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The Trump economy is hitting all time new records, the NASDAQ hit 9000 for the first time, Holiday sales are Read more
Trump and the patriots have turned the entire economic system around, the country has never seen anything like it. Trump Read more
Trump and the patriots delivered on the economy, the tax cuts show that more people have more money in their Read more
Trump and the patriots are now clearing the way to make the economic transition. Before the transition can occur the Read more
BJ just pushed BREXIT forward, it cleared the first hurdle in Commons and the BREXIT bill has been hardened so Read more
Boris Johnson is now moving forward with the BREXIT and the economic plan. He is now pushing legislation that could Read more
The founding fathers knew that having a [CB] control the currency in the US was not a benefit to the Read more
BJ is now following in the footsteps of Trump, he will not be attending the Swiss World Economic Forum next Read more
The economy under Trump is hitting all time new highs, the stock market is up 10,000 points since he took Read more
UK is now pushing ahead with the BREXIT, Trump and the patriots put pressure on the EU, tariffs are coming. Read more