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BJ backs plans to pursue the trade deal with the US. BJ will be using the negotiations as leverage with Read more
BJ puts pressure on the EU, says trade talks between UK and US will happen before BREXIT, setting up a Read more
Trump's policies working, he is bringing back the main street jobs, the people that were out of work during the Read more
Phase 1 of the China trade deal has been signed, this will allow 250 billion dollars to come back to Read more
The global economy is breaking down, the [CB] are exposed and the world is going to watch how a [CB] Read more
Trump trade team is now working on the final part of the China trade deal. The trade deal that Trump Read more
The [CB] and certain groups are pushing the idea that the phase 1 trade deal is not enough, but what Read more
Trump and the patriots have positioned the new economy, the [CB]/MSM are trying to control the narrative that the US Read more
The economy is moving along as planned. Trump and the patriots continue to put out the message that the economy Read more
EU sends a warning to the BJ, trade deal will happen when we say it will happen. The UK parliament Read more