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The Elite are now projecting that if another country tries to leave the EU it will not be easy, see Read more
The bad guys in the [CB] are becoming desperate, they are now letting the world know that the Fed will Read more
The BREXIT is not going the way the [CB] want, project fear is not working, it is being debunked, the Read more
Trump and the patriots are now ready to turn the global economy, the globalists are ready to be pushed out, Read more
Trump and the patriots are hitting the [CB], this is all part of the plan, this will intensify as we Read more
BJ just trapped the [CB]/elite in their own game, and they didn't even see it coming. He has now setup Read more
The economy is doing exactly what the patriots want the economy to do. Statistically it is is soaring. This is Read more
The elite are starting to realize that the BREXIT is not going the way they want, they are trying to Read more
Everything is happening at once, the BREXIT, the China trade deal and the hit on the [CB] system. In the Read more