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Boris Johnson has just made the ultimate move, he asked the Queen to suspend Parliament, she agreed, no-deal BREXIT moves Read more
Boris Johnson is tweeting just like Trump letting the establishment know that the BREXIT is happening and nothing can stop Read more
The patriots are pushing the plan forward, what we are watching is the destruction of the old [CB] system and Read more
The EU has made it perfectly clear, the will stop the BREXIT from happening, there will be no deals and Read more
The Eurozone economy is crashing quickly, consumer confidence falle to -7.1. Trump continuing the push to get the Fed to Read more
The statistical economy is booming, unemployment low, gdp number high, stock market booming, jobless claims have dropped, and the MSM Read more
Fed cuts rates and existing home sales break a 16 month losing streak. The [CB]s are in a deep panic, Read more
Trump and Boris Johnson prepare for the BREXIT, they will be discussing a tentative deal at the G7 meeting this Read more
Boris Johnson is preparing to meet with France and Germany to discuss the BREXIT. The establishment will try to stop Read more
The [CB]/[DS] are trying desperately to gain control over the situation in the UK. They know that Boris Johnson is Read more