged by the fact that you saw a great deal of consternation in the media over Memorial Day weekend, Lou, where there were many gatherings on boardwalks and beaches and places around the country. We saw no significant uptick in new coronavirus cases from that.”


Hydroxychloroquine rated ‘most effective’ coronavirus treatment, poll of doctors finds

  • An international poll of thousands of doctors rated the Trump-touted anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine the best treatment for the novel coronavirus.
  • Of the 2,171 physicians surveyed, 37 percent rated hydroxychloroquine the “most effective therapy” for combating the potentially deadly illness, according to the results released Thursday.
  • The survey, conducted by the global health care polling company Sermo, also found that 23 percent of medical professionals had prescribed the drug in the US — far less than other countries.
  • Outside the US, hydroxychloroquine was equally used for diagnosed patients with mild to severe symptoms whereas in the US it was most commonly used for high risk diagnosed patients,” the survey found.
  • During the survey, a total of 6,227 physicians were questioned in 30 countries about at least 15 treatments used for COVID-19.
  • Of the 2,171 doctors asked which drug is most effective, 37 percent said hydroxychloroquine. By contrast, 32 percent answered “nothing.” 



!UW.yye1fxo ID: ee33a6 No.300345
Make sure the list of resignations remains updated.
When does big pharma make money?
Curing or containing?
Mind will be blown by chain of command.


!UW.yye1fxo ID: ee33a6 No.300473
What if cures already exist?
What about the billions (public/private/govt) provided to fund cure dev?
These people are sick!

“I Should Never Have Been There” – Gen Mark Milley Stands with the Mob – Apologizes for Walking to Torched St. John’s Church with President Trump (VIDEO)

  • General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff addressed graduates at the National Defense University
  • During his speech Milley apologized for joining US President Trump and walking over to St. John’s Church the day after it was torched by violent leftist protesters.
  • General Milley told the graduates this was a “political event” and he should not have stood with the President


Out in Seattle


Los Angeles: Homicides Soared 250%, Shootings 56%, During Protest Week 

The week of 5/31 to 6/6, homicides went up 250% and victims shot went up 56% compared to the previous week.


Shootings Surge, Murders up over 100 Percent as Protesters Flood NYC
  • Shootings surged and murders were up over 100 percent in New York City last week as protesters flooded the streets, along with rioters who shattered windows and destroyed property.
  •   there were 13 murders from Monday, June 1, 2020, to Sunday night, June 7, 2020. There were five murders during that same time period in 2019.
  • Moreover, there were 40 shootings in NYC from June 1 to June 7, 2020. In 2019 “there were 24 shootings.”



SOON: DNI Ratcliffe has declassified documents related to RussiaGate and ordered them sent to Congress. Big release expected imminently.
Follow the pen.

What happens when [D]s can no longer cheat electronically?
Push vote-by-mail?
Wow this video is really important and every person needs to watch and share it. Black Lives Matter donations go directly to a superpac called “ACT BLUE” that has given hundreds of millions to Democrats running for President. How is this legal? #BLM is LITERALLY a shell company.
Welcome to the [D] party con.

Black Lives Matter…only when they need your vote TAKE A LISTEN
Twitter’s CEO follows this account. Wonder why
Quote Tweet
Help us liberate #QAnon victims who have fallen for the Qanon or Pizzagate misdirection campaign. You may know someone in your family or community. – don’t ridicule them. – remember they are emotionally vulnerable. – confront them with the thread below.

All assets activated…
Not Anonymous but Twitter.
[owned and operated]
A creation to combat ‘Q’ aka ‘you’.

Jordan_Sather_ thought it odd that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey follows an account claiming to be associated with the hacktivist group Anonymous.Apparently, the account is owned by Twitter and was created to do battle against us.


Do Anons understand what is about to be unleashed?

Hypocrisy folks
Welcome to the [D] party con.

You’d be surprised how many supposed “experts” have no idea about martial law or the emergency powers granted to a President during a declared national emergency. You know, like the one we’re still in now.

NEW: First obtained

declassified “Annex A” Intellligence Community Assessment 2016 Russian election interference cites Steele dossier. Alleges “President-elect and his top campaign advisers knowingly worked with Russian officials to bolster his chances..and were offered

Tucker Carlson: We were lied to about coronavirus and the mass lockdowns. Here’s the proof

Millions of Americans remain subjected to unprecedented restrictions on their personal lives, their daily lives, their family’s lives.

The coronavirus lockdowns continue in many places. You may not know that because it gets no publicity, but it’s true. And if you’re living under it, you definitely know. 

Some of them delayed their weddings. Others were banned by the government from burying their loved ones in funerals. Some Americans will die of cancer because they couldn’t get cancer screenings, some unknown number have taken their own lives in despair. Others have flooded the streets to riot because bottled up rage and frustration take many forms. The cost of shutting down the United States and denying our citizens desperately needed contact with one another is hard to calculate. But the cost has been staggering.

The people responsible for doing all of this,say they have no regrets about it. We faced a global calamity, they say. COVID-19 was the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu. That flu killed 50 million people.

We had no choice. We did the right thing. That’s what they’re telling us. Is it true?

The answer to that question matters, not just because the truth always matters, but because the credibility of our leaders is at stake here. This is the biggest decision they have made in our lifetimes. They were able to make it. They rule because we let them. Their power comes from us.

As a matter of public health, we can say conclusively the lockdowns were not necessary.

So the question, now and always is, are they worthy of that power? That’s not a conversation they want to have. And right now, they don’t have to have that conversation because all of us are distracted and mesmerized by the woke revolution underway outside.

They just created a separate country in Seattle. Huh? We’ll bring you the latest on that. But we do think it’s worth four minutes taking a pause to assess whether or not they were in fact lying to us about the coronavirus and our response to it.

And the short answer is this: Yes, they were definitely lying.

As a matter of public health, we can say conclusively the lockdowns were not necessary. In fact, we can prove that. And here’s the most powerful evidence: States that never locked down at all — states where people were allowed to live like Americans and not cower indoors alone — in the end turned out no worse than states that had mandatory quarantines. The state you probably live in.






What happens when [D]s can no longer cheat electronically?
Push vote-by-mail?
What ‘event’ was necessary to provide cover for push?

 Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today announced that the Committee would debate and vote on a subpoena authorization related to the FISA abuse investigation and oversight of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

Graham’s subpoena authorization covers a number of documents, communications and testimony from witnesses, including James Comey, Andrew McCabe, James Clapper, John Brennan, Sally Yates, and others.

The subpoena authorization will be first listed on the agenda for the Committee’s executive business meeting on May 21, 2020. The Committee is expected to vote on the subpoena authorization at its June 4, 2020 executive business meeting.

Background on Senate Judiciary Committee subpoena authorizations:

  • Under Senate Judiciary Committee rules, the Chairman cannot unilaterally issue a subpoena. The Chairman can ONLY issue a subpoena with the consent of the Ranking Member or by a Committee vote.
  • If approved by a majority of the Committee, the subpoena authorization gives the Chairman the ability to issue a subpoena for witnesses, documents or other materials.
  • Subpoena authorization votes in the Senate Judiciary Committee are not common. Chairman Graham will use the precedent set by Chairman Leahy as a guideline for this subpoena authorization vote. On September 25, 2008, the Committee authorized subpoenas by party line vote.

Witnesses, documents and other materials covered by Graham’s subpoena authorization:

  • Documents and communications referenced in, and testimony at a hearing or deposition of any individual named or identified by pseudonym in, the report titled “Review of Four FISA Applications and Other Aspects of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation” issued by the U.S. Department of Justice Inspector General
  • Documents and communications related to, and the testimony at a hearing or deposition of any current or former executive branch official or employee involved in, the Crossfire Hurricane investigation (including investigations opened under the Crossfire Hurricane umbrella) or the receipt or analysis of reports prepared by Christopher Steele (commonly referred to as the “Steele dossier”)
  • Documents, communications and testimony at a hearing or deposition related to any aforementioned matter from:

 Trisha Anderson, Brian Auten, James Baker, William Barr, Dana Boente, Jennifer Boone, John Brennan, James Clapper, Kevin Clinesmith, James Comey, Patrick Conlon, Michael Dempsey, Stuart Evans, Tashina Gauhar, Carl Ghattas, Curtis Heide, Kathleen Kavalec, David Laufman, Stephen Laycock, Jacob Lew, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, Mary McCord, Denis McDonough, Arthur McGlynn, Jonathan Moffa, Sally Moyer, Mike Neufield, Sean Newell, Victoria Nuland, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Stephanie L. O’Sullivan, Lisa Page, Joseph Pientka, John Podesta, Samantha Power, E.W. “Bill” Priestap, Sarah Raskin, Steve Ricchetti, Susan Rice, Rod Rosenstein, Gabriel Sanz-Rexach, Nathan Sheets, Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, Glenn Simpson, Steve Somma, Peter Strzok, Michael Sussman, Adam Szubin, Jonathan Winer, Christopher Wray, and Sally Yates.

Committee approved [12-10] [today].📁

Senate Judiciary gives Graham sweeping subpoena powers in review of Russia probe 

Why it matters: Graham now has sweeping authority to subpoena documents and more than 50 individuals related to the Russia investigation, including former FBI director James Comey, former CIA director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

The big picture: Johnson and Graham have said they plan to issue reports before November’s election. The Justice Department is also conducting a sweeping criminal investigation led by veteran prosecutor John Durham, which Attorney General Bill Barr has signaled could result in indictments filed before the election.


Finally, now we can have real hearings instead of the sham/scam hearings in the D controlled House

Logical thinking.
Do you hold hearings [before or after] select item(s) DECLAS? Release docs ahead of hearing
How do you exert maximum pressure (publicly)? You hold hearing under oath, with the declassified docs, The hearings had to wait until after declass.Witnesses can’t lie in hearings if documents proving the truth have been made public.
Chairman Graham, it’s time.
Senate was the target.

The statues which fill the halls of Congress should reflect our highest ideals as Americans. Today, I am once again calling for the removal from the U.S. Capitol of the 11 statues representing Confederate soldiers and officials. These statues pay homage to hate, not heritage.
Why are [D]s attempting to remove their past [‘as’ confederates]?
Knowing the past helps to understand the present.📁
Confederate General Becomes Secretary of the SenateIn the several decades that followed the Civil War, the Democratic Party—long associated with the states of the former Confederacy—struggled to restore its standing as a national political organization. After the 1892 elections, many Democrats believed they had finally succeeded. In those contests, for the first time since the war, they captured the presidency  and gained control of both houses of Congress. Symbolizing their return to national power, Senate Democrats replaced the incumbent secretary of the Senate—a former Union army general—with a former Confederate general.

In the late 1850s, North Carolina native William Ruffin Cox actively encouraged the states of the Old South to secede from the Union. A prosperous lawyer, he studied military tactics and, at his own expense, equipped a light artillery battery. When war came, he organized and led a Confederate infantry company. During the May 1863 Chancellorsville Campaign, Cox lost three-quarters of his regiment in just 15 minutes of fighting. In June 1864, he accompanied General Jubal Early on a raid designed to capture Washington. They reached Silver Spring, Maryland—the closest threat to the capital of any rebel unit—before withdrawing in the face of superior forces.

After the war, William Cox returned home to Raleigh, resumed his law practice, and joined former secessionists in organizing a political faction that eventually restored Democratic rule to North Carolina. He represented a North Carolina district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1881 to 1887.

On April 6, 1893, during a brief Senate special session called to confirm cabinet nominees in Cleveland’s second administration, the new Democratic majority selected Cox as secretary.  Republican senators, not yet reconciled to their new minority status, immediately objected to a plan that would allow Cox, along with the Democratic candidates for sergeant at arms and chaplain, to take office at once.  The Republicans contended that it was not the practice of the Senate to change its officers during these short special sessions. While noting that only four individuals had served as secretary during the Senate’s first 72 years, a Republican leader acknowledged that “a new order of things has come and we on this side of the chamber recognize it fully and bow to the inevitable.” The Senate then agreed that the new officers would not begin their terms until the start of the upcoming regular session.

When the Senate convened for that session on August 7, 1893, Cox took his oath of office. A man of “striking physical appearance, cultured and courtly,” Cox carried out his Senate responsibilities “with acceptance and distinction.” When the Republicans regained the Senate majority two years later, party leaders agreed to keep him in office. This decision owed much to his genial nature, but even more to the political realities of a Republican caucus sharply divided on larger policy issues. Finally, in 1900, a strengthened Republican caucus decided to make a change and the 69-year-old Cox retired.📁

Real people talk
Welcome to the [D] party con.
  • President Trump  hat his administration “will not even consider” renaming Army bases named after Confederate military leaders, after Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy and Defense Secretary Mark Esper both indicated that they were “open” to doing so, according to The Hill.

Donald J. Trump


It has been suggested that we should rename as many as 10 of our Legendary Military Bases, such as Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Fort Hood in Texas, Fort Benning in Georgia, etc. These Monumental and very Powerful Bases have become part of a Great American Heritage, and a…

Donald J. Trump


…history of Winning, Victory, and Freedom. The United States of America trained and deployed our HEROES on these Hallowed Grounds, and won two World Wars. Therefore, my Administration will not even consider the renaming of these Magnificent and Fabled Military Installations…

31.6K people are talking about this

Donald J. Trump


…Our history as the Greatest Nation in the World will not be tampered with. Respect our Military!

47.6K people are talking about this


When you click to donate to Black Lives Matter, it takes you to ActBlue. If donated money goes unclaimed, ActBlue disperses the money however they want. These are their top expenditures so far in 2020.


The hole runs deep.

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