• NYCA recently compiled a list of 28 grievances detailing what they believe to be material election fraud in the NY 2020 General Election. Their grievances are based on data gathered from official sources. Each grievance is linked to specific violations of state and federal election law. All told, they are looking at over 2,000,000 questionable registrations and votes. According to the Secretary of State, Biden’s certified margin of victory was 1,992,889 votes. In that context, the number of items discovered by NYCA should be plenty to persuade any honest official that an investigation is necessary and that decertification has to be an option.
  • NYCA turned their list of grievances into 15 petitions tailored to each of the 15 counties and sent them out for signatures. Today, after gathering more than 2,000 signatures, NYCA served their petitions on officials in Albany, the state capitol. The Soros-backed NY attorney general, Letitia James, is one of those officials. It will be interesting to see how she reacts.
  • To get an idea of what they are complaining about, here are some excerpts from the Nassau-county petition:
  • Mismatched vote counts between the Secretary of State, precincts, and NY Board of Elections amounting to a 272,435 vote discrepancy (violation of Election Law 17-126 and 17-127)
  • Nine counties had 1,899,730 registrations in the state voter rolls that are missing from the corresponding county rolls (violation of Election Law 17-126 and 17-136, and 17-152)
  • Seven counties record 195,271 votes cast in the 2020 General Election that are missing from the corresponding state records for the same individuals (violation of Election Law 17-104, 17-124, 17-126, 17-132, 17-136, 17-152, 17-160, and 17-170)
  • A minimum of 299,920 voters have more than one voter ID number (violation of Election Law 17-104, 17-126 and 17-132, and 17-160)
  • NY state and at least 14 counties have denied multiple Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests for election records (violation of Election Law 17-150)


  • The remedies sought by NYCA seem appropriate given the evidence. They demand:
  1. Decertification of the New York State 2020 General Election
  2. Full forensic audit of the election
  3. Criminal and financial penalties and enforcement for those officials involved.

Source:  redvoicemedia.com


Genesee County election supervisor charged with ballot tampering, misconduct in office

  • Michigan’s Attorney General has charged a Genesee County official with ballot tampering.
  • Kathy Funk is now Genesee County’s election supervisor, but the charges date back to 2020 when she was the Flint Township clerk.
  • Funk narrowly won the August Democratic primary to hold on to the clerk’s job.
  • After the primary, Funk reported a break in at the township office. She claimed a seal on a ballot container had been broken.
  • But after a Michigan State Police investigation, the Attorney General’s office now alleges Funk purposely broke the seal. Under state law, votes in a container with a broken seal can not be counted in a recount.
  • Funk is facing ballot tampering and misconduct in office charges. Each a five-year felony. The Attorney General’s office said an arraignment date will be set by the 67th District Court.

Source:  michiganradio.org

Trump Has the Perfect Response to Biden’s New Nickname for Him
  • Joe Biden  is trying to demonize the “MAGA people” and President Donald Trump, coming up with terms like “Ultra MAGA,” and calling them extreme every 15 minutes. They’re concentrating on that, not dealing with inflation or doing their jobs. They have no record to stand on, so this is all they can think to do.
  • But whatever brain trust was behind this “MAGA strategy” came up with a hilarious one, with Biden being instructed to call Trump, “The Great MAGA King” which he said during the remarks he gave to the IBEW in Chicago.


Trump couldn’t have written that better to show how desperate they are and fearful of him.Trump had a great response on Truth Social, mocking and having great fun with the obsession of Biden and the Democrats.


Source: redstate.com