Corruption At The Highest Level, Panic, 4th Quarter Patriots We Fight Together – Ep. 2606


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Corruption At The Highest Level, Panic, 4th Quarter Patriots We Fight Together
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Bankers are now jumping ship, the entire [CB] illusionary system is now falling apart. The [DS]/[CB] players are pushing the green new deal as they all fly to the climate summit. 60% are now blaming [JB] for the inflation, combine this with the supply chain issue and it’s all falling on the puppet. [CB] says the quiet part out loud about crypto. The [DS] is now panicking, they do not know how to get Trump and the people are now waking up like crazy, the avalanche has started and it cannot be stopped. We are now entering the 4th quarter and Trump made a prediction, that the 4th quarter we were going to see things turn around. This is the beginning of the fight to take the country back, this doesn’t mean violence its about pushing freedom and showing the [DS] that we will not comply that we will live free and the minority actions will not control the majority of this country.



Thousands Fly to U.N. Climate Summit Where Leaders Will Slam Human Carbon Footprints 
  • The United Nations COP26 climate summit later this month will provide a platform for world leaders to lecture the public about how human carbon footprints are allegedly destroying the planet. They will speak after thousands of people boarded planes to join the event in Glasgow, Scotland.


Over 60% Of Americans Say Biden’s Policies Are To Blame For Accelerating Inflation

  • Over 60% of Americans said that President Joe Biden’s policies were at least somewhat responsible for the accelerating inflation in the United States, a new poll shows.
  • A Politico/Morning Consult poll released Tuesday shows that 40% of respondents said that the Biden administration’s policies were “very responsible” for higher inflation, while 22% said that they were “somewhat responsible.”


9 In 10 Large Employers Concerned They Will Lose Employees Over Vaccine Mandate

  •   many large corporations are worried they will lose critical employees to smaller organizations with less than 100 employees who do not have to enforce the national worker vaccine mandate.
  1. A recent survey by The Society for Human Resource Management, as shared by The Hill, indicates that 9 out of 10 large employers are concerned about losing significant amounts of workers due to the federal mandate:


  • Cryptocurrencies threaten the effectiveness of sanctions imposed by the US, the Treasury Department said.
  • Treasury said “malign actors” can use digital assets to hide cross-border transactions.
  • It also said the US government needs to modernize and adapt to the changing world of global finance.
  • Cryptocurrencies hold the potential to undermine sanctions the US imposes to advance its security and economic interests, the Treasury Department said in a report.
  • The US has more than 9,400 sanctions in place, but the country faces newer challenges in part from cybercriminals, the department said in a review released Monday. The government must adapt and modernize its operations to stay on top of changes in global financing, it said.



“It’s Bullsh*t” – Manchin Dismisses Report Published by Far-Left ‘Reporter’ David Corn on Party Switch

U.S. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry Charged with Scheme to Deceive Federal Investigators Probing Illegal Campaign Contributions in 2016

  •  A federal grand jury today charged U.S. Representative Jeff Fortenberry, who represents Nebraska’s 1st Congressional District, with concealing information and making false statements to federal authorities who were investigating illegal contributions made by a foreign national to the congressman’s 2016 re-election campaign.
  •           Fortenberry, 60, of Lincoln, Nebraska, was named in an indictment that charges him with one count of scheming to falsify and conceal material facts and two counts of making false statements to federal investigators. Fortenberry has served in Congress since 2005.
  •           The indictment alleges that Fortenberry repeatedly lied to and misled authorities during a federal investigation into illegal contributions to Fortenberry’s re-election campaign made by a foreign billionaire in early 2016. Gilbert Chagoury, a foreign national prohibited by federal law from contributing to any U.S. elections, arranged for $30,000 of his money to be contributed through other individuals (conduits) to Fortenberry’s campaign during a fundraiser held in Los Angeles, according to the indictment.
  •           It is illegal for foreign nationals to make contributions to a federal campaign. It also is illegal for the true source of campaign contributions to be disguised by funneling the money through third-party conduits. And it is illegal for a federal candidate to knowingly receive foreign or conduit contributions.



Christopher Steele claims he isn’t worried about Durham indictment

  • British ex-spy Christopher Steele says he isn’t worried about being indicted in special counsel John Durham’s criminal inquiry into the Russia investigation, even after the indictment of a Hillary Clinton campaign-linked lawyer


Geopolitical/Police State



False Flags

CDC Director Walensky Says All Children Should be Forced to Wear Face Masks in School (VIDEO)

  • CDC Director Rochelle Walensky  said all school children should be forced to wear a face mask regardless of vaccination status.
  • “As we head into these winter months, we cannot be complacent,” Walensky said. “We know from previous data that schools that have had masks in place were 3.5 times less likely to have school outbreaks requiring school closure. So right now we are going to continue to recommend masks in all schools for all people in those schools and we will look forward to scaling up pediatric vaccination during this period.”


De Blasio Announces NYC City Employee Vaccine Mandate — ‘It’s Time’ 
  •   New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) announced a coronavirus vaccine mandate for all city employees, something he called on mayors across the country and CEOs in the private sector to impose on their employees.
  • De Blasio told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that the “voluntary phase” was now over and “now, it’s time for mandates.” He argued that when people are forced into either getting the vaccine and being paid or not getting paid, the “vast majority” will get vaccinated.


Biden Gang Now Making Plans to Vaccinate Children Ages 5 – 11 with COVID Vaccine – You Can Prevent This – Instructions Provided

  • The Biden gang is now making plans to give children the vaccine 
  • There are no reasons children ages 5 – 11 should be vaccinated.  T

The White House on Wednesday unveiled its plans to roll out Covid-19 vaccines for children ages 5 to 11, pending US Food and Drug Administration authorization.

  • A group known as Sisyphus Complex Solution released the below report related to a meeting between drug companies and the FDA scheduled for next week to discuss mandating vaccines for children:




A meeting of the FDA Committee is to be held on Oct. 26th, 2020 to discuss Pfizer-BioNTech’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for administration of their COVID-19 mRNA vaccine to children 5 through 11 years of age.




In-N-Out Burger Slings a Message Against Vaccine Mandates That is Hot and Delicious: ‘We Refuse to Become the Vaccination Police’ 

  • The West Coast burger brand In-N-Out is pushing back against San Francisco’s vaccine mandate 
  • The burger company’s resistance to the vaccine mandate was laid out by the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Beloved California burger chain In-N-Out is firing back against San Francisco’s vaccine mandate. The company blasted the city after the Department of Public Health temporarily shut down its Fisherman’s Wharf location on Oct. 14. for not checking customers’ vaccine cards. It’s the only San Francisco restaurant that’s been closed for violating the indoor vaccinate mandate, the health department said.


  • “We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government,” In-N-Out’s Chief Legal and Business Officer Arnie Wensinger said in a statement. “It is unreasonable, invasive, and unsafe to force our restaurant associates to segregate customers into those who may be served and those who may not, whether based on the documentation they carry, or any other reason.”


“We will miss every one of them.” More than 100 Washington State Patrol employees FIRED for not getting vaxxed

  • As of the end-of-business on Monday, 127 people have been let go from employment due to the mandate. 53 civil servants and 74 commissioned officers (67 troopers, 6 sergeants, and 1 captain) have, for varying reasons and in varying ways, left the job.



There is a $102 Million Nationwide Initiative to Build ‘Pipeline’ of Equity-Focused SJW K-12 School Principals

  • There is a $102 million nationwide initiative in place to build a “pipeline of equity-focused K-12 school principals.”
  • Instead of focusing on principals with strong educational goals, a group of organizations are seeking to fill the shortages in public school workers with people who will focus on social justice issues.


  • In the press release about joining the pipeline effort, National University’s Sanford College of Education said that “with funding from Wallace Foundation, the five-year Equity-Centered Pipeline Initiative will support eight large and socio-economically diverse school districts across the country, including California’s Fresno Unified School District.”
  • So far, the money is also being poured into schools in Baltimore, Maryland; Columbus, Ohio; Washington, DC; Jefferson County, Kentucky; Portland, Oregon; San Antonio; and Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 


The Squad’ Wants to ‘Defund Police,’ but Spent Nearly $100K on Private Security

  • The far-left “Squad” of progressive lawmakers spent nearly $100,000 on private security in the third financial quarter — despite their incessant calls to “Defund the Police.”
  • Reps. Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cori Bush and Ayanna Pressley collectively amassed a huge amount of private security bills.
  • “Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign spent over $10,000 on private policing with Cest Bond Collective, Three Bridges NY LLC and Tullis World Wide Protection, eclipsing Rep. Ayanna Pressley’s, D-Mass., personal security bill of almost $4,000 with Ware Security Consultants Inc., FEC records show,” Fox News reports. “Both Ocasio-Cortez and Pressley are dwarfed in their security spending, though, by Reps. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Cori Bush, D-Mo.”
  • The report continued on to say that “Omar’s FEC records revealed the defund law enforcement advocate has spent over $22,000 on private security with Aegis Logistics LLC and Lloyd Security Services while Bush took the cake by throwing down another $65,000 on private security.”




  • Trump “had asked for up to 10,000 National Guard troops to be available” to the speaker and Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser,” said the former president’s chief of staff. “And, unfortunately, they did not take him up on that.”
  • Mark Meadows, former chief of staff to President Trump, said that during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) asked the Department of Defense what time Congress members could get their lunch.


White House has weighed tapping National Guard to address mounting supply chain backlog

  • White House officials have explored in recent weeks whether the National Guard could be deployed to help address the nation’s mounting supply chain backlog
  • The idea appears unlikely to proceed as of now, the people said, but reflects the extent to which internal administration deliberations about America’s overwhelmed supply chain have sparked outside-the-box proposals to leverage government resources to address the issue.



Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 03/06/2019 23:58:23  ID: 5de4f4

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Logical thinking.
Did DARPA complete build/code (tax-payer funded) ‘LifeLog’ program?
After completion, was there fear the public wouldn’t accept the adoption if known it was DoD/C_A backed?
Do you believe people would join a platform knowing it was under the control of the C_A and FED GOV?
How do you lure the masses into entering all their personal info and private messages (i.e. their LIFE LOG) onto a new platform?
Do you make it cool?
How did FB ‘supposedly’ start and launch?
Ivy league only?
Develop a trend and/or following?
How do you keep the project running w/o ‘public’ taxpayer funds? [DoD reported LifeLog was TERMINATED to Congress/Senate OS]
Define ‘Black Budget’.
Did HWOOD push?
Do people follow the ‘stars’?
Competitors systematically attacked (myspace) to prevent comp?
The More You Know.



Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 10/22/2020 18:01:25  ID: a8c21e

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This is not going away.
Corruption at highest levels of gov.
DOJ_FBI_MSDNC ‘political elite’ protection struggles during BRIGHT SUNNY days.


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Anonymous 10/22/2020 19:49:44 ID:7756e6
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Q, you magnificent bastard!


Only the beginning, Padawan.
They can no longer hide in the shadows [big tech, big media, [D] party being exposed for all to see].


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4th quarter, Patriots.
We fight together.

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  • October 20, 2021 at 10:13 pm

    Again, yes the people are demanding change – it is growing and growing, but as long as you have the same corrupt players in control – up to the courts etc. NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE OR TRANSITION, until those evil people are taken out – then change can happen – otherwise, its all smoke and mirrors and its all for naught. Exactly – they don’t care – so how can the money follow the kids – if it comes from the federal government and the federal government is where ALL THE CORRUPTION LIES!! – HOW ?? They are trying – and almost fully successful!!! Still Waiting for Trump to Strike!! People Already Striking Back – Transition for the Bad or the Good – Right Now It Looks Like for the BAD!!! Yes – it looks incredible for the Criminals – 2 1/2 Months to Go – He (They) Need to start fighting back – NOW. Country is right now, mostly destroyed!! IF – That’s a BIG WORD IF – Information comes out from Durham with Indictments – You Can Also Say The People (We The People) Are Defending Our Freedoms – We’re Feeling Pain TOO!!!!

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    Hi Dave- How do I forward you a picture? I cannot paste it in this comment box 😛

  • October 21, 2021 at 12:05 am

    What is the real purpose of the so called vaccine for covid-19 to cause such pressure upon the people of the world to be vaccinated? Some studies report the vaccine causes more cases of covid rather than reduce them. So, what is the vaccine doing to the vaxed? (See Peak Prosperity web site latest info entitled “We have been had!”) Why not talk /debate about that. Especially since there is professional pharmaceutical analyst information available of a very worrisome nature regarding what is in the vaccine. (See Karen Kingston interview on and

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  • October 21, 2021 at 2:12 am

    See 10/20/21 interview of 10 year Pfizer pharma employee whistleblower named Melissa. (on Shocking.

  • October 21, 2021 at 8:16 am

    Hello Dave, just watched this online and wanted to make you aware of it. Hope this is an appropriate conveyance.

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