•  The COVID-attributed death toll in Alameda County, California, is being lowered by 25% after a review of “cause of death” certificates and records.
  • There are thousands of examples of manipulated COVID fatality records all over the world and specifically inside the U.S.  In addition to their being a profound difference between dying *with* COVID as opposed to dying *from* COVID, there were/are a litany of incentives to mislabel and misidentify the cause of death within health records.
  • Quite simply as part of the overall hype behind the COVID threat the local, state and federal recording system was intentionally constructed to generate over-recording of COVID mortality rates.  Even the annual death rate from the regularly occurring flu just vanished over the past year as almost every fatality was labeled a COVID death.

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com

Imagine if there were a 99.7% chance you would NOT get cancer, but you were FORCED to go on Chemo, just in case….