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It's happening, the BREXIT is moving forward. Trade deal coming soon, other countries watching closely to see what happens next. Read more
The [CB] are panicking, their entire fake economy is coming apart at the seems, they never got the event they Read more
Trump and the patriots are strategically positioning individuals to move us to a sound money system. Two individuals are nominated Read more
The [CB]s are in trouble, they are exposed, their global economy that they created is imploding, they have no event Read more
Trump and the patriots have created an economic, manufacturing and trade powerhouse, the latest deal with China is much more Read more
The BREXIT has now crossed the finish line, it has been 1309 days since the BREXIT vote and BJ finally Read more
Trump pushes the patriot economic agenda forward, the EU is next, China phase 2 trade deal in the works, the Read more
The fear mongering has begun, if the BREXIT is not done the way the EU wants, millions of jobs come Read more
BJ backs plans to pursue the trade deal with the US. BJ will be using the negotiations as leverage with Read more
BJ puts pressure on the EU, says trade talks between UK and US will happen before BREXIT, setting up a Read more