•   A public records request in the county housing Wisconsin’s capital city shows what residents have assumed all along: “There are no responsive records” to questions about the efficacy of Dane County’s endless mask mandate.
  • The answer came in response to a resident’s Dec. 17 open records request to Public Health Madison and Dane County, the county health department staffed by the unelected bureaucrats responsible for issuing non-stop mask mandates in the heavily vaccinated county.
  • “We made a diligent search for records responsive to your request within our agency,” replied Public Health Supervisor Melanie Jicha in a Jan. 13 letter. But there were none.
  • The request asked for “data showing disease prevention of Covid19 in Dane County only from Mask Wearing, How many cases of Covid19 Were prevented from Transmission in Dane County from Mask Wearing,” and “Data showing how many … cases [of] Covid19 would exist in Dane County if there was no mask mandate.”

Source: thefederalist.com