What We Are Witnessing Is A Coordinated Insurgency, Operation COIN Is Underway – Episode 2202


What We Are Witnessing Is A Coordinated Insurgency, Operation COIN Is Underway
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The economic buildup that we are watching coming out of the pandemic is not the economy the patriots are creating. The [CB] economy is an illusion made up of fake stats, manipulated markets and suppressed precious metals market. Trump is using this to get to the next level. The [DS]/MSM are in the process of destroying themselves. The COIN operation is underway, the people are watching, the silent majority is growing. More and more of the swamp is resigning. The “How” is coming, it most likely will not be an all out assault by the DC, it will be an all out assault by the people. The narrative cannot be one of a dictator, it must be the people, the people will be the final push.

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Current News – 06.17.2020

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Of course, there is more in Bolton’s attempt to get rich quick, but when presented the opportunity to make these comments under oath, Bolton politely refused, saving his salacious details for his “tell all” memoir.


Who do you think is leaking the info?
Take a wild guess.Q
Libel laws.
End of MSM.



Follow Bolton.
Learn how to archive offline.
The streets will not be safe for them.


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What happened ‘FOLLOWING’ Bolton’s departure from the WH?
WH clean?
What happened ‘FOLLOWING’ impeachment?
Nadler, Pelosi, Schiff cannot walk down the street?
Imagine that!

Sidney Powell Files Scathing Response to Shadow Prosecutor John Gleeson’s Amicus Brief, It’s a ‘Wrap-Up Smear’

  • General Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell   filed a scathing response to shadow prosecutor John Gleeson’s amicus brief.
  • Gleeson called the DOJ’s dismissal of General Flynn “pretextual” and “a gross abuse of prosecutorial power.”
  • Sara Carter reported:

source: thegatewaypundit.com

  •  Further Powell states in her motion, that Gleeson’s “Amicus elides the reality of the egregious government misconduct of the FBI Agents—particularly that of [former FBI Director James] Comey, {Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew] McCabe, [former Special Agent Peter] Strzok, [Former FBI Attorney Lisa] Page, [FBI Special Agent] Joe Pientka, [former FBI Assistant of Counterintelligence Bill] Priestap and others who met repeatedly to pursue the targeted “take-out” of General Flynn for their political reasons and those of the “entirety lame duck usic.” Much of this has been revealed in the December 19, 2019, IG Report, the 86 pages of newly produced exonerating material produced by U.S. Attorney Jensen, filed in the Government’s Motion to Dismiss (ECF No. 198), and hundreds of the texts between Strzok and Page demonstrating abject bias.”
  • “Amicus is lost down the rabbit hole on the other side of the looking glass— where “nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would,” argues Powell.


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Dang! So that was an IP Address. Not a date! #MilitaryPrecision

#QAnon #KAG #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #MAGA #Trump #Trump2020


Project Looking Glass?
Going Forward in Order to Look Back.


Anonymous ID: Eka5Om1K No.147170576
D’s can’t lose control over the black population.
At some point the great awakening will occur whereby these false local / national black leaders are corrupt and paid off to help keep the black pop poor and in need.
D’s formed the confederate states against freeing slaves.
D’s formed the KKK.
HRC’s mentor is who?
What happens if the truth about Haiti is released? Do D’s lose majority of the vote?
Through the looking glass.
They rely on the MSM to keep the narrative going but tech is entrenching on their controls. They missed this in 2016 and desperately attempting to censor now due to CIA cash infusions. This will fail.


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: a58fe2 No.6957153


How deep is the rabbit hole?

Source: saracarter.com

No FISA reauthorization until John Durham investigation is done, GOP letter led by Jim Jordan says

  • Top House Republicans said the consideration of any reauthorization of recently expired Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act authorities should be held off until the Justice Department’s inquiry into the Russia investigation is complete.

Source: washingtonexaminer.com

  • Elaine McCusker, who has been serving as the Pentagon’s acting comptroller for 18 months, has resigned,  
  •  McCusker, however, became the subject of headlines during the impeachment of President Donald Trump at the start of this year, when emails she sent questioning the legality of the White House holding up weapons funding for Ukraine became part of the argument by Democrats that Trump had broken the law. 

Source: defensenews.com


N Korea rejects South’s offer of envoys, vows to redeploy border troops

  • : North Korea   rejected a South Korean offer to send special envoys to ease escalating tension over defiance by North Korean defectors and stalled reconciliation efforts, and it vowed to redeploy troops to border areas.
  • The North Korean announcements came a day after it blew up a joint liaison office set up on its side of the border as part of a 2018 peace agreement between the two countries’ leaders.

Source: dailystar.com.lb

False Flags

NBC News’ Attempt to Demonetize the Federalist is Illiberal Insanity

  • NBC News reported that two sites, ZeroHedge and the Federalisthad been banned from generating revenue through widely-used Google Ads. A Google spokesperson initially told NBC News that “took action after determining the websites violated its policies on content related to race.”

Source: nationalreview.com


Google Undermines Its Legal Protections by Threatening to Demonetize The Federalist, FCC Chair Says

  • Google is making an argument against its own liability protection by threatening to ban a right-leaning media, The Federalist, from its advertising platform, according to Brendan Carr, head of the Federal Communications Commission.
  • But by policing the user-created content of others, Google cut against its own argument that it can’t be liable for user-created content on its own platforms, according to Carr.
  • Online services are largely shielded from liability for user-generated content by the Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996.
  • “Google makes one of the strongest arguments yet for Section 230 reform,” Carr said in a June 16 series of tweets.
  • “Big Tech has long argued that it needs Section 230’s unique set of liability protections because websites simply couldn’t operate if they were held liable for comments or user-generated posts. … Not so, according to Google’s own ad policy! Google is now holding The Federalist responsible for comments and user-generated posts, and Google will be demonetizing the website as a result. … Google has no problem treating The Federalist as the publisher of comments and user-generated posts on that website for purposes of Google’s own ad policy. Yet Google expends significant resources to protect its own platforms from that type of treatment under Section 230.”
  • Google stopped short of demonetizing The Federalist after the website completely removed its comment section.
  • “We have been told that the Federalist removed comments. As the comment section has now been removed, we consider this matter resolved and no action will be taken,

Source: theepochtimes.com

HUGE — Sen. Josh Hawley Introduces Legislation to Allow Users on the Right to Sue Big Tech Over Online Censorship

  •   Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) announced he was introducing new legislation to combat  Big Tech censorship.  Hawley’s legislation will give users the right to sue if they are discriminated against by these platforms.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio joined Senator Hawley on the legislation.

Josh Hawley


Today I’m introducing new legislation to combat censorship. It gives users the right to sue if the big platforms enforce their terms unfairly or unequally. Proud to be joined by ⁦@marcorubio⁩ ⁦@SenTomCotton@SenatorBraunhttps://www.axios.com/hawley-unveils-bill-targeting-big-techs-shield-b225c52b-35e2-4392-b11a-afda6357e35f.html 

An illustration of mouse cursors pointing at a shield.

Hawley unveils bill targeting Big Tech’s shield

GOP senator’s bill would give consumers grounds to sue over accusations of online censorship.


2,533 people are talking about this

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Justice Department Issues Recommendations for Section 230 Reform

  • Reforms Strike Balance of Protecting Citizens While Preserving Online Innovation and Free Speech
  • Section 230 was originally enacted to protect developing technology by providing that online platforms were not liable for the third-party content on their services or for their removal of such content in certain circumstances.  This immunity was meant to nurture emerging internet businesses and to overrule a judicial precedent that rendered online platforms liable for all third-party content on their services if they restricted some harmful content. However, the combination of 25 years of drastic technological changes and an expansive statutory interpretation left online platforms unaccountable for a variety of harms flowing from content on their platforms and with virtually unfettered discretion to censor third-party content with little transparency or accountability.   the Department of Justice determined that Section 230 is ripe for reform and identified and developed four categories of wide-ranging recommendations.Incentivizing Online Platforms to Address Illicit ContentThe first category of recommendations is aimed at incentivizing platforms to address the growing amount of illicit content online, while preserving the core of Section 230’s immunity for defamation claims.  These reforms include a carve-out for bad actors who purposefully facilitate or solicit content that violates federal criminal law or are willfully blind to criminal content on their own services.  Additionally, the department recommends a case-specific carve out where a platform has actual knowledge that content violated federal criminal law and does not act on it within a reasonable time, or where a platform was provided with a court judgment that the content is unlawful, and does not take appropriate action.Promoting Open Discourse and Greater TransparencyA second category of proposed reforms is intended to clarify the text and revive the original purpose of the statute in order to promote free and open discourse online and encourage greater transparency between platforms and users.  One of these recommended reforms is to provide a statutory definition of “good faith” to clarify its original purpose.  The new statutory definition would limit immunity for content moderation decisions to those done in accordance with plain and particular terms of service and consistent with public representations.  These measures would encourage platforms to be more transparent and accountable to their users.Clarifying Federal Government Enforcement CapabilitiesThe third category of recommendations would increase the ability of the government to protect citizens from unlawful conduct, by making it clear that Section 230 does not apply to civil enforcement actions brought by the federal government.Promoting CompetitionA fourth category of reform is to make clear that federal antitrust claims are not, and were never intended to be, covered by Section 230 immunity.  Over time, the avenues for engaging in both online commerce and speech have concentrated in the hands of a few key players.  It makes little sense to enable large online platforms (particularly dominant ones) to invoke Section 230 immunity in antitrust cases, where liability is based on harm to competition, not on third-party speech.Source: justice.gov


Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: f983de No.1784426
Anonymous ID: 4321b0 No.1784394
About time Congress acted like it still has some power. We’ll see. Intelligence branch has had it neutered w so-called nat sec
GOOG OP provided undeniable proof.
How do you share what you already know (legally)?
Those who don’t act now know they cannot hide the reasons why.
What a wonderful day.

Big Pharma, MSM the [DS] are now panicking about the cures. 



Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 66a906 No.9645671 📁






Revealed: how Associated Press cooperated with the Nazis

This article is more than 4 years old

German historian shows how news agency retained access in 1930s by promising not to undermine strength of Hitler regime

“The Associated Press news agency entered a formal cooperation with the Hitler regime in the 1930s, supplying American newspapers with material directly produced and selected by the Nazi propaganda ministry, archive material unearthed by a German historian has revealed.”
“To that extent it is fair to say that these pictures played their part in disguising the true character of the war led by the Germans.”

Hitler into power 1929-1934

Hitler was appointed Chancellor in January 1933. His rise to power was the result of many factors: the impact of the Depression, the weaknesses of Weimar democracy and the strengths of the Nazi party.

Global economic depression?
Huge rise in unemployment?
“Germans began to lose faith in democracy and looked to extreme parties on the both the Left (the communists) and the Right (the Nazis) for quick and simple solutions.”
“When people are unemployed, hungry and desperate, as millions were in Germany between 1930 and 1933, they often turn to extreme political parties offering simple solutions to their problems. Between 1930 and 1933 support for the extreme right-wing Nazis and the extreme left-wing communists soared.”
MSDNC “peaceful protests”
MSDNC propaganda campaign?
MSDNC information warfare campaign?
MSDNC “POTUS MUST BE REMOVED” push years 1-now?

These disturbing tweets are sadly not a tiny fringe view on the left anymore. He just said it out loud. Many don’t want to co-exist like their bumper stickers used to say. Many really believe we’re less than human and think we belong in re-education camps. That’s the vile truth.




COVID-19 > global economic depression?
[D]party > BLM race push_reparations?
COVID-19 > huge rise in unemployment [40mm]?
Insurrection [riots, city takeover(s), remove police (weaken), property destroy, assault(s), murder, release by [D] Gov/Mayor(s) back-to-streets (safezone(s)), division, hostility, race war, etc.?
Understanding the past helps to understand the present.



Just sent letters to the Democrat governors of NY, NJ, CA, PA, and MI demanding they explain why they ignored protocols and forced COVID-19 patients into nursing homes. The outcome was devastating. Families who lost loved ones deserve answers. This tragedy was avoidable
It’s not what you know but what you can prove.
Q: can we prove it?
Q: can we prove coordination?
Q: can we prove deliberate action to inc death count to justify vote-by-mail, stay-at-home, bail-out-state, kill-economy, kill-P-rallies, inc unemployment, etc?


[D]s in coordination w/ [D]&[F] assets have launched [as known] a full-scale insurgency attack against the people of the United States in an effort to regain power by any means necessary.
All assets deployed.
[Current landscape] coordinated and deliberate events to impact [rig] P_election.
The future of our Republic is at stake.
Survival as a Nation.
We Rise or We Die.
We, the People.
Insurgency can be defined as ‘the organized use of subversion and violence to seize, nullify, or challenge political control of a region.’
Insurgents seek to subvert or displace the government and completely or partially control the resources and population of a given territory. They do so through the use of force (including guerrilla warfare, terrorism and coercion/intimidation), propa- ganda, subversion and political mobilization. Insurgents fight government forces only to the extent needed to achieve their political aims: their main effort is not to kill counterinsurgents, but rather to establish a competitive system of control over the population, making it impossible for the government to administer its territory and people. Insurgent activity is therefore designed to weaken government control and legitimacy while increasing insurgent control and influence.
Insurgents require supporters, recruits, safe havens, money, supplies, weapons and intelligence on government actions. A robust insurgency can be waged with the support of just a small percentage of a given population.
Counterinsurgency may be defined as ‘comprehensive civilian and military efforts taken to simultaneously defeat and contain insurgency and address its root causes’.
“. . . and address its root causes.”Please and thank you.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 4b50f0 No.9600507
The ‘how’ will be hard to understand for most.
Focus on the ‘why’.
The ‘when’ is now.

4 thoughts on “What We Are Witnessing Is A Coordinated Insurgency, Operation COIN Is Underway – Episode 2202

  • June 17, 2020 at 8:49 pm

    The economic buildup that we are watching coming out of the pandemic is not the economy the patriots are creating. The [CB] economy is an illusion made up of fake stats, manipulated markets and suppressed precious metals market. Trump is using this to get to the next level. ???.
    Greetings sir and staff. The only reason YOU and staff can see this is keen thinking and
    you were educated and prepared for these moments. As long as you look OBJECTIVELY.
    I and an older generation saw it because we LIVED it. Were trained to observe everything
    and ALL. Did not go good for us. No parades and ” thank you for your service “. We dared not
    tell an employer we are veterans. Any wonder someone reports now and then of a vet living
    under a bridge??? After all is said and done, this country does not OWE US anything but,,, we
    do thrive, live and practice to live by example. Never wanting anyone to accuse us. Raising
    strong families, good fathers and faithful to our parents and siblings. Volunteering for the good
    of the NATION. Flying our flag high cause if not,,,,, we would be kneeling to a KING!!! Hmmm!!!
    Hope you can see that old saying ( Better to die DIE on your feet with your boots on than,,, to
    die on your knees )… Still believe if POTUS calls on us,,, we would do as a Cavalry does. It is
    who and what we are. Would like to think that 35 did not talk in vain. Hmmm? Godspeed.
    P.S. sir. If POTUS would call on us, gray-haired, some overweight, other’s, limping and some
    believe it or not on walkers and wheelchairs, it is not to show ANYBODY up,,, it is who WE are
    and the time that we grew up in. Running to Canada or Mex, and Europe was not an option. I pray
    no one has anything against those. We just live by our convictions. It is up to the next generation
    to SEE it. 39 settled it. Book closed. Bolton seems??? Define a “Judas Goat”. Brilliant. Hmmm???
    Action speak LOUDER than words. Let us watch ACTIONS!!! Pic’s of present Patriots cannot be
    shown. WE ARE OLD AND UGGLY!!! But with our boots on!!! If I see STOP,,,” yo comprende “. Selah.

    • June 19, 2020 at 4:50 am

      Well said Sir. I was not in the military, but my father was. I grew up on Navy bases and know the majority of military personnel are Patriots!!!!! As am I. I have always been proud to be an American. I will stand with you any day.

  • June 17, 2020 at 10:29 pm

    I have followed your opinions and see a lot of truth in what you write, however if you listen to Barr, Durham indictments still seems a ways away and the actual list of felons might be far less then expected.

    Currently the DS is running rampant. It seems a new fire needs to be put out every other day/week. The Patriots need an event that makes the DS less secure and sobers them up since they seem to run around unchecked. It seems justice is slow. Cases currently in front of the courts. Flynn’s case as dragged on for months, Hillary’s emails court date delay after delay. Smolett case moving slowly. I fear any indictments will be delayed for months if not years and unless a trails are held soon it will drag. I hope I am wrong.

  • June 24, 2020 at 4:16 pm

    The 4th of July would be a good time for patriots of the silent majority to show up at local court houses. I will be their to show my support. The President and the Nation need our support to show strength in unity. ” American Race” could be a new slogan not color. Police and military need our support now more than ever. Cameras should be used to cover the local events and posted to over whelm big tech who would push their agenda

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