We Are Approaching The Precipice,Power Transferred From DC To We The People -Ep. 2421


We Are Approaching The Precipice,Power Transferred From DC To We The People,Promises Kept
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[JB] and the puppet masters are now receiving the backlash from the people. They are reversing everything very quickly and people are seeing it very clearly because Trump is out of the picture. Under [JB] America is last not first. The stimulus bill past and only 9% or so is going to the people, the rest is a payoff to the establishment. April showers. The people must reach the precipice to demand change and we are at the precipice. The power has been transferred from DC to We The People. The stage has been set and the patriots are readying the next move. Everything has been setup in the background, the best is yet to come. This is not a 4 year election, this is about exposing the system, it’s about showing the people the truth, until you saw America becoming great people didn’t realize that it could be different.

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Just a reminder that $1,900,000,000,000 is enough to give every American man, woman, and child nearly $6000. You’re getting $1400. Who’s getting the rest, and why isn’t it you? Democrats stole from you, gave you back a fraction, and they and MSM are high-fiving.





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“A clean [H]ouse is very important.”
Our comms must be this way.
Refer back – the ‘Why?’
NAT SEC laws.
Trust the plan.
April Showers.
April showers mentioned 9 times
  •  Venezuela’s central bank said  that it would introduce a banknote worth 1 million bolivars beginning next week, as years of incessant hyperinflation continue to batter the value of the crisis-stricken South American country’s currency.
  • The new banknote will be worth just 52 U.S. cents at the current official exchange rate. Interannual inflation was running at 2,665% as of January, according to the central bank.
  • In addition to the 1-million-bolivar banknote, the central bank said it will introduce 200,000- and 500,000-bolivar banknotes to circulate alongside the 10,000-, 20,000-, and 50,000-bolivar bills currently in circulation. 

Source: reuters.com


Biden Hires Qatari Agent as Senior Adviser

  • President Joe Biden hired a new senior adviser who formerly lobbied on behalf of Qatar, the oil-rich Arab nation that has close ties to Iran and is a central hub for terrorism financing.
  • The White House announced  that Erin Pelton is set to join the administration as a special assistant to Biden and a senior adviser on domestic policy issues. Pelton, a onetime foreign service officer and flak during the Obama administration, later advocated on behalf of foreign governments, including Qatar, according to public filings with the Department of Justice under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which mandates that Americans who are lobbying for foreign governments disclose their work.
  • Pelton’s work for Qatar is likely to raise questions about the revolving door between the Biden White House and lobbying firms that represent a host of foreign governments. Pelton is just the latest Biden administration official to have questionable ties to adversarial regimes. Biden’s Asia policy czar, Kurt Campbell, for instance, helped found a group that critics say is “heavily influenced by the CCP.” The administration’s potential pick to lead NASA, former senator Bill Nelson, invested in a Chinese telecom company that is blacklisted by the Pentagon.

Source: freebeacon.com

Bannon: Time To Prepare For Transition Of Power From Biden To Harris

  •   Bannon, something about Joe Biden is just not right. 
  • Bannon said Biden’s “eyes now are dead.”
  • He also pointed out that Kamala is taking a much bigger role than prior Vice Presidents
  • Who is running this White House? Jill Biden seems to be signing and Kamala is fielding calls

Source: thegatewaypundit.com


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Change of Batter coming?
Why was she ‘saved’ from officially announcing?
Why was she ‘reserved’ for a last minute change?
How do you attempt to ‘sneak one in’?
How do you attempt to ensure victory?

Trump Promises To Go To Alaska To Campaign Against ‘Disloyal’ Sen. Murkowski

  • Former President Donald Trump promised to visit Alaska to personally campaign against Republican Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who is up for reelection in 2022.
  • “I will not be endorsing, under any circumstances, the failed candidate from the great State of Alaska, Lisa Murkowski,” Trump said in

Source: dailycaller.com


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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Ballots In Arizona’s Maricopa County Found Shredded and In Dumpster – Days Before Senate Audit To Begin

  • Piles of shredded ballots were located today in a dumpster in Maricopa County Arizona.  This find occurs only days before the Senate’s audit of the county’s 2020 election results is due to start.
  • For months the Board of Supervisors in Maricopa County have blocked and delayed any independent audit performed by the Arizona Senate of the County’s results in the 2020 Presidential election. 
  •   some other interested individuals in the county stopped by the same facility and found huge piles of ballots in the dumpster outside the facility.

  • Someone ordered the ballots be shredded.
  • We do not yet have the complete information on the shredded ballots.


  • This is not the first state where we found shredded ballots after the election.  This also occurred in Georgia,  
  • Today we can report that as the ballots are being pieced back together, they do appear to be from the 2020 election.  For example, the section below shows all corporate commission candidates from 2020:  the ballots were filled out for candidates:

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Biden Border Blowout: February Record Nearly 100,000 Illegals Detained Crossing from Mexico; CDC Waives COVID Rules to Allow Filling Child Migrant Shelters to Capacity

  • Nearly 100,000 migrants were caught and detained after illegally entering the U.S. from Mexico, the highest number caught in the month of February since 2006.   the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a memo waiving COVID rules limiting capacity at child migrant shelters to deal with the massive flood of children entering the U.S. illegally.   the Biden administration is considering renaming the child migrant shelters “reception centers”.
  •  Biden also campaigned on saving the country from COVID, but it appears flooding the country with migrants is more important to Biden than protecting Americans from COVID.

File image of migrant caravan.

Axios excerpt:

CDC lets child migrant shelters fill to 100% despite COVID concern


Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Biden’s DHS Has No Plans to Test the Thousands of Migrants Streaming Across Southern Border — Has Not Tested Anyone! 

  • In August Joe Biden said he’d shut down the country if he had to in order to stop the coronavirus. 
  • That was all a lie.
    Joe Biden’s first move as US President was to open the US southern border.
  • And now there are reports that DHS has no plans to test all of the fake refugees before they are set free into the US interior. 


Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Texas State Representative Introduces Bill to Finish Border Wall Construction 

  • Texas state Rep. Bryan Slaton (R-Canton) introduced a bill proposing the border wall construction initiated under former President Donald Trump be completed by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).
  • Slaton said that the actions taken by President Joe Biden shouldn’t stop the construction of the wall along the U.S-Mexico border in Texas.
  • “It is time for Texas to stand up and finish the work that President Trump started. Let’s finish building the border wall now,” he added.

Source: theepochtimes.com

Geopolitical/Police State

Exclusive: Unreleased Federal Report Concludes ‘No Evidence’ that Free Speech Online ‘Causes Hate Crimes’ 
  • Freedom of speech on the internet did not lead to a rise in “hate crimes,” according to a report sent from the U.S. Department of Commerce to Congress in January — a report that has yet to appear on any government website.
  • The report was prepared by the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), which is responsible for advising the President on all matters related to telecommunication and the internet.
  • It was drafted to revise the findings of a previous report from NTIA in 1993 titled The Role of Telecommunications in Hate Crimes. Although it was prepared under the Trump administration, the request to revise the report came from the 116th Congress, which was controlled by a 35-seat Democrat majority in the House and only a slim Republican majority in the Senate.


The report bluntly states that there is no evidence of a causal relationship between the growth in internet usage and hate crimes, pointing out that there is not even any correlation, as media allegations about a surge in hate crimes over the past five years are not supported by the Justice Department’s crime statistics.

From the report:

The evidence does not show that during last decade, a time of expansive growth of electronic communications, particularly on the Internet and mobile devices as well as social media, there has been a rise in hate crime incidents. [emphasis ours]

  • The report also warns that efforts to clamp down on online communications over unfounded concerns about “hate crimes” will undermine First Amendment values.

From the report:

We caution that efforts to control or monitor online speech, even for the worthy goal of reducing crime, present serious First Amendment concerns and runs counter to our nation’s dedication to free expression. To quote President Barack Obama, “The strongest weapon against hateful speech is not repression; it is more speech.”

The report also criticizes academic “extremism” researchers for failing to back up their assertions of a causal link between online hate speech and real-world hate crime.

From the report:

…this research, and much like it, fails to demonstrate any causal relationship between increased social media use and increased violence.  This research does not present even comprehensive descriptive data correlating increased hate speech on social media with increased hate crimes.

Finally, the report issues a blistering condemnation of Silicon Valley companies for using the “hate speech” panic to undermine freedom of expression on their platforms.


Source: breitbart.com


Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 3c553f No.567637
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Drop the video! Play it in times square.
Stage set?
Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc are regulated?
MSM is controlled?
Use logic!
Trust the PLAN.


Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 969386 No.579328


Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 4776ee No.580523
Anonymous ID: 3c9b74 No.580403

I confess. I was an #IBOR resister. It didn’t make sense to me since free speech is already guaranteed in our constitution.

But, thinking logically, the one thing that would scare the data-mining cabal the most is an articulated right to privacy when using the internet.

No more data mining for ads. No more algorithms screwing up how we communicate with others on Facebook. No more capturing my favorite soda to sell to a competitor who might want to make me buy something else.

Also, and really important to me, is the right to be forgotten. It’s already been adjudicated in Britain. Here’s a bit of the detail:

https://www.theguardian. com/technology/2013/apr/04/britain-opt-out-right-to-be-forgotten-law

We should have a right to disappear.

So if this continues to be a thing, think of it way beyond being censored for free speech. Think of it in terms of privacy, too. No more selling personal information. No more dedicated IPs to track your every move. No more email apps that pre-select your possible replies, because no more email being mined.

Mail could be configured with the same privacy rights as US mail, for example.

Last I’ll post on this one. But if it goes forward, please consider expanding the scope.

Also keep in mind that there’s more than the WH petition site to make your ideas known. Most of us have senators and congressmen to represent us in Washington, D.C. Maybe talk to a real person?

Free speech does not apply in a private co setting.
The risk?
Loss of revenue.
Backstopped by the circus.
Social media control is everything.
The age of the MSM is over.

False Flags

NYC restaurants allowed to be at 75% capacity starting March 19th.

Numbers In The New CDC Report DESTROY The Case For Mask Mandates

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report Friday in which it quietly admitted that the mask mandates in America were allegedly responsible for less than a 2 percent decrease in COVID case growth after ONE HUNDRED DAYS. But still the CDC advises wearing masks, despite their own numbers.  
  • The CDC claims that between March 1 and December 31 of 2020 the mask mandates, which were executed in the vast majority of United States counties, stopped COVID case growth rates by one half of one percent after 20 days and by less than 2 percent after 100 days.

  • The results from before wearing masks were not statistically different than the period wearing masks – thus the CDC will continue recommending Americans wear masks???

Source: thenationalfile.com

LOL they tried hard but can’t come up with anything close to a significant spike in cases or deaths. Thanks, CDC!

Further, there’s no way to confirm a 3% rise in death rate 3-4 months later can be specifically tied to restaurants reopening.





If Q and Trump are out of the picture now, and nothing is happening behind the scenes, then why are #Brockroach shills worse than before?

And why are the fake MAGA Q-clowns more numerous than ever?

And why is the whole arm of DNC, MSM, TV & Hollyweird attacking #Q?

And why are mysterious #anon bakers deleting our notables?

And why do #Qresearch breads keep getting deleted from 8Kun database?

And why is Youtube and Google search hiding all Patriot news?

And why is Twitter and Facebook still purging Q-MAGA folks?

And why is DC still militarized?

If they’re in control with a Biden puppet, then why are they so scared?

What’s coming down the pipe that creates this type of Panic?

Julians Rum said the following :   Trump wants the sheep to see the unfiltered reality. By keeping his communications to a minimum, he’s removing the MSM’s ability to project and distract from the Biden/Dem dystopia. They’re in the spotlight now, and there’s no bad Orange Man to blame.

DS sent a message about the precipice

1a very steep or overhanging place
2a hazardous situationbroadly BRINK

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