Trump Just Signaled It’s A Go, It’s Coming, Justice Is Coming – Episode 2102

Trump Just Signaled It’s A Go, It’s Coming, Justice Is Coming
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The small business owner approval rate hit an all time high of 64%.  This is about helping small business, medium business, the more you help business the more profitable they are and the more people the hirer. The event in China is having companies second guess their decision to have all their eggs in one basket. The World Bank has been caught in a scandal. A new report shows each time aid is given, that aid is deposited in offshore accounts.  The [DS]/D’s/MSM are being allowed to destroy themselves, we are now in the educational exposure phase, let the information drip out to educate the people before everything hits. Trump during the rally has signaled that justice is coming, the patriots have it all. Q dropped more bread, the rats can no longer scurry into the darkness when the light shines on them, they will be forced out.

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Current News – 02.20.2020

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Small business approval of Trump hits record high of 64%: Poll

  • Top Apple supplier, Foxconn Technology Group, warned that the Covid-19 outbreak in China would lead to lower full-year revenue.
  • Foxconn said it would “cautiously” resume output at critical facilities in China that have been shut down because of the virus outbreak.
  • Foxconn is the largest electronics manufacturer in the world,
  • Supply chain disruptions for Apple and Foxconn could persist through April as labor and part shortages to logistics transportation is a significant challenge in restarting top iPhone manufacturing plants and or at least achieving full capacity.



The World Bank’s “Papergate”: Censorship Is Not the Best Way to Stop Development Aid From Fueling Corruption
  • A new study of World Bank data finds that aid disbursement to highly aid-dependent countries coincides with sharp increases in bank deposits in offshore financial centers.  
  • Anderssen, Johannesen, and Rijkers found that “aid disbursements to highly aid-dependent countries coincide with sharp increases in bank deposits in offshore financial centers known for bank secrecy and private wealth management, but not in other financial centers.” The most plausible explanation for this result is that local officials steal a significant part of development aid funds and hide that money in their personal offshore accounts.
  • The paper studies a sample of the 22 most aid-dependent countries, with average disbursements from the World Bank exceeding 2 percent of GDP: In quarters when a country receives aid equivalent to 1 percent of GDP, its deposits in havens increase by 3.4 percent relative to a country receiving no aid, but its deposits held in non-haven financial centers remain constant. The implied average leakage is around 7.5 percent: This means that for every $100 of development aid, $7.50 apparently becomes corruption profits, hidden in offshore financial centers.
  • The data the three authors use for their study all comes from the Bank of International Settlements and from the World Bank. The development aid that fuels corruption is actually money disbursed by two major World Bank institutions: the International Development Association and the Bank of Reconstruction and Development.
  • The most aid-dependent country in the world is Afghanistan: It receives 33.5 percent of its GDP in foreign aid, from different sources. The sum of Afghanistan’s deposits in the 17 countries the paper classifies as havens now totals $34 million.






Biden is non existant, Bloomberg’s bombed last night take a listen

, the elite do not want Bernie so they will do everything in their power to stop him, Warren is not going to make it, so who is left Pete Buttigeua, not going to happen. They have been pushing out feelers that Hillary will run as vice president, she has already denied that she will run with Bloomberg so who is left, I wonder who is going to pop out of the shadows, 

John Bolton: Impeachment was ‘Grossly Partisan,’ My Testimony Wouldn’t Have Affected Trump Acquittal

  • “People can argue about what I should have said and what I should have done,” Bolton said. “I would bet you a dollar right here and now, my testimony would have made no difference to the ultimate outcome.”


Somali Community Leader Drops Bombshell: Ilhan Omar DID Marry Her Brother to Get Him ‘Papers’ to Keep Him in US

  • According documents and sources previously reported by investigative journalist David Steinberg, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar married her own brother in order to defraud US immigration.
  • In fact, evidence is mounting that Ilhan Omar isn’t even her real name!
  • And now a Somali community leader has come forward and confirmed these reports to The Daily Mail.

‘Squad’ congresswoman Ilhan Omar told friends years ago that the man who went on to become her second husband was in fact her brother, can confirm.

And now for the first time one of those friends has come forward to reveal exactly how Omar and Ahmed Elmi scandalized the Somali community in Minneapolis.

Abdihakim Osman is the first person to go on record to speak of how Omar said she wanted to get her brother papers so he could stay in the United States, at a time when she was married to her first husband Ahmed Hirsi.

She originally said the idea that the spouses were also siblings were ‘baseless, absurd rumors’, accusing journalists of Islamophobia, but has since stayed quiet.

  • Ilhan Omar also lied under oath about her brother-husband and may have fraudulently filed federal income tax returns.


Eric Holder responded to Paul Sperry’s tweet 

BREAKING: Judge Amy Berman Jackson Sentences Roger Stone to 3 Years, 4 Months in Prison, $20,000 Fine

  •   Judge Amy Berman Jackson sentenced Roger Stone to 3 years and 4 months in prison.
  • Roger Stone was also hit with a $20,000 fine.
  • Judge Jackson also gave 24 months of supervised release per each count once the sentence is served. Roger Stone has a chance to appeal for a new trial.


Think about this, Roger Stone is getting sentenced longer than Anthony Weiner who got 21 months for sexting with a minor and now he is a registered sex offender. 

Yesterday the Daily Beast and other MSM outlets were pushing the idea that Trump offered Julian Assange a pardon if he said that Russia did not hack the DNC, we know that JA has been saying this along, and we know that Trump does not work this way, so what really happened, Well Dana Rohrbacher put out a statement


DEEP STATE GETS COLD FEET: Emergency Meeting of Federal Judges Over Barr and Trump Indefinitely Postponed After Group Called Out by Trump

  • The ’emergency meeting’ of federal judges to discuss the intervention by Attorney General William Barr in the sentencing of Roger Stone and President Trump’s criticism of the proposed sentence was indefinitely postponed  .The teleconference meeting of the leadership of the 1,100 member Federal Judges Association, comprised of sitting federal judges, was originally set for Tuesday, then was put off a day until Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. EST. The group’s president, Judge Cynthia Rufe (a Bush 43 appointee), had initially said the meeting “could not wait” until the FJA annual meeting in April.
  • In the interim President Trump called out the judges in a tweet Tuesday evening that urged them to look into the FISA fraud perpetrated on the federal courts to spy on and investigate his presidential campaign and administration.


Rod Blagojevich On Fox News: ‘I Broke No Laws, I Crossed No Lines’

  •  .”Blagojevich then appeared on Fox News Wednesday night to respond, arguing he understood the sentiment of the GOP’s argument, but thought he was unfairly convicted and Illinois’ political corruption stems from state prosecutors, not himself.
  • “They’re pointing that statement at the wrong place. It shouldn’t be pointed at me, it oughta be pointed at those uncontrolled, unaccountable, lawless prosecutors who did this to me. I broke no laws, I crossed no lines,” Blagojevich said.

  • Blagojevich compared his sentencing to the impeachment trial of Donald Trump and continuously blaming prosecutors for his conviction. When Fox News host Trace Gallagher asked the former convict if he he had even a “modicum of regret” regarding his scandal involving the extortion of a children’s hospital, Blagojevich said “no” and argued that the “proper law” was not applied to his case.
  • “[The prosecutors] moved the lines, frankly, with a corrupt intent. The real problem in this particular case and we see it, I’m living it, it’s deja vu all over again with regards with what [Democrats] have done to President Trump,” Blagojevich said. “They’re taking routine things and they’re trying to criminalize them.”
  • He concluded his interview by saying he needs to find a job in order to provide for his family.


VAST MAJORITY of Americans Believe Deep State Broke the Law Working Against Trump in Election – Even Larger Majority Say Criminal Deep State Hacks Will Likely Walk Free

  • Meanwhile Rasmussen released polling numbers this week on what Americans think of the deep state criminals.
  • 52% of Americans say it is likely law enforcement officials broke the law in an effort to prevent Donald Trump from winning the presidency.
    Only 39% believe this is not true.
  • 55% of Americans believe no deep state officials will be charged for their crimes.
    Only 34% believe their will be criminal charges


Trump Names Richard Grenell Acting Director of National Intelligence

  • Trump’s decision to name an effective loyalist to the position of acting director of national intelligence is likely to rankle powerful intelligence community officials,
  • Serving as acting director of national intelligence will not require Grenell to be Senate-confirmed—if he were being appointed into the role permanently he would eed Senate confirmation—but he can only serve for three months in the position. Many sources close to the Trump reelection campaign expect Grenell,


  • In staffing another crucial position in the executive branch with someone who genuinely shares his worldview, instincts, and tenacity, President Trump is signaling to the Trump-haters of the administrative state, and its Deep State apotheosis, that those who reject or actively seek to undermine his America First agenda will no longer be welcome in meaningful positions.

In fact, the attacks on Grenell commenced almost immediately after word broke of his appointment:


Geopolitical/Police State

Top House Committee Reviewing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Testimony For False Statements

  • The House Energy and Commerce Committee, which has jurisdiction over telecommunications companies like Twitter, is now reviewing whether Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey provided false testimony before the committee in September.
  • A top House committee that oversees the U.S. telecommunications industry is now reviewing whether Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey lied to Congress during a hearing about Twitter’s controversial history of arbitrarily censoring content published by the site,   
  • During testimony before the committee, which has broad authority to oversee and regulate telecommunications companies and social media publishers like Twitter, Dorsey repeatedly claimed that neither Twitter’s policies nor its algorithms took users’ political views into account when censoring content published by the site.
  • “I want to start by making something very clear,” Dorsey testified on September 5, 2018. “We don’t consider political viewpoints, perspectives, or party affiliation in any of our policies or enforcement decisions, period.”
  • “Our policies and our algorithms don’t take into consideration any affiliation, philosophy, or viewpoint,” Dorsey claimed  
  •  Source:

Barr suggests big tech ‘titans’ no longer need legal shield

  • Attorney General William Barr said  that big online platforms like Facebook and Google may no longer need the legal protection that helped foster innovation on the internet by preventing technology companies from being sued.
  • He questioned whether a federal law, adopted in 1996 to shield the young tech industry, is out of date. “No longer are tech companies the underdog upstarts. They have become titans of U.S. industry,” he told a seminar organized by the Justice Department.
  • The subject was a provision of the law known as Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, widely praised by advocates of internet freedom. It says providers of internet services cannot be held legally responsible for content posted by users.
  • At the start of the internet revolution, Barr said, internet companies functioned like community bulletin boards. But now, he said, online platforms have “sophisticated content moderation tools, algorithms, recommendation features, and targeting. With these new tools, the line between passively hosting third-party speech and actively curating or promoting speech starts to blur.”
  • Barr said he has reached no conclusions but suggested he would favor some changes in the law. He said the question is “whether these incentives are working or whether they need to be recalibrated.”




FAKE NEWS consolidation [propaganda arm of the D party].
Define Antitrust Law(s).📁
The Sherman Act outlaws “every contract, combination, or conspiracy in restraint of trade,” and any “monopolization, attempted monopolization, or conspiracy or combination to monopolize.”📁
“The FTC’s competition mission is to enforce the rules of the competitive marketplace — the antitrust laws. These laws promote vigorous competition and protect consumers from anticompetitive mergers and business practices.”
[BC set the stage]
Could a new Telecommunications Act be on the way?


John Kerry and Senator Chris Murphy grossly violated the Logan Act with respect to Iran. If a Republican did what they did, there would be very serious ramifications!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 20, 2020



To those who think there will never be justice, think again. seemed pretty confident tonight. “I hope you’re gonna be happy!” That implies that he has knowledge that something is coming.  
Trump Knows Something Is Coming


Victoria’s Secret has been under a microscope for its outdated marketing & the L Brands CEO’s Epstein connections. More than 30 people also described an entrenched culture of misogyny, bullying & harassment: this culture was presided over by current L Brands chief executive Les Wexner, 82, and recently departed chief marketing officer, Ed Razek, 71, who oversaw the annual fashion show, according to current & former execs, employees, contractors, models, court filings & other docs Employees have struggled to steer VS away from a “porny” image. At a meeting, when one employee asked Mr. Wexner what he thought about the retail industry’s embrace of different body types, he said: “Nobody goes to a plastic surgeon and says, ‘Make me fat,’” as per two attendees Mr. Razek was the subject of repeated complaints about inappropriate conduct. From our story: “He tried to kiss models. He asked them to sit on his lap. He touched one’s crotch ahead of the 2018 Victoria’s Secret fashion show.”
The story goes much deeper [darker].


  • Les Wexner is stepping down as chairman and CEO of L Brands as the company prepares to sell a 55% stake in its flagship brand, Victoria’s Secret, to private equity firm Sycamore Partners for $525 million,





can bake one more or defer


Thank you, Baker(s)!
[re: MSM] when facts and truth are NOT on your side what tactics must be deployed?
[PS], what ‘visibly’ happens [re: [hidden] rats] during a fire?


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: f72362 No.8194912📁
german mass shooter talked about conspiracy theory that sounds a lot like qanon in trump world
Here we go again.
What happens when billion dollar media co’s attack & miss?
All for a ‘few thousand’ followers?
All for a ‘conspiracy’?
>A public awake is their greatest fear<