OmniPresident – Part 3


The mid-term elections until now has been quite the experience. I don’t want to relitigate the red wave that was never going to happen, so just take a quick listen to Mark Levin to better understand the reality of the mid-terms versus the reality of 2024 where two thirds of the senate seats will have to be defended by democrats.

Mark Levin on Supposed Red Wave

But beyond that, this article will try to shed some light on the range of happenings, but first….


Someone needs to inform Mitch McConnell that he and his pathetic uniparty friends have been had once again by Donald Trump.

Who would have ever known that infiltrating the grounds at Mar-a-Lago was as simple as pretending you were with the popular guy. It was funny watching Trump set his white supremacy trap for the dying political class. Sure Mitch, we all believe that these two hitched a ride with Kanye and just stumbled into the most secure resort in America (if not the world).

“First, let me just say there is no room in the Republican party for antisemitism or white supremacy and anyone meeting with people advocating that point of view, in my judgment, are highly unlikely to ever be elected President of The United States”. – Mitch McConnell (November 2022)

Mitch, are your sure that is your position on Donald Trump? Because that certainly is an interesting take coming from a sitting Senator who consistently praised a man (Robert Byrd) that helped to start a chapter and ascended to the title of Exalted Cyclops in the Klu Klux Klan (KKK). The last time I checked current President Biden and former Presidents Obama and Clinton all three spoke at the funeral of Senator Byrd. 

One last question Mitch. Was it you that wrote the below tribute article to Senator and former Klansman Byrd? I just wanted to make sure you were aware that you, Obama, Biden, and both Clintons are currently occupying the same white supremacy pool in which you’re attempting to throw Donald Trump.

McConnell Praises Former KKK Leader

One of the major benefits of being Omnipresident is you have this unusual knack for knowing where all the bodies are buried. Fortunately, Mitch McConnell has become lowing hanging fruit for Donald Trump and even more fortunate is McConnell continues to self-ripen year-after-year.


Donald J. Trump – November 15th, 2022

On November 15th, 2022, Donald Trump stepped to the podium and delivered what is probably the most important speech he has ever given. A speech nobody wanted but one everyone needed. If you were like me, after the first 1-2 minutes when you realized that the US Marines were not standing behind the curtain, well you tuned out. Given the hype, it was perhaps about the biggest let down in quite some time. When the ‘red wave’ never happened in early November and then the speech was anything but a big reveal, I went into a fog. Although not quite as intense, it felt similar to the fog I felt in November of 2020. It was the ‘what just happened?’ fog.

Leading up to the speech many were convinced (including myself) that Donald Trump was getting ready to deliver a message so massive that all our dreams of deep state actors in chains, a 2020 election overturn, or a Trump ascension back into office were on the brink of fulfillment. The mind is a powerful tool and if unchecked can become enemy #1.

There is the Donald Trump of our making and then there’s Donald Trump. Often times we put words in his mouth and insert meanings he obviously never intended. For anyone that follows my work you know that my theory on how this whole thing gets fixed is based on the many relationships that Donald Trump has with private sector companies like Oracle and others. In my mind, these were the white hats because without control of the military this was really his only option, to use the private sector to somehow expose this corrupt system that spans every area of our lives.

So, I went back and watched the speech again. And then I watched it a third time. After the third watch I realized what he was telling us. He was essentially saying, folks, it’s time to lay aside the fables, move into reality, and take control of this ship once and for all. The more we allow the battles in our imaginations to take place the more we fail to see the magnitude of the one raging right here in the only place where it truly matters, reality. In the minds of so many it had to be a military solution because we had convinced ourselves it was the only way. How could any of this get resolved without the military stepping in and either forcing a new election or demanding adherence to the Constitution?

But in that one speech he made me realize that only ‘we the people’ will solve this, and it requires a mind shift from Continuity of Government into something with a different set of personnel. It requires the Continuity of the Governed. But who will possibly lead this? How do the people rise without and uprising? It seems like there needs to be some event that precipitates citizen participation on a mass scale.

Precisely 17 days later we got the event we were waiting for.


Just because you’re not ‘technically’ in power doesn’t mean you don’t have it. In fact, I would argue that Donald Trump has as much if not more influence now as a private citizen than perhaps he even did as POTUS.

Many may be asking Why the change in Elon Musk? What made him suddenly decide to make an obvious play against the left and specifically against Joe Biden?

I guess I look at it differently. Because is that even true? Is this a ‘sudden’ change? First of all, even a moderate amount of research will show that Musk is masterful at playing both sides. Here is an example from 2017 when Elon gave a seemingly inexplicable endorsement for then Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. Rex was obviously about as big into ‘big oil’ as you could get considering he was the former CEO of Exxon.

“Tillerson obviously did a competent job running Exxon, one of the largest companies in the world. In that role, he was obligated to advance the cause of Exxon and did. In the Sec of State role, he is obligated to advance the cause of the US and I suspect he probably will. Also, he has publicly acknowledged for years that a carbon tax could make sense. There is no better person to push for that to become a reality than Tillerson. This is what matters far more than pipelines or opening oil reserves. The unpriced externality must be priced.”

Now Elon is not a rookie. He knew there was absolutely no chance under a Trump Administration that Rex Tillerson was going to advocate for a carbon tax, which of course he did not. In fact, because of the policies put forth by Tillerson and Trump, the United States became a net exporter of oil. Carbon emissions have no impact on anything, and all these gentlemen know it. They just talk the talk to keep the tree huggers at bay while the onshore and offshore pumps keep pumping. The entire purpose of the Tillerson tenure was to make sure the global business relationships that companies like Exxon established with companies like Rosneft remain intact. Plus, the last time I checked the Tesla government contracts are absolutely massive, so it made no sense to get into a back and forth with Tillerson who would have had substantial influence over those contracts. There was a mutual respect there but also an understanding of reality by both men.

But what happens when that respect is not there? What happens when an administration decides they want little or nothing to do with you? Does that change the calculus?

I wrote an article about 8 months ago about different technology executives and their connections, their relationships with each other, and their interactions with presidents present and past. Below is an excerpt from that article as well as the accompanying video of the comments from Elon Musk.

You see folks, when you play in the power spaces that people like an Elon Musk, Larry Ellison, or even Donald Trump then the chess moves available are beyond anything you and I can fathom. But at the end of the day, they are flesh and blood just like you and me. They have all the range of emotions from elation to anger or from happiness to vengeance. Of course, the difference being is that when Elon or Larry become angry or bent on ‘real’ justice the possibilities are nearly incalculable. So, when Biden decides to block the Oracle purchase of TikTok (in the case of Ellison) or decides to snub Tesla from the EV summit (in the case of Musk) the cards available to be played in response pack a very serious punch. In fact, I am sure that when Biden made these decisions, he woefully underestimated the types of responses he would receive in return. What were the responses?

  1. January 2022 – Elon Musk begins buying shares of Twitter in January 2022, becoming the company’s largest shareholder by April with a 9.1 percent stake. (SOURCE: MARKET WATCH)
  2. February 2022 – Donald Trump released Truth Social through media company TMTG. (SOURCE: CNN)
  3. April 2022 – Elon Musk made an unsolicited offer to purchase which was resisted by the board with a ‘poison pill’ strategy but ended up unanimously accepting the offer. (SOURCE: CNBC)
  4. May 2022 – Oracle cofounder Larry Ellison contributed $1 billion toward the Musk Twitter purchase. (SOURCE: CNBC)
  5. May 2022 – Elon Musk was texting with Oracle’s Larry Ellison all night and “into the early morning hours” the day before putting the deal on hold. (SOURCE: NPR)
  6. May 2022 – Elon Musk places Twitter deal on hold. (SOURCE: NY POST)
  7. June 2022 – Oracle and TikTok decide to move ‘ALL US Users Data’ to Oracle servers in Austin, TX. (SOURCE: CNN)
  8. July 2022 – Elon Musk announces intention to terminate the agreement, asserting Twitter had breached agreement by refusing to crack down on spambots. (SOURCE: BUSINESS INSIDER)
  9. October 2022 – The deal to purchase Twitter was closed and Elon Musk became the new owner and CEO, and Twitter was taken private. (SOURCE: MSN)
  10. November 2022 – Truth Social delays merger with DWAC. (SOURCE: AOL)
  11. December 2022 – Elon Musk releases the Hunter Biden laptop Twitter files and exposes massive corruption and election interference by Twitter, the Biden campaign, media, and multiple facets of the federal government which results in perhaps the biggest geo-political scandal in the last 50 years.

When you lay it out in a linear fashion it becomes much easier to see the evidence that supports coordination not between political and military components, but rather between some of the largest private corporate executives in the world.

Here is a few more thoughts to consider in terms of the Trump/Musk/Twitter/Truth Social dynamic.

I find it quite interesting, indeed bordering on strange that when creating a new social media platform, the Truth Social designers found it necessary to basically create a near replica of the very platform responsible for kicking their owner and president to the curb. Why would a software design team take the ‘if you can’t beat them replicate them’ approach to the graphical and functional design of the brand-new Truth Social platform? That is question #1. Question #2 is how would you even go about replicating a product that took many years to build and then have it to market in less than a year?

So again, why would you design it that way and how were you able to design it that way?

Well, this is where the ‘pissed off’ executives dynamic comes into play once again. You see, Twitter is built on MySQL which is the #1 open-source database in the world which just happens to be a product of none other than Oracle and Larry Ellison. This probably also explains why Truth Social looks and acts precisely like Twitter.

Because when the man that gave Elon $1billion towards the Twitter purchase happens to be the same man that hosted a Trump fundraiser at his ranch in California then all you really have to do is put two and two together…..and when you do that you find that 2 + 2 = 45.

If you think any of this is far-fetched then you might need to brush up on the history of Larry Ellison and Oracle. By the way, if you think Larry doesn’t have a financial interest in the success of Elon, think again (Larry Ellison and His 15 Million Shares of Tesla).

I would start by reading Flight 1745 – Part 6 by Richard the Saint which will give the full meal deal on the depths and breadth of Larry and Oracle which dates back to the early 70s. I understand it’s holiday season so below is just a touch of what you might find in that article.

For an intriguing potential military perspective on these types of initiatives I would also recommend The Wartime Presidency Part VII by SLAG from the excellent series of the same name.

But the overarching point here is that there are massive amounts of influence and power when the right minds apply themselves to solving a problem. But the connections don’t stop on our shores.


It is always nice to have friends in a variety of spaces and places. Do you remember when then President Donald Trump was all smiles when he did the sword dance as he arrived at a ceremony by Saudi Arabia’s King Salman in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia back in May of 2017? If you recall, it was his first foreign trip as the 45th President which was quite unpopular given this had never been done before. It was especially upsetting for his political enemies given the fact that the Saudis are looked at as habitual human rights abusers. Around that same time was when Elon sent that Tweet where he was deathly close to a possible Telsa buyout. As it turned out that deal never transpired but the potential buyer was none other than Saudi Arabia.

The reason that is an interesting connection has less to do with 2017 and more to do with 2022 because if you remember correctly, after the Twitter purchase funds from Musk himself, Ellison and few other domestic investors, the final set of dollars came from Qatar Holding.


What an interesting partner to jump on the Twitter acquisition bandwagon considering what almost happened with Tesla and the obvious tight relationship with President Trump.

But this didn’t seem to go over all that well with Joe. This from Forbes back last month on November 12th…

Well, that certainly wasn’t a very nice thing for a sitting president to say or presume about Elon. 3 weeks later the entire world gets this gem which spawned a serious of ‘Twitter File’ updates that would quite literally set the geo-political world ablaze….the Tweet heard round the world.

It continues to become increasingly sad that in order for American patriots to foster any kind of government support needed to save this country, that support consistently comes from governments outside of America. Because even though the cultures in Saudi Arabia or Qatar are drastically different, one thing the leadership understands is a healthy American economy means all sorts of opportunity for the other world economies.

And don’t look now, but guess who is throwing in some early 2024 support for the Great MAGA King?


As the battle continues to rage it becomes
difficult to see clearly from all the smoke but that is when it is incumbent upon each and every one of us to zone in on the things that can be explained with facts. There can never be a point where you say ‘I give up’ because those that have gone before us have died so that we might be willing to do the same for the generations ahead. Leave everything on the field. The last thing that any of us want is to look back and say, ‘remember when we could speak freely’?

At the end of the day the conclusion is still the same. Donald Trump most certainly has a plan. And while those that claim to be on this side hesitate to embrace him that doesn’t change reality. Donald Trump has changed America forever and he is changing it overwhelming for the better. As many of you know I have said that the way this gets resolved is through good old fashion American traditions like accountability and honesty which is what we witnessed on December 2nd from Elon Musk. Is there still election fraud going on? Of course, but we need to understand the season we are in which is the season of exposure. Through this process Trump plans to open every eye and every ear to the corruption that is taking place all around us at the federal, state, and local levels. Corruption that runs so deep he knew it would take an army of patriots to be participating in order to overcome it.

America is fighting and we’re winning. But we must fight for the things that matter. We must fight for our heritage, our children, and our children’s children. President Trump, I believe to an honorable man whose heart is in the right place. I believe I have studied him enough to say that with a high degree of certainty. But his intention was never to be the savior of America or the world. Leaders don’t fight all the battles but rather lead the way so that those they lead might fight as well. It is only natural to fight for the things that actually mean something to you. This is why school board meetings across this country are filled with people that are standing up for the most precious commodity they know….their children. Our very bloodline is being threatened by the enemy and that is simply a line that cannot be crossed.

I know this concept of an Omnipresident can come across as a little pious but what we all need to understand is that in order for America to appreciate freedom in the way we’ve historically experienced it, we need to reach back into our history and show the current crop of Americans how precious of a commodity freedom was and still needs to be. At this point, we need to deploy whatever team and tactics necessary to show the citizens of this country that in order to win this fight we must all become soldiers.

Look around. Look closely. It’s happening.

So, now is the time for each and every one of us to become part of TEAM AMERICA.

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