Trump Just Sent A Message, We Got What We Needed, There Is No Step [5], Thanks For Playing – Ep. 2697


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Trump Just Sent A Message, We Got What We Needed, There Is No Step [5], Thanks For Playing
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The world is waking up and the [CB] know this, they are beginning to say the quiet part out loud, they are completely exposed the world. There is no cover story, down she goes. The patriots have the [DS] exactly where they want them, all of the narratives are falling apart and the people are seeing who the liars really are. The pandemic was a hoax created by a fake PCR test and the fake news, both fake.  Trump know he must show the people how they cheated, how they lied, once the people see it, it is game over. Trump is prepared and ready to push the truth and facts out into the public realm, there is no step [5] for the [DS], the patriots have what they need. Trump sends a message that the people cannot wait for another 3 years.



Central Bank Boss to British Workers: Help Fight Inflation by Not Taking Pay Rises 
  • Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey has made an astonishing request of British workers, telling them to help the state control inflation by not asking bosses for pay rises.
  • “We… can try to prevent inflation from spreading, inflation becoming more ingrained in the system,” the central bank boss said in a BBC interview on the subject.
  • “You’re trying to get into people’s heads and ask them not to ask for too high a pay rise?” queried interviewer Faisal Islam.


Digital currencies: How to be more China, less El Salvador



BREAKING BOMBSHELL: Fusion GPS Didn’t Only Work on Steele Dossier, They Worked on Nearly Every Key Anti-Trump Narrative Coming from DOJ and Mueller Gang

  • A document provided in a D.C. court case against Fusion GPS shows that the company was involved in much more than the garbage Steele Dossier behind the Trump-Russia hoax. 
  • The company was also behind the Alfa Bank, Carter Page, Papadopoulos, Manafort, and the Trump family lies and smears as well. 
  • Little did we know that associating Fusion GPS with the Steele Dossier was actually short-changing the company’s efforts to harass and take down the President of the United States, Donald Trump.  This company did much more than that.
  • A document uncovered in a court case in D.C. with Fusion GPS shows that the company was working on nearly every piece of information eventually used by the Mueller gang to take down President Trump.  (Here is the link to the court documents.) 

This second document provides similar data along with the dollar values of their projects totaling more than $1 million.

What we see in these documents is that Fusion GPS was involved in much more than just the phony Steele Dossier.

  • Fusion GPS was involved in the Alfa Bank story that turned out to be a lie, the Carter Page story that was a lie since Page was working for the CIA, the Paul Manafort story, and the Papadopoulos story.  All of these stories and individuals were used by the DOJ and the Mueller gang as a means to harass and attempt to have President Trump removed from office.  Every one.


FBI Clowns Release Mueller Documents with Hillary’s Name Redacted – Forget Prior Document Dump Exposes Her Name

  • The FBI released a document dump of Mueller investigation reports that provide almost no significant or relevant information.  But one thing they did do is redact Hillary Clinton’s name in a document forgetting that in a prior data dump her name was provided. 
  • But another document provided shows either incompetence or another FBI coverup or both.  On page 17 of the document dump, the FBI releases a document dated in 2001 related to a dinner meeting with Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and others.  The FBI was supposedly looking into whether Clinton’s pardons of individuals like Marc Rich, were on the up and up.

On page 17 the document shows that a name under Bill Clinton’s is redacted:

But we found a similar document dated a couple of days before the above document from a prior document release  [p. 138] from the FBI where Hillary Clinton’s name was unredacted.

  • If you look at page 138 of the Clinton Foundation drop #3 on the vault you can see her name where they forgot to redact it.  While this page that shows her name unredacted is different from the page (#125 of Vault #1) in the file that is also in the Mueller file, it is the same file, same investigation, and same order of unsubs – they just forgot to redact HRC in the recent release.
  • Why would they redact Hillary’s name in the first place?  Was Hillary at a meeting with Bill and Marc Rich?   Source:


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Did ‘Mueller’ open the door to Ukraine?
Did ‘Mueller’ open the door to FISA [illegal]?
How do you introduce evidence legally?
Did ‘Impeachment’ provide a platform to discuss findings of Ukraine?
How do you introduce evidence legally?
Did ‘Impeachment’ harm or help POTUS [public]?
How do you introduce [D]s high crimes [corruption] to the public?
Why didn’t POTUS remove [Hussein] holdovers from NSC?
Do you really believe that POTUS & team trusted [Hussein] holdovers to remain within the admin and work to enact POTUS’ agenda w/o bias or confrontation?
How do you ‘awaken’ the ‘induced coma’ public [FAKE NEWS control] from their long sleep?
Sometimes allowing your enemies to [openly] attack…….
Logical thinking.

Geopolitical/Police State

Youtube using the new censorship scheme exactly as predicted 


  • That statement is an oxymoron, its popular video so we block it so it can reach a bigger audience.





  • Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland made personal appeals to persuade the Ukrainian government to not arrest and imprison former president Petro Poroshenko when he returned home in mid-January, two sources in Ottawa and one in Kyiv say.


Ukraine has harsh words for CNN

  • Writing on Twitter, Oleg Nikolenko was reacting to a claim published by one of the network’s anchors, Jake Tapper, who reported, citing an anonymous Ukrainian government source, that Zelensky refused to meet Baerbock because of her refusal to say that the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would be shelved if Russia were to launch an invasion of Ukraine. The official reason was a scheduling error.
  • A suggestion from CNN that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky canceled a meeting with German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock over political disagreements is “divorced from reality,” the spokesperson for Ukraine’s Ministry of Affairs has claimed.



  • State Department spokesman Ned Price during a briefing on Feb. 1, 2022. Administration officials have not revealed details on how they knew Russia was plotting a false flag operation involving Ukraine. (AP)
  • For generations, governments have mounted false flag operations, in which they justify military action by deceptively accusing an enemy of a violent act.
  • However, actual false flags plotted in recent history are outnumbered by dubious conspiracy theories that label real, verifiable crisis events as “false flags.”
  • Experts warn that social media rumors alleging “false flags” should be viewed skeptically.


False Flags

New York Governor Will Continue Universal School Masking as ‘Science’ Collapses, Blue States Flee the Failed Policy
  • The Science™ has completely collapsed to justify universal school masking (and it never existed to begin with), but don’t tell unelected New York Governor Kathy Hochul that. She intends to continue the disastrous policy after legal authorization for it expires in February.
  • New York’s indoor mask-or-vaccine mandate governing businesses is expected to expire on Thursday and not be renewed, although the regulation that is being used to enforce masking in schools for children and employees is poised to remain in place beyond February,” the Albany Times Union reported.


The Mask Debate is Over: NYT Retreats on School Masking as Dem Governors Scrap Mandates

  • The Democratic Party is in full retreat on school masking. It’s a strategic retreat — those who touted the ‘infallible’ science would never admit how fallible they really were — but for all intents and purposes it’s ‘over.’
  • New Jersey is done. Connecticut is done. Delaware is done. Oregon is done. The blue state dominoes are falling — leaving the usual suspects of pointless cruelty in California and New York to carry the torch.

Note: Mask mandate schools had higher case rates than mask optional schools. This tracks with mask mandate states:

  • The data don’t lie. The CDC does,  



The Trudeau government is now threatening Americans who donated to the massive GoFundMe to support the Freedom Convoy 2022.

  •  Canadian officials said they will investigate Americans who donated to the Freedom Convoy 2022. They say they will look at “the intent” of the donors who were trying to undermine public safety. It’s not clear how they are going to prove intent of the donors but certainly, the FBI will be more than happy to help out.
  •  .  [Full Presser Video Here]

Minister Mendicino identified the Ottawa protest group as a “violent”, “hate” group.  The Ottawa truck drivers were described as an “angry, loud, intolerant and violent crowd,” who “threaten the national security of Canada.”

Canadian TV News reported:



Trudeau Surfaces, Tells Parliament the Recent Election Proves His COVID Policies Are Loved by the Canadian People, Ottawa Protestors Are “Not Who We Are”

  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reappeared in Parliament this evening.  The timing was transparently predictable when contrast against the urgency, and state of emergency the local government declared Sunday to get rid of the freedom protestors.
  • Trudeau continued by saying the Canadians who “stepped up, to support one another” express the true meaning of being Canadian.  The protest group are a hate-riddled minority of unclean “swastika” waving outsiders, walking around Ottawa “insulting and jeering” local residents “for wearing a mask.”
  • Trudeau told the chamber, the protest group “is not the story of this pandemic.”   He accused the protest group of “attempting to block the economy” without regard for their collective responsibility to “support their fellow Canadians.”  WATCH:



Hasn’t the Canadian government done this for the last two years ,  shut down the economy and prevented people from living their day to day lives.

Majority of Canadians want COVID restrictions lifted: Poll 

  • A majority of Canadians now say it is time to end COVID restrictions, according to an Angus Reid poll, a sharp increase from when the same question was asked in early January.
  • The latest poll, taken Jan. 27-28, found 54% want restrictions to be lifted compared to just 39% who wanted restrictions lifted when the same question was asked two weeks earlier.
  • The poll asked people if they agreed or disagreed with the statement: “It’s time to end restrictions and let people self-isolate if they’re at risk.”
  • “A majority (54%) now say it is time to remove restrictions and let Canadians manage their own level of risk, an increase of 15 percentage points since this question was asked in early January,” the Angus Reid Institute said.
  •  .

CNN’s Chief Covid Pundit Does a Full 180 on School Masks & Mandates: ‘We Should Be Able to Relax All Restrictions’ 

  • Dr. Leana Wen,  
  • “There was a time and is a place for pandemic restrictions,” Dr. Wen claimed. “But when they were put in, it was always with the understanding that they would be removed as soon as we can.”
  • “And in this case, circumstances have changed,” she continued. “Case counts are declining. Also, the science has changed. We know that vaccines protect very well against Omicron, which is the dominant variant, everyone five and older have widespread access to vaccines.”
  • This is a blatant lie. The vaccines, including the booster shots, fade very quickly in terms of providing protection to Omicron. This is why many big pharmaceutical companies wanted to develop an mRNA shot specifically for Omicron. Israel has run through four shots already, and it is still seeing a case and hospitalization explosion. What is really causing a decrease, similar to the case in South Africa where Omicron cases vaporized on their own, is that approximately 4 out of 5 Americans have natural immunity from prior infection.


Really, the science has changed on masks, please present this incredible science before and after, plus case counts aren’t important, why now? Please present the science before and after

Biden officials trying to recalculate U.S. Covid-19 hospitalizations

  • The administration’s goal is to get a more accurate sense of Covid’s impact across the country.The Biden administration is working on recalculating the number of Covid-19 hospitalizations in the U.S., according to two senior officials familiar with the matter.
  • A task force comprised of scientists and data specialists at the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are working with hospitals nationwide to improve Covid-19 reporting. The group is asking hospitals to report numbers of patients who go to the facility because they have Covid-19 and separate those from individuals who go in for other reasons and test positive after being admitted, the two officials said.
  • The administration’s goal is to get a more accurate sense of Covid-19’s impact across the country and whether the virus is causing severe disease.
  •   Biden officials are conducting a national review of hospitalization data to determine how many individuals sought care for Covid-19 and unrelated reasons during the peak of the Omicron spread. In one CDC report published last week, a California hospital found that 80 percent of its patients came into the facility for Covid-19 and 20 percent were admitted “primarily for non–COVID-19 conditions.”


White House science adviser resigns after probe found he bullied staffers

  • Eric LanderPresident Biden’s science adviser, resigned on Monday evening after an internal investigation uncovered evidence that he bullied subordinates.
  • In his resignation letter to Biden, Lander, who heads the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) within the White House, took responsibility for his actions and said he was “devastated” for causing hurt to colleagues.
  • “It is clear that things I said, and the way I said them, crossed the line at times into being disrespectful and demeaning, to both men and women. That was never my intention,” Lander wrote in the letter. “Nonetheless, it is my fault and my responsibility. I will take this lesson forward.”



  • The inspector general for the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) has opened a formal investigation into whether the law enforcement agency tasked with securing the Capitol has been inappropriately surveilling elected members of Congress, their staff, and visitors to their offices, T
  • USCP Chief J. Thomas Manger confirmed the opening of the inspector general investigation in his response to congressional inquiries about USCP police tactics, reported in a January 24 article published by Politico, including surveilling and compiling intelligence dossiers on members of Congress, their staff, and visitors.



Peter Thiel to Step Down from Facebook Board, Shift to Supporting Republican Candidates 
  • Peter Thiel, the first major investor in Facebook, has announced he will step down from the board of directors for the social media giant (now rebranded as “Meta”) as he focuses on supporting Republican political candidates in 2022.
  •  Thiel is leaving Facebook’s board to focus his efforts on supporting conservatives running for office in 2022 that are “supporting the agenda of former President Donald Trump.”



BREAKING: Newsmax Counter-Sues Smartmatic Over 2020 Election Reporting 

  •  Another voting machine firm, Dominion Voting Systems Corp, has brought similar lawsuits against conservatives.
  • The Gateway Pundit was sued by far-left Dominion executive Eric Coomer, a committed Trump-hater, for our reporting on his presentations to possible clients and links to Antifa.
  • Via far left Reuters:

Right-wing U.S. television network Newsmax Media Inc on Monday countersued Smartmatic Corp, an election security firm that says it was defamed by Newsmax’s coverage of the 2020 presidential election.





I really really really don’t think Trump is going to wait til 2024…


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Seals are wonderful creatures.
Heard they work fast at capturing their prey.
Silence is golden.
Games R FUN!

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    I pray for you President Trump and for our Nation and our irreplaceable United States of America Constitution and flag. May you, the nation,the flag and the Constitution of the United States of America fight on and be that shining beacon for all mankind.

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    However we know the supposed “highly
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    If Canada’s Jab mandate attacks US truckers and requires them to be jabbed in order to work, would the FBI actually have jurisdiction to investigate Americans sending money in gofundme? Does international law allow foreign countries to mandate immunizations of another country’s citizens. Wouldn’t US truckers have rights here or families of truckers? I am not completely sure what all Canada’s Jab mandates do.

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