Think Enemy Combatants,Operators Are Standing By, Double Meanings Exist – Ep. 2589


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Think Enemy Combatants,Operators Are Standing By, Double Meanings Exist
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The Biden administration along with the [CB] is trying to convince the people that the infrastructure bill which has nothing to do with the infrastructure will cost zero. The [CB] lied again, inflation is not transitory it is heating up, Trump was right again. The coverup is in the works, supply chain, fuel, power issues all on the rise. The [DS] is doing everything they can to get the situation under control, the more they push the more the people are pushing back. The [DS] is now in the process of creating the events that will distract the people from what is really coming, the indictments and prosecution of the criminals. The people and exposing the criminals to the rest of the people and Trump will expose the treasonous individuals in government and beyond. Think enemy combatants, operators are standing by, double meanings exists, running red.



  • For several days now, the Biden administration has been pushing the absurd claim that its $3.5 trillion spending bill actually “costs zero dollars.” They argue that tax increases will offset spending.
  • Biden has promised not to raise taxes on American households earning less than $400,000. But as a reporter noted in questioning Psaki during Monday’s White House press briefing, analysis from the Joint Committee on Taxation says the spending bill would result in tax increases for “more than 16% of taxpayers.”
  • When asked whether Biden would seek changes to the spending bill to maintain his promise, Psaki noted how terrible the White House thinks it is for corporations to offset government-imposed tax increases by raising prices to cover the difference.



Spain’s Inflation Levels Hit 13-Year High Driven by Increasing Energy Costs

  • Inflation levels in Spain surged to a 13-year-high in September driven by increasing energy costs, among other things, data from the National Statistics Institute (INE) showed on Wednesday.
  • Spain is just one of several European countries facing soaring energy bills as gas prices have risen more than 35 percent in the past month amid lower supplies and a surge in demand as pandemic-hit economies around the world reopen, prompting fears that there is simply not enough gas stored up for the winter if temperatures were to be particularly cold in the northern hemisphere.
  • In Europe, supply levels are 16 percent below the five-year average, a record low for this time of year.
  • Spain’s government confirmed Sept. 14 that it will introduce a series of short-term temporary “shock measures” in an effort to cut spiraling energy bills.



  •   projections last week virtually all Fed officials said it was more likely inflation would run hotter than expected than otherwise.
  • Even as Lagarde spoke, Fed Chair Jerome Powell testified to the U.S. Congress about “bottlenecks, hiring difficulties, and other constraints” that have led the Fed to project inflation this year at 4.2%, twice the official target, and may make it more persistent.




Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Announces Lawsuit Against Joe Biden’s Illegal Human Trafficking Operations

  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that he is triggering a three point plan to confront Joe Biden’s human trafficking operation.
  • One measure includes a lawsuit against the federal government for illegal human trafficking operations into the state of Florida.  A second measure includes an executive order which -in part- allows the Florida Dept of Law Enforcement to impound any aircraft or transportation vehicle that is used by the Biden administration in carrying out their human trafficking of illegal aliens into the state.  The final measure is the appointment of Larry Keefe as a public safety czar to “ensure that the actions directed by this executive order, as well as many other things are carried out.”


False Flags


North Carolina Hospital System Fires 175 Workers over Vaccine Mandate 
  • North Carolina’s Novant Health fired 175 workers for failing to comply with the system’s mandatory vaccine policy, it announced Monday.


Did these same people try to defund the police, how did that work out?

So the pandemic is so deadly so bad that hospitals cannot keep up with the amount of people coming into the hospital they are just going to terminate the people that are caring for all these sick people. does this make any sense


Canadian Military Used Pandemic to Test Propaganda on Own Citizens
  • Canada’s military used the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to test propaganda techniques on citizens, despite never being ordered to by the country’s federal government, a report claims.
  • A report on the propaganda operation claimed that Canadian military leaders did not believe they needed the approval of the federal government to conduct the propaganda operations that were developed in April 2020.
  • Former Canadian Chief of Defence Staff General Jon Vance shut down the programme, which was headed by the Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC), after some had called into question its legality. Vance also brought in retired Major General Daniel Gosselin to conduct a report on the operation.
  • According to the Ottawa Citizen Major General Gosselin investigated the operation and presented his findings in December, but the report had been unavailable to the public until the newspaper obtained it in a freedom of information request.
  • The plan is said to have used techniques that had been previously used by the Canadian military in Afghanistan and looked at both shaping and exploiting information, with the CJOC stating that the operation was needed to halt any potential civil disobedience during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Lieutenant-General Mike Rouleau, the former head of the CJOC, headed the propaganda operation that started on April 8th, 2020, but it was not shut down until May 2nd of that year, following General Vance’s orders.


Vaccine Duration: They’re Hiding Something

  • Flying under the radar is an admission made by the FDA regarding the durability of the one COVID-19 vaccine – the Pfizer vaccine (under the name COMIRNATY) –  that was officially “approved”: “data is not yet available to inform about the duration of protection that the vaccine will provide.”
  • This stands in contrast to CDC admissions, in support of their push for a booster shot, that “vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19 infections is decreasing over time.”
  •  the FDA’s approval of COMIRNATY was suspicious for a number of reasons, including because the COMIRNATY fact sheet admits “The duration of protection against COVID-19 is currently unknown.”
  •  Pfizer was relying on data “through March 13, 2021.” We observed that the data was five months old, asked if the FDA was using outdated information to support its COMIRNATY approval, and noted that more recent evidence pointed to vaccine effectiveness diminishing over time.On that point, with studies that have been ongoing since the summer of 2020, and hundreds of millions of vaccines being administered, and the CDC concessions of duration issues, how is it possible for the FDA to conclude “data is not yet available to inform about the duration of protection that the vaccine will provide”?
  • If it sounds like they’re hiding something – it’s because they are.
  • The CDC has issued a press release (attributable to CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, NIH Director Francis Collins, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, among others) “based on a thorough review of the evidence” that:

“We are prepared to offer booster shots [Pfizer and Moderna] for all Americans beginning the week of September 20 and starting 8 months after an individual’s second dose.”

  • This leads us to an important question:
  • If the data on the duration of the Pfizer vaccine is “not yet available,” then how can the CDC and Dr. Collins and Dr. Fauci recommend the Pfizer booster shot after 8 months?


  • Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats are attempting to change the OSHA fines within the section of labor law that applies directly to the mandatory COVID vaccine.  The scale of the fines is massive against any business that does not comply with the anticipated OSHA rule which is yet unannounced; and they are attempting to slip the OSHA change into the massive $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill. Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House quietly tucked an enforcement mechanism into their $3.5 trillion “reconciliation” bill, passed it out of the Budget Committee, and sent it to the House floor.Buried on page 168 of the House Democrats’ 2,465-page mega bill is a tenfold increase in fines for employers that “willfully,” “repeatedly,” or even seriously violate a section of labor law that deals with hazards, death, or serious physical harm to their employees.The increased fines on employers could run as high as $70,000 for serious infractions, and $700,000 for willful or repeated violations—almost three-quarters of a million dollars for each fine. If enacted into law, vax enforcement could bankrupt non-compliant companies even more quickly than the $14,000 OSHA fine anticipated under Biden’s announced mandate.  (read more for details)If this OSHA change becomes law, the Biden administration will force American businesses to choose between vaccinating their employees, testing them weekly for Covid-19, or going bankrupt under crippling OSHA fines.








CISA to maintain ‘rumor control’ site to counter false claims in future elections

  • The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) will use its “rumor control” website to counter disinformation and misinformation during future elections despite the site’s role in former President Trump ousting several of the agency’s top officials in 2020.
  • CISA Director Jen Easterly made the announcement  noting her concern around misleading election claims and saying the site would be one of the efforts to combat disinformation and misinformation that the agency is pursuing ahead of next year’s midterm elections.



‘Worrying time’: 233,000 customers affected after 3 more UK energy suppliers collapse amid gas price crunch

  • Enstroga, Igloo Energy, and Symbio Energy have joined the list of British suppliers to cease trading as a gas crisis sends wholesale prices through the roof, leaving regulator Ofgem to appoint a new provider for 233,000 customers.



Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.310
Define ‘Treason’.
The crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.
Define ‘Subversion’.
The act of subverting : the state of being subverted; especially : a systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine a government or political system by persons working secretly from within?
Think line of questions re: Sen. Graham > Justice K re: ‘Enemy Combatants’.
1-800-273-8255 – National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Operators standing by.


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.311

12 thoughts on “Think Enemy Combatants,Operators Are Standing By, Double Meanings Exist – Ep. 2589

  • September 29, 2021 at 10:42 pm

    There’s a childhood story about a king that taxed the village people out of their gold,well the village people tired of being impoversed,switched their currency to turnips ,now the king had the gold but was broke,because he had no turnips , F–K JoeBama

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  • September 29, 2021 at 11:18 pm

    I am tired of you saying that the Patriots knows the playbook… That the democrats and the deep state is running scared. We have snakes in our United States Supreme Court… We have a big fat anaconda over our military who has undermined President Trump and sided with Nancy Pelosi calling Trump crazy… this man is a traitor I should be court-martialed . We have communist and socialist and Marxism running our country in Washington DC… We have a serious problem down at the border and now all these people are being shipped all over the United States with dieases … the Democrats are killing people with these vaccines and mask mandates… Americans and Christians are left behind enemy lines in Afghanistan… 13 Americans and seven children has been killed…what are the patriots and republicans doing? The democrats has brought in a dictatorship by stealing the election…big tech is stealing our freedom of speech. But you keep saying the Patriots know the Playbook…really!

  • September 30, 2021 at 12:40 am

    Trump endorsing fake Kari Lake speaks volumes about your “5-D Chessmaster’s” assessment of people’s character (he did – after all, install Gen. Mark Milley).

    She flip-flops back and forth between Democrat, Republican and Independent – just as Trump flip-flops about vaccines.

    (Remember how he fooled his supporters when he took US funds from The WHO only to give it to GAVI – which is funded by warm-hearted Bill Gates, and called them “transparent”?

    …or when he asked Robert Kennedy, Jr to join his administration only to reconsider after Pfizer’s campaign donation help get him elected?)

    I live in Arizona. Trump is endorsing a globalist (which he and his family have always been).

    Get a clue about your “truth teller” and the Kushner’s, Dave.

    Stop idolizing Trump for a second and do some research outside your own echo chamber.

    Learn what Trump supporters living in Arizona think about his endorsement of Fake Lake.

    Start with the link below.

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  • September 30, 2021 at 7:31 am

    What am I supposed to do while I wait for this to unfold? What happens to me when I lose my job and can’t pay my rent? I understand everyone need to see this happen but family needs me making a fair living and if my company decides to let me go while I’m waiting what then? How do I restart my life when all these company’s fill the positions with compliant peopl and I’m stuck with out work? Can you answer some of these questions? Think about the labor workers that are gonna be jobless and replaced what do we do for food and housing while this unfolds and even after?

  • September 30, 2021 at 8:10 am

    I find most people stupid in their thinking. Thinking like any election today would be fair and honest. Trump can support certain people but a fraud election system will keep anything the people want to go through. Fix the corrupt system first. I will not vote until its fixed

  • September 30, 2021 at 8:12 am

    Can not drive a car on three wheels. This is our election system today

  • September 30, 2021 at 9:30 am

    Hear your ads on the daily reports but don’t have a pencil and paper. I come here to the website to look them up but they are not here. How do I get the solar water heater?


  • September 30, 2021 at 1:02 pm

    There can be only ONE reason why they (the bad guys) are waiting until Dec 31 to start using the new covid test; once covid cases drop like a rock, and the flu returns to “normal” levels, THEY (DEMS) CAN TAKE A VICTORY LAP AND CLAIM THAT THEY, NOT TRUMP, BEAT/CONQUERED COVID. Just like Biden did on Afghanistan.

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