•   When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced he was invoking the Emergency War Measures Act to seize bank accounts and block access to the financial system for people who were arbitrarily deemed as terrorists to the interest of the Canadian government, i.e. the Freedom Protest group writ large, many people immediately thought about the consequences of a government taking such action.
  • ♦ Shortly after that very awkward performance, Finance Minister Freeland’s assistant deputy, Isabelle Jacques, informed a parliamentary committee that all bank accounts frozen by the federal government’s use of the Emergency Act, were immediately being unfrozen.
  • ( VIA CBC ) – […] More than 200 bank accounts worth nearly $8 million were frozen when the federal government used emergency powers to end a massive protest occupation of downtown Ottawa.  Federal officials report most of the accounts are now in the process of being released, a parliamentary committee heard Tuesday.
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  • Is the Canadian government now experiencing a serious financial problem as the result of Trudeau and Freeland’s  

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com