The Hunters Become The Hunted, Tide Is Turning, Final Stage – Ep. 2339


 The Hunted Becomes The Hunter, Tide Is Turning, Final Stage
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The [CB]/[DS] are moving forward with their reset, Trump has used the chaos to remove the blocks to allow him to bring the economy back to the people. During the pandemic companies realized they needed to move operations out of China and more companies are now doing this. The [DS]/MSM never had the narrative, the people are now realizing it and the tide is now turning. DS put up a video of a lion, the hunted becomes the hunter. Trump is now positioning everything to move forward with the plan. Flynn is free and innocent of all crimes, the [DS] is panicking, the final stage is coming.


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  •  Foxconn, formally known as Hon Hai Precision Industry, has been ordered by Apple to shift some iPad and MacBook production lines to Vietnam from China.

The lines will also take some production from China, the person said, without elaborating how much production would shift.

“The move was requested by Apple,” the person said. “It wants to diversify production



Joe Biden Gets Only 1,000 Viewers to Watch His Thanksgiving Address Live — But He Got 80 Million Votes? — What a COMPLETE JOKE! 

  • Joe Biden delivered a Thanksgiving Day Teleprompter message 
    Only 1,000 people watched his statement live.
  • What a complete joke!

  • The Democrat liars want you to believe Joe Biden had 80 million votes this year.


“Baggies of USBs” – PA Witness Gives Explosive Testimony: I Personally Observed USB Cards Being Uploaded to Voting Machines – Now ’47 USB Cards are Missing, Nowhere to be Found’ (VIDEO) 

  • The Pennsylvania state legislature on  held a hearing on the 2020 election issues and irregularities.
  • One very credible witness described how he personally observed dozens of USB cards being uploaded to voting machines which resulted in 50,000 votes for Joe Biden in a short period of time.
  • The witness introduced himself: “My name is Gregory Strenstrom, I am from Delaware county, former Commanding Officer in the Navy, veteran of foreign wars, CEO of my own private company, a data scientist and forensic computer scientist and an expert in security and fraud.”
  • “I was told that every election they leave a couple of USBs in the voting machines…after talking to law enforcement I found out that was not the case, that more than two [USBs] is unusual — so, they denied they did it but as of today, 47 USB cards are missing and they’re no where to be found…so I was told personally that these cards that were uploaded…they didn’t update the vote live in real time,” Strenstrom said.
  • He continued, “They only uploaded about once every 2 or 3 hours. I demanded they updated the vote so I could see what the result was and it was 50,000 votes — and as a computer scientist, an American and a patriot it doesn’t matter who those 50,000 votes were — I’ll tell you they were for Biden but what was shocking to me as an American and someone who has gone to sea, gone to war that could even happen.”



  • Strenstrom said, “In all cases the chain of custody was broken.”
  • “It was broken for the mail in ballots, the drop box ballots, the election day USB card flash drives, in all cases they didn’t follow any of the procedures defined by the Board of Delaware County of Elections,” he said.


BREAKING: NEW LAWSUIT Filed in State of Georgia By Trump Legal Team! — Separate from Sidney Powell — AFFECTS THOUSANDS OF ILLEGAL VOTES 

  • Trump Attorney Phillip Kline announced a new Georgia lawsuit on Wednesday afternoon!
  • The Armistad Project, a part of the Thomas More Society, filed lawsuit contesting GA results, citing expert opinion “that well over 100,000 illegal votes were improperly counted, while tens of thousands of legal votes were not counted.” 


BOOM! Unsupervised Election Workers Messed with Voting Machines in Georgia After False Claim of Water Main Break Sent People Home – ALL CAUGHT ON VIDEO

  •  Attorney Sidney Powell Filed a 104 Page BOMBSHELL COMPLAINT of Massive Fraud in the 2020 Georgia Election
  •   Attorney Abigail Frye posted the following:

The Kraken came down to Georgia on this Thanksgiving Eve in the form of a 104 pg BOMBSHELL complaint exposing the massive fraud that overwhelmed the 2020 Georgia Elections. Georgia, you are most certainly on our minds. Link to filing to come, stay tuned!

More from Sidney–

On page 3  of the filing the purpose of the fraud is stated – to make certain Joe Biden won the 2020 election:

Then on page 8 of the filing we noted this bombshell –

This is consistent with our prior reporting on the false water main break in Atlanta:

  • But in addition to our reporting, Powell states that there is a video of unsupervised election workers unchallenged working on the computers!
  • BOOM – these actions appear criminal as well as being sufficient to meet the burden of proof standard for fraud.






  • 1. 80 Million Votes
  • Holy moly! A lot of Americans turned out for a Washington politician who’s been in office for nearly 50 years. Consider this: no incumbent president in nearly a century and a half has gained votes in a re-election campaign and still lost.
  • President Trump gained more than ten million votes since his 2016 victory, but Biden’s appeal was so substantial that it overcame President Trump’s record support among minority voters. Biden also shattered Barack Obama’s own popular vote totals, really calling into question whether it was not perhaps Biden who pulled Obama across the finish lines in 2008 and 2012.
  • 2. Winning Despite Losing Most Bellwether Counties
  • Biden is set to become the first president in 60 years to lose the states of Ohio and Florida on his way to election. For a century, these states have consistently predicted the national outcome, and they have been considered roughly representative of the American melting pot as a whole. Despite national polling giving Biden a lead in both states, he lost Ohio by eight points and Florida by more than three.
  • For Biden to lose these key bellwethers by notable margins and still win the national election is newsworthy. Not since the Mafia allegedly aided John F. Kennedy in winning Illinois over Richard Nixon in 1960 has an American president pulled off this neat trick.
  • Even more unbelievably, Biden is on his way to winning the White House after having lost almost every historic bellwether county across the country. The Wall Street Journal and The Epoch Times independently analyzed the results of 19 counties around the United States that have nearly perfect presidential voting records over the last 40 years. President Trump won every single bellwether county, except Clallam County in Washington.
  • 3. Biden Trailed Clinton Except in a Select Few Cities
  • Patrick Basham, a pollster with an accurate track record and the director of the Democracy Institute in D.C., highlighted two observations made by fellow colleagues, polling guru Richard Baris of Big Data Poll and Washington Post election analyst Robert Barnes. Baris noted a statistical oddity from 2020’s election returns: “Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metro area around the country, save for Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia.”
  • Barnes added that in those “big cities in swing states run by Democrats…the vote even exceeded the number of registered voters.” I
  • 4. Biden Won Despite Democrat Losses Everywhere Else
  • Randy DeSoto noted in The Western Journal that “Donald Trump was pretty much the only incumbent president in U.S. history to lose his re-election while his own party gained seats in the House of Representatives.” Now that’s a Biden miracle!
  • In 2020, The Cook Political Report and The New York Times rated 27 House seats as toss-ups going into Election Day. Right now, Republicans appear to have won all 27. Democrats failed to flip a single state house chamber, while Republicans flipped both the House and Senate in New Hampshire and expanded their dominance of state legislatures across the country.
  • 5. Biden Overcame Trump’s Commanding Primary Vote
  • In the past, primary vote totals have been remarkably accurate in predicting general election winners. Political analyst David Chapman highlighted three historical facts before the election.
  • First, no incumbent who has received 75 percent of the total primary vote has lost re-election. Second, President Trump received 94 percent of the primary vote, which is the fourth highest of all time (higher than Dwight Eisenhower, Nixon, Clinton, or Obama). In fact, Trump is only one of five incumbents since 1912 to receive more than 90 percent of the primary vote.
  • Third, Trump set a record for most primary votes received by an incumbent when more than 18 million people turned out for him in 2020 (the previous record, held by Bill Clinton, was half that number). For Biden to prevail in the general election, despite Trump’s historic support in the primaries, turns a century’s worth of prior election data on its head.
  • Joe Biden achieved the impossible. It’s interesting that many more journalists aren’t pointing that out.


What is the strategy of the Trump team,Hold public hearings in red states where Biden cheated, expose the fraud to the legislators, use Article II Section 1 Clause 2 

The legislatures are going to ignore the popular vote, because it was rigged, the votes were manipulated, the  state legislators will choose pro-Trump electors on Dec 8th.


The [DS] is panicking their entire plan is falling apart and now Flynn is Free and he can speak freely, who knows where the bodies are buried.



Geopolitical/Police State


AG Barr Made Surprise Visit to Chicago Last Week – Chicago Mayor Lightfoot and Rest of America Wondering What He’s Up To

  • US Attorney General Bill Barr has remained quiet since before the 2020 election.   There is no evidence his Department of Justice (DOJ) is involved in reviewing any election fraud committed by the Democrats.  So what is he up to?
  • So what is AG Barr up to?  

A veteran police lieutenant was reassigned last week after a one-day trip to Chicago by Attorney General William Barr caught Chicago Police Department leadership and the mayor’s office by surprise.


Optics are important, the DOJ is most likely will not get involved, this has to come from the people, but the question is what other things is Barr up to


Iran’s nuclear program chief Mohsen Fakhrizadeh assassinated

  • Head of Iran’s nuclear program Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, 59, was assassinated in Damavand, east of Tehran, local Iranian news reported on Friday.
  • Iran later confirmed the reports. “The nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated today by terrorists,” the Iranian Defense Ministry wrote in a statement, while not blaming any specific entity for the incident.
  • However, Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif later stated on Twitter that “serious indication” pointed to Israeli involvement and urged the international community to condemn the attack.
Trump sent a message to the [DS] and China


False Flags

SCOTUS Blocks Cuomo’s COVID Restrictions On Church Attendance In New York

  • In a 5-4 ruling  the U.S Supreme Court barred the state of New York from imposing strict attendance limits on religious services, in a major win for religious freedom.
  • Orthodox Jewish group Agudath Israel of America and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn sued New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for discriminatory targeting of religious groups with COVID restrictions, as houses of worship were being held to far more stringent standards than neighboring businesses.



Trump Admin Removes Globalists and Warhawks from Defense Policy Board and Dopey Madeleine Albright 

  • The Trump administration removed globalists and warhawks from the Defense Policy Board on Wednesday including Madeleine Albright, Henry Kissinger, Jane Harman and Eric Cantor.
  • Madeleine Albright is famous for bribing the North Korean dictators with US cash in a failed peace agreement.
    She also famously argued that killing 500,000 Iraqi children was a good foreign policy move.


Nov. 25 – Is the Tide Turning Toward Trump

  •   the tide is turning    
  • Pennsylvania
  •  GOP members of the Pennsylvania legislature held a very lengthy hearing at a hotel in Gettysburg. Multiple witnesses testified to election fraud and illegality. Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis were there to answer questions, and the President himself—who had been scheduled to appear in person—phoned in to provide his own input.
  • The benefit of this hearing is two-fold.
  • First, it starts to get the evidence of fraud out to the American people. Americans need to hear what actually happened in this election, and demand for election integrity has to grow in volume. As national outrage builds, our chances of pulling this win back will increase.
  • Second, the hearing begins to prime the legislature to act, if necessary. It is the legislature’s duty (in PA and around the country) to guard against “cabal, intrigue, and corruption” in the selection of the President of the United States. If there was intrigue and corruption at play in these various states—as the evidence strongly suggests there was—and the vote of the people has been tainted beyond repair, it is the duty of the legislatures to step in and choose their own electors.
  • Michigan
  •   Constantino is the case brought by private plaintiffs that sought, among other things, to enjoin the Wayne County certification and to undertake a results audit of the election pursuant to a relatively new constitutional amendment in Michigan that allows voters to request an audit. Since the suit was filed, though, the Wayne County Board certified the election results. First they didn’t certify, then they did certify, and finally the Republicans tried to rescind their votes to certify. Michigan, however, is moving forward assuming the recission is null.
  • The Michigan Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal from the denial of the injunction, but it wasn’t a sweeping or final denial. The plaintiffs will still be able to fight for their audit and the court retained jurisdiction to expedite appeal.  
  • These are a few important points, though. First, the concurrence and dissent both noted the disturbing evidence of fraud that was brought forward by this suit. That’s very good. It is good to hear a court worry out loud and on the record, and it sends signals to the legislature to perk up and pay attention. Second, the concurrence made much of the fact that despite the division over the election, the people of Michigan democratically passed this constitutional amendment two years ago, and the transparency and process it provides are obviously something the people of Michigan value and want.
  •   The Michigan Supreme Court is currently majority Republican. Unfortunately, on January 1, 2021, 
  • Wisconsin
  • As you know, there is an ongoing recount happening in Milwaukee and Dane Counties in Wisconsin. I have been hearing positive reports that suggest Republicans are getting a chance to step in and challenge a lot of votes, but at the end of the day, I think Wisconsin can probably only be dealt with via a lawsuit over the illegal votes. The Trump campaign is probably looking to expedite a suit once the recount is complete.  Only approximately 20,000 votes separate Biden and Trump in Wisconsin.
  • Georgia
  • Sidney Powell is dropped her first suits right before thanksgiving
  • This is the beginning
  •  The certification is procedural and yes in the past they were reversed.
  •   In 1960, it appeared that Richard Nixon had won Hawaii by approximately 115 votes. The state certified the election for Nixon, the governor affixed his signature, and off the results went. A recount that dragged on to late December  ended with a new result: Kennedy won. The state certified the election results a second time (but for Kennedy), the governor affixed his signature, and off the second results went to Congress. Congress accepted the second certification for Kennedy.


SP responded to this 

THe PA courts shotdown Trump case

Has anyone else noticed that the argument went from “they have no evidence…” to “the evidence isn’t enough to overturn” to “look at the typos…” They are attempting to change the narrative. And we won’t let them.

Then DS tweeted out a video of a lion


Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 1a8912 No.815876
Anonymous ID: 4a2d44 No.815836


Free Flynn

Done in 30.
House cleaning.
WH secured.
Final stage.

5 thoughts on “The Hunters Become The Hunted, Tide Is Turning, Final Stage – Ep. 2339

  • November 27, 2020 at 5:50 pm

    Keep up the GREAT & FANTASTIC work you do, Dave!!! You are my wife’s and my #1 source for real, accurate news reporting!! (Lou Dobbs is 2nd) GOD bless you and yours, and protect us all from the evil!

  • November 27, 2020 at 7:32 pm

    Hi, on the episode you stated

    “The legislatures are going to ignore the popular vote, because it was rigged, the votes were manipulated, the state legislators will choose pro-Trump electors on Dec 8th”

    Will we ever get the true vote (popular vote) counts for each state and overall? Or will Trump legal team etc drop all cases when he is re-elected?


  • November 28, 2020 at 1:06 am

    What can set everthing going crazy is the interruption of data. Might that be a false flag? We want to know control, yet control is at best an illusion, think of an earthquake, have you ever been in a big one? The way the narrative your outline suggests the enemy is capable of all manner of offensive response. They may think their trump card is a hard reset from the loss of data. The big tech and social media socialists are knowingly pushing for this I suspect they have a plan

  • November 28, 2020 at 1:28 am

    I believe that the leftist mobs that had their way before the election at burning and looting will have a much different experience if they try the same crap when Trump retains the presidency. Trump will more than likely use the insurrection act of 1807 to put any violence down and quickly restore order with the full backing of the American people. LOL Antifa won’t know what hit them!
    That would be mostly in the urban areas while armed citizens would take care of the sub-urban and rural areas of the Country. Any Soros-financed mischief will be taken care of quickly!

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